Posted by: graemebird | September 8, 2010

The Benign Outcome Of The Three Statesmen.

A lot of fury and hot air is around at the moment to do with the alleged 10 billion of pork that the independents have secured. What is very strange is the utter lack of perspective about this amount of money. Somehow Labour splurging is seen to be legitimate, whereas independents negotiations is held to be anti-democratic.

Here is a couple of posts I’ve got through on unleashed which have been made under very different assumptions. 10 billion reallocation over ten years is not in any way comparable to 10 billion dollars borrowing over only a hundred days.

Graeme Bird :
08 Sep 2010 11:48:19pm

This is a better outcome then Tony winning. Tony has to deep-six the idea of getting all the rich girls pregnant and the poor guys paying for it. He’s got to stop the triangulation towards the anti-CO2 idiocy; that utter crime against science. He wanted to waste money mixing charcoal into the dirt.

The real deal this election was to try and stop the Labour crazies from piddling away our financial position.

And this is what the three statesmen have left themselves in a position to do. Nothing has really changed unless Oakeshott takes a ministry. These three have maintained the balance of power. So they are in a position to hold back the Keynesian crazies.

The idea is not to have more spending for the Bush. The idea is to move spending from the cities to the Bush. (Supposing we are going to keep that spending going.) Where are we going to run to in a crisis if the Bush isn’t booming? How can we defend the continent, in a situation where everyone in the big cities are so prone to nuclear intimidation?

Matters had to change and change radically. We could not have been more fortunate in the election result.

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Graeme Bird :
08 Sep 2010 11:33:47pm

Its a magnificent outcome alright. But Ben has missed the point of it. The real point is that the three Statesmen have MAINTAINED their balance of power. By shoring up a rickety and discredited government they maintain their hands around the throat of power on both sides.

People are whining about ten billion over the next ten years in spending. But compare this to the ten billion that Labour will borrow over the next 100 days? So we need a bit of perspective here. A majority Labour government would have been a disaster. But these three will be able to force our priorities in favour of the more comprehensive development of the nation.

Clearly had Labour been a minority government in the last term they would not have been able to go on this insane stimulus spending spree. So the independents are actually a force for fiscal probity.

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  1. Editorial in the London Times after “Lincoln Greenbacks” were issued:

    “If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in the North American Republic, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”

    I am always totally hornswoggled at my friends on the left. Why will they not at least join me in getting rid of interest-bearing-money. We could agree to disagree about the size of government. But I cannot understand their motives in supporting the ultimate curse of fractional reserve.

  2. Very good article by Kim at Prodeo for a change. Look when these people are right they are right. There is an incredible inversion going on here and a really nasty attempt at character-assassination and anti-ruralism. The independents have as much right to side with one side or the other, as the Labour and Liberals have to gang together and pass things over the independents heads.

    The independents are only powerful to the extent that they have drained some power from the other two guilds of thieves. This is no net power loss to the taxpayer. Quite the contrary.

  3. Just viewing Catallaxy right now, its pretty strange to have to say this, but they are distinguishing themselves as being even more ridiculous then Prodeo on this issue. Actually for once Prodeo are being sane. There was a sudden return to sanity of Ben Eltham over at unleashed. He explained the situation quite soberly, which is unlike him. Of course the situation is that their team won. So there was no need for them to be poopy-pants about the independents.

    The independents have done a great job. There is virtually no pork in their agreement at all. Since it amounts mainly to a understanding to re-prioritise spending, and relocate spending. Not so much to increase spending.

    In comparison to a Labour victory outright there was no capacity for the independents to increase spending. Since unobstructed, the labour lunatics would have spent and borrowed as much as they could.

    Ten billion in ten years. Much of that simply a diversion rather then an increase. Versus ten billion in the next 100 days of Labour borrowing. No comparison.

  4. Read Catallaxy down the page on the open thread. Cambria is so much bringing down the tone of the place. Its just one stupid and bigoted comment after another. Plus its delusional. The independents were not and are not now the cause of the overspending. This was the fault of people like those at Catallaxy who swear a blood oath to the existence of the Keynesian multiplier and refuse to follow up this irrational belief with evidence. This is the fault of the quacks in the economic profession who back eathother up and rubbish any outsiders who show them where they are wrong. Mostly of course this was the blame of the Labour team at the top of this dysfunctional government. It had nothing to do with the three independents.

    And yet like drooling imbeciles the Catallaxians are blaming the independents just the same. They might want to take a long look at themselves.

  5. Daddy Dave gets us the low down:

    “Can’t Tony now introduce legislation and dare the Indeps to block it

    Yep. And the Greens announced yesterday that they encouraged him to do so. The Greens! How about that? maybe they’re not so bad after all.

    He can introduce anything he likes. For example, insisting on a CBA. He could even introduce an alternative budget for that matter, and make the independents choose the Labor budget over his.”

    See what a magnificent situation this is? This is the situation that the independents have given us. Just marvelous. Unless Oakeshott takes a ministry.

  6. Authentic pathbreaking analyst Edward Luttwak has shown up at Unleashed. I resisted the temptation to shower the fellow with praise.

    Here is a comment that made it through. Its the very first time I’ve gotten through any mention of Chinese “agents of influence.”

    Graeme Bird :
    09 Sep 2010 3:55:34pm

    “None of this means that China is an imminent military threat to the United States or Australia, or a military threat at all.”

    Its all about subversion and influence. And here we are tolerating thousands of Chinese agents of influence in this country. Not only that we appear to be indifferent to the communist nationalisation of our strategic assets. Allegedly right wing economists call this practice “free trade.” Which just shows how perverted the thinking is in our economics profession.

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  7. Graeme Bird :
    09 Sep 2010 4:29:55pm
    China is already a superpower in the sense that it is competent when it comes to exerting influence. They have seen their strategic challengers become bankrupts and may even have assisted this process. They have taken care of business when it comes to energy economics and may have helped along anti-energy policies elsewhere. They have gathered into their possession a great deal of the proven reserves of rare earth minerals.

    In other words they are competent at these games. Whereas the elites running the English-Speaking world are a bunch of dummies, whose stewardship was already appalling, and has now further deteriorated a great deal from this appalling low level.

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  8. There is a moral to this story. Don’t burn my house down. Even if you think its a good idea. Even if you feel like burning my house down. This is the second time someone has tried to burn my house down. We caught the kids. And the police have charged a fellow with this second incident.

    Don’t burn my house down. Don’t even THINK ABOUT burning my house down.

  9. Is the culprit an Chinese agent of influence?

  10. No but then who knows who put him up to it. But we don’t say “culprit” in this country you ignorant commie. We say “defendant.” Guilty bastards are legally innocent, until the lawyers go through their resource-draining machinations.

  11. Think of how many parasites there are in this society. The youth welfare parasites are such a small part of this story, when compared to the anti-competitiveness of the professions, the public servants and especially the fractional reserve looters.

    Think of the extra costs the corporate lawyer looters stack on top of all things? Think of the secondary costs in terms of them advantaging larger over smaller businesses.

    We are getting so badly ripped off.

  12. Bird

    who burnt the house down and was the copper wiring still there?

  13. He’s not guilty until the lawyers have their cut. So it wouldn’t be right for me to name names.

    Here is another crime which I can talk about however. Since no court case relates to it.

    Graeme Bird :
    09 Sep 2010 9:49:10pm
    We have to be able to respond to every magnitude of effrontery from China. Consider that some sucking up to China (for loan money for the irresponsible Labour splurge) lead to them feeling let down over Rio Tinto.

    In a few short weeks they had taken some of our guys hostage and an entire family had been bludgeoned to death. We weren’t prepared. If you cannot send most of the agents of influence home under those conditions, then you are never going to do so in a month of Sundays.

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  14. Graeme, the Liberal/Libertarian Right has dealt itself out of politics now in Australia. It is currently irrelevant and massively outclassed by even the ALP let alone the Left.

    The main problem with the Liberal-Libertarian Right is that everyone of its spokesmen sound exactly the same and come across to most people as thick and unintelligent.

    I can’t say I’m unhappy about this state of affairs. I think it is poetic justice and freaking hilarious.

  15. To the partial extent to which I agree with you its pretty bloody frustrating for me.

    I blame it on all these tribal bigshot supporters who started calling themselves “libertarian” originally for reasons of street cred.

    It wouldn’t work now because the same miscreants have ruined the branding.

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