Posted by: graemebird | November 13, 2010

GRAFFITI BRIDGE And The Higher Artistry.

Who is Americas greatest artist? Who is the man who gives us hope for a better tomorrow. Whose example would we take to give us confidence in the potential of the voluntary, or near voluntary society.

You’ve got to specify the time period, I tell the global warmers. And if I chose one man from the description above for the period 1978-2010, then it would have to be STEVE JOBS. Americas greatest artist. And now renowned full spectrum as Americas best CEO.

But what if you restricted the years from 1985 through 1995?

Well I don’t think there is any doubt is there? The greatest American artist was ROGERS-NELSON. And his masterwork was Grafitti Bridge.

Can anyone nominate anyone else?

When Najinsky

…….. more later



  1. I just saw this 1997 film for the first time this week, so am more than a little if belatedly whelmed.

    Ok here’s my nomination. Gus van Sant, Matt Damon and whoever else wrote, directed and acted in “Good Will Hunting” and produced a kickarse succinct monologue like this.

    I just saw this 1997 film for the first time this week, so am more than a little if belatedly whelmed.

  2. Yeah Matt Damon did a good job then. And he’s been solid ever since. Not a genius actor but totally solid and reliable. And really exciting when it came to the Bourne identity films. As the talented Mr Ripley you watch a good deal of it through your fingers. Hateful hateful movie in some ways.

    You know I could never watch that show. That goodwill hunting. I simply could not bring myself to watch it.

    Not back then. Not when it was made. It was just to upsetting to even think about watching the show.

    Matt co-wrote the script.

  3. Somtimes we have EVOLUTION. And sometimes we have DEVOLUTION. And sometimes we simply have inferior breeding.

    I have talked to my eldest nephew SAM one time since he was two years old. And that was just him answering the phone.

    So for the first real time since he was two I talked to him. He’s a worthless fucking Pratt. And I let him know it:

    Graeme Bird November 13 at 3:21pm
    You are a worthless piece of shit Sam. Don’t fool yourself that you are a Bird. You are not a Bird. You are never going to be a Bird. If anything, you are only proof of bad breading, or that evolution can sometimes work backwards.

    My Mother had so many first cousins she would, even in her younger days, wonder if there were 72 or was 73?

    So I was awash in cousins. And the fact is that I never had a male relative, that was so in contempt of logic, so incapable of applying logic, and so basically a dumb shit, as what you are. We expect it in the young girls and we tolerate it in the women. But this is the very first time we’ve had this sort of low-wattage, anywhere within the male contingent. You are such a stupid little cunt. How did you get to be so fucking retarded?

    You are a dope. You are a dim bulb. You are a fucking moron. And you are never going to be any different,.

    I meet a lot of stupid people but this time its personal. You’ve got to at least to shape up on your pathetic degenerate act. You have to get your shit together. You fucking retard.

    Because this is my MOTHER we are talking about. And she is hurting,

  4. Families are a barrel of laughs eh. Best not to talk specifics on a blog, either afore or agin.

    All my siblings and their kids are utterly different from me and from each other but then a sliver of my parents and presumably theirs before them is in all of us tempermentally and in other ineffable ways.

    Why didn’t you want to watch Good Will Hunting?

    I don’t know why I never watched it till now, I didn’t really know what it was about until I watched it this week. I’ve read now that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck probably didn’t write the screenplay or a lot of it but that it was written mostly by William Goldman who wrote Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and All the President’s Men.

  5. Yeah families are a barrel of laughs. But this kid is such a moron its just depressing.

  6. To my mind the most consistently informative and interesting economics blog on the web.

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