Posted by: graemebird | August 10, 2010

Eternal Vigilance/ MV=PQ / Tripping Over A Tautology And Injuring Oneself.

More Later.



  1. Holy Crap. Unleashed moderators have shoveled honor on themselves and they in seconds approved a forceful riposte to the presumptuousness of the pasty-faced Ben Eltham. They must be having a good old laugh.

    Here is what Ben tried on:

    BEN SEZ:

    Ben Eltham :
    10 Aug 2010 12:06:37am

    I’m going to ask that you refrain from commenting on each and every other comment in this thread … you’ve made your point, and I’ve rebutted it, and we’ve had a debate.

    If you want to make a new point, that’s great. It seems like you’re making the same point over and over. I’m all for debate about macro-economics but where you comment in this fashion, it actually clogs up the comments thread and retards debate. I’m going to ask the powers that be that future comments that simply re-iterate points you’ve already made will be moderated.


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    SO I SEZ:

    Graeme Bird :
    10 Aug 2010 7:42:16pm

    I cannot see these people wimping out in the face of your feeble exhortations. Clearly my view and yours stand in direct contradiction. Unless you can defy Austrian capital theory, and the reality of the income statement, and show where I’m wrong, its pointless continuing with your endless, repetitive, rolling thunder, of Keynesian propaganda.

    Especially since I’ve proven that you are mistaken in your primitive economics 101 view of matters. .

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  2. What a triumph for freedom of expression in this great continent!

  3. “I am thinking not so much of gases but more of catchment modifications like deforestation, urbanisation, and soil degradation.”

    Thats the sort of focus we need. Focus on the real environmental problems and risks. But this trace-gas-hysteria is sucking up all the oxygen.

    I heard about this Queensland outfit a few years back. They had sorted out a technology to ionise coal particulates, so that they clumped together and could be more easily filtered. But these guys couldn’t get anyone interested, because of this ubiquitous CO2-unscience.

    Its a terrible thing that this religion is doing to us. Its worse than merely skewing policy. Its making us blind, deaf, dumb, and stupid. Sometimes the success of a society can come down to what we DON’T worry about.

  4. Graeme Bird :
    10 Aug 2010 7:47:51pm
    No no. Comparisons with other countries are not the least bit relevant. Their misery and mismanagement doesn’t help us even a little bit.

    Get the easy things right, before trying to judge more complex matters.

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  5. My goodness. The ABC moderators have even gone one better! Eltham must have really rubbed them the wrong way:

    Graeme Bird :
    10 Aug 2010 7:44:36pm

    Despite Elthams desperate attempts at censorship GDP is STILL not aggregate demand. The GDP metric STILL doesn’t constitute a proxy for the level of economic activity.

    Nice try at distracting people and stifling debate Ben. But you really ought to just accept reason and the scientific method. Do the work and you won’t have to do the dance.

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  6. Hey Graeme, you might be interested in this guy Professor John A Davison. He was a professor of biology at University of Vermont, now retired.

    He has a few things in common with you, he has an intense dislike of PZ Myers.

    He also runs a blog with contributions from mainly himself. He also doesn’t believe in darwinian evolution and has come up with what he thinks is a viable alternative called he “Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis”.

    You were saying you had problems with aspects of evolutionary theory, maybe you could evaluate this guy’s claims and see if he is on the right track.

    • With aspects of MAINSTREAM evolutionary theory. Thanks I’ll take a look. When the biologists get together they admit that the Cambrian explosion is a great mystery to them. But then if you question these guys on it, and suggest that they need to update their act, they start calling you names.

  7. Mr B

    Another triumph for Freedom in this Wide Brown Land of Ours:

    At least there’s one Judge who has not been Bought Off by the Fractional reservists and the Sodomite Lobby.

  8. Mr Bird

    Is this the ‘man’ you are dealing with?

    If it looks like Hebrew, it probably is Hebrew

  9. Fake Ron

    Good lord that fractional reservist has a lot of Books.

    Obviously a Catamite, as well as an Unrepentant pro-banker.

  10. For some reason the left have been building Eltham up to be some sort of renaissance man. But he’s a lightweight, and needs to be brought down a couple of pegs before its too late.

  11. “nomogenesis An evolutionary model holding that the direction of evolution operates to some degree by rules or laws, independently of natural selection. For a long time it was regarded as an outmoded hypothesis, but recently it has been maintained that it corresponds rather well with observations of evolution in the fossil record, and that such mechanisms as heterochrony and molecular drive would produce nomogenetic effects. See also ARISTOGENESIS; ENTELECHY; ORTHOGENESIS.”

    Yeah great stuff Richie. It is this sort of thing that some biologists seem to be seeing. But its dismissed because it may appear to be a way to smuggle God into matters. But its bad form to dismiss any hypothesis pre-emptively like that just on the grounds of PZ-Myers-like bigotry.

    When I get around to it I will lay out an hypothesis as to how this feature could be imbedded in the cell independent of anything supernatural.

    The first step to understanding this comes way out of left field. The first step is the rejection of the big bang. Once this idiotic theory is gone one realises that the time available for evolution is not 13.7 billion years. But rather 100 billion or a trillion years. Or 1000 trillion years.

    The key mystery in evolution is the incredible sophistication of the cell, independent of the genes. For cells to diversify to many, if not most, of the branches of life, during the Cambrian explosion, would have to mean that the complexity of the cell was already there in advance. And didn’t need to evolve along with the evolution of the organisms these cells made up. That is to say the cells didn’t need to become vastly MORE sophisticated.

    Also the surface of the earth is no good place to find the impetus for this level of sophistication being developed in a single cell. But the underwater volcanic ranges would be condusive to this sort of thing. The problem is that these volcanic mountain ranges didn’t exist back in the Cambrian era.

    What we need to explain evolution from a non-dogmatic point of view is multiple planets and a much greater length of time then the idiotic big bang theory allows. And of course we have this extra time and these extra planets. We ought to assume also two types of panspermia. There is no need to be imbecilic about this. Since we ourselves will try and terraform suitable planets whenever it is cost-effective to do so.

  12. I think nigger is an offensive term if it is directed at black people, because of the history of it. But calling a Lebanese person that you are rightly angry at a “sandnigger” might not be so bad. I mean its only words afterall. And if your grievance is reasonable some license might apply.

  13. The Lebs aren’t the problem Mr Bird. It’s the crafty Jews who are behind fractional reserve.

  14. Graeme Bird :
    11 Aug 2010 8:44:58am
    The focus on interest rates is a tail wagging the dog. What we are talking about is real resources. Deficit spending always reduces the real resources available to the private sector. There is a myth going around to do with an “output gap”. But crowding out always starts at 100% and never less than that, since deficit spending does not resolve any of the problems causing resources to be under-utilized.

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  15. Graeme Bird :
    11 Aug 2010 12:13:06pm
    If we are going to have broadband we need to have an alternative broadband plan. If we rush a bad plan it will cost far more than it has to cost.

    A better way would be to finance it out of a surplus, rather than from mountains of private red ink. Private red ink attached to this plan will undermine the very reasons why the scheme was thought to be useful in the first place. Even when these guys get a good idea they hash it up. So its much better that we trash, or slow this plan right down and go for broadband 2.0.

    If subcontractors, who were sole traders, and their staff, were tax exempt where revenues for infrastructure projects were concerned ….. and if those projects were financed out of surplus and rolled out at a modest pace, we would find the costs falling and not blowing out. We need to think more along the lines of the way they handled the Eire Canal. The most successful infrastructure project in history. I don’t think that model of doing things has been improved upon.

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  16. What is this business with government 2.0 that Gruen is always talking about? What can it possibly achieve?

  17. Mr Bird

    Government 2.0 is about making all government dept data available online to the public for free.

    Imagine the boon to the Chinese communists! Gruen must be on Beijing’s payroll

  18. Graeme Bird
    August 11th, 2010 at 15:01 | #24 Reply | Quote
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I want to propose a different approach to infrastructure development. Partly because there is nothing I hate more than public-private partnerships. I wanted to at first look into rules-based free enterprise approaches, with pseudo (non-freehold) property rights. I still think this approach has merit. But its a bridge too far for the infrastructural problems we face in the near term.

    I think we ought to have a socialist model for the time being, like your old departments of public works. But the trick would be for the project managers and schedulers to be able to outsource to sole traders only. And to hire sole traders wherein neither the sole trader nor his workers had to pay tax on the money they got from the project.

    I would suggest it ought to be all paid out of the budget surplus. And that while there might be a much greater level of infrastructure spending then before, that we ought take a much more patient approach to individual projects, in order to try and keep costs down.

    So what would happen, is that knowing that these projects would be ongoing things, each sole trader would be incentivized to plough his earnings back into capital accumulation and training more people. The capital accumulation and the number of subcontractors would help bring costs down during the project.

    So instead of getting the NBN done in 8 years for 44 billion dollars, and this money coming with these huge ugly private debts and the associated restrictions that this imply ….. the spending costs would be much much less, although the roll-out time would be a lot longer.

    The project managers and schedulers would have an open door policy but they would be trying to bring costs down all the time even if the bargaining process to do so slowed down the speed of the roll-out.

    We want to get rid of these deep pocket bidding processes, where these giant firms have a hold over the project and the governments just back the truck up and cover these people with cash.

    This sole-trader-way of going about things would not wind up creating this situation where CEO’s are paying themselves $5000 an hour on the public dime.

  19. Only fractional reservists do PPPs

  20. Right. I think people didn’t anticipate this PPP’s issue prior to privatization.

    One thing that people don’t remember is that prior to privatisation, the public businesses practiced this incredible restraint of trade. They would legislate to prevent competition. So at the time we wanted to get rid of these people at all costs. Really we ought to have applied the hard yards to figure out how the private investment could swamp all the public stuff. And not worry so much about selling things. Since selling things was just used as a slush fund for plundering politicians.

    The most horrible example of this is the Bligh government flogging off the Queensland train system all in one bite, on the advice of welfare recipients Merril Lynch, and the mysterious Rothschilds.

    It just shows how utterly useless and harmful the advice of these fractional reservist criminals is.

  21. sneaky christ-maligners.

  22. For the first time in the history of the world the monetary base in a major country, is greater than the money supply.

    So in the US they have already exceeded the 100% backing requirement. Fractional reserve is no more, at least for the moment, in the US.

    How has Bernanke achieved this miracle?

    He’s fucking actually PAYING THE BANKS to hold their reserves at the Federal Reserve. Its not every tricky stealing. The moment he stops paying them, there will be galloping inflation. But dig this. Since he’s got to pay them to stop galloping inflation, if not hyper-inflation, their reserves must get even bigger and bigger.

    The ability of these guys to kick the can down the road is astonishing. But clearly this is the end of that ability. There is only two ways to go now. End the Federal government deficit. Or bankrupt the banks.

    The net present value of unfunded liabilities in the states now exceeds 100 trillion dollars. Only mass-sackings and closing down government departments, in conjunction with partial jubilee can bail these people out now. Do not ever compare our debt to other countries debt as an excuse for the stimulus. The bankers have ruined the situation GLOBALLY. This is what the hegemony of the bankers has achieved. Its happened globally for good reasons. Party because its the same criminals controlling things everywhere. Partly because wherever there is wealth creation, the fractional reservists can expand their parasitism.

  23. Fucking fractional reservist Bastards

  24. You couldn’t have a more revealing sign of the times then the fact that Chelsea Clinton has just married a Goldman Sachs executive. This is what the US has come to. This is where that country has fallen too and the fall has accelerated wildly since the first Paulson “stimulus package”.

    Though it must be said that the terrible Bush war strategy set the country up for this breakdown.

  25. Christ-maligning fractional-reservist Bastards

  26. Mr B

    Why is it that every single fractional reservist is circumcised?

  27. The fractional reservist is so cunning and cowardly that he is born that way to avoid the actual act. Lord knows what the adaptation is all about. But one can guess. One imagines it allows some further confirmation, along with the panalopy of masonic handshakes and what have you, that it is the third parties available that are to be ripped off.

  28. Devious fractional reservist Bastards.

  29. Overly-evolved, wisdom-literature-citing tricksters

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