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How To Make A Lot Of Money On The Stock-Market Right Now.

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  1. The stupidity of Cambria never quits. And think about the mean-spirited nature of his act. He spent all his time likening me to Lambert, giving Lambert a hard time, whereas he and Lambert are on the total opposite end of the spectrum to me in terms of their irrational approach to science.

    “It’s not really Shiny’s views on AGW that get to me even though I think he’s grossly in the extreme alarmist camp. My views on the human impact side wouldn’t be all together different.”

    The stupid cunt agrees with Lambert, by his own admission. And yet his whole act was to triangulate, by rubbishing Lambert on the one hand, and trying to associate me with Lambert on the other.

    What an irrational, dishounourable, belly-crawling, fractional reservist cunt.

  2. Stupid Dago Cunt.

  3. Pretty good lecture by Richard Lindzen:

  4. Negotiations between Tony Abbot and Bob Katter this weekend.

  5. Negotiations between Sarah Hanson-Young and Andrew Wilkie this weekend.

  6. Is that a scoop? Or you being mischievous? I’m assuming that you are depicting Sarah as the good-looking mermaid and not the big purple monster.

  7. Birdie.

    Here comes the sun.

  8. Judith Sloan has picked out a few Bob Katter requests for indignation.

    Fixing the dollar and forcing a depreciation (is he kidding? what, improverish us all?)


    Removing the independence of the Reserve Bank and the government directly setting interest rates (speechless?)


    It is a pity that they have turned their face so fully against open debate at Catallaxy. Since these are two issues that need to be addressed. It would be possible to put Bob Katters constituents in a good position, pretty much by these two measures alone.

    Supposing that they knew what they were doing.

  9. “Mullah Omar strikes again”

    tal has it right. Though I didn’t take a swipe at Sinclair this time around, Sinclair knows that his pretensions to economic knowledge are always under threat when I’m around.

  10. Prediction: I’m going to have to make the call that all three independents will support Tony Abbot.

  11. Nah. They’re all going ALP-Greens.

    O happy day.

  12. Well I guess we’ll see. Glen Milne said the drivers in Canberra always knows these things. And the message he got from them was exactly as you say it. He says that all three will go to labour-greens. I just cannot square that with these guys myself.

  13. The idiotic mind of the Keynesian. Here we see the Keynesian, who like his master, maintains an eternal and studied ignorance of all matters economic.

    “Tom V

    The govenment does sell bonds but they are highly valued by the market. There is no suggestion that CGS issuance is crowding out private sector borrowing. The government borrows directly from the global financial market and banks have plenty of funding. For now at least.”

    What he is saying here is that you can really have something for nothing. That government stealing and money-printing has no cost to it.

    The guy is a complete fucking moron. He is almost definitely a working economist.

  14. Cambria contributes money to Catallaxy so he can get away with his bullshit. It must be understood that fractional reserve churns out two-faced vermin like Cambria out just as effectively as it turns out funny-money.

    To give you an example of his low-down yeller nature lets look at the welfare queens reaction to a description of why wealth has concentrated particularly since the 1970’s


  15. “The fact is Obama is probably an atheist or an agnostic if that’s relevant. One of the men his mother slept with being a Muslim version of an Episcopalian isn’t worth a hill of beans,”

    No thats just silly. I mean its POSSIBLE, but its a silly position for you to take. Its an overhang from the election when everyone was projecting themselves onto Barrack Adolph Saddam Osama.

    He himself says that he was a Muslim. He went to church continually for twenty years, in a church somewhat suited for closet Muslims. And if his faith has faded to the point of being agnostic: still is would, just the same, maintain his tribal Islamic allegiances, and his leftist-Islamic hatred of the United States.

    In the same way that being brought up Presbytarian, and with an Aristotlelian philosophical framework, I (after being radically anti-religious in the mode of Chris Hitchens) easily swung back to pretty staunch loyalty to the Christian religion and tradition. This though I am an atheist. I like the rebelliousness of the Protestant side of things, and I’m basically Catholic from the point of view of the Catholic Churches more hard-core intellectual tradition going back to Aquinas.

    Well Obama is going to be that way inclined. He’s going to retain his Muslim-Marxist loyalty.

    He’s a product of Islamic sponsorship going back at least 30 years. This is just a fact which can be readily proven. Its something that is not even worth being irrationally and moronically in denial about. You will be irrationally and moronically in denial about this point. But its really not worthwhile. Now these Islamic bigshots would hardly have continued to back him had he not retained his loyalties to the cause. Case closed.

    The other thing is that if he is Malcolms boy, Malcolm, and those who would have wanted to push his legacy, may well have ensured he was brought up right. After all first-borns don’t tend to stray too far from their upbringing.

    The irrational rejection of conspiracy (ie stealth and long-term planning) coupled with the irrational habit of projecting oneself onto others, does two things:

    1. It makes you incapable of deep analysis of the problem.

    2. It tends to imply you are still in thrall to this fellow, like so many people were, leading up to the election.

  16. The above is a response to Jason Soon, who has come to a sort of reasonable-sounding compromise position on Obama, based almost entirely on personal navel-gazing. Jason hasn’t taken an interest in the various anomalies to do with the usurper. Jason really isn’t interested in deeper analysis based on the totality of what is known about this fellow.

  17. “really the fact that Obama tea party activists are making such a big deal over this …”

    They are not making a big deal about it you fucking moron. YOU are making a big deal about it. But people have to respond to your fantasy life about it.

    This is just one part of the scandal of this fellow. Just one part. It comes up because you need to understand this guy. Then cunts like you go and start running interference for him. Based on pure make-believe. You don’t know this guy at all Jason Soon. You are not interested in him. You are interested in going along with a leftist beatup the punditti have injected into your mind.

  18. Certainly Obama was a Muslim as a youngster.

    “Actually, it’s not certain.”

    Oh not this silly cunt again. Yes it is certain you fucking moron. And he’s not denying it. Fucking idiot.

    You see that? You see that Jason Soon. You start doing things on the basis of pure fantasy and you got every fucking moron following you.

    Now this is a beatup on your part. Its comes up because its part of the background to the wider scandal. And yet we can never go further into the wider scandal because you fuckwits are running interference. This is strategic matter. You are holding up any analysis by filibusting on a minor point.

  19. Fuck me isn’t it just uncanny how agent-of-influence Soon always gets hard down to work to support a leftist strategic position.

  20. Fuck me it never ends with these cunts. The real American is flyover territory for house-nigger bankster Joseph Cambria. They are all stupid according to him. Except on the East Coast.

    In reality its the East Coast that is replete with idiots screwing things up the whole time since the war.

    “If you know the US well, you’d realize that for the large majority there nothing exists beyond the shores of the East and west coast.

    Not only are they ignorant, they just don’t give rats. ”

    He then goes on to show he is an idiot, by assuming the people who suspect Adolph Obama’s Islamic allegiences are wrong. Whereas his woppy liver-quiver means he (Joseph Cambria) is correct. Nowhere will these Catallaxians actually try and analyse the real fellow himself. They will studiously rely on their imagination.

  21. I believe its regulator-Reynolds time. Reynolds. The most oblivious cunt in the world.

    IIRC my father was registered as a Roman Catholic at school because his father, like many of my relatives, was a Roman Catholic. That does not mean that he was one.”

    Reynolds. You idiot. No-one is said that they’ve found him out as an ex-Muslim, or potential current Muslim, or a fellow who has Muslim allegiances, on the basis of a school report alone.

    No-one said that.


    Fucking hell. Can you people simply not get anything right? J…. Ahura Mazda. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

    Can you fucking one time face the facts. And follow the reality, rather than this make-believe that is going on in your minds.

    You are fucking dumb Reynolds. You are really fucking dumb. You know that?

    In general what we have here is the morons technique of micronising the evidence, and then pretending the evidence is dependent on each micron alone.

    One wonders if the stupidity of these people, even on this one topic alone, will ever lose momentum. You would have thought the three amigos would have been shamed and worn down the other night.

  22. Patton alludes to the seriousness of converting from Islam to any other religion.

    “If Obama truly was born a Muslim wouldn’t the splodies have issued a fatwa on his life by now?”

    Move on Patton. This is anlalytical constipation, since we already know that he was a Muslim.

    “If Obama truly was born a Muslim wouldn’t the splodies have issued a fatwa on his life by now?”

    Why would they? Since they would have to assume that he is STILL a Muslim. These people aren’t as stupid as most other Catallaxians (you, Rafe, CL, Fisk and not many others excepted)

    “If Obama truly was born a Muslim wouldn’t the splodies have issued a fatwa on his life by now?”

    Why would they? He is their BOY. They have supported him at least 30 years. He put his election in jeopardy for them. He’s killed for them already.

    Why would they not be pleased as punch about the fellow?

  23. “Bird has moderated me.. a sad thing I know, but can someone go over there and inform the idiot that Obama could be a closet high church of England adherent and if he’s still running like this he’ll lose all 50 states in a sweep.”

    Don’t you think its important for you to recognise the mistakes you’ve made in the past. Supposing you aren’t a traitor outright, to recognise you are a stooge. If this fellow gets away with usurping the Presidency, because of millions of assholes like you, running interference for him, don’t you think there are consequences to that? If his case is not followed up and he is not jailed?

    Or alternatively if he was eligible, don’t you imagine for one minute that it may be important to follow up and see what he was hiding?

    I mean you are so fucking dumb, even when you are proved wrong, you seem incapable of comprehending what is important and what isn’t. He’s a traitor or he was ineligible. How can there be a third option for him that explains all the scandalous behavior of this fellow?

    Why do you think he lacks motivation now? He cannot possibly do more harm than he’s already done. He could not have done more harm if he were Osama Bin Laden himself, in the White House.

    You explain to me a third hypothesis that explains him spending millions of dollars denying the handing over of his documentation.

    The two options are:

    1. He’s a traitor. And he had to filibuster on his bona fides.

    2. He was never eligible in the first place.

    Can you not fucking THINK!!!! you stupid gook.

    You are just the sort of person who makes the 9/11 conspirators over-confident.

  24. Okay you stupid Gook cunt. Show up and I’ll take you off moderation. I didn’t realise I’d blocked you. You must have been blocked for repetitive anti-semitism under cover of Ron Pauline Hanson or something of this nature.

  25. I hope we’ve got one thing straight. Barrack Osama was a Muslim. He wasn’t a Muslim BECAUSE of a photo. He wasn’t a Muslim BECAUSE of something written on a school report. He was a Muslim because thats what he was. Because thats his known history. Because he said so himself, all the evidence points to it, none goes against it, we have no reason to imagine otherwise.

  26. Bird

    why are you calling JC a ‘gook’?

    • Right. I saw my mistake. No that woppy can stay banned. Fuck he’s an obnoxious cunt. I was explaining how it was that wealth had been funnelled up to the already wealthy at a more substantial rate from the 70’s onward. I was explaining the main reason for this to Hackensam.

      Now this is important if we want to pull the world out of squalor and if we want to develop a fair and prosperous version of capitalism. So if you don’t like to see millions of people starving, and living lives of squalor, wallowing in their own shit, with their wife wailing when a child dies, and the father utterly unable to comfort her ……

      If you want to do something about this you must take the abuse, since the only way to deal with this is to get rid of interest bearing money, fractional reserve, and the ability of governments or government entities to borrow. Here we have the pre-requisites to world peace and the ending of massed poverty.

      And this woppy cunt shows up and claims that I’m just explaining why wealth had concentrated in fewer hands because of my own troubles.

      I mean there is a real science to this. But no the woppy welfare queen cunt tries to run interference against the ending of world poverty by butting in and claiming I was just thinking of myself.

      What a cunt hey?

  27. “Ninety percent of what you read about Obama being a Muslim is lefties accusing others of accusing Obama being a Muslim.

    It’s political gamesmanship”

    Exactly right. At least one person retaining some sort of grounding and sanity at Catallaxy. On the deeper level its also “lesser-scandal-tripwire protection.” Since it protects Obama from people digging deeper to find what the larger scandal is.

    What is so annoying is how shitheads on the faux-right, and every leftist falls for the leftist strategic meme. I mean supposing they aren’t traitors. Or traitors on some subconcious level. Don’t they have any pride? Would they not be angered by being stooged time and time again? By being manipulated into doing free work for the bad guys?

    The lesser scandal tripwire is a real phenomenon. You see it being used more and more these days. Whenever you see it its evidence of a spook background. So Obama using it to do with his documents …. thats evidence of a spook background. Wilson used it in spades and his victim could have been anyone. As it turned out it was Robert Novak, wholly innocent and not ill-disposed to Wilson, who set off the lesser scandal tripwire, and then Wilson and the CIA hounded Novak, and used that as a base to go after the administration.

    The lesser scandal tripwire is so effective it gives near total protection for the greater scandal.

  28. “There’s always a certain brutishness and coarseness to climate sceptics or agnostics, I think. Can anyone name one such person – with evidence – who has ever otherwise shown the slightest sense of inter species empathy or identification that does not involve forms of selfish bodily self-gratification. ”

    Ho ho. Good one Philomena. What you have to realise is that the global warming racket is a straight scam. And a particularly brazen one.

    It may be hard to realise that you’ve been taken in by a particularly transparent scam. But that is what has happened nonetheless.

  29. Look at this fucknuckle Sinclair Davidson:

    “This is the point that our climate change alarmists friends overlook. Reasonable people can agree on science but disagree on policy. But our environentalist friends are not reasonable – they are not even truthful.”

    You fucking idiot. No professional analyst can agree with the global warming fraud on the science!!!! Whats the matter with you you feeble, low voltage, good-guy Crucifier?

    You are worse then the other Catallaxians trying to cope with the reality of Obama’s Islamic past.

    If you cannot deal with such an elementary scientific matter, why purport to be an expert on economics?

  30. “As I’ve commented at steve’s blog I’m actually more concerned with ocean acidification (which, mind you, is still related to CO2). The magnitude and trend of climate change is subject to considerable uncertainty. Ocean acidification seems to be a more considerably documented phenomenon and would have an effect on food supplies whereas if Bangladesh sinks we can just resettle the people.”

    Oh goodness me. Beezlebub and Jehosophat. Is there no brazen and transparent leftist scam that Jason Soon will not fall for? Have you no self-respect Jason?

    When you were running that blog, dumb-leftists would come on plying that particular rort many times. You had every opportunity to see that they had nothing at all. Just like you have nothing. You stupid Gook, you haven’t even read one of those studies on the matter have you? And clearly you would not be capable of reading one of those studies critically even if you weren’t so damned lazy.

  31. Jason Soon is very concerned with his food intake.

    He’s watching his short order of fish n chips as we speak.

  32. Right. Real Time.

  33. “The govenment does sell bonds but they are highly valued by the market. There is no suggestion that CGS issuance is crowding out private sector borrowing. The government borrows directly from the global financial market and banks have plenty of funding. For now at least.”

    That was sfdc who made that comment. Tom V, myself and CAMBRIA tried to convince him that he was full of shit.



  34. I must make a disclaimer here. Mark Hill is lying. Mark knows full well that I have always been in favour of falling prices. This is not normally called “inflation”. My advocacy of growth-deflation, goes back way further than my appearance on ozblogistan in 2005 or so. Now Mark knows this. But because of his economics ignorance, and his logic deficit, he gets himself terribly confused sometimes.

  35. “Tony Windsor is a fucking moron in the true sense of the word. Period.

    There is nothing left to discuss. He really is a total moron.

    TWO of independent NSW MP Tony Windsor’s broadband “experts” were an unemployed phone technician and a small country town councillor.

    Mr Windsor confirmed last night that Alun Davies, a Telstra technician from Armidale who lost his job about 18 months ago, and David Jones, a councillor on the Inverell Shire Council, were two of the advisers who had persuaded him a National Broadband Network was essential.

    These were two of the advisers Mr Windsor quoted when he said on Tuesday that for him, the critical issue in making Ms Gillard Prime Minister rather than Tony Abbott was the NBN.

    No you have it wrong Cambria. You are a total moron. You thought it was Windsor. Its you.

    1. The NBN is a Labour party scheme not a Tony Windsor scheme. How have you got so confused as to blame it on Windsor?

    2. There is nothing wrong getting advice from the two people mentioned you Doofus. An ex-telstra technician is an okay person to talk to about this. As is a small town councillor.

    3. The scheme will indeed be a failure if they don’t slow down the roll-out and start cutting costs. But then everything that Labour tries to do will be a failure unless they start learning from their myriad mistakes.

    4. The independents are well-placed to hold back governmental excesses. This is not going to happen if mentally retarded blockheads like you demonise them and blame them for the incompetent management of Labour party undertakings.

    5. Who do you think they ought to be getting advice from? Lazard bank? Merril Lynch? Rothschilds? Lazards are the ones screwing this matter up. Please Lynch Merrill and Rothschilds are helping Anna Bligh cock up the privatisation in Queensland. Its not telstra technicians and small town councillors who are the dummies here Cambria. Its people like you.

  36. Fuck me. Imagine blaming independents for Labour party incompetents. The stupidity of this woppy is a real menace.

    I cannot comprehend why you wouldn’t want to get advice from a telstra technician on the merits of some of these technologies.

  37. “Mr Davies said he had started as “just a worker” at Telstra Countrywide but made his way up through the ranks without a university education, and had experience of fibre rollout in Armidale.

    “We did it once, we did it right, and we did it with fibre,” Mr Davies said last night.

    The other adviser, Mr Jones, is a civil and structural engineer who runs a consultancy in Inverell in Mr Windsor’s electorate.

    He last night told The Weekend Australian he and Mr Davies had formed a working group to promote the roll-out of the NBN in the New England region, which covers Mr Windsor’s electorate.

    Mr Jones, who has a masters degree in engineering from the University of NSW, said he had little direct experience in broadband.

    “It isn’t my particular field, by any means,” he said. “”

    Why on earth would it be a bad thing to discuss broadband with these two? One of them has hands on experience. The other has an idea of what broadband ought to mean to small towns.

    Lets understand what the problem with broadband is. Its an extravagance problem. Its a problem with Labour not knowing how to contain costs. They think if they pay some people a lot of money, they will handle matters.

    This is the same mistake Labour and others often make. Aborigines? Give them a lot of money and forget about them.

    Home insulation? She’ll be right. We’ll force-feed the industry 2 billion dollars.

    There is not too much wrong with fibre-optics per se. With common bad outcomes you look for a common diagnosis. And the disaster on its way is to do with the unrealism of the current doofuses at the top of Labour. This is why Lazard give Tanner a bigshot job. Because Tanner is a moron. And Lazard are Cambria’s people. Their advice will be uniformly damaging for us, and good for the banks.

    Note that this NBN is being rolled out under off-budget debt. This is a disaster. If they had to do it out of a surplus budget they would be less likely to cock it up.

  38. “We did it once, we did it right, and we did it with fibre,” Mr Davies said last night.”

    Its pretty hard to argue with that as a working proposition. Since fibre optics is cheap and so awesomely effective, if you are going to dig up the ground, or hang things over the power lines, it ought to be fibre. The problems once again, come with the way Labour is handling this matter.

    Now it is true that fibre optics are less durable then copper. What this shows is the mode of roll-out has to take into account the more or less permanent nature of the maintenance. Like the harbour bridge where you just finish painting it and you have to start painting it again. So if the utopian socialists think its Okay to blow out costs, just to get it done, then we’ll face high costs of maintenance as well as high costs of building the thing.

    The fantasies of socialists cannot come to grips with the idea that they ought to quickly get in surplus and just as quickly slow this project down ten times. If you slowed it down ten times it would take 80 years to complete. But if you slow it down to one tenth the pace, and then grow at about 3% per month for a long time, you may be able to maintain this acceleration, in the context of falling costs, and eventually you will be back up to something that may be up and running in our lifetime.

  39. Bear in mind that every last one of our satellites will sooner or later be destroyed by a coronal mass ejection. Thats a pretty serious security issue. Fibre-optics are undisturbed by coronal mass ejections. But any electrical equipment will be burnt out more or less straight away if the mass ejection is strong enough.

    Imagine Labour paying one of its cronies 450 000 per year to run this operation? They are destined to cock it up on the basis of that decision alone.

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