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Joseph Cambria….. Scientist.


True story. And I think we will still be able to find the argument on Catallaxy. Though as Catallaxies chief financial contributer, or one would think so by the way Davidson sucks up to him, he may be able to get it removed in time.


I’m not really sure that Cambria (Scientist) understands that there is a Mrs Rhino. Being as all Rhino’s look so very butch.

Anyway just yesterday I’m looking through my spam folder and I find the following comment by none other than Joseph Cambria (Scientist).

1. ENLIVEN HUMAN CELLS BY ADDING ELECTRICAL ENERGY TO THEM. This is just pseudoscience / quackery.



So sayeth Joe Cambria….. Scientist and logician. I’ll go and find the context for this trenchant comeback from Joseph Cambria (scientist) in a little while.

This is what Joseph Cambria (scientist) presumably wants out of life. Here is Arnold, having lived an exemplary life earlier, ass-kissing Lord Rothschild to be able to become Governor of California and screw everything up, in an about turnaround from everything he believed prior.

Its terrible to see who can be pushed into selling out by a combination of threats and bribes. Probably all of us. Not by one of those things. But by both of those things taken together. See the fellow in the middle. Thats Arnold PRIOR TO BEING SELECTED GOVERNOR. See that fellow on the right? Thats your boss Lord Rothschild. And see the fellow on the left?

Thats just some old sellout cunt.



  1. Bird, here is something that you should invest in, this is far more potent than your cancer nonsense.

    “Jump Into a Universe of Infinite Possibilities.
    The billionaire you. The inventor you. The athletic you. In alternate universes, everything you desire has already taken place. Tap into this infinite potential with Quantum Jumping.”

    With dinosaurs, I would think everyone knows they reproduced through laying of eggs, you’re just being a nut.

    • what a jew bastard you turned out to be, you dumb giuiseppe

  2. If you’ve come here to retract your nutty idea, do let me know. I’m not responsible for you being a moron. I just don’t know why you try and affect to understand scientific subjects.

  3. Reading a marvelous little book at the moment. Its called “Justice And War In The Nuclear Age.” Published by the American Catholic Committee. Its all these experts selected for the task. And really what they are about is applying just war theory to the situation that faced us in 1983.

    I just wish the American Catholic Committee would get it together to sort out other troublesome issues. Since they did a brilliant job here, you would think they could apply that same ability to sort out the current crises. Probably they are doing so and I’ll have the slim volume in 30 years time.

  4. Mr B

    Look at how the greasy little woppy goes to bat for his Jewish masters

    • “…”After all the experts are doing such a fine job.”

      On the whole they are actually. SAYS JOSEPH CAMBRIA (SCIENTIST)…..”

      Fucking hell Ron. I sure see what you mean. Its “the triceratops lays eggs not!” all over again. If anyone gave a shit they would worry for Joseph Cambria’s mental health. That argument could be made for the US alone, from about 1982-1995 or so. Thats when some of us thought that these clowns had proved that the central government could do the job as good as the old-time gold standard. This contention was buttressed by ignorance of the consequences of fractional reserve. But nonetheless it was a fair point of view.

      But for the dumb wop to bring this contention forward, you would have to look to take the funds he manages, out from under his “care.”

  5. the shame of that good Aryan Arnold kowtowing to a Jew like Rothschild. Spot on, Mr B. you said it well

  6. Arnolds a Jew Ron. Arnold got circumcised nine years ago. They let Warren go uncircumcised for a long time. But he got circumcised about three years ago. If by “Jew” you mean sellout. The two of us probably mean different things when we use the same words. Cambria had himself circumcised voluntarily in 2007. One year ahead of that old sellout cunt Warren.

  7. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    is it your contention that fractional reserve is fraudulent?”

    Careful Keith. Davidson hovers. Mock the sanctity of fractional reserve and he will be there defending the honor, dignity, and yay, the PIETY of the banking elite.

  8. Note the Chinaman actually trying to threaten this Keith fellow with the knowledge that he had wondered a long way from home. He was some distance from Solla Sollew. The Chinaman was warning Keith that Keith had gone over the line right into heretic territory.

    There was Keith not knowing that he was deep into the heart of darkness, far beyond THE PALE ……… and a fucking long long way from Daralsalam.

  9. Back to the more important stuff. Here is a young fellow doing the good and right thing and interviewing his raw milk supplier. Lets remember that the other stuff isn’t really that important anymore. We are heading for a thinning of the herd, and only those who experiment while they are still healthy are likely to survive:

  10. Radio Raheem says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 11, 2011 at 9:27 am

    Are the left then not part of this same scene, and if so how do they escape responsibility? He’s one of yours. And like the commenters here will not listen to right-wing radio sources enough to be incited by them. Like the people here he probably has an entirely fictional understanding of what the tea party is about. If he was angry about not enough action taken on CO2 then who is responsible in that case? If it turns out that the incitement came from the Daily Kos then is it the fault of the daily Kos?

  11. “We are heading for a thinning of the heard, and only those who experiment while they are still healthy are likely to survive”

    Are you referring here to cattle or people?

  12. The nature (and therefore self-hating) yobbos and fossil fuel industry shills like Sinclair Davidson and JC at catterlaxie are sure looking like the biggest clutch of loser bozos ever today as climate change does its thang in Qld.

  13. I think we are heading for a thinning of the herd in humans. But still I don’t know. People could change their ways. They could couple up a partial jubilee, with spending cuts, leading to increases in the tax free threshold and other changes, and a general collapse might not be on the cards anymore. Things seem okay here in Australia, but people in the States are starting to think in more desperate terms.

  14. The death of millions, eventually species death is the logical end result of neoliberalism and crony capitalism, I agree.

    • Well Crony-Capitalism, yes. I can agree with that. Even if crony capitalism is efficient in the short run, it sets in motion the sort of elitist behavior that Marx envisioned. So on one level he may have had it right. Even though his technical economics was clearly wrong. But when you say “neoliberalism” thats not really defining things in such a way as to hone in on the problem. Neoliberalism actually gave the West a second stay at execution. We were in a bad way in the 70’s and some aspects of neo-liberalism are what pulled us out of it.

      Getting closer to a better definition of what caused the problem …. You might say it was the crony-capitalism warping of the neo-liberalism meme. That might be getting closer to rightly defining the problem. Certainly the way that the financial sector took advantage of neo-liberalist ideology to re-arrange things in their favor ……

      ….. if you were honing in on the way neoliberalism was used by finance to screw things up, then there is a clear and direct relationship between that demon seed that was planted in the early 80’s and the disaster that is where we are today. But neoliberalism viewed more broadly and skewed in a better direction, has to be where the answer to this crisis has to come from …..

      … On the other hand its all a bit late for that. And measures to do with hardening your house. Storing food. Getting a back-up generator and a propane-fueled fridge. Putting in a new basement with special features ……. You know the real important stuff. Thats the way forward now.

      Make sure you look after yourself.

  15. What do you reckon will the next dominant species, once the Earth recovers?

    Will it be a mammal, bird, insect, reptile, amphibian, fish? Or something entirely new?

    • I think its premature to speak of a new dominant species. I think our planet is too long in the tooth to renew an evolution in intelligent life if we are gone. Intelligent life needs to wind up with a medium of exchange, reading and writing, and property rights, before it can have a truly intelligent culture that may occasionally aspire to the better life. I see no other candidates but us, and there is a very good chance that we got our start with outside help.

      No I think we will still dominate. I just think there will be a lot less of us dominating. I think we will wind up with a massive population thinning. However this need not be the case if everyone sort of hunkers down now and starts getting ready. One needs to be able to sit out periods of disruption to commerce and periods of rampant lawlessness.

  16. Fucking Jew Bastards

  17. Hey Bird,

    I never said those things, you nimrod.

    • Well no you never came out and made these statements. Its just that when I said the Triceratops laid eggs you thought I was being ridiculous. It appeared to be a case where everything I said, though it was all correct, you thought was ridiculous. But you could never explain why. “Why don’t you think the triceratops lays eggs” No answer would be your norm. Being a sellout you don’t feel you need to tender answers when asked questions. So for example you’ve never explained your support for Hank Paulson and the particular form of his bailout. You might gibber a one-liner that makes no sense even to you, and then you’ll do a runner. Face it boot-nigger. When the time came to show some mettle, you sold out.

  18. Radio Raheem says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 12, 2011 at 7:59 am
    We have a sort of test as to whether this fellow is crazy or not. If he is a tea-bagger then clearly he is mad. Since This Congresswomen is no standout as far as his oppressors are concerned. As a matter of fact the Daily Kos were chastising the victim for not goose-stepping with Democrat-party leadership. So on that basis alone she would tend to be let off the hook by even an extremist within tea party ranks. She would have “mitigation points” as it were. (((In passing let us not forget to put seven shades of psychic shame on the Daily Kos for its hate incitement.)))

    But supposing this fellow is one of your crowd? Is there even a skeritt of reason to believe he is crazy? How many of you have some sort of respect for John Brown? Personally I think that John Brown did the wrong thing, but I do have respect for him. I have respect for him as a man.

    But what about the rest of you? You MUST-see …… that if this fellow is on your side …. he could be thinking he’s the JOHN BROWN, not on behalf of liberating the people. But on behalf of liberating the planet.

    So if he’s one of your guys, he could pass a sanity test. And this is not something his lawyers will necessarily not pick up on.

  19. Mr Bird,

    Joe Cambria is evidence what nearly two millenium of not mixing outside the same poor breeding stock can do to the intellectual capacities of the decendents.

    He is far and away the dimest bulb in the low wattage room that is Catallaxy. CL and Fisk sometimes appear to make sense but spend too much time pandering to to popular children. Sinclair Davidson is rotten to the core a LINO, but very much a comitted crony capitalist. Dover Beach aims to be a sensible conservative but is in effect an unthinking one, preserving the worst of the status quo while happy to trample over the little guy and his knowledge of history is awful. Soon seems sometimes torn between honest libertarian, confusonism and crony capitalism. Reynolds is so inlove with his ponzi money all he can find the time to do is snipe at CL.

    A sorry bunch who sometimes even make their socialist interloccurs look smart (well except for the chronically stupid THR).

    • You’d know breading stock, Richard, seeing you come from a long line of cows.

  20. Sounds pretty right. Although a little harsh on Fisk and CL. I see them as smart as their default position. And then oddly stupid once in awhile. Like when CL thought that the watermelon party trick changed the laws of physics with regards to Jack Kennedy. If your head snaps up back and to your left, this means the bullet comes from below and to your right. In this case from the storm-drain. Thats physics and its always going to be that way. Party-tricks to the contrary notwithstanding.

    I was thinking of analysing the three-way deal between Brazil, Iran and Turkey. But there doesn’t seem much point in light of the fact that the main focus of my readers ought to be about experimenting with certain treatments BEFORE THEY GET SICK …. (Its just too difficult to sort these things out when you are already sick) and that they ought to be slowly and cost-effectively improving their position on a survivalist basis.

    Not in any sort of all-or-nothing hunkering down. But just more of a deal to do with setting things in motion. Food inflation in the next five years is likely to be to an extent where your Costco membership and investing in a basement, might be the highest returning investments in your portfolio. You can add to your stock when you see a real bargain, rather than go about things in a hurried way, if you have the space to do so and the ongoing habit of doing this. Aldi incidental bargains are so good that the temptation would be to hoard gear like Smorg, just on the basis of when really cheap stuff came up in that shop.

  21. Cows are actually pretty decent creatures.

    Big soft eyes, sociable, even a bit contrarian, like cats.

    It’s not untoward that you’ve fastened on to raw milk, Graeme, as a life saver given that, from memory – as an adult I don’t much feel the need for full cream milk or any other sort of milk except a short dash in tea or coffee, as it’s too rich, too much baby food – pure cow’s milk is a sensual sensation.

  22. Of course, in saying so, I’ve deliberately not mentioned the peerless milk we poor critters, expelled so violently from the Garden of Eden will forever seek, but never again find: the milk we sated ourselves upon, once upon a time, sucked from our dear mother’s breast.

  23. Its really easy to drink. Thats the thing. It even helps you digest other gear. It has Lactobacteria and they help you digest the lactose. They produce lactase and lactic acid in your stomach, which helps out your own stomach acid for the digestion of protein. I still have to get clear on the detail of the above so its open to correction. But the deal is that the raw milk has the nutrients, plus the means to digest those nutrients easily, without a great deal of help from the drinker.

    The wiki says that the lactobacteria are at their most productive with a temperature of 25 degrees and a pH of 6. You see the beauty of how this works. Here is your body at 37 degrees and the milk at 3 degrees. So the milk is moving towards that 25 degree optimum once you’ve drank it. Here is your stomach acid maybe down at 3, and diluted with milk it maybe heads in the direction of six. So you have these perfect fats and balanced proteins, and you have these and other factors helping you cope with them.

    The wiki points out the role of lacto-bacteria in fighting cancer:

    Probiotics and biotherapeutics

    “Some Lactobacillus spp. and other lactic acid bacteria may possess potential therapeutic properties including anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities, as well as other features of interest. A study by researchers from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the UCLA in 2009 demonstrated the protective effects of some strains of these bacteria for anti-tumor and anti-cancer effects.[4]

    Dietary administration alleviated the risks of certain types of cancers and suppressed colonic tumor incidence, volume and multiplicity induced by various carcinogens. For a few strains oral administration effectively reduced DNA adduct formation, ameliorated DNA damage and prevented putative preneoplastic lesions such as aberrant crypt foci induced by chemical carcinogens in the gastrointestinal tract. Reports also indicated that some cultures administered to animals inhibited liver, colon, bladder, and mammary tumors, highlighting potential systemic effects of probiotics with anti-neoplastic activities.[3]

    Lactobacilli are also used to restore particular physiological balance such as in the vaginal eco-system (Gynoflor). Their role is (1) to physically protect the vaginal epithelium by building a thick layer separating the epithelium from pathogens, (2) to physiologically keep the balance of the vaginal ecosystem in maintaining the pH at ~4.5 and (3) generating hydrogen peroxide against pathogens.”

    Eventually someone will alert the science maffia, and that entry in Wikipedia will have to be altered. But in any case its worth doubling ones price of milk to have the live milk rather than the dead stuff.

  24. Oops. I thought I may have something about this wrong. The 25 degrees and pH 6 was for the optimal performance of the LACTASE ITSELF. Not the multiplying and performance of the bacteria. Although this is likely to be somewhat similar no doubt. And the consequences are the same when it comes to drinking the raw milk, and its ease of digestion.

    Here is some info. on one of the lacto-bacteria:

    “A lactobacillus strain isolated from fermented Ragi (Eleusine coracana Gaertn.) was characterized as Lactobacillus acidophilus. The isolate was found to be homofermentative, slime-forming and a lactase (β-galactosidase) producer. Production, recovery, characterization and performance of lactase were studied at laboratory scale from 100 ml to 5 l under stationary and stirred conditions. 1.5% lactose was found to be the best carbon source for lactase production. The lactose content could be reduced to 0.75% by supplementing with 1% ragi, thus making the media economically more attractive. A 6.5-fold increase (5400 U ml−1) was achieved on scale-up. Performance of the lactase obtained from this strain was found to be slightly better than the commercial lactase produced by Kluyveromyces lactis.”

    They actually now sell this stuff at the Chemist. I know because I bought some yesterday.

    “Lactobacillus acidophilus.”

  25. Is that the stuff it’s recommended you drink about a course of antibiotics? I remember drinking that once, after several courses cos of the flu, on the recommendation of word-of-mouth since antibiotics like any drug have side effects that this product reportedly ameliorated, especially for women.

  26. *after* a course of…

    • Yes because anti-biotics wipe out all your sympathetic bacteria. Without a live ecology of benevolent critters the bad guys can make easy inroads. Plus you wind up with other problems due to their absence. So yes its that same stuff. But merely taking the pills could never help your milk digestion the way raw milk can. Since in the latter case you have the right bacteria and enzymes distributed evenly throughout the raw milk at just the right time for digesting the milk. I suppose you could toss the pill in the blender, with the dead milk, and hope for the best.

  27. Get serious.

    What do you expect from those Hebrew Sons of Bitches? They are just doing what comes naturally.

    Once a Jew, always a Jew. The Eternal Jew.

    You need to wise up.

  28. And how about those fucking cunts at NASA.

    Supposedly Gifford’s husband and his brother are both astronauts.

  29. Right. Look you have to admire a chick who gets shot right through the brain and has still survived. I’m really proud of her actually. Thats a bit of a statement. Thats a real “Screw you” in some ways. To have some asswipe shoot you through the brain, and be in the position to say “Hey shithead. What else you got?”

    I suppose one could be mean and point out that, in theory at least, every leftist politician ought to be able to lead a normal life even after being shot straight through the brain. But I’m proud of this girl. Actually she’s my new hero. She’s younger than me. She’s a chick. She got shot through the brain. And she’s still doing okay. Thats pretty damn righteous.

  30. Radio Raheem says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 13, 2011 at 7:59 am
    But it is a blood libel. You are treating the tea party crowd exactly as socialists treated the Jews. Its the same syndrome. You make up a fantasy version of your opponents. Then you fall for your own propaganda. Socialists do this all the time.

    Sarah Palin is pissed off. And she is right to be pissed off. This IS IN FACT a blood libel. Look Katz. Sort yourself out. Get back to reality and take some responsibility here. And what is this about with you women always cutting eachother off at the kneecaps? Here is an intelligent women, someone much smarter than yourself, who could wind up being the first female American President, and all you do is try and spit on her.

    This is not our killings. This is another lot of socialist killings to add to the 100-200 million of the previous century.

  31. Radio Raheem says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 13, 2011 at 8:17 am
    What are you talking about Joe. Objectively it was a totally appropriate comeback. This is just objectively speaking. If for one minute you might get back to reality.

    Look lets get something out there JEW JEW JEW JEW JEW. Scandalous. HEBREW HEBREW HEBREW ……. Stop it stop it I hear you screaming. Listen to the alarm bells going off in your head. Its a blood libel you’ve laid on Sarah Palin alright. There is no doubt about that. Good description. Plain speaking. We never have enough accurate and plain speaking from these politicians.

  32. “this is fun

    a Socialist Worker film review of The King’s Speech. I am surprised to read the anti-world war 2 sentiment in the review. It appears that Socialist Worker and Pat Buchanan are on the same page i.e. we shouldn’t have fought Hitler

    Didn’t you know that? When Stalin and Hitler started the war, the socialists were all against fighting Hitler. As soon as Stalin and Hitler were fighting eachother they were all to-a-man pro-war. The socialist take would not have been identical to Pat Buchanans at all. Thats a mindless view. In any case its established history that we fucked up. After all we got six million Jews killed just for starters. If all your forces are invested in the field, then you’ve totally lost your influence. Like the Americans now losing some of theirs, though this is not as extreme as what Churchill did to the Empires forces.

    Its just established history Jason. No need to be a dumb gook about it. But its never a war …. no-war choice. Unless your stupid that isn’t the choice you are facing.

  33. LP post said Jason Soon or someone from Catleprosy called for assassination of Julian Assange. These right “liberatarians” are pretty trigger happy.

  34. Do you think he’s a libertarian? Soon isn’t. He just pretends. He started off his blog saying it was from a “whiggish” point of view. The whigs were the opponents of the classical liberals.

    • Jason Soon is not a libertarian which is why I put the word in quotes. I’ve no idea what he is, he doesn’t seem to believe in or aspire to anything that isn’t completely selfish and trivial and banal. But then the same goes for the others on that blog, from JC to Sinclair Davidson. Then there are the proto-fascist types like Mark Hill, boring partisan hacks like CL and Fisk whose moral template seems to be nothing more than whatever the US Republican Party believes (yawn) and humourless, sour old misanthropists such as doverbeach.

      As I’ve said before, the most unappealing clutch of angry, establishment-beholden men in the Oz blogosphere. Amusing at best.

      You’re well out of it.

  35. Radio Raheem says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 13, 2011 at 5:05 pm
    “It hasn’t been thoroughly debunked, there has been an immense effort in the last few days to dredge up any and every intemperate remark by anyone who isn’t on the right to try and concoct a false equivalence. In the washup, we have people like Giffords and Tiller dead, not conservative doctors or Republican senators.”

    What equivalence? Just because the left gets there first with the blame, doesn’t mean the right is equally guilty or even the least bit guilty. Surely by now you can see this fellow has nothing to do with the tea party, and would not have been aware of anything they were saying. The tea party is hardly a nihilist movement. Quite the contrary. And this fellow is a leftist. He’s part of the Prodeo crowd, with a Prodeo outlook.

  36. “The Lord has a charge to bring against you who live in the land: there is no faithfulness, no love, no acknowledgement of God in the land…Because of this the land mourns, and all who live in it waste away; the beasts of the field, and the birds of the air and the fish of the sea are dying.” (Hosea 4:1,3)

    See those birds and fish that show up dead? The birds internal organs melted away as they flew.

  37. Joseph Cambria (scientist) sez:

    “I’m with Ken. I say we have a really big long term problem with AGW. It’s a technology problem though, that will take a little while to solve as we begin moving to non carbon technology…..”

    Which would be fair enough. But the thing about it is that when Joseph Cambria (scientist) has made these sort of claims before, he has not been able to justify them.

    Posted Friday, 18 March 2011 at 4:58 pm | Permalink
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Lets go over it again. There is no wave particle duality. A particle cannot be a wave. A particle is some THING

    Whereas a particle is a THING …… A wave is what a THING (or usually many things) DOES.

    A wave isn’t any particle. A wave may INVOLVE particles. But the wave is not the particle itself.

    “Bird: The wave/particle phenomenon can be demonstrated with high-school level equipment.”

    A phenomenon? We were talking about a duality. Are you seriously claiming that I have not seen these experiments? How smart are you then? To make that assumption?

    Lets make this very clear: The wave particle duality has never been demonstrated. Not ever. Nor will it ever be demonstrated at any time in the future. Not with high-school equipment. Not with kitchen equipment. Not with billion dollar accelerators. Not with cartoons. Not with any other type of animation. It is inherently impossible to demonstrate that an entity can be a wave and a particle at the same time …… Since a wave is not a thing …. A wave is something that a thing or things DO.

  39. I’ve brought this one to the front because some fools have been accusing me of being excessively supportive of Warren Buffet, when the reality is that I had in passing supported broadly the gist of a single article he’d written for the newspaper.

  40. “I’m not into Bird conspiracies but look at this.

    CHICAGO: Billionaire investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett will boost President Barack Obama’s re-election bid next month by appearing at a New York fundraiser that will charge as much as $35,800 per guest, the Obama campaign said on Thursday.

    Buffett’s BofA Stake Nets $1.3B on First Day

    I really dislike Mr. Integrity”

    See Cambria I was way ahead of you. I recognized earlier that it wasn’t the same old Warren Buffet when you were calling him “Mr Integrity” without a hint of sarcasm. He’s been turned some way or another. Its the same way I think about Mike Tyson. I don’t even think of him as Mike Tyson any more. Just some clown getting around pretending to be him.

  41. “Bird sez: We need to locate all our factories near the sea, even if that sounds like a silly idea”

    An interesting interpretation. Where oh where are all these morons coming from?

  42. The Lazy bastard Obama seems to be continuing to sun his ass at Martha’s Vineyard even as hurricane Irene bears down on his loathsome self. Too stupid to get out of the way one supposes.

  43. The media hype about Irene is a bit suspicious. Since hurricanes don’t tend to go straight up the coast. They normally build up steam out in the ocean, dithering about randomly, but when they find landfall they tend to want to stay there, and short out all their energy. They can manipulate hurricanes now. Which is really shitty because the same technology could be used to provide cheap electricity. Its evident that the shadow government wants to keep energy prices high.

  44. Hi Graeme,

    How much do you think the shadow government is involved in bringing down Craig Thomson? Has he been brought low because he’s a sound money man? And, as a potential member for Dobell, have you had a hand in any of this?

  45. I don’t think we have much of a developed shadow government in the Southern Hemisphere.

  46. The banksters went after Rudd after he attempted the super-profits tax. Note that that was the turning point. One has to ask what it was that got Thomson nobbled.

  47. Stop talking nonsense. We don’t have anything like that sort of setup around here.

  48. One has to account for why Thomson, whose misdemeanours are years old, is being pilloried precisely now.

  49. Hey did you know that jokes are meant to be funny? I’ve got no room for morons on this blog. You are coming across as Joe Cambria stupid. Don’t waste your time typing. I’ll likely just wipe all your posts.

  50. Alfred Nock said:
    The neoclassical wing of the Australian-economics orthodoxy can be characterized by the following intellectual and character-flaws:

    1. They tended long ago to describe themselves as “libertarian” strictly for reasons of intellectual “street-cred.” Yet they have heaped such opprobrium on the term that the brand has gone bad, and they don’t appear to understand that the brand is now reflecting badly on them.

    2. They never see private debt that they don’t like.

    3. From a propaganda point of view they will readily agree to the concept of a level playing field in the Adam Smith mode. But their first love is cronyism. They love it. They love it. (THEY LOVE IT!!!) The neoclassical wing of Australian economics loves cronyism. They cannot get enough of it.

    4. For people so wrongheaded, they are often disturbingly energetic. Yet one can interpolate an almost insulin-shock-like tiredness, that descends on them when it comes to the task of re-deriving the assumptions of their models, to see if the conclusions of their models, are relevant to the problem at hand.

    5. They practice “Conflationism.” I don’t mean that in a small and lovable way. I mean they practice conflationism in a huge, obsessive, unshakable and unforgivable way. They remember the CONCLUSIONS of their models but not the reasoning behind those models. So that they will conflate this crony-socialist manure-pile that we live in, with either their simplified models, or some sort of idealistic evenly-balanced capitalist setup. It is this last point that leads them to go in for this open borders insanity. Don’t get me wrong here! I want to put the policies in place such that taking huge numbers of refugees and migrants is in the interests of incumbents. I would QUICKLY like to do the right thing so that it BECOMES in Australias interest to do the right thing. But we aren’t there now.

    “Friedman’s statement seems to assume that with free immigration the net demands on the public purse will necessary outweight the net benefits.”

    You cannot mean what you are implying wizofaus? You cannot mean that the contrary is true. Free immigration is not the same as more-generous immigration. Totally free immigration, under current policy-settings, would be a clear watering down of the capital-goods/per-capita ratio, in the context of a country, whose policy mix is so debauched, that we own less of our own nation every week, we are more in debt all the time, and we have stagnating living standards at the bottom end. You cannot mean what you are saying. You must have got hyped up on the (in the right context) excellent and inspiring Julian Simon findings.

    Posted on 27-Aug-11 at 2:37 pm | Permalink

  51. What an embarrassment. For four hundred years we have been burning an effigy of THE PATSY. Yes thats right. The gunpowder plot was a FALSE FLAG OPERATION and Guido Fawkes was one OF THE PATSIES.

    Thats right. We ought to have been burning an effigy of the Prime Minister of the era. But no. We bought into the Dr Moriati version of terrorism back then, just as now. We bought into Guy Fawkes just as surely as we bought into Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden. Rubbed out to bury history and dumped at sea.

    What sort of society do you dupes believe you are living in?

  52. The Al Quaeda fighters (loosely speaking) that the US and NATO are backing, in the insane conquest of Libya, ought to shortly conduct a massacre of huge proportions, if not somehow restrained. We ought to expect this sort of thing any day now. But the Western media should play it down.

    Maybe the Nato lunatics conducting this campaign can prevent this impending bloodbath from occurring. But it ought to be considered to be right on the doorstep, as it were.

  53. Mr Bird

    Would you consider Wog Cambria a greater evildoer and enemy of freedom than Professor Quiggin or Dr Bahnisch or Dr Gruen?

  54. Yes I would, but its a pretty hard call in that Nick so recently has blood on his hands in terms of the stimulus package. But Keynesianism is a religion. Therefore we have to work around it a little bit where the devotee’s are concerned. But Cambria is a Janus-faced Quisling. Having at first posed as a principled libertarian he turned coat when it came to stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. He undermined the anti-Keynesian case gratuitously. He’s a slimy slippery piece of work. He’s the only sort of person that can make the Keynesian religion seem plausible.

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