Posted by: graemebird | August 20, 2010

The Purposeful Drawing Of Fire/ Depleting The Other Guys Ordnance/ Full Spectrum Superiority In Tradesmen/ Possible Warfighting Strategy For Australia

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  1. Graeme Bird :

    19 Aug 2010 8:59:55pm

    The stimulus program was a great tragedy of wealth destruction, and it threw tens of thousands of people out of work. I don’t see how you can rightly call such a monstrosity a “success.”

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    20 Aug 2010 11:15:54am

    Gaz – unless you can SPECIFICALLY outline, defend and reference such statements as “it threw tens of thousands of people out of work”, your posts will continue to be regarded as propaganda.

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    Graeme Bird :

    20 Aug 2010 7:15:47pm

    Yes I can prove it. There is a real science to this:

    Anyone who understands the income statement in accounting ought to understand that deficits derived by extra spending DIRECTLY throw people out of work.

    Salaries and wages are a business expense. Ultimately salaries and wages are part of the cost of goods (and services ) sold. That is to say wages and salaries are NOT paid out of consumer spending.

    The cost of goods sold, aggregated over the entire economy is equivalent, (or at the very least proportional) to business-to-business spending. Or to be more accurate, business-to-business spending BECOMES cost of goods sold in the next accounting time period.

    What fiscal deficit spending policy DOESN’T DO is increase total spending. Fiscal deficit spending does however increase nominal GDP. What fiscal deficit spending DOES DO is it reduces business-to-business spending and it increases government and consumer spending. Not from the last time period, but from what would have occurred without the deficit spending policies.

    Since wages and salaries are paid out of business-to-business spending (or at least its aggregated equivalent; cost-of-goods-sold) the diversion of spending throws people out of work.

    Now deficit spending has some other predictable results. Like I said there is a real science to this;

    The deficit spending also boosts profits. It does so because neither consumer spending, nor government spending become costs of goods sold in the next time period. But they do become business revenues in the next time period.
    Revenues minus cost of goods sold equals PROFITS.

    So the deficit spending gives us a situation that is misinterpreted as a “jobless recovery.” The combination of raising profits and reducing employment has every dummy in the financial pages talking about a “jobless recovery.”

    I think you will find that the above is virtually impossible to gainsay on logical grounds. Deficit spending hurts your average worker and jobseeker. And helps out the bigshots by boosting profits. Really its a disgraceful elitist policy. A wolf in sheeps clothing.

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  2. For Gillard and communists like her, the pretense of being moderate, and of even joining the Labour party in the first place, is to do with strategic reasons alone. Here she is in her own words:

    “For the Left to make any real advance all these perspectives on the relationship to Labor in government need to be rejected in favour of a concept of strategic support for Labor governments.

    We need to recognise the only possibility for major social change is under a long period of Labor administration. Within that administration the Left needs to be willing to participate to shape political outcomes, recognising the need to except (sic) often unpalatable compromises in the short term to bolster the prospect of future advance.

    The task of pushing back the current political constraints by changing public opinion would need to be tackled by the Left through government, social movements and trade unions.”

    Well there you have it. Pretending to be some sort of centre-leftist is just a strategic thing. All the communists get into the Labour party and relentlessly promote each-other to the top.

    Some of us tried to warn people about Obama as well. This was ignored and so our most important ally has taken a terrible beating. These are indeed human tragedies when lunatics such as these get to take over.

  3. As I’ve said I’m not the least bit concerned with what names people go under and when and why they change them. So if you are a social democrat this month, and a Fabian the next month, I’m just as likely going to continue to call you a commie.

    This is how it works. Commies from all around Australia will promote you so long as they know you are a commie. So if you let these people into the Labour party, they will then promote eachother to the top.

    “Ms Gillard’s first act as Prime Minister should have been to sack the worst Treasurer in Australian history.

    But she couldn’t do that. After all, she was there every step of the way by his side as part of the infamous Gang of Four that presided over the first two years of this Government. She too endorsed the reckless spending (indeed, in the BER school halls rip-off, she had overseen the most wasteful program of all). She too endorsed the mining tax.”

    These people promote themselves to all the top jobs behind Rudd and then they get rid of Rudd. Had the communist policies been Rudds policies, they would have changed them. But these weren’t Rudds policies. We know that since they have not been changed, now that Rudd has been dealt to.

    Furthermore there is great evidence of scandal here. Since Rudd seems to have secured himself a front bench position. He’s got to have quite a lot of dirt on these lunatics.

  4. “Agrarian socialists with the balance of power in the Lower House and the Greens with the balance in the Upper? That can’t last.”

    Magnificent isn’t it!!! But the thing is Katter and those guys are not committed agrarian socialists. If you can show them how to revive the rural areas without spending programs they will be happy with that. If you can show them how to revive the rural areas through agrarian socialism they will be happy with that also.

    Our current system choking off the rural life isn’t a capitalism system. Hence reviving the rural areas is by no means necessarily a socialist enterprise.

  5. Over at Unleashed people are getting embarrassed and angry at me insisting that Julia Gillard is a communist.

    This despite my admission that I may not be keeping up with the new lingo of the kids. I mean she may well think of herself as a Fabian socialist. I don’t see why I should pander to the frequent name-changes of the communists.

    As I said people are getting both embarrassed for me and angry at me because of me pointing out the known fact of Gillard the commie.

    But they have been programmed to get angry and embarrassed in this way.

    So its really nothing to get too excited about.

  6. Or you could be wrong. Ever contemplate that? Why don’t you.

    Julia Gillard isn’t anything ideological. She’s just a careerist. The most dismal of all types of being.

    The trajectory of such individuals always ends badly and produces very little of importance, value or worth from an ethical or progressive point of view.

  7. Yes I could be wrong but where is the evidence for it? Marxists are nothing if not strategic in their outlook. Fabians are particularly patient and long-term thinkers in what they are about.

    We can only go with the evidence. All evidence suggests she is a commie. And none says too much otherwise. When was her conversion against this mode of thought? When did she break her ties with the centre on these matters?

    See how one of the Greenpeace founders broke with Greenpeace. Well he broke with them for a reason. And its easy to see that he is an ex-Greenpeace. He knows what these people are like and he is still in revolt against them.

    But where do we see this with Gillard and communism. The revolt is yet to come, and it will not come because she has never had a proper job.

    Ronald Radosh has broken with socialism as an outlook. And certainly he shows it. But with Gillard where was the conversion and where is the evidence for this conversion.

    So no we have to go on what we know. We cannot be interpolating what we don’t know onto what evidence we do have.

  8. Amazing. A total mistake by the communist Julia Gillard. She used the words “honour” a number of times for something that couldn’t get all that much more dishonourable.

    Dig the headline:

    “NEWLY-elected WA National Tony Crook could back a minority Labor government if the ALP scraps the controversial minerals resources rent tax.”

    These independents have found themselves with a lot new friends. ME BEING ONE OF THEM. I love these guys. So cool. Its so cool to see these big-shots with all that party machinery, having to go beg like paupers, and these blokes driving a hard bargain.

    Tony Crook my new hero. Making Julia an offer she ought not refuse and she claims she is going to refuse it just the same.

    But she claimed she will not grant Tony Crook this rather small accommodation. Surely she must be bullshitting and playing hard to get.

    But my God. All she has to do is show up at Tony Crooks place. He may be in a dark room with his back to her. He may be in the SAME room, sitting on a straight-backed wooden chair with rings on all of his fingers. And she just needs to go up an kneel and kiss one of his hands and pledge that she will get rid of this ludicrous “super-profits tax” but only if he commits to her and her government.

    Instead the communist Julia Gillard is talking about honor in reference to a CRONY DEAL SHE DID WITH THE THREE BIGGEST MINERS IN AUSTRALIA.

    This is not honor. This is not justice. And if she continues in this vain I may have to stop calling her a communist. If she continues with this way of doing business it will be clear that she has stepped over the thin red line that separates communism from fascism.

  9. Some aborigine representatives are saying that one or the other bigshot parties had taken the aborigine vote more seriously then clearly they would be the uncontested government. Well I’m not sure if thats precisely what they said. But something pretty close.

    And if thats what they said of course they were right. I would have offered them a blood oath that I would do everything I could to increase the tax-free-threshold. I would have said that I will formalize homesteading rules in Arnemland and in land that is currently locked up in “reserves”. So that any aboriginal man would know where he stands. And that he might go out there and intensively work his own property and be able to claim it. I would free them from communism and give them first dibs at homesteading federal government land and “aborigine owned” land.

    I might even extend a 20 year higher tax free threshold for anyone who can prove genetically that they have aborigine ancestors. As long as each individual that qualified for this signed an oath that this was a full and final settlement.

    We don’t want this ongoing bullshit that the NewZealanders have to put up with.

    I would give special free-enterprise zones so that the investment would come to their areas. I would give them the edge in the labour market, when they may be competing with boat people who were to be given short-term work permits in these free enterprise zones.

    I would also cut welfare for the healthy youthful amongst them. But all my policies would ensure to your average reasonable young man that this was a small price to pay to be showered with all these opportunities.

  10. BLZBob :
    22 Aug 2010 8:53:10pm

    There are two ways of avoiding trade deficits, one is to not spend, and the other is to glean more from the more successful areas of the economy.

    What is the roll of government?

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    Graeme Bird :
    23 Aug 2010 4:41:32am

    The roll of government in brief is to stop doing what it is doing now to create persistent deficits. Thats the short answer.

    A longer answer would include monetary and taxation reform and I’ll give you one answer to do with monetary reform:

    Banks who hold low reserve asset ratios borrow for reasons of liquidity. Not for reasons of long-term investment. When they do so they often borrow off foreign banks. But foreign banks have no power to deliver cash to them, and must enter into the domestic market, either directly or indirectly to make the loan. Nothing could be more stupid or self-defeating than this. Since only the government can create new cash, the foreign bank to domestic bank loan, is a negative sum game cash-wise.

    The upshot is that foreign to domestic bank loans have almost no practical effect but to over-value the dollar. So countries with low reserve asset ratios for this and other reasons tend to have persistent trade deficits.

    What you want to do if you are serious about ending the trade deficit is to phase to 100% backing. But while you are doing this you can cut off loans from foreign banks until you are at least to 40% backing. If you have at least 40% backing at least you can be sure that the domestic bank is borrowing for long-term investment and not for liquidity purposes.

    Now this is just one example of how we can move toward persistent surpluses without trade barriers. It ought not be thought to be a program in and of itself.

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  11. Graeme Bird :
    23 Aug 2010 5:16:28pm
    Yes the majority of world debt is private debt. But the dysfunctional circumstances within which this private debt was accumulated were not characteristic of the purely voluntary society (properly considered) … but were a function of what I would call “crony-socialism” and what you might rightly call “crony-capitalism.” Crony-capitalism particularly in the banking sector.

    And its not alright. And its got to stop. And we have to take the fractional-reservist overlords on, and we must win.

    I agree that there is no JUST capitalism unless we take these pampered jerks on and win.

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  12. Graeme Bird :
    23 Aug 2010 5:28:38pm
    Yes but you are tendentiously viewing this wrong paradigm as right-in-the-first-place, and acting like we just need to wait long enough and the data supporting the cause will roll in.

    But the realities of the universe mock the puny vanities of human groups.

    I share a lot of your concerns Doc. And if it were up to me, in 200 years time, you would be able to ride your horse, or trailbike, through LAND-GOOD-LAND in a curved path, from the centre of town, to anywhere else you would want to go.

    And when you rode your horse from the centre of town, you would ride past the hobby farms and the Edwardian estates that had invaded to the centre of town, and those estates and hobby farms would be looked down at by the poor people living in impossibly spacious sky-houses.

    In other words the poor people would have incredible space. In other words the poor people would LOOK DOWN on the rich people.

    Thats where all my policies would be leading us too. Thats what I’m about.

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  13. Bob Katter: Making democracy work. Hero of democracy.


    There I was with my dad, walking around this magnificent town of Innisfail, and there was Bob’s office. I knew I needed to somehow get his autograph, but in all the things we were hoping to do, this was one of those things we didn’t get done.

    But sadly a pattern is forming. I was in Chiang Mai for a number of weeks as well, and yet somehow I didn’t manage to hussle Marc Faber for an autograph either.

  14. “….. damn it, having said all that I think we should just have another election.

    having 3 independents and one green control everything is just disastrous ….. ”

    Jason Soon you are without culture. You ought to be loving it. Look at all these people having to talk to Bob Katter. Having to beg at his feet. I am fully weeping for joy.

    Now just imagine if the value of the dollar fell always to give us surplus balance of trade?

    Would Bob Katters constituents be better of or worse off? Would they THEN need subsidies to be viable? NO OF COURSE NOT.

    They wouldn’t need socialism if they had their due. Its simply about giving people their due.

    The rigged currency market is no more free enterprise then the ludicrous carbon trading scheme. They are both examples of what happens when you spit on free enterprise and the idea of property rights.

    Bob Katter is right in his vision. It is the job of our economists to show him how this can be done , consistent with minimising long-term subsidies and trade barriers. But lets not be too precious about it. We may need drastic action to stop the damage that ignorance in economics has caused. We need to REINDUSTRIALISE and recapitalise in rural Australia. And finally we may have a pivotal figure to help us do just that.

    I give you Bob Katter. Visionary, and EMISSARY of the lost ideal of wealth creation.

  15. Graeme Bird :
    23 Aug 2010 6:07:34pm
    If the Greens want to be useful they can make the two bigshot parties an offer they cannot refuse:

    JUST COME HOME. Just bring our boys and girls home. Its nine years on and the killing is now entirely senseless.

    Just come home. That was Ron Pauls mantra. Just come home.

    Give away your carbon-dioxide fantasies and use your power to get our boys and girls home.

    Hey you Greens? Can you give away your CO2 fantasies in order to bring our boys and girls home?

    I sure hope so.

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  16. Pastor Manning laying down some home TRUTHZZZZ about the American nation. Like myself, Pastor Manning has been forced to look at the past government murders in the US. Forced to do so no doubt because the reality of an American overlay to 9/11 is an established fact of history and science. There are few propositions more fully proven in the entirely of human knowledge.,

    So anyway leading Jesus-interpreter, and my personal spiritual advisor, Pastor Manning has investigated these other American conspiracies and here is the result:

  17. Graeme Bird :
    23 Aug 2010 4:48:45pm
    I never know what posts of mine will get through. So I will say again that Mark Latham is my new hero.

    It will be much better for the Labour party if they lose this time around. Because they need to dislodge these communist latte-drinkers that have promoted eachother to the top of the party. These people do not represent Mark Lathams aspirational taxPAYERS from Western Sydney. They represent the black hole of wealth destruction that is Canberra and its myriad government departments, nine tenths of which ought to die a quick death.

    No long-term Labour man is outright disloyal to the party. Mark, in my interpretation, had figured out, with his immensely sharp intellect…

    (doesn’t matter if he was a “loose cannon” there is no denying that he is a sharp piece of work)

    …. with his immensely sharp intellect …. that for the Labour party to be saved it had to lose this election, so that it could cull this latte-drinking public-servant-suck-up-machine ….. MENACE!!!!!

    I would say that Labour is, demographically, the natural party of government. But they have to shed this sycophancy to the hard left and the public service. For the love of this continent, and for the Labour party as well, they must pledge undying allegiance to THE WORKING POOR TAXPAYERS (and to helping our more destitute mates, and old buggers, of course.)

    If they cannot do that they ought to give it away.

    Mark Latham uber alles.

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  18. Gutless and utterly useless cowards had a hit out on my spiritual advisor. But some credit has to be given to these filth for not going through with the hit. Actually this seems to be a rebellion within the CIA. Since they then turned around and helped Pastor Manning get the dirt on Obama.

  19. On moderation:

    If an ideal thermally conductive blackbody was the same distance from the Sun as the Earth, it would have an expected blackbody temperature of 5.3 °C.

    However, since the Earth reflects about 30%[4] (or 28%[5]) of the incoming sunlight, the planet’s actual blackbody temperature is about -18 or -19 °C [6][7], about 33°C below the actual surface temperature of about 14 °C or 15 °C.[8] The mechanism that produces this difference between the actual temperature and the blackbody temperature is due to the atmosphere and is known as the greenhouse effect.”

    This is a ridiculous statement. Self-evidently unscientific. Since what the greenhouse pushers have done is 1. find a temperature anomaly, 2. develop their greenhouse theory, and they have attributed the ENTIRETY of the temperature anomaly to their pet theory. This would be unacceptable reasoning from first principles. But it also happens to be wrong.

    The moons temperature anomaly is about 40 degrees. We could live in a world where the greenhouse effect had never been discovered and we could easily account for most of the temperature difference by other ways. The dumb scientists pushing this racket, and even some of the climate rationalists, are way overestimating the importance of back-radiation. As the rather large temperature anomaly on the moon proves totally.

    Lets once more go over the “logic” of these morons. Their logic goes like this.

    1. There is a temperature anomaly.
    2. Backradiation can explain some of the temperature anomaly.

    3. THEREFORE the temperature anomaly is explained only by backradiation and by nothing else.

    This is the same sort of stupidity and unlogic by which similar boneheads came up with the Hubble doctrine. They are shabby as to their logic, and they happen to have been proven wrong as to the facts of the matter.

    Thats the public service for you.

  20. Every year there is the FDR memorial award for the rewriting of history. FDR didn’t rewrite history except in real time (the lying bastard). But leftists re-wrote history for the benefit of FDR. They made him out to be this big success and hero. When the reality was that he was a spectacular failure in all things; vote-winning and vote-buying alone excepted.

    So due to the efforts of journalists before his death and historians after his death, the FDR memorial award for the re-writing of history was inaugurated.

    Most years there is a lot of tension, and the list is not compiled in any formal way, until the late days of December. The deliberations go on well into February and can spill over into March, such is the competition, and particularly amongst those who want to make out that they had 20-20 vision in-advance.

    This year it has only taken to August to find what I think will be a clear winning entry.

    Steve-of-Brisbane has made a statement that is unlikely to be topped anytime soon. This blog is able to reveal that Steve-Of-Brisbane is currently in an uncontested position of front-runner with the following statement:

    “d_b, Queenslanders all ran to vote for Rudd and I thought they were wrong and easily conned. Now they have run to Tony, and my feelings are much the same. NSW is so sick of Labor at the State level they would vote for Mussolini. Those two factors alone probably account for the election results.”


    Steve from Brisbane is probably Liam. The incredibly moronic leftist who performed a snooty walkout for the stupidest reason imaginable. It was his inability to comprehend that history doesn’t happen retrospectively. So that joining Barborossa could not be considered to be an evil thing at the time people joined. This guy is such a moron that he could not comprehend this.

    Anyhow Liam walks out while I’m there. Steve From Brisbane, with the same mental handicap, but with a more feeble tone of voice, shows up as soon as I am banned. Just about the first thing he says is “I’m allergic to Graeme Bird.”

    The allergy works both ways. I’m allergic to stupid people. They make me blue in the face and I break out in a nasty rash. They are the disease. From a wider social perspective I am the cure.

  21. Fractional reservist bastard

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