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Likely Effects Of The Moon On Climate/The Feebleness Of Politicized Stolen-Money Science.

I want to reprint the full text of a conversation I had with someone called “Derek” over at Jonanne Nova’s place. The lesson behind the conversation would seem to be the great blind spots in stolen-money science, and the bigotry involved with it. Since Derek seems relieved that he could find anyone to so much as discuss the subject. These are hardly original ideas, as you will see. But even though these ideas have much empirical backing (as the otherwise miraculous predictions of Piers Corbyn show). But despite the track record of using the moon as a predictor it is ignored by the so-called “mainstream scientists” who are not scientists at all, but whores, dummies and bedwetters.


June 13th, 2010 at 6:30 pm
Is anyone else here aware of Dilley’s works regarding lunar influences upon tidal cycles?
This must be a basic oceanographic currents and phases mechanism, combined with wind inputs to surface waters,
and annual polar melt water sinking inputs.

It is good to see however oceans coming into the discussions (AT LAST),
they have to, as they have 800 to 900 times the heat capacity of the atmosphere.
As I have said many, many times before,
run a hot bath you get a hot bathroom,
run a cold bath, you have a cold bathroom.
Regardless of the CO2 level…..

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49Graeme Bird:
June 13th, 2010 at 6:40 pm
“Is anyone else here aware of Dilley’s works regarding lunar influences upon tidal cycles?
This must be a basic oceanographic currents and phases mechanism, combined with wind inputs to surface waters…”

I know Piers Corban places a great deal of emphasis on the moon in his unsurpassed weather forecasts. I know that Jennifer Marohasy featured a fellow talking about the moons influence on her blog. Don’t know if it was Dilley. I would think the moons influence was mightily important. It could impede or help the great ocean conveyor at many points. It could be having all sorts of effects.

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June 13th, 2010 at 6:42 pm
Dilley shows cycle upon cycle, waxing and waneing in “predictable cycles”,
it could explain the long not explained oceanic current phases over long time periods (and short time periods)
that dissappear and reappear for no apparent reason at present.

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Graeme Bird:
June 13th, 2010 at 7:09 pm
There ought to be serious work to be cut out, if someone was able to relate Dilleys work to Corban’s concrete predictions. From that combo, one ought to be able to improve the theory and then turn around and further improve the practice. Since Piers breaks the state of the climate into solar/lunar snapshots. When he has a prediction for solar activity and lunar movement, he then sees if he has data on a previously similar scenario, and constructs his predictions from that. So thats a lot of good data for a theoritician to work with, supposing he had Corban’s enthusiastic co-operation in the project.

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June 13th, 2010 at 7:18 pm
I am not aware that they know of each other, or communicate with each other.
Dilley’s GWO works seem to be being ignored. I don’t particularly like the first part of his ebook,
but the later part I suggest can not be ignored.

Few seem to admit of it’s existence, even when talking of lunar tidal influences. ?
Here’s a link to Dilley’s ebook,

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58Graeme Bird:
June 13th, 2010 at 7:46 pm
Well the point is Derek IT WORKS. At least to the extent that empirically we know the moon has a powerful effect it works. So people ought to be casting around to people like Dilley to figure out why this is so. The moon will effect the oceans, the air pressure perhaps, and it may even effect earths magnetic field. In otherwords all the important stuff other than the suns activity itself. It is on the basis partly of where the moon is at, that Piers is making the call for serious cooling over the following two or three decades.

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June 13th, 2010 at 8:12 pm
We are furiously agreeing Graeme.
BTW – Ignore / scratch my comment re the first part of the ebook.
It has been totally rewritten since I first read it about 3 years ago now.
The version linked to above is a far better explanation, and firming up of his works.

Would an electric universe view help also with Corbyn and Dilley’s approaches. ?

This is also interesting.

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60Graeme Bird:
June 13th, 2010 at 10:16 pm
Indeed an electric universe would help both approaches. Since an electric universe would appear to be the leading paradigm. The leading paradigm is the closest thing to truth we have. So making the direct substitution; the truth helps with the truth. The truth helps itself. Untruthz only work in service for other untruthz. But the truth works in service for itself holistically.

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June 13th, 2010 at 11:58 pm
I think this paper should also be thrown into the mix,
it is based upon NASA’s own lunar temperature readings.

The basic idea is very simple, the so called “greenhouse effect” is often described as
how much warmer the earth’s surface is than it would otherwise be without it.
The difference being between what the theoretical black body temperature would be, and what we actually measure,
commonly described as about 33 degrees celcius for earth.
However the moon with no atmosphere at all, apparently has an atmospheric “greenhouse effect” of about 40 degrees (Kelvin).
” Thus (within the zone in question) the surface of the real moon is
roughly 20° cooler than predicted by day and 60° warmer by night,
the net result being a surface that is 40° warmer than predicted.
To quote NASA’s analysis,
During lunar day, the lunar regolith absorbs the radiation from the sun and transports it inward
and is stored in a layer approximately 50cm thick. As the moon passes into night, the radiation
from the sun quickly approaches zero (there is still a bit of radiation from the earth) and, in
contrast with a precipitous drop in temperature if it was a simple black body, the regolith then
proceeds to transport the stored heat back onto the surface, thus warming it up significantly over
the black body approximation.

All without greenhouse gases. “

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June 14th, 2010 at 12:11 am
Further to my post 61.
I have been thinking along these lines myself for several years now,
as I have diagramatically tried to illustrate with the below linked to illustration.

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65Graeme Bird:
June 14th, 2010 at 4:11 am
See how what you are saying in that diagram Derek. See how that manifests on Venus with the super-rotation of clouds.

“However the moon with no atmosphere at all, apparently has an atmospheric “greenhouse effect” of about 40 degrees”

Hilarious. So the moons greenhouse effect is stronger than our own and it has next to no atmosphere. That-right-there is a devastating blow to stupidtown. Also it tends to reinforce my law of science. The one that says Louis Hissink is always more right than one at first imagines. Bear in mind that there will be conversion to thermal energy from energy sources other than electro-magnetic energy. You have the “cosmic ray” bombardment. The solar wind bombardment. These are both moving charged particles and moving charged particles are effectively an electric current. There is probable Birkeland currents.

Then there will be tidal heating from the earth. On Io, tidal heating is enough to keep continuous volcanic activity happening. This of course means we have tidal heating, on earth, from the moon.

If we think in terms of strata and heat budgets. The moon will be a factor that will upset strata. Like our fast rotation, as compared to conditions on Venus. On Venus the slow rotation, would mean stronger stratification, hence the ability of heat budgets to build. The various strata will not be as strong as they might be on earth, because of faster rotation and the moons actions, both. Then on the other hand the moon will be creating tidal warming directly.

In other words, the moon, ought to have a pretty complicated effect on the climate. Both warming, and assissting in thermal transfer, up and down. Laterally as well, one supposes.

Kind of crazy that quakademia doesn’t feel it needs to take the moon into account? They are just not that bright. But that news that the moons greenhouse effect appears to be stronger than our own, is a devastating elbow strike to be used in these various arguments we have all over the net.

Where is the anomaly that greenhouse is meant to explain given what you are saying about the moon? Killer factoid.

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June 14th, 2010 at 5:11 am
Thank you Graeme. It is good to know some read some of my comments.
I am also an avid reader of Louis Hissink’s comments.

Also thank you for making me realise something else obvious.
How often does the moon provide the straw (pull really) that broke the camels back,
and a volcanic eruption ensued. ?
Is anyone aware of any studies comparing volcanic eruption starting times and lunar relative position. ?
If so, please provide a link / reference.

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69Graeme Bird:
June 14th, 2010 at 7:57 am
“How often does the moon provide the straw (pull really) that broke the camels back,
and a volcanic eruption ensued?”

A volcanic eruption may be too much of an all-or-nothing thing on this planet. So I would look a step down the scale. And go to earth tremors. Then you could get a statistical correlation with low Richter-Scale earthquakes.

I’m sure I recently heard something that would count as just-above-anecdotal evidence to this effect. I was trying to look for it on youtube. Surely you are on the right track but matters might be more paradoxical then what apriori considerations would have it in the first instance;

If volcanic eruptions were held to be in whole or in part, electrical discharges, then it would be hard to separate the moons role in conveying, or impeding, electrical flows, and its role as a pure gravity pull-factor. A pure pull factor aggravation.

I think you would have it right on this camel deal, and so that therefore we would expect some statistical increase, not so much in volcanic eruptions, but moreso in earthquake tremors. Being as it ought to be as you say. The moon ought to act as tie-breaker, when other forces are in the balance. Two fists pushing against eachother. And a relatively weaker third party makes them lose that balance of forces.

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70Graeme Bird:
June 14th, 2010 at 8:17 am
Tidal effects on Io obviously massively increase its subsurface temperatures. Whereas if Venus had a moon it would probably disrupt its various strata, and therefore not allow for Venus’ surface-strata heat-budgets to be so massive. Further to that a sizeable moon of Venus would likely assisst more of Venus’ atmosphere to escape. I have formed the view that we must be losing atmosphere the whole time and that our atmosphere must be continually renewed. So someone who thinks along these lines would imagine that a moon of Venus may have stopped the air pressure of Venus from accumulating to quite the extent that it did.

So I would conclude that on IO tidal warming is a net warming factor. On Venus, it would be a net cooling factor.

How does our own moon effect us on a NET level? This I suspect is a hard thing to estimate. The only thing for sure is that the moon will be massively important to climate on a yearly and decadal basis. He has too many influences. Our girls are all married to the moon as well. So we ought to have known by now, not to underestimate his powers.

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June 14th, 2010 at 7:01 pm Graeme Bird:
June 14th, 2010 at 8:17 am

How does our own moon effect us on a NET level? This I suspect is a hard thing to estimate.
The only thing for sure is that the moon will be massively important to climate on a yearly and decadal basis.
He has too many influences.
Our girls are all married to the moon as well.
So we ought to have known by now, not to underestimate his powers.
Or just ignore them, as “they” do at present.

Is this area an area where (some of the more open minded) climate skeptics, and the electric universe proponents could work well together. ?
If it is already happening, can someone please point me in the right direction.

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June 14th, 2010 at 7:26 pm
re Post 76.

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  1. 100Graeme Bird:

    June 16th, 2010 at 9:36 am

    Well the thing tel is this. All forces are in balance as you know. They come in pairs. Equal and opposite. So the massive forces of gravity must be balanced by an equally massive force. The force is compression. Since we don’t know what the gravity force is exactly we cannot assume it cannot be disturbed. In fact it would be bizare to think this. It is a real force and no occult phenomenon.

    Think what happens if the gravity force is disturbed by a small amount for a fraction of a second. The compression and gravity forces are now out of balance and the equalisation of forces will be made up by inertia-under-acceleration. Hence an earthquake and volcanic action.

    Or consider it from another perspective. The electric force is fantastically stronger than gravity on the micro level. The earth is absorbing electrical energy all the time. Electrons and electrical energy. Where do all these electrons go? The expanding earth people would imagine they have an answer for that.

    In any case, what if the earth is forced to absorb more electrons and electricity then it can take? If it is force-fed these electrons/electrical energy, one might expect it to spew up an electrical discharge. Hence volcanic action. Volcanic output laced with lightning as they often are. Or failing that earthquakes, since this may be volcanic action that does not make it to the surface. It might cause an upsurge of volcanic activity in the mid-ocean ridge. But for one reason or another doesn’t manifest itself to the landed volcanoes.

    These are real possibilities. Todays physics is buttressed by the cult of personality and priesthood scoffing. But in reality they haven’t done their job. There are ancient questions that they will not resolve.

    Have a look at this. Here we see the most massive earthquake since at least 1979. Two days later it is followed up by a gamma ray burst 100 times stronger than anything recorded before or since. Coincidence? Surely the respective relative magnitude of each of the phenomena rules out conincidence.

  2. Knowledge and Good idea to. Dealing with Heating and air conditioning

  3. “I love it when Tillman talks high finance with JC. It’s like listening to an aardvark discuss quantum mechanics with Stephen Hawking.”

    Settle down CL. Cambria knows nothing about these subjects on any theoretical level. He is about pattern-recognition, networks, and being a bit faster on his feet than others. Just today he reckoned our market was “efficient.” Which I take to be a ridiculous notion. I’d like to see him prove it. Our market is a travesty of dysfunction. Its a disgrace. Made worse by the association with the corrupt American stock market.

  4. What a dirty, filthy, lying piece of scum THR is.

    What a complete cunt:

    “There were several decisions in the early years of the revolution that were utterly disastrous, and which, if done differently, could have led to a radically different Russia.

    Civil war/WWI/Western invasion/mass poverty certainly did not help.

    There were many democratic embers among the sparks of October 1917, and these were sadly snuffed out by brutal circumstances and party bureaucrats.”

    This is just outrageous in its dishonesty. Lenin and the Bolsheviks, wanted to establish true communism. They did so, but later this became known as “war communism” as an excuse.

    The establishment of communism, as Lenin would have it, meant the enslavement of everyone, via the theft of everything, in the context of an obsession with human blood sacrifice.

    So nothing about the war or the deprived conditions made an ounce of difference except insofar as it helped or hindered Lenin and the Bolsheviks. To say otherwise is a sickening, fascist, holocaust-denying lie.

  5. What lying excrement THR is! What holocaust-denying filth. He’s pretending that murdering, and enslaving people, and stealing everything they ever owned, and could ever own ….. He’s saying that this could have “WORKED” after a fashion, except but for circumstance. Except but that Lenin and his cut-throats had a few bad breaks!

    NO-THEY-GOT-LUCKY!. They got to implement their plans. And the stupid incompetent economists at Catallaxy, are not so much as able to confirm to THR, with one voice, that the result (ie famine and barbarism) was a direct result of the attempt to implement communism.

    This despite the fact that this result is mandated by the laws of economic science, and the same result would have been had, anywhere it was attempted, anywhere in the galaxy.

    Since you have no private property, you have no legal price system, you have no co-ordination mechanism, so the structure of production must shorten, leaving famine. All that is possible then, is Kulacks, kulack-security, and those who can provide direct services to kulacks. Simple as that. The economy must collapse to one-step beyond peasant farmers.

  6. No, I don’t agree with you, Graeme, and I do agree with THR on this, or at least with the quotes provided above.

    Russia for 100s of years had a yearning, a subterranean real movement reflected at all levels of society, known to us today mostly in the writing and recorded activity of its intelligentsia, artists, poets, youth, workers and peasants, for modernity, industrial development, wealth to be enjoyed by and for the benefit of all, political freedom, economic liberty and all that these philosophers, visionaries, activists, dreamers and nameless individuals envisaged then that such good things would entail, in practice.

    This culminated (not unsurprisingly) in the early 1900s before, during and immediately after the greatest, most extensive, catastrophic European-wide war in human history, in the formation, consolidation and eventual coming to power in Russia of an organised, popular, majority representative group who were the contemporary incarnation of those long-held and deeply wished national liberatory desires.

    To condemn the Russian peoples’ failure and mistakes at that time today, from hindsight, is not only ideologically partisan, it’s a failure of historical imagination, as well as the negation of a genuinely scientific methodology. For this calls for our powers of empathy and scientific understanding, the mental and intellectual ability to place all historical events within their relevant context, above all material objective political, social and economic reality.

    It is impossible to fairly judge individuals, classes, nations, political events from this period without recourse to economic realities that themselves are formed and shaped by the former.

  7. One reality doesn’t neutralize another. It doesn’t matter how much the Russian people needed and wanted change. That cannot make the implementation of the change be anything else but what it was.

    It would make no difference what came before. The attempt to implement true communism …… the enslavement of everyone, through the theft of everything, in the context of an obsession with blood sacrifice ….

    This is what it is. Doesn’t matter about Russian yearning or anything else.

    You get rid of private property, you stop the price system from working, then you get what you get. Your disagreement can make no difference to this. THR is lying filth.

    The result that they got was the result that any attempt to implement communism would give you.

    AGAIN ….. and this is a fact … IT MUST AS OF NECESSITY lead to a breakdown in economic co-ordination. So that therefore everything will collapse to …..

    1. Food production.

    2. Food producers security.

    3. Direct services to food producers.

    This is just a fact. There is no use THR lying about it and pretending the Bolsheviks got a bad break.

    The need for change is real. It doesn’t mean that any change is justified.

  8. This of course explains why the kulacks were blamed for the failure the first time around. And why Stalin stooged himself that the next time around they could succeed if they went after the kulacks as the first move they made.

    This is economic law Philomena. There is no way around it. If the Catallaxians understood economics they could confirm this for you.

  9. Mr Bird

    It appears that Mr Rudd has lost the confidence of the Chi-Coms and they have decided to install a woman as their new puppet.

    what are your thoughts on this latest move by the nefarious Orientals?

  10. All that’s left for them to do is to officially abolish Parliament and replace it as Australia’s deliberative and legislative body with Thursday afternoon yum cha at the Marigold.

    Oh, wait they did that already.

  11. “…..what are your thoughts on this latest move by the nefarious Orientals?….”

    Its upsetting. You would know how I approve of conservatives and patriotic-libertarians consorting with female leftists. Others have come down on me for that. I say strategically, and from a social point of view it is right for all good men to meet with females of all political persuasions, and to treat them respectfully, in that place of meeting.

    But this is on the basis that Bahnisch, Gruen, and other leftists are to be left outside.

    So we say to the girls …. ” Come in, come in ….” and we listen to them and always be kind and respectful to them.

    We say ” Come in, come in …. but leave the house-niggers outside.”

    When we say ” …. Leave the house-niggers outside …” we are talking about leftist males and particularly leftists of the latte, taxeater, persuasion. Occasionally there are hard-working proletarian or ex-proletarian leftists that we can talk to from a position of respect. Also non-proletarian leftists, who have an hardcore honest streak to them.

    Strangely enough I would count Michael Moore in this group, wherein conversation with respect is permissable. Certainly Hitchens, Hersch, sometimes Fisk, but only where we are wanting to be informed. And of course the wonderful, if sometimes mislead, Bob Ellis.

    But lying leftists like THR and Latte leftists like Gruen …. these are house-niggers that must be left outside, wherein decent respectful conversation is to be had.

    The ladies are brought in with respect and kindness, but the house-niggers are to be sent to the outer-dark.

    Now having said all this there is absolutely no place for respecting ANY FEMALE COMMUNIST WHO HAS HER HANDS NEAR THE LEVERS OF POWER.

    We must never allow female hard-leftists anywhere near power. Our respect, kindness, and a willing ear for listening. This we extend to civilian females alone. What was this flirtation by conservatives with that commie wench all about? Are these people suicidal?

    It was unacceptable that the deputy Prime Minister was ever so much as allowed to sit for election, given her background. Democracy is not a collective suicide agreement.

    Civilian female leftists are valuable, and we ought to value them more. The Catallaxians are pigs. They have no manners, no strategic sense, no culture, no human feeling. They ought to welcome the vision of female leftists, who will see things that the male conservative can sometimes be blind to. And who in any case are great ambience and make life worthwhile.

    But there is never any place for risking hard-leftist women getting anywhere near the levers of power. A hard-leftist women with power is a siren of death and poison. A succubus with those sexy lines down the back of her black stockings.

    As usual the Catallaxians have things backwards. They crawl on the floor for the females they should be running down. And act like pigs towards the girls, they ought to be welcoming, and showing respect to, on a daily basis.

    • Stirring words Mr Bird.

      Particularly this part.

      The Catallaxians are pigs. They have no manners, no strategic sense, no culture, no human feeling. They ought to welcome the vision of female leftists, who will see things that the male conservative can sometimes be blind to. And who in any case are great ambience and make life worthwhile.

      • That’s an eloquent tribute to leftist (non-parliamentary representative) women everywhere, Mr Bird, and the type of culturally appreciative and perspicacious comment we leftist women have come to expect from you.

  12. Jew Bastards!!

  13. We’ll all have to wait and see what kind of PM Gillard turns out to be. She won’t be Communist, tho’ it’s amazing how many intelligent people do think the Reds have conducted this palace coup and installed one of their own.

    It is true that in Gillard’s first few statements in her press conference in which she deliberately set her values she said that she valued above all Australians who worked the hardest. And she then itemised these people (presumably not exclusively, but primarily) as being those such people who work in factories, on farms, in schools and hospitals, ie. the people who do genuinely value add to the common good and who have socially useful jobs if comparatively poorly renumerated compared to socially destructive or useless jobs.

    If she means that, then that is a good sign and a good start don’t you think?

    • She may be good Cybele. She may be boxed in and have to veer to the right. In doing so, she may unite the country, since being a leftist, she could wind up eliminating ideas, that are somewhat leftist, and unacceptable to conservatives. She may end up accepting ideas, that are somewhat leftist, good ideas, and yet acceptable to conservatives.

      She may be good Cybele, as matters turn out. Serendipity could leave her a force for good. BUT SHE IS ALWAYS UNACCEPTABLE. She is always a risk factor. The competent eschatological-utopian is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Oddly programmed to go off and start leading us from disaster, to catastrophe, to apocalypse, and down and down, somewhat further, and on and on …… in the direction of the near-extinction-event.

      She may, as history will will-it, turn out to be a very good leader. But it was never acceptable that she was a representative at all ((beyond local government( and small business), which are the antidotes for those afflicted by this disease)) in the first place. Since the eschatological-utopian, is programmed to turn feral, just when we need them to be human.

      In the good times they can SOMETIMES be good. In the good times, they can even be excellent, if forced to triangulate towards the centre.

      But should crisis befall our wonderful continent, and should such persons be well-numbered, at the higher levels, they will see all our nephews and nieces, tortured, in fear, or skinned alive.

  14. Her Barren Womb is a metaphor for Australia’s Future.

    • Actually if you were Australian born and bred and literate you’d know
      the “barren womb” was a common metaphor in Australian literature to denote the Australia’s past.

      Catallaxians are uncultured and ignorant of the finer things in life Birdie, you are absolutely right.

      • Fortunately, the entirety of expat (or uncultured hicksville) blow-in market fundamentalist rightwing male bogans in Australia are confined to a single cyber entity where they happily have the exact same childish, ill-informed arguments with each other over and over safely quarantined from the real world in a sort of online sheltered workshop/circle jerk. LOL.

  15. Well said in one way Ron. Although that is offensive to many of our beautiful girls.

    But you word it to be a prediction. Right now you and I are not quite able to make such predictions. I cannot go so far as that. I KNOW she is a great risk factor. But I don’t know that she will do a bad job.

    There is a good chance that she will do a fine job, if events go that way.

    However I did know, for an absolute fucking-fact ….. that Rudd would do a crap job. And events have born my understanding out in this matter, as I knew that events would. This girl is more of a wild card.

    She could be good,
    Be very very good,
    But if she is bad,
    She’ll be rotten.

  16. Bird,

    Is this your place?

  17. That it is. Wyong merges into North Gosford. The forensics, last I heard, determined that he didn’t spread around any petrol, or other like fuel.

    I’m betting he had some sort of welding kit. His ex said she knew of no welding kit, but then, perhaps forgetting, she told me of an anecdote about him, that involved a welding kit. He had welded this electrical wiring into a noose, and set it up in the bathroom of the Mother of one of his other children. When this other woman came home, she saw the noose in the bathroom, the welding kit on the kitchen table, and this fellow asleep in the bedroom. She wakes him up and asks him what is going on. He says he was going to kill himself “so why didn’t you do it.” He reckons he was going to have a nap first.????!!!!

    When was the last time you tried to kill yourself but took time out for a nap? I’ve never heard such a thing. But when this nutter is in trouble with his relationships, he invents nutty scenarios, in order to manipulate the sheilas into not dumping him. So that at 4.30 in the morning, when my tenant ran out of the building with the baby and the four year old, and had to go back for the seven year old, and saw this nutter standing there like a stunned mullet, watching my house burning down, the first thing she says to him is “don’t be thinking you are getting back with me just because of this!” or words to that effect.

    Sonofabitch wasn’t meant to be able to get under the house in the first place. After white maggot scum stole my copper I hardened the place up. The sides of the house were sealed off by steel meshed wire. Thats a clumsy description I know. Perhaps you can help me describe it better.

    So I had no reason to think that the house could be burned down. Since there was no electrical wiring to worry about under the house. And no-one could get under the house (or so I thought) in any case. When some kids had broken in, just after I moved out, and tried to burn the house down, from inside, they had persevered, but had nonetheless been unsuccessful.

    You can see how I was lulled into the understanding that my house couldn’t, for practical purposes, be burnt down. No-one (or so I thought) could get underneath the house. And it was difficult to burn the house down from the inside, while my tenants were in it.

    But you know what they did? The sonofabitch clipped all the wiring (the suspect is an ex-tenant, who just prior had been kicked out of the house by his defacto ….. that three day weekend was his first weekend away from my place), so that they might store stuff under the house. They did so without telling me!!! I would have built a door for them, had they only TOLD me.

    They didn’t tell me, and neither did the property manager. These people would pull the meshing back to get under the house. But I’d gone into debt (extra to the actual mortgage) specifically to make sure that no-one could get under the house.

    They would pull the clipped meshing out, and then after, they would put a piece of wood next to it, so that it appeared intact.

    This is what the Police told me. Because I had spent a few days utterly mystified how someone could have burnt down my house. I’d spent thousands of dollars to prevent this from happening. This is why I at first didn’t rule out a bigger story. Because, as far as I could see, it was impossible to burn my house down.

  18. Mr B

    You were quite correct to remove the Batteries from your Smoke Detectors.

    The Bilderbergers/Jews have been known to use them to place recording devices.

    With your high profile on numerous sensitive matters, it was clever to act to reduce your risk in this fashion.

    • Thats another fucking thing. These welfare-baby-producers out at Gosford …. They do things like take the batteries out of your smoke detector, just to have some fucking batteries. And the store just 200 metres down the road. They clip your steal meshing to get under your house, and me always just a phone-call away.

      It was about 1987. I understand why Hawke and Keating did this, in an otherwise excellent budget. But they have created a generation of monsters. Instead of giving everyone a further tax-free-threshold, for every further registered dependent, they went for family-income-support instead. This was because they had to make a free-enterprise budget at least L00K AND SOUND socialist.

      It seemed like such small public relations thing at the time. But its destroying the population outside of the big cities. It used to be that if you lost your job you couldn’t afford to have children. Now you lose your job you decide you better drop another feral child.

  19. A Jew with a Welding Kit.

    Now that’s something I’ve never seen before.

  20. With fractional reserve Ponzi Money, it’s no wonder people were looking under your house for places to store things of value.

    I blame Goldman Sachs.

  21. Sounds bad.

    I had presumed it was the actual house you were living in rather than a rental place. Was wondering why there was so many people there. Good that no one was injured.

  22. Yeah its good that everyone got out. No thanks to the suspect. There he is at 4.30 in the morning and he says he’s on his way to work. This is no credible story. Since what was he going to do? Sit out in the cold at work for two hours?

    So there he is watching my house burning down. And he wouldn’t help anyone.

    You will remember how cold and damp it was over that weekend. Under the house is wet mud. There is no way to start a fire (when the air is wet and cold like that) by accident. By crawling under the house, and flicking a cigarette butt, just before you go to sleep.

    So it was wet ground we are talking about. On a wet night, and at the coldest time of the morning. In winter. During global cooling.

    The two youngest children sleeping in the house, were his children. And he didn’t even help anyone vacate the house. He just watched my house burning down. And he wouldn’t even help anyone.

  23. Hopefully the police have the same suspicions as you and they’ll get the nutter on multiple counts of attempted murder.

    • Last time I talked to them they were giving me the “nothing to see here” line of enquiry. Like they were obsessive anti-truthers. But to be fair, they may be working on many cases simultaneously, and so the contextual-reality of the situation, may take time to sink in.

      If not I’ll have to go after him in the civil courts.

      • I don’t think the Pigs are good at handling Multiple Paradigms.

        ICAC needs to give them a Conceptual Audit.

  24. “So there he is watching my house burning down. And he wouldn’t help anyone.”

    What do you expect, Mr B?

    That’s what Jews do. You invite them in and then they burn down the house. Surely I don’t need to give you Historical Examples.

    Anyway glad everyone is alright. But we do need to get this breeding problem under control.

  25. Hopefully the police have the same suspicions as you

    Well clearly they aren’t serious about it.

    How many Jews with Welding Experience do you think there are on the Central Coast? Couldn’t be more than half a dozen.

    I don’t think you need to be Sherlock Holmes to find our culprit.

    Now maybe they have their hands tied because of Political Correctness.

    Or maybe this is Payback for Mr B pointing out some Hard Truths about Carl’s Assassination.

    In any event, I think it’s time for me to retire to the bunker for a while and make sure there aren’t any batteries in the smoke detectors.

  26. “I don’t think you need to be Sherlock Holmes to find our culprit.”

    Speaking of Sherlock Holmes, I just saw this marvelous version of him, with Robert Downey Jr.

    Its great because Robert appears to have his sources for his character as either a combination of our Rusty in Master and Commander and in that Nash film ….. or even closer Robert was doing an excellent impersonation of Christopher Hitchens. He’s a wonderful actor is Robert. You can see how good he is when you turn the sound down and watch his non-verbal communication. He’s immensely convincing in the male-female scenes particularly, and this despite the fact that he’s no classic hunk.

    Actually its his two-way acting. He makes the other actor do well with his own interactive ability. Whereas when you see good acting, you are often looking at the work of an excellent director, still having Junior at the centre of the story, would be a great asset to the other actors.

    He would have to be one of my favorite actors at the moment, which makes me feel remiss for not getting around to watching all his work.

    What a pity that he has constantly been harassed by white maggot narco-nazis. We cannot mess around here. We’ve got to take the price tag off narcotics, even if they are often allowed only in somewhat diluted form for the time being.

    • Bird
      In the original stories Holmes is a tough eccentric who is skilled in Baritsu, the Victorian amalgam of taekwando and boxing that is depicted in the movie. So in fact Downey’s version gets more to the roots of the characters than the more genteel versions which have him as a bit of a pale ectomorph

      • Well thats good to know.

        In the original, has he got a weakness for opiates, snuff/cocaine, and perhaps alcohol?

        He’s a pleasing character. His bursts of powerful brain focus, seem more akin to someone like Peter Cook or a high IQ ADD type like myself. And the strain of his mind whirring away at that level leaves him having to use these opiates and things to give him the feeling that his brain muscle is relaxing as it were.

        Notice the excellent epistemology of the film. Sherlock doesn’t say “oh ho ho. He cannot have risen. Because I’m a fucking skeptic”

        Not at all. He goes with what he has to work with. But notice how he strings Watson along with the superstitious story, telling him not to waste his bullets. But when he gets a chance to shoot at the bad guy we see that he’s not going with this voodoo bullshit even a little bit. Rather, since he does not yet know the truth, he’s holding the paradigms in parallel, and waiting for the correct answer to come out from left field.

        So different to either Victorian comfortable certitude, and also so very different from generation X,Y boneheaded faux-skepticism.

        How is it when he pays that “fortune” teller to play a trick on his mate. To me he played that for all the comic worth that you would expect from Chris Hitchens at his best.

  27. I managed to find a youtube with the sound turned down.

  28. One of the best Australian political commentators; he digs deep.

  29. Hmmmm. Yes I will read it carefully tomorrow.

  30. Actually Soon. I found the fight scenes to be some of the best I’d seen in a very long time.

    I mean I like the Bruce Lee fight scenes, not for any realism, but just because normal humans cannot quite move like Bruce could. Its almost a question of aesthetic beauty.

    I like a lot of the Steven Segal fight scenes because I think of them as the absolute height of technical excellence.

    Putting those two examples aside the fight scenes that Guy Ritchie and Junior pulled off are probably the most exciting since Charles Bronson’s streetfighter.

  31. Soon did you see our Rusty in Master And Commander?

    Now there was a thing of truth and beauty. I cannot help thinking that Junior used his own genius to stand on Rusty’s shoulders a little bit on this one.

    I would have to consider Master and Commander to be one of the truly great films. Real artistry and actual beauty. Even as we want to crawl out from under the boot of any sort of compulsion, including the British Empire (at its best rather than its worst).

    Notice that when the topic glanced on anarchy, Rusty doesn’t say that anarchy is wrong. Or that people cannot make a case for it.

    He just says “You have come to the wrong shop for anarchy.”

    He’s not got the time to contemplate it. He’s got to in all situations, take the least of the evils presented to him. He is at sea and cannot but make the best of it, for the oaths he has taken.

    We can argue all day about whether the British Empire was a net good or a net bad. It was clearly a net bad in many places, during many decades. Some other places and decades, it is hard to not see it as a net bad. But bear in mind that as repulsive as some people see it, all in all, it was probably the best of the Empires.

    The Miseans reject the idea of Empire outright. I agree with them but not without many caveats. But George Reismans old mate, Ralph Raico, comes up with an interesting point when he is making, what to me is the definitive description of the origins of World War I.

    Ralph would probably reject the idea of the British Empire as a net good in and of itself. But at one point he almost concedes that the argument could be made. But its a setup for him to say, how by setting the example of Empire, this inspired the other European powers to also think that Empire was what it was all about. The Ottomans and the Austro-Hungarian Empires aside, it strikes me, that all other attempts at Empire, probably inspired by the British, were a hateful thing indeed. Just about all decades. Just about all places.

  32. This is beauty.

  33. Yeah its just gorgeous Philomena. And now I see how appropriate it is to Master and Commander.

    Because I was just listening to it, and drinking some Chang Classic beer. I was digging it without trying to analyze it at all.

    Then I asked myself ….” why with all this beauty how many musicians are involved?”

    Naturally at first, since I’d heard it all the way through without thinking, but only with experiencing, I thought (from memory) a quartet.

    Then I went and listened again. Blow me down if I can hear more than two players involved! It strikes me that there be but two and no more.

    So it could be our Rusty and his Doctor Friend, experiencing the finer aspects of life, and only deep blue all around.

    Great choice Philomena. I grew up like some sort of semi-aspergers logic machine. Its a wonderful thing to be helped along, and educated, on a more cultural level.

    How would you be if you could pull this sort of thing off, all alone, alone on the deep blue sea?

    Would you even want for anything more?

    Except for a hammock, books and cheap rum?

    • the last third of the sonata.

  34. Actually you haven’t made the case Philomena. But I was spontaneously about to say that “you are right”. As if part of the inherent beauty of the film is how these two blokes, at loggerheads, but both coming from a righteous point of view …. are able to play this music from the ships cabin. Just two blokes and playing quality music.

  35. yeah Graeme, the original Holmes was an opium user

  36. “Would you even want for anything more?

    Except for a hammock, books and cheap rum?”

    A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
    A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread – and Thou
    –Beside me singing in the Wilderness –
    O, Wilderness were Paradise enow!

    Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

  37. Sinclair Davidson really is a traitor and a house nigger. He had this devastating expose of the great banking ripoff on his blog. He had a situation wherein Cambria was exposed as the bullshitartist and mentally deficient poser that he is. And Sinclair retrospectively wipes the whole thing. This is how it works. Thats how the whole scam keeps going and ripping off people anew, on a daily basis. Were he a bit smarter he might have comprehended at least, the great value, of all he was vandalizing.

    This is how it works: Should anyone so much as mention the great banking ripoff, and be successful at explaining it for what it is, Sinclair and the other house niggers have a whole set of policies in place, to make sure their ears, and the ears of everyone else, are plugged up good and proper.

    Everything for the banks. Nothing outside the banks. Nothing against the banks. Thats Sinclairs motto.

  38. That sneaky Jew Afrikaner bastard

  39. Yeah. You know Sinclair is SUCH an incredible whore, you would think that Catallaxy was on the the Cambria payroll. It was as though Cambria could make a complete cunt and fool of himself, and not give a damn, being in the secure knowledge that Sinclair would stop by and wash his feet.

    Does Sinclair really consider himself an economist?

  40. Hi Mr B

    It’s Ron here.

    This is a bit troubling:,17653/

    The sort of thing the Bildebergers think is funny….

  41. What is hard to understand is that people can know of black-ops and redaction yet still reject the idea of conspiracy. Whereas conspiracy is what black-ops do. Thats their job.

  42. Schubert’s nickname was “Tubby”. He was capable of such delicate modulations.

    What do you think of this one, Birdy? As Shostakovich himself wrote: “Music is a means capable of expressing dark dramatism and pure rapture, suffering and ecstasy, fiery and cold fury, melancholy and wild merriment and the subtlest nuances and interplay of these feelings which words are powerless to express and which are unattainable in painting and sculpture.”

    There are 3 movements, this is the first. Do listen to them all.

  43. the 2nd movement:

    the 3rd:

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