Posted by: graemebird | July 16, 2010

Micro-States And Hyper-Secession: Augmented Just War Theory

Just war theory stands firm. Just war theory is unshaken by the smirking and misrepresentation of Catallaxians. There is some work that needs to be done on this matter of “imminence” that just war speaks about. Some work to be done on IMMINENCE, and I think on the main goals of war-making. But by and large the work of Grotius, Aquinas and Augustine holds up.


I’d want to see if 1. the presumed outcome of good treatment to the defeated populace, but with 2. the outcome of microstates with a well-armed civilianry might be added to just war theory. Perhaps with 3. the victors being honor-bound to accept without tariffs, all the exports of the newly formed micro-states.

That it may be possible to add the micro-state principle to just war theory, appears to backtest rather well in history. It appears to be an outcome that would have lead to subsequently better decades ahead. No spoils of war. No plundering. No occupation. Merely forcing a split to microstates as the only “punishment.” The victors acquiring new territory permanently may be held to be illegal under many circumstances. The legal course of action may be simply to split up the territories they conquer, and then to bugger off. Perhaps territorial gain may be possible by some procedure of a series of super-majority elections. But it ought not be the norm.

Supposing Papua wanted our protection from Indonesia. In a series of elections where the vote was overwhelming perhaps it would be legal for them to have defacto Australian State status. But this ought be sunsetted. And also one would want international law to very much make this sort of thing the exception rather than the norm.



  1. Supposing Papua wanted our protection from Indonesia. In a series of elections where the vote was overwhelming perhaps it would be legal for them to have defacto Australian State status. But this ought be sunsetted. And also one would want international law to very much make this sort of thing the exception rather than the norm.

    I think you’re nto seeing the big picture here, GMB. When we take PNG under our protection, we should make sure that we permanently annex that great Sudetenland to our north, for the greater glory of Australia, and to provide room for the expanding needs of our banana farmers.

  2. Well I wouldn’t want anything of the sort. The whole thread is more or less the opposite of what you are suggesting. Whereas what you quoted might be the sort of thing that was the exception. Being as you are making an example which is the exact opposite of what I’m suggesting, and throwing in a bit of sarcasm to it, then that amounts to an utterly pointless post from you. How surprising….. (not).

    Now I just saw someone allegedly quoting Peter Beatie:

    “FRANKLIN D. Roosevelt is the greatest US president, according to the Siena Research Institute of New York. He had to deal with the Depression and World War II … and was the only president elected to more than two terms.”

    This disgusting and ahistorical view of history really has to go. How could Beatie have screwed things up this badly? How embarrassing for him to make such a Pillock of himself. He ought to have simply declared he was a NAZI and Hannibal Lector combined. And that he loved the smell of burning flesh.

  3. Hi Graeme, some fascinating work on the speed of light is being done by Dr. Jason Lyle in the US.

    “It has taken a lot of time and effort, but I have found a solution to distant starlight which allows light to reach earth virtually instantaneously. Moreover, I have found both Scriptural and scientific support for this solution. This has led to the development of a new cosmological model which makes testable predictions. I have nearly finished writing a technical paper on this topic, which will shortly be sent to various experts for qualified peer-review. If it passes peer-review, we will publish the paper in the Answers Research Journal. This is our free, online journal. So be watching for it. If the paper gains the support of experts in the field, I may later write a non-technical article that summarizes the model.”

    You could probably offer some advice to him in completing his paper. Don’t worry about the peer review thing, it’s not done by mainstream scientists anyway.

    You got a mention at PZ Myer’s blog too!

  4. Thanks for that. But of course I don’t take it seriously. Although I’ll read it carefully when it comes out. Faster than light speed is an established fact. But nothing has been clocked at THAT much faster.

    As you might know Ritchie, I consider all those at the PZ Myers blog as effectively “young universe creationists” as they all dutifully and through faith believe in the utterly idiotic and unscientific “big bang theory.”

    Now I know you are being sarcastic if you think I’m going to be buoyed up by some weird notion coming out of the “young earth creationist” Christian side of things.

    But then again, sometimes these guys make interesting observations that others don’t make. So its worth listening carefully to everything.

    When I posted at PZ Myers place, I gave you guys absolutely solid evidence that light-speed can be beaten by a very long shot, but that it appears that whatever it was outrunning light, could only do so for short periods of time. That it would then decelerate to pretty much the speed of light. I posted a link to that effect.

    Of course gravity is near instantaneous. Were gravity to be the result of disconnected particle movement, it has been worked out that gravity would have to move at 20 billion times the speed of light at least to keep the galaxy from flying apart.

    Since the idea that particles should fly off at 20 billion times the speed of light is quite ridiculous the upshot is clear. The upshot is that all protons in the galaxy are connected, directly and indirectly to every other.

    The mainstream always retains these fantasy conjectures that are all but baseless. The mainstream contends that the photon is created ex-nihilo…..

    …((((( and here I will use personification))))

    …. and never likes where it is right now. Without any known propulsion method it just hates where it is right now and fucks right off at the speed of light. This is contradicted utterly by the wave motion of light. Meaning that the photons would have to be going faster than light in reality but doing a sort of lambada. All absolute tosh of course.

    Now the creationism of the mainstream does not stop there. They would have all known matter act in just the same way. Be created ex-nihilo, in a once-only event, and to fuck right off to where it wasn’t currently. But finding that didn’t work at all they decided to have the space being created along with it.

    All of it childish, stupid rubbish.

    I don’t expect anything worthwhile coming out of this latest young-earth-creationist theorising. But believe me. PZ Myers is in no position to be looking down at that fellow.

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