Posted by: graemebird | December 2, 2010

Elitist Murdering Bastards

From Elsewhere:

Elitist Bastards Killed My Mother

This morning at 8.40 am, New Zealand time, my Mother succumbed to her murderers. Politely we would say that she DIED …. as a result of an executive decision, not sanctified by more than one of her five sons, or her husband.

There goes the most creative, life-giving, and vibrant women I have ever met. Don’t let the quacks do this to any of your family. Please listen to me (my beautiful niece) when it comes to matters of health and science.



  1. Condolences, Graeme.
    RIP to your mum.

  2. sorry to hear this bird.

  3. Sorry to hear of your loss.

  4. Best wishes and condolences, Bird.

  5. Dear Mr B

    Mrs Cheney-Guevara and I are very sad to hear of your loss.

  6. Sorry to hear it Graeme. I hope you’re doing okay.

  7. Sorry to hear of your loss Graeme, best wishes to you.

  8. Sorry to hear it Bird. Tell us a little bit about her, so we can recall her life.

    • The easiest way to do that is to transcribe some of the speeches about her when I get the recording of her funeral. Terrific speeches. Made me want to clap after each one.

  9. Deepest condelences, Graeme.

  10. I’m so sorry Graeme. A very hard time for you and all your family.

    You’ve written a bit (that I recall reading) about your mother, how she was a secondary maths teacher and used to voluntarily in her own time at your out-of-town farm home give maths coaching to kids who were struggling with it at the very time she herself was also raising a handful of babies and very young children herself. That alone tells everyone a lot about the sort of generous, creative, life-giving and vibrant, as you say, woman she was.

  11. Graeme, I hadn’t checked in here for some time, condolences on the passing of your mother.

  12. Sorry to hear Graeme, you of course have our deepest sympathies.

  13. Mr Bird,

    I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. Please have my condolences.

  14. I’m too angry to be sad right now. It will hit me only a little bit here and there for the moment. Then it might hit me in a big way some months down the track. Condolences are premature. Maintain the rage.

  15. The hard-wired institutional dysfunction doesn’t stop for life and death decisions. On the contrary, it is where matters are more important that institutional dysfunction more fully seems to rear its ugly head.

    In this case, whereas I paced up and down for months trying to resolve how I could kill bugs without clogging up a sick woman’s system with dead bugs …… this most fundamental strategic problem appears not to have occurred to the numbskulls looking after her. For me the problem was difficult to resolve. And in the end I decided that the alkalisers must come first. As only an alkaliser can kill bugs AND add to the ability to clear those bugs, both at the same time. Whereas for the quacks the matter was simple. They had access to dialysis machines. Hence with pre-emptive dialysis, they could have avoided a Herxheimers reaction, or yet even renal failure.

    This conundrum that had plagued me for months, probably never worried them at all. This is the key thing that you all must remember. Killing bugs is not curing disease but it helps. Killing cancer cells is not curing cancer, and can even be dangerous if you have not wiped out most of the bugs first………..


    Don’t think about the above in relation to my Mother. Think about this in relation to any diseases which may befall you or your family members. Killing infection isn’t the problem. Killing cancer cells is not a problem. But if you don’t have back-up life support when you go to do this, you could wind up in hospital. And you could wind up in hospital being presided over by white maggot scum who feel they have both the right and the duty to with-hold that life-support that is integral to you getting better.

    Think about the logic of this. The mystery of cancer is solved by the realisation that attacking the cancer cell directly is seldom the right strategic first step in the matter. Raising pH, killing pathogens and building health generally is the better first step in most cases. Once you realise this, its very easy to see where all the confusion has been.

  16. ““John H – why do you deny record low temps and precipitation globally right now?”

    Does he?

    Well might he too – despite countries white people like having snow and rain in pretty moving pictures on your television screen, the only reasonable question remaining about 2010 is whether it’ll be the third warmest, second warmest or warmest year on record.”

    Goodness me FDB will you stop talking shit? No evidence exists anywhere that 2010 is even in the top 20 or 30 warm years in the past 100. Its been a very cold year. You don’t need to pass ludicrous and brazen lies on you know. The buck ought to stop with all of us. When a lie arrives in our department it ought to stay there and not be passed around.

  17. Condolences Graeme.


    The body does have a process for eliminating waste such as this. Both at the intracellular and extracellular levels. What many do not appreciate is that the immune does much more than kill pathogens, it is also involved in extra-cellular “house keeping” functions where various cells absorb extra cellular matter and dispose of this.

    There is very good evidence to suggest that a key component of aging is the loss of this function, particularly at the intracellular level, where ultimately the immune cells that have mopped up the garbage must get rid of it but it is true of nearly every cell in your body. Some even suggest that the age of a cell can be roughly determined by the degree of lipofuscin accumulation within it. In fact even atherosclerosis may be perceived in part as a failure of the macrophages to adequately digest the ingested material.

    Relevant terms:
    Ubiquitin proteosome pathway
    mTOR pathway

    You can live as healthy as possible but if your cells and immune function do not maintain adequate house keeping functions you will age. I even suggest that “healthy living” as defined by many can actually impede these processes. That is why health nuts are not living longer than people like me. That they are also in the habit of absorbing large quantities of antioxidants is also a big mistake on their part.


    Now sit tight and ride out the emotional storm dude. Or maybe you are like me: death of others doesn’t bug me at all. But I suspect you have to brain damaged to NOT feel grief over the death of loved ones.

    Be well dude

  18. Right. That all sounds right to me. The way the quacks went about it seemed downright simplistic. “Lets just go in there and kill cancer cells with carcinogenic poisons, and see what crops up in the wash” is where they seemed to be taking us. So first up they destroy her immune function and poison her internal organs. Great strategic start to things don’t you think?

    Fuck they are useless. Every bit as useless as any other public servants out there. Every bit as useless as Keynesian policy to help a sick economy. Keynesian policy is the chemo-therapy of economic policy. All the resources that were available to heal the wounded economy are to be drained away on frippery. Every last bit of immune function and good health is to be destroyed by a scorched earth policy of poisoning all cells to see which cells are left.

    I don’t think we will see these bastards turn towards science unless they are forced to do so by legal measures.

  19. Funny the sort of songs that make you think of your Mother. Not in any literal sense of course:

  20. A good comment by John H.

    A parent’s death is very challenging on many fronts not least because of the issues it brings to the fore about past and present sibling relationships. And the joy of siblings is the light they can shine on all familial ties and on ourselves.

    I don’t know that any stage of life you can honestly point to the omnipresence of genuine adults but one thing the death of a parent does bring to the fore is the possibility and need of oneself, finally, assuming at least the appearance of or attempt at adulthood.

    The American poet May Sarton reflecting on the personal meaning of her father’s death.

    “After the laboring birth, the clean stripped hull
    Glides down the ways and is gently set free,
    The landlocked, launched; the cramped made bountiful–
    Oh, grave, great moment when ships take the sea!
    Alone now in my life, no longer child,
    This hour and its flood of mystery,
    Where death and love are wholly reconciled,
    Launches the ship of all my history.
    Accomplished now is the last struggling birth,
    I have slipped out from the embracing shore
    Nor look for comfort to maternal earth.
    I shall not be a child any more,
    But through this final parting, all stripped down,
    Launched on the tide of love, go out full grown.”

  21. Just read the news Graeme. Sorry about your loss.

  22. Have a good Christmas in spite of everything, Graeme, and come back when you’re ready. The world still needs your gifts 🙂

  23. All the best for the Xmas and the coming year Graeme. Here’s to better days.

  24. Yes. Better days. Yesterday, after four hours sleep, I worked a 12 hour shift. Three of those hours I was reasonably energetic. Nine of those hours I was pumped; explosively energetic. You see there is a timing problem. You need strong stomach acid to digest protein and some other essential items. Ergo you need another way to add electrons, and not merely through drinking ionised water. Better days will be here when I’ve seen about those other three hours.

  25. “The coldest its been in central England since 1659.”

    Isn’t it about time we went with the scientific evidence?

  26. Just to prove that me and Sinclair can agree on something ….. TOTAL ARTISTRY. The whole righteous deal in front of a live audience. But it seems to me thats where the agreement ends.

    Sinclair. I care about you. I care about your kids. Maybe I’ll see you in Canberra. Look into your own heart and make your choices. Investigate your loyalties, and make sure they are the same as my own.

    I took Humphreys down temporarily, and I can do that sort of thing to you too. Not on my own of course. Change your heart Sinclair.

    But here is some artistry that I think we could both be proud of.

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