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Executive Summary Of The John Fitzgerald Kennedy Hit.

Reviewing and dwelling on all the evidence on youtube makes it clear that Oswald didn’t act alone. And in fact had no part in these murders, beyond being the patsy. Although he was part of the secret service and knew a lot of the people who were involved. The murder, ironically enough, came out of a project that Bobby Kennedy had on the fly to kill Fidel Castro. This project worked out of Miami. Oswald was part of the team to take down Fidel. Bobby knew who he was. That is one reason Bobby knew it was an inside job.

Reviewing the evidence makes it clear that this was indeed an inside job.

The matter is entirely different if you are relying on print information. For example, when I was looking into Jack Ruby, at the state library, about 13 years ago, all the printed material I could find, was consistent with him being a bit of a vague hoodlum who was angered by the assassination and lost his temper. You go to youtube and we see very clearly that if he is blaming anyone, then Lyndon Johnson is clearly the key person that Ruby is blaming. And there is nothing disturbed, mentally deranged, or hoodlum-like about the youtube Jack Ruby. He’s a straight-up guy. All but spelling out what he knows.

Had the FBI agents, who were supposed to have been riding on the back of JFK’s limo, not been called away, this would have made the assassination very difficult. For starters it would have obscured the line of fire between the Daltex building and the President. The angle of the bullet that hit both Kennedy and the Governor is more consistent with a shot taken from the Daltex building then from the book warehouse (I’m fucking sick of that other word).

The last bullet may have been shot upwards from street level. This would create the impression that the bullet was fired from the grassy knoll, since if you heard the sound you would spin around in that direction, and not seeing anyone in the pothole, you would conclude that this came from that direction. Otherwise the bullet could have been shot from the so-called grassy knoll.

Here is an explanation based upon the idea that the bullet from the front came from street level:

The Zapruder film had a couple of frames taken out of them, where the car was stopped right in front of this pothole. Imagine the difficulty of nailing the shot from the storm drain if the car had been moving. We are left with the car slowing, but its ambiguous by the film alone if the car stops dead. But the car needed to stop in order for the shot to be made from there. If the care did not stop dead, or stopped at the wrong place, we would have to assume that the killer shot didn’t come from there.

People talk about so-called “Badgeman.” Badgeman was up there at the grassy knoll as the final guarantee that the job would be finished in all likelihood. Or he made the kill shot. But if he didn’t make that shot, had he been nabbed by some coincidence, and with a couple of witnesses, then testing of his firearm would have shown that it had not been used.

There was a platform on the back of the car for the two secret servicemen to stand up on. Other than the driver, who was part of the plot, those two would have been the only ones to be able to see that there was someone who shot from the pothole. Lucien Sarti is said to have been on the grassy knoll and he is said to be an assassin who relied on exploding bullets.

A shot taken from the grassy knoll could have been viewed by any number of people. Including two others who were up there standing next to badgeman. But Jackie could have seen him if that was where the shot was taken from. The whole thing would have been planned with such precision that she could not see the man taking the shot from the storm drain. It must be understood that the network, whose inner dynamic, created this wicked event, were not peopled by individuals given entirely over to evil. Its more the case of an unstable group dynamic that has run out of control. Had the idea been to murder Jackie, that group dynamic would have stopped dead.

To me whether the shot came from the storm drain or the “grassy knoll” is still ambiguous. The fact of a conspiracy is not the least bit ambiguous. And in fact there could have been as many as four gunman. So one assumption need not rule out the other.

There was simply no chance of the Kennedy hit, being sorted out, to such a degree of certainty, by any sizeable number of people, prior to the invention of youtube. Some tiny group of people might have gotten this right. But they would be neutralized by all this other low-hanging fruit around, by being relegated as cranks and so forth. But what youtube allows you to do is go over and over the evidence, judging each part of it as to relative validity, and finally tracking down the context, and building everything back up to a coherent picture.

The plot did not start with LBJ, nor with J Edgar Hoover. These two however are first and second as to the degree of responsibility. LBJ first. J Edgar Hoover second. The reason being that it had to be done in Texas, with LBJ then in a position to re-hire J Edgar Hoover, And the two of them able to work tirelessly to cover it up. The famous phrase LBJ made that it was better to have Hoover in the tent pissing out, then outside the tent pissing in, was gratuitously graphic, since the real reason is that he had no choice. So that phrase was concocted by him as a big fat excuse.

Next we will find out what the Bobby Kennedy assassination was all about. But here is an example of why you need to pull expertise from the private sector to get the job done:



  1. Think of the genius of the Tom Wilson finding. These guys, by shooting up from the storm drain, could blow a great deal of President Kennedy’s brain, clean out the back of his head, without any risk from that angle, of either being seen or wounding someone else. Jackie saw a clump of her husbands brain plop on the back of the car and scrambled out to retrieve it.

    Strange behaviour? Well you would think so until something like this happens to you. Note that this is not really compatible with a bolt action rifle shot from the snipers nest at the book warehouse. No-one shot from there. Thats all bullshit.

  2. The evil compulsive liar THR has taken away my McCarthy Gravatar and left me with his last known crimson splotch.

  3. Its not to be thought that the above summary is somehow speculative in its main thrust. This is known and proven knowledge. There is no chance that the broad thrust of it can be wrong. None whatsoever.

    Here is famous CIA bigshot Howard E. Hunt. Howard is confessing that he was a “benchwarmer” for the project. And it was a massive project murdering JFK. The project has a name. We know what that name was. It was called “The Big Event.” And it developed out of the Bobby’s CIA project in Miami.

    Along with the other multitudes involved could the communists have also had a hand? Only insofar as they influenced the zeitgeist within the CIA. So only in an indirect way. But this was definitely an inside job. And it proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that conspiracies can be truly massive. Now that we know this there can no longer be any ruling out of conspiracies on the grounds of sheer size.

    Here is Howard E Hunt explaining what happened. Now the key point as he said, was how the project got started, within the CIA, and then got workshopped up the chain of command until the responsibility for it was landed at LBJ’s feet. To say that “LBJ did it” does not begin to grasp the process by which this deal went forward. He is more responsible than anyone else its true. But just to say “He did it” is to misunderstand the nature of such a huge conspiracy involving so many people.

  4. Mr Bird,

    Have you seen the news. The marxists will soon be able to launch cruise missiles from the middle of our very own ports.

    Would to god that we had listened to Patton and Macarthur and actually sorted out the commies 50 years ago. We had the window when we had the nukes and they didn’t but we failed to use them as god intended.

  5. Nice guys these Russians. Great. Thankyou Putin. Bringing the age of open trade decisively to an end no doubt.

  6. I’m just watching the Oliver Stone movie again. I saw it when it came out and thought it was pretty amazing stuff. But what I couldn’t get over was the idea of who actually did kill the President?

    Was it a bunch of New Orleans queers? The CIA? The FBI? A lone communist? A whole hit-team of marksman under the control of the Pentagon? Marcello and a whole bunch of other gangsters?

    The way I figured it, you’d need to keep the hit down to about a dozen people to keep it a secret.

    This idea that a hit needed to involve some minimum amount of people, made me always think it was Oswald, and the only wonder of it was is if the communists encouraged him, or put in a backup shooter to make sure the job was finished, should Oswald decide to start it.

    In reality Stone was right on the money. Its not a question of which one of the many groups Stone featured did it. The fact is every last one of these groups were involved. It was a truly massive conspiracy. Every last scene that Stone included was relevant. You see it particularly when you watch this show, having investigated the evidence, and with constant access to the Wikipedia to get a background on each person featured.


  8. Mr Bird,

    I take it that this idiot is none other than the Beijing Agent Mr Soon, laughing about the destruction of American democracy, paving the way for LBJ and his ruinous marxist Great Society.

  9. Mr Bird,

    I see you are already on to him.

  10. Its a four-point trajectory to the destruction of the Republic.

    1. They open up the federal reserve.
    2. The infiltration of communists into the New Deal team.
    3. The JFK hit and subsequent coverup.
    4. Bringing Obama to the Presidency with the banking bailout lead-in.

    The place is wrecked now.

    But there was one massive mistake that Bobby Kennedy made. He wanted to be able to take down Castro, in such a way as not have it traceable or even suspicious.

    This is no good. Killings cannot stay secret forever. They have to be legal and they have to be owned up to once you can get all your people out of harms way.

    You would think that Bobby was right. You would think that his way of doing things was the best and most prudent way, with the least body-count.

    But the fact that his operation was meant to kill someone, control the release of media information, then never get found out.

    Those two requirements opened up a new cancer in US society, got him and his brother killed, at least forty others murdered as well, and probably now has left a permanent and growing rogue element in the US government.

  11. Indeed Mr Bird,

    If someone needs to be killed we should be prepared to be upfront about it, and be able to justify our decision. Secret killing are doubtless killings witha poor rationale.

    Your 4 points for the destruction of the United states are about right. One feels that your image Sen. McCarthy was our last best hope for curing the marxist malaise that infected the United states.

    I am pleased to see your retraining your focus on the diseased state the US body politic has suffered over the past half century or more.

  12. “Lord. Oliver Stone is a space cadet who shouldn’t be taken in the least bit seriously.

    Having said that, I’ve always considered it laughable nonsense that Oswald acted alone. It was probably a Cuban-directed op.”

    Well I thought this as well. Cuban INFLUENCED maybe. But no CL is wrong. There is no doubt about this story anymore. They suppress anything that might implicate Castro/Kruschev just so people like me, Reagan or CL picks up on it. That seems to be part of the structure of things.

    No there is not even any question about it. This assassination is not an unknown quantity at all. Virtually all aspects of the hit are a known quantity. The Stone movie is practically a documentary.

  13. Bobby’s reasonable-sounding mistake must inform us. So this tight shop that they run down in Victoria is really unacceptable. As is all aspects of globalisation. Free trade must mean unilateral free trade and nothing else. We don’t want all these international organisations. We want to look askance at too closer relations between our thieves and thieves overseas.

    Humane civilisation is finished once bigshots start killing people through using the intelligence apparatus of each others country.

  14. Look at this stupid Gook Cunt who thinks he can know stuff …… on account of that he thinks he justs know it.

    Now I’ve just checked out every aspect of this story.

    Nevertheless this dumb cunt thinks he knows better:
    meanwhile on Planet Bird …

    “The Stone movie is practically a documentary.”

    No wonder the bonehead is incapable of seeing through the Keynesian Multiplier scam. Why look into anything if you just believe you already know everything? Why seek understanding if you imagine incorrectly that understanding is automatic and requires no thought whatsoever?

    They are just so fucking stupid at Catallaxy.

    The fact remains that the Oliver Stone movie comes pretty close to being a straight documentary. There is very little in it that doesn’t come straight from the record.

    • I’ve been such an idiot for so long on this subject.

  15. Mr Bird,

    Mr Soon is undoubtably capable of seeing through the scam. He is no doubt complicit in perpetuating the said scam. Orientals may lack the spark of ingenuity that surges through western veins, but they certainly make up for it in their ability to copy distort and manipulate.

    I have been reading some of Soons comments and I am very suspicious that he is indeed a Beijing agent. I admit I made this comment in only semi seriously at first (thinking he was merely sympathetic) but it is appearing more likely to be actually true now.

    I note his role has been reassigned a few times, originally being posted into the ALP, it appears that when they lost power under Howard he was reassigned to the right to undermine it. Now that Beijing has a Madarin running the top job in this country they have kept him on the right throwing dissent and misinformation amongst the right. Make no mistake he was a Turnbull and ETS supporter. I expect he and others received a firm rebuke when Mr Abbott took leadership for their failure to manipulate Liberal policy.

  16. “In his book Reclaiming History, a history of the Kennedy assassination published 16 years after the release of JFK, Vincent Bugliosi devoted an entire chapter to Jim Garrison’s prosecution of Clay Shaw and Oliver Stone’s subsequent film.[50] Bugliosi lists thirty-two separate “lies and fabrications” in Stone’s movie and describes the film as “one continuous lie in which Stone couldn’t find any level of deception and invention beyond which he was unwilling to go.

    Bugliosi prosecuted Charles Manson and friends and is no hapless dupe.”

    Right. He got it wrong. I got it wrong too. So did Mailer. So did Gerald Posner.

    I watched Bugliosi. I’ve seen him talk about it. So what? I don’t know why he fucked it up but he did.

    I would have liked to think that had I spent as much time as Bugliosi on it I wouldn’t have fucked it up.

    Not only that. Consider the idea of proving your own case by nitpicking the other fellow. Perhaps we can put Bugliosi on the job and he can be like Tim Lambert from Deltoid. In the sense of having not one scrap of evidence for his own thesis, but making hay via thousands of pages of nit-picking his opposition.

    Using this same technique you think Buliosi is going to prove the global warming racket right where everyone else has failed?

    No bad epistemology. No good. He screwed up. And think about how difficult it would be to nail Manson? Not real hard to pin the crime on Manson right? Hardly an exercise in ambiguity.

  17. Here is Bugliosi. He’s talking idiocy and rubbish right from the start. Howard E Hunt confessed. There have been leaks all the time.

    Everything Bugliosi says here is idiotic. I was taken in by him as well. I just wanted to know if he could rule out a backing commie shooter. I wondered if he had 1600 pages of book without bothering to rule that out.

  18. Good lord that Bugliosi is one Stupid Fucking Dago.

    It really is a conspiracy of Idiot Wops isn’t it.

  19. Here he’s a stupid wop alright. Just a stupid wop prosecutor.

    His theory goes like this:

    If you are innocent, most of the time there won’t be even one element of evidence against you. But its in the way of things that there may be one or two pieces of evidence in some rare cases against you, even though you are innocent. But he says that in the case of Oswald he had 53 separate pieces of evidence against him. Ergo he must be guilty. Once you know that Oswald is guilty all else follows.

    So the dumb wop is caught in the curse of the lone paradigm. Clearly if there is a conspiracy, and you need a patsy, you methodically line up everything you can against him. You suck him in and get him to pile up all this evidence against himself in advance.

    So he’s full of shit. And when he discusses this matter, to make his paradigm stick he says stupid stuff.

    Now note he doesn’t have a computer. He wrote the thing in longhand. People send him stuff for the computer and he cannot play it apparently. He calls such people “desperate”.

    He’s just a dumb wop.

  20. Mr Bird
    The ‘Eye-talians’ are darker than other European peoples except perhaps the Spanish who are not especially intellectually gifted either. That tells you all you need to know.

    As for Mr Soon I fear Mr Glover’s speculations about the wily Oriental are correct.

  21. Mr Hanson

    Have you resolved your Jewish self-hatred issues yet?

    I personally find that the Hebrews who are the most reconciled to their unfortunate ancestry make much more solid patriots.

  22. Bugliosi is a light-skinned man and he’s still a dumb wop. Or more correctly he is one-dimensional. If he wanted to rule out black ops his main subject ought to be black ops. So he’s just like every other dummy who gets caught up under the curse of the lone paradigm.

  23. Mr Bird

    We all have our faults. You appear to be a flaming leftist on the Race Question. Never mind. You are sound on other issues.

  24. When it comes to black ops Victor has no way to do this if he has no videos and no computer. Because that leaves him with text only. And the whole point of black ops is to produce faux-evidence.

    If you want to find people to help you understand the mechanics behind black ops you don’t go to a prosecutor.

  25. “Goodness. Vincent Bugliosi spends 20 years investigating the Kennedy murder from every conceivable angle, interviews key people, and devotes a million words to the topic, and is proclaimed by Chief DI Bird to be “just a dumb wop.”

    Indeed. A very dumb wop. If he had spent only 20 days and fucked it up under those circumstances, then perhaps you could excuse the stupid wop.

    A confession from E Howard Hunt amounts to “no evidence” from either birdlab or this dumb wop. Hunt spelling the entire thing out. Thats “no evidence”. After all it isn’t on official paper but merely on video. So yes Bugliosi is a dumb wop. A very dumb wop indeed.

  26. That Stupid Fucking Wog Bastard should go back to selling vegies. Gotta da nice-a tomatoes.

    Leave the prosecuting to people who know da speaka da English.

    Of course the dago couldn’t work it out. He needs a translator to understand what anyone is saying.

  27. No computer and the greasy wog can’t speak English.

    And people say there’s no conspiracy when this is who leads the investigation.

    Did con the fruiterer conduct an investigation.

    Why not, since we outsourced the job to illiterate dagos

  28. “The ‘Eye-talians’ are darker than other European peoples except perhaps the Spanish who are not especially intellectually gifted either.”

    Most of my favourite movie directors have been Italian. Perhaps drawing in the intense drama involved in outright gangsterism, and a flair for the visual arts. Look at the artistry of some of their boutique vehicles. And their fashions. See that fellow Pierre Cardin. While he may appear to be a frog designer, he is actually a wop. Immensely clever fellow and his designing skills extend far beyond merely clothing.

    Then we had the renaissance artists. I don’t know what to think about these people really. It may be the inherent corruption of fractional reserve. With that leading to a cycle of violence, post-modernism, decrepitude and finally authoritarianism because of the chaos and disorder that is eventually brought about.

    We all started off as essentially animals and we appear to be returning to this state. My people seem to have come down from the trees and wiped the mud off themselves a little later than some of the others. And we had a powerfully healthy culture prior to world war I with two big faults.

    1. Wealth distribution was appalling, and this mostly the upshot of coming out of a feudal system.

    2. Because we were so culturally superior, we were hatefully arrogant towards foreigners. No more than other people. In fact probably less so. I’m not comparing us unfavourably to others. I’m comparing the otherwise totally excellent culture of Anglo-19th century to today.

    I’m always going to be unsound on the race question Winchester. I believe too much in this Aussie idea of the fair go. My intellectual heroes as a youngster tended to be Jewish and black. And also I think of miscegenation as a powerfully good thing. I only wish I was younger and richer and so in a position to do a lot more of it.

    We must not put our faith in international institutions to bring world peace about. We must rather put our faith in hyper-federalism, the preemptive presumption at least towards home rule, states rights, if not secession …… and the one other factor of miscegenation. Let all young maidens who run the risk of mating outside their race come to this great continent.

    But since the goal of world peace is somewhat beyond our grasp, in the more near term to secure our own peace we of course must put our faith in hot and cold steel, massive on-target lead (Pb) delivery, metal storm, laser, other forms of directed energy, and an armed civilianry with immense firepower but less lethal ordance, ready to change to the lethal stuff, if we were to face invasion.

  29. Gentlemen,

    It should be apparent that this is primarily an issue of culture not race. The wops have a degenerate culture. I’m sure we could adopt their babies and raise them to hate fractional reserve and socialism in all its forms then repopulate their countries we could have a race of decent people.

    We might need to write them a decent constitution as well, but I’m sure if we could keep them away from the corruption of their parents they would be thoroughly decent.

  30. I think we need to consider the possibility that a Homosexual Clique was behind JFK’s murder.

  31. Clique go the queers boys, clique, clique, clique.

  32. We already know that some of these guys were queers. For example Clay Shaw and David Ferrie were queers.

    Clay Shaw assisted Oswald and his young scientist mistress spend time together alone by hiring out all these hotel rooms for the two kids. Now it must have appeared at the time, since the three of them were involved in an anti-communist plot to bring Castro down, that Clay was being a benevolent rich guy. But its more likely of course that Clay was helping out with the plot to build all this faux-evidence against Oswald. Setting the idealistic young anti-communist up as the patsy. Which must have taken a considerable length of time.

  33. Lee Harvey Oswald truly is a Forgotten Hero.

    Interesting, isn’t it, that both Lee and our Carl were murdered by the Pigs while under “protection”.

    And the same people who murdered Lee and our Carl say we are “protected” by Fractional Reserve (aka Ponzi) Banking.

    They are about to put out a hit on the White Man. Imminent Default of the Dago Bloc surely will be the impetus and excuse.

    Time to check the bunker is fully stocked. Hope you are still up and running when I’m done.

    Stay free, Mr B.

  34. The only thing that comforts me in situations like this is thinking of Lee and Carl up there in Heaven, knocking back a few cold ones, chatting about the one that got away.

  35. Precisely.

  36. I had thought the most likely answer to the Kennedy hit, the one consistent with keeping matters secret, was simply the communists underwriting Oswald with a second shooter, hired in such a way as to not know who hired him.

    This was the easiest solution consistent with what was already known by people like me in the public.

    What got me looking into it again, was my concern about the Williams killing. But also by this completely outrageous story which I will link below. The most bizarre story about a cancer causing virus in a Polio vaccine and this story dovetailing into the Oswald-Kennedy story.

    What was outrageous about this story is that it sounds like a total fantasy. So I went to check all aspects of the story out. And pretty much everything checks out. In the process of fact-checking this story, I found out that I had been totally wrong about the Kennedy killing. And that Jim Garrison had been fundamentally correct.

  37. “There were probably four teams of shooters. No 12 buck bolt action rifles involved except as decoy.

    Incredibly, nobody saw one of these four teams. And the organisers who deposited Oswald in the book building with a mail-order Italian bolt-action forgot to do anything about hundreds of people with still and video cameras in the Plaza.

    Luckily, they got away with it.

    Phew, they must have ejaculated later.

    No lets get this straight. The movement of Jack Kennedy’ s head backwards and to the left mean a second shooter mean a conspiracy.”

    Why would they see the four hit teams dopey? On what basis would they do so? Is the claim here that there is no such thing as covert action? That there is no such science? As best we know the Americans had already murdered maybe four foreign leaders before the Kennedy killing?

    So what are you talking about? People who got a good shot got their cameras confiscated. And not all were returned. What is your argument Currency Lad? I don’t know what you are talking about. You are being a moron?

    So you are saying that you cannot have assassins? Because they will get caught? Is that the theory. Don’t hide behind Penn and Teller. If you have a theory spell it out.

    Now you are saying there is one shooter or two? Spell out your theory dummy? We already know there is more than one shooter. Proven by the head movement to a degree of absolute certainty.

    So how did that second shooter get away with it under the Currency Lad theory?

  38. Oh for Petes sakes. So Penn and Teller are substituting a piece of fruit for Kennedy’s head, some tape for the skull, and balancing the fruit on a flat top as a substitute for Kennedy’s body.

    And the experiment was a failure. The melon didn’t thrust backwards. It gently rolled off.

    For fucksakes Currency Lad. Obviously thats all just bullshit.

    Lets repeat the situation. We know that there was a second gunman, because his head jerking back and to the left means the bullet comes from the front and to the right. Thats just the fact of it. Melon and tape party tricks to the contrary notwithstanding.

    So there was a second gunman. And the Currency Lad theory is that he couldn’t get away. But he did get away. End of Currency Lad Theory. Currency Lad theory proved wrong right off the bat.

    50 witnesses said that the shot came from the Grassy knoll. Heaps of people, perhaps almost as many ran up the hill to chase his ass on the basis that they heard the bullets come from that direction. All of a sudden there were people flashing badges and confiscating cameras.

    Thats the way it happened. People appeared flashing badges and confiscating cameras. This is a fact.

  39. The assassination of Carl Williams is like the assassination of JFK in reverse.

    Carl is JFK. Benji Venjamin is Lee. Mick Gatto is Jack Ruby. Roberta Williams is Jackie Kennedy.

    Christine Nixon is the Judas Goat, distracting us with tales of Sunday Night Risotto while the Hills burn.

    And precious Dakhota Williams is our very own dinki-di JFK Jr.

  40. Exactly.

    Now here is Jack. He’s been shot through the neck. His whole body slumped forward. Watch how the bullet, shot at from street level out of the storm drain, throws Jacks body, and not just his head, right up and back.

    This is no party trick with a taped melon precariously balanced, gently tipping back towards some bullet from behind.

    This is a much more violent shock lifting Jacks whole body up and back and snapping his head back.

  41. I hope Carl, Benji and Lee are getting on together in Heaven. I hope Benji isn’t trying too hard to big note himself. He always had a big head, and I hope he’s respectful of Lee and everything he’s achieved.

    If he isn’t I am sure that Carl will get him back in line. Carl’s not one for nonsense like that. He’s very level headed.

  42. Well he was a little man. Only 5 foot two. But in fulfillment of the idea that the meek and little fellow will inherit the earth, perhaps Heaven is just a waiting stage and they are treating Benji like a King. Humble little man that he was. He’d do anything to help out a friend. Very meek.

  43. “No, this question has been dealt with – for the benefit of morons – many times. The movement of Kennedy’s head is consistent with a shot from behind. It’s called the jet effect. Penn & Teller demonstrate it in this video.”

    I should have resisted calling you names currency lad. But lets have that retraction. It is obvious that Penn and Teller have not dealt with this matter even a tiny bit.

  44. Carl’s assassination really was an attack on the Fundamental Australian Principle of Mateship, wasn’t it?

  45. You bet it was. If things start unravelling in Australia, like they have been in the US, then we will be able to mark the date where matters first came unstuck. Loyalty. Co-operation with the Police. Mateship. The bad guys laugh at these things and treat them as horrid weaknesses put there only for exploitation.

    Now this is a very good theory:

    “Re the jet effect, Bird should also familiarise himself with Zapruder Frame 313. Matter goes forward, head goes back. Bullet: from behind….”

    Wait. That part of it is utter bullshit. We are not talking about melon party tricks here. This is the good bit but note how CL is trying to have it both ways. He needs to separate two different versions here and hold them in parallel. Not have them as a sort of wave-particle duality:

    “Bird, I’ve already said that I think the assassination may have been a Cuban op. If so, it was probably a shabbily organised thing involving the good offices of the KBG when they realised they had an unstable nutter in their custody in the USSR. There was probably nobody more surprised than they and Castro were when he actually did it.”

    Good theory. Excellent theory. Faultlessly rational for the partly informed. I know its a good theory because it was my top theory on and off for years. Unfortunately its wrong. For starters he wasn’t an unstable nutter. He was deep cover CIA-Mongoose. He wasn’t a communist he was an anti-communist.

    Secondly, this is the trap of the smart anti-communists preferred theory. The covert operation of this size has to take in the entire population. Anti-communists and intelligent free-thinkers as well as sheeple.

    This is akin to the 9/11 story where all these links to foreign regimes, including Saddam, were left to filter out to the public then vigorously denied for no reason at all.

    Think about last year when I presented essentially this theory. I was almost overcome with embarrassment presenting it. After all this time its a social fucking faux pas to point out the obvious. That a communist murdered Kennedy, and that he’d just been to see the communists in Mexico City.

    So the idea is that the authorities set this thesis up as LESSER SCANDAL PROTECTION. When push comes to shove LBJ and others use this as their protection in private. Whereas in public they let this evidence out but vigorously suppress the obvious conclusion we take from it to keep this layer the last layer of the onion that people in the sub-sector delve into.

    Now Birdlab presented another conspiracy theory. That Oswald might still be alive. Crazy but not THAT crazy.

    If it is established or hypothesised that this is a VERY BIG CONSPIRACY then the more mystery you can throw into it the more layers need to be peeled off to get to the truth. So if you have Oswald spirited away, and Ruby too after they get enough people transferred to his prison to pull such a deal off, then you keep faith with all the operation Mongoose people and you set up another dead end for investigators to use up their precious time and finances on.

    Or if you murder Oswald and Ruby. But dig up Oswalds body and replace his head with someone elses, you are throwing more work and disinformation out there.

  46. “JC, I believe it was precisely Ruby’s love of Jack and Jackie that led him to shoot Oswald. Straight vengeance. Also, he claimed he didn’t want Jackie to be forced to testify at a trial. He raved on with a lot of conspiracy palaver for a few years but he recanted on his death bed and said he did it of his own volition on a whim and that nobody else was involved.”

    That all works in print. When you look for Ruby in youtube thats when this story comes entirely unstuck. Its very clear on youtube that he is smart, cool, has his wits about him, and is deliberately throwing responsibility away from the agency and onto LBJ.

  47. Mr Bird,

    I see the greasy wop and his brainless lackeys have once again gathered to attempt to mock you claiming that have no friends on the right. Obviously nothing could be further from the truth. You suffer not at all from the absense of support from Cambria, Soon, Reynolds and their bunch of fractional reserve crony capitalist scum.

    These fellows are blood brothers with the marxists and not true rightist.

  48. Bird, Oswald spent a couple of years in the Soviet Union from 1959-1961. He was probably acting on Kremlin orders when he offed JFK.

    • This turns out to be deep cover. Ask yourself how he became repatriated so easily? Ask yourself how he got to marry the niece of a Russian bigshot and get himself repatriated so easily?

      Even when he was having trouble with his marriage he does not seem to have let his wife in on his real status. He had two daughters with her. But it looks like she only found out that he was CIA after he died. Thats pretty deep cover and it must have been very tough on him. He couldn’t even square matters with his elder brother. Thats how patriotic this young bloke was. He had a mission to kill Castro. No evidence exists that he went against that mission if we are viewing matters from the BIG CONSPIRACY paradigm. On the other hand his young scientist mistress knew all about him.

  49. That was my original theory as well. Since we now know that Bobby had made about 7 attempts on Castro’s life ….. and then you look at how many times they tried to assassinate Saddam during Clinton’s era, and you had a pretty good match. You say to yourself “If you try and kill a dictator and keep failing, what the hell else you think is going to happen”

    But in both cases there is far more to the deal then just that.

    If the Kremlin had anything to do with it, it could only be in the amorphous sense of influencing the culture. Because all the players are known here.

    Oswald was an anti-communist, working in the team to try and nail Castro.

  50. Oswald was an anti-communist?? Where is that coming from?

    • He was part of the team to kill Castro and not get caught.

  51. Woah easy there cowboy.

    Lee was a stand up dude.

    He wasn’t some pinko jewboy.

    Jack ruby was a dirty commie bastard, like LBJ and Connolly. That’s why they hated Lee.

    • I believe that you are letting your anti-Jew bias get the better of you Ron. I think I see your knowledge of the fact that Jack Ruby was born “Jack Rubestein” get the better of you. This is preemptive and unscientific of you.

      Oswald and Ruby were not just acquaintances. They were friends. “Meet my friend Sparkie” said Oswald. Sparkie was part of the anti-communist team.

  52. If Lee was a communist then how come he’s in heaven with Carl and benji?

  53. Good point Ron. Very good point. But are you not committing the same anti-scientific sin that lead me to unrighteously lose my temper with the brilliant Australian intellectual Currency Lad?

    You see Ron. You must not judge one paradigm by looking at it through the eyes of a competing paradigm.

    You must look through the lens of one paradigm ……. then swap hats and look through the lens of another paradigm, and you must accord each the respect of looking at each in its own terms.

  54. Mr B

    Do you think Ranking of Paradigms should be taught to all our kiddies in Primary School?

    Wouldn’t that help them understand things in the news e.g. CO2 bedwetting, Carl’s assassination, Ponzi Banking?

    Imagine if you had to pass an exam on Ranking of Paradigms before you could start University or get a Public Service Job. Perhaps we could avoid the need for really mass sackings if Science Workers and Public Servants were really skilled at RP.

  55. Indeed. Although in full-blown form it is really more an upper secondary school set of concepts and norms.

    But the creativity that could be brought to the situation by the total destruction of government funding of education is not to be underestimated.

    Bear in mind I only say this in the context of massive spending cuts enabling us to favour and be exceptionally kind to parents who are struggling.

    But what will happen is that education will become a great start-up business, that as a tendency will grow out of expanded home-schooling, where the more righteous and entrepreneurial MILF’s will take on the responsibility and the financial rewards of educating other peoples kids.

    Then Ron you will not believe the renaissance? Only then Ron will you see the pristine “Australia City” replace Poo-town.

    And in this context, the idea of paradigms in parallel might yet be brought down in subtle fashion to the youngest of young young citizen-soldiers. Brought right down to them in nursery rhymes, and silly songs, and funny little exercises.

    The creativity inherent in the human soul does not bottom out Ron. The statesman cannot push it, cannot mandate it, cannot inspect the quality of creativity into his society. He can only set up the circumstances upon which it will flourish. And hope that he gets to see the upshot of his various emancipations before he dies.

    I was a swimming coach Ron. And I got kicked out yes I did and don’t deny it.

    One time I said to the kids ……. I don’t care you know. If you don’t follow what I’m saying I can quit swimming and be producing CD’s or doing something else…..

    But then I paused Ron. And then I said sadly Ron. I said sadly as though entrapped by a fearful master Ron. I said….

    … “But the problem is that this is not right. The problem is that I DO CARE. Because I want you kids to be swimming with the good technique for a change.”

    And you know what? When I got kicked out ….. later I snuck into the Footscray swimming club and nobody saw me. Footscray where I believe Carl Williams spent some time.

    And I watched those kids doing the aero-dynamic breaststroke that I had brought to that side of town. And then I went and had a few beers and you know what?

    It was all worthwhile.

    So we must press forward to a better world Ron. And it might not be in time for you or for me (as the Stevie Wonder song goes) but then again we may get lucky and from time to time see our good works.

    I just was witness to our beloved and comely leader here in New South Wales announce that the expected electricity price rises, would be only 20% rather than 46% now that the the cap and kill has been defeated.

    Maybe not in time for you or for me Ron. But now and again we see our good works helping people. Helping people from the wrong side of town. Helping people who are struggling.

    We see it in the majestic and aerodynamically sound breastroke that their beloved children are swimming. We see it in the lower power prices that the struggling families in New South Wales will be paying.

    But we don’t do these things so that we get to preen ourselves after seeing the results Ron. We do these things for the personal righteousness of it, knowing that most of our good works will manifest, ONLY long after we have left and departed the scene.

    • Two words:

      Absolutely Fucking Magnificent.

  56. “And precious Dakhota Williams is our very own dinki-di JFK Jr.”

    She is somewhat more precious than that Ron. I know I said “exactly” to the thrust of your comparison. But this poor little abused girl, robbed of her father, and seeing Grandpa and Mum under incredible threat, is more valuable than ten Kennedy kids, using my true blue Aussie importance-measuring scales.

  57. Well, let’s just hope she doesn’t try to get a pilot’s license.

  58. I don’t quite follow that Ron? You mean Australia’s child Dakhota?

    Or her lovely mum Roberta?

    If you are talking about Roberta, should she channel her “New Idea” winnings into a vocation such as flying, or even a hobby of that sort, hopefully the corrupt cops would instinctively see this as a sign that she wasn’t going to speak up against them, and maybe they would take her off the death list?

    I’ll click in a while I’m sure Ron. But right now I’m worried for Roberta and her sometime father-in-law. If we fail to protect these people we fail as a country. And karma will not be fooled by such failure. You can run from karma but you cannot hide.

  59. I think I clicked!!! And hopefully they don’t take up fast downhill skiing right?

    Yes the Kennedy kids were somewhat accident prone.

    They must have grown up thinking they could be shot at any time on some subtle and subconcious level. And so perhaps they never developed the risk aversions that the rest of us did.

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