Posted by: graemebird | January 16, 2011

Reducing Air Conditioning Costs

This new system takes advantage of two realities:

1. That its cooler at night then during the day
2. That electricity demand is less overnight then during the day.

So simple you wonder why you didn’t think of it:



  1. Mr B

    Are you OK?

    Have you gone over to the CO2 bedwetters’ side.

    We should be burning MORE CO2 to stop the progress of the great wall of icy death.

  2. Ron what we are after is high CO2 output via PROSPERITY. Not high CO2 output via INEFFICIENCY.

  3. John Hinckley comes from Texas Oil Money. His family is friends with the Bushes. When he shot Reagan, his brother was due to have dinner with Neil Bush that night.

    “Hinckley, Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) number 00137-177, was released from BOP custody on August 18, 1981.[8]”

  4. I want to put this out as an example of the profound ignorance of Sinclair Davidson as an economist. I’ll put it there and explain it later:

    “Australian banks are often criticised for the profits that they earn. Despite the positive role that profits play in the economy, the broader community are often ambivalent about profitability. It is important to understand that profit is not a conspiracy against the public. Consumers should not begrudge the profitability of firms but rather recognise it as a manifestation of the value of a transaction.”

    We are really talking about a fellow whose never going to understand economics.

    • Graeme, at least we can be grateful that the grubby carpetbagger doesn’t live in central Victoria or Qld or else we’d be reading reports of Sinclair Davidson looting the property of flooded fellow Australians.

      I note that a Joe Cambria was among those arrested in New Farm Brisbane for attempted looting.

      What greedy low-lifes.

      • Berkeley set to offer sex-change employee benefit

        Phil, are you moving the California, Berkeley by chance?

      • The just fate of carpetbaggers in the US civil war aftermath often was to be literally neutered.

        Fortunately that outcome has already been accomplished on their 21C incarnation, the insane, robotic old thief JC.

        No wonder his permanent punishment is to interact only with a computer screen.

        May his “pleasures” with it be many lol.

  5. Sinclair also quoting someone who is ignorant of banking, and who has come to the wrong conclusion entirely.

  6. Holy Crap the Chinaman is mixed up:

    “Climate change was responsible for the rise and fall of the Roman empire.


    the propagandists on the mainstream science side are making a complete shiite of their cause”

    Here is a perfectly reasonable thesis, that the Chinaman chooses to state in the most absolutist terms, thereby making it ridiculous. But then he compares this rather viable speculation, (One that is incidentally old hat) with the total science fraud of CO2.

    The Chinaman has gotten matters so ass-backwards that he is saying that the global warming fraud has the science right but are undermining their position with this speculation about the Roman Empire. When the reality is that the speculation about the Roman Empire is fine, and the Chinaman has seen no science whatsoever with regards to industrial-CO2’s effect on Climate.

    How can the Chinaman be getting everything so backwards like this? Its like his eyes aren’t screwed on the right way.

    • That Jew Bastard sure is a Stupid Gook Cunt

  7. Goodness me. The Chinaman then follows through with another characterisation of a thesis, expressed in such absolutist terms, that he is able to dismiss the thesis as obviously ridiculous. Monetary expansion is hardly going to make straight guys queer. This is how this dummy thinks. He thinks he can debunk a thesis, by way of he himself misrepresnting that thesis. But periods of monetary expansion are indeed characterised by widespread cultural effects.

    • Mr B

      The pertinent question is ‘can Asians think’?

      • Yes I’ve asked that question myself many times. But now unfortunately the oriental poison has spread to Western Civilisation. Westerners have lost their ability to think.

  8. I’ve read Sinclairs submission and its just rubbish. Whats more he was never the least bit interested in banking. He fobs off the issue of the damage that fractional reserve does by way of simply referring to some dummy called Benson. He says Benson (2000) reckons that problems are oversold. Well Benson is full of shit. Clearly the damage done with fractional reserve is entirely undersold. Fobbing matters off onto Benson isn’t any sort of argument at all. So here is Sinclair again, misleading the Senate. He ought to have gone in there and told them that this was the problem.

    The rest of the study is talking about generalities to do with economic theory, NOT IN THE CONTEXT OF FRACTIONAL RESERVE. So its a worthless presentation. Worse than worthless, its a whitewash.

  9. Supposing there was a mass holocaust, caused by biological warfare, and the international trading system broke down in piracy. There were 100 million people left on the globe. And a lot of motors of one sort hanging around in various stages of repair, but basically there to drag home for the claiming. What energy source would most of us turn to?

  10. Mr Bird,

    All these motors but is there fuel lying around? In such a post apocolyptic world I would be depending foremost on trusty old animal power, then perhaps steam power as wood would be plentiful, if no the ideal fuel. In australia I imagine we would have more coal than we could possibly use sitting in ports, so we could obtain some of that.

  11. Close Richard. The answer is wood-gasification. You can do anything with wood (or rather “biomass” gasification.) You can run utes and small flatbed trucks with it. You can pull up your flatbed truck and use it to power the house with it.

    You are making wood-gas or “producer-gas” which is like Syngas, but without the expense of keeping the nitrogen out. Its really carbon monoxide and hydrogen as the main active ingredients.

  12. Profits US-style.

    Morgan Chase’s latest (record) profit report has been hailed by its CEO to be evidence of a “broad-based economic recovery”.

    You gotta laugh.

    This at a time when the official US unemployment rate is around 10%, hunger and poverty are soaring, record numbers of homes are being seized by the banks, wages are declining, and school closures and cuts in social services are spreading across the country.

    No wonder “profit” is increasingly a dirty word for most punters.

  13. Yeah. And note that this is the boss. Once upon of time big business CEO’s were smart and hard-working guys. But this level of stupidity could have come direct from Cambria’s cake-hole. This is simply the result of stealing. The Federal Reserve has systematically enriched those that control it and those that owe it money.

  14. Here’s what a gasifier looks like. Bear in mind that anything can be burnt in the larger ones of these. Wet wood. Grass. All waste apart from glass, rocks, dirt and such. I’ll be recommending this for our waste at work sooner or later.

  15. Once upon of time big business CEO’s were smart and hard-working guys.

    Once upon a time bosses were the people who made things, worked hard, who looked after their employees, who saw more to life than the bottom line. This worship of the captains of industry, the ridiculous incomes they earn, is just primitivism, Big Man psychology. Gorillas wearing suits.

    • Yes thats an excellent way of putting things. A small advantage to the bigshots, held continuously over a long period of time, can totally transform a system from being functional to being totally corrosive.

      There has been a long history of economists, some of them not bad economists, seeing a feature that was happening out there in the world, misdiagnosing the feature as inherent to capitalism, and then trying to justify it.

      So for example you had all these economists adopting the idea that huge companies with giant R&D budgets is what lead to technical innovation. But they adopted that idea simply because they saw the growth of giant companies and sort to justify it in some way as if it were inherent to economic freedom.

      In reality smaller outfits innovate better, and on top of that technological progress is embedded in capital accumulation and update. As the entirety of the production process is re-tooled continuously, technical problems are solved and capacities are enhanced.

      So if for example we skewed the tax situation to favor small businesses and farms, we might get medium-term efficiency losses of some measly amount. But it wouldn’t matter at all. Since what really counts is that reinvestment of profits is never taxed. And that financial sector exploitation is ended.

      What this would do is to lead to a situation where the little guys were churning everything into developing and renovating their businesses. Making them better. Thats the spending that employs people, since the businessman winds up with more capital goods then he can possibly operate.

      Right now you have these dummies all skimming off the top. Trying to close down small competitors. This sort of thing. You see it everywhere if you look. It may be subtle but its all over the place. Whether its the FDA harassing raw milk producers or stopping some 9 year old kid selling lemon juice on the side of the road. The whole system in the US is now geared to giving the bigshots this incredible free ride.

  16. My current boss is a child, a creature totally beholden to and a slave of his emotions and his dark history which he cannot shake off because he hasn’t a clue about it and how it has made him what he is today.

    This year is gonna be a corker seeing him self-immolate.

    • Right. Interesting how he managed to fake his way to the top like that.

  17. mea culpa, “self-immolate” is the wrong descriptor.

    Or, at least, it’s imprecise.

    The self-destruction is also to a large degree involuntary.

  18. “Close Richard. The answer is wood-gasification. ”

    Ah yes mister Bird yes of course, my dear father used on of these on his farm for his vehicles during the War. Worked rather well from what he told me.

    Is it not a sign of the times that we should be looking at such technology? It is a robust technology, not the nebulous flim flam of this digital i-world. We must invest more in such technolgy. Things that will work come armageddon, be it fire, flood, famine or pestilence. Heat, or cold, from the Heavens or earth. One need not fret about cooling or warming should we have this sort of robust technology.

  19. Right exactly. Unlike other areas, energy has to be low-tech. All our energy sources, save one, go back to antiquity. And even thats debatable. But supposing we look at the one supposedly fairly recent innovative energy source? Well nuclear fission is actually quite old already. And besides that even with nuclear its really just applying heat to turn a steam turbine.

    Supposing you go into the post-apocolyptic period with a battery of solar collectors? Well this is high-tech. Whose going to repair and replace them? Where will such people get the energy sources to repair and replace their own solar panels?

    Whereas with wood-gas you have the means to supply more wood gas. Thats the test, since we aren’t talking a consumer product. We are talking a capital good that needs to be able to make other capital goods, that needs to be able to make more capital goods. So your suppliers suppliers supplier is worth thinking about. And if you cannot have a networked chain that makes sense, then that product will stay prohibitively expensive before the fall, and be impossible after the deluge.

    If I took up energy production using wood-gas … I could co-exist with the bigshots back home since wood-gas fuel is free before the fall …. and the only game in town after the international economy is flattened. Whats more a wood gasifier can be used for the heat for a kiln to make other wood gasifiers.

    Any energy source that doesn’t pass this “reproduction test” will defy its promoters hopes of becoming cost-effective for the longest time.

  20. Its a scandal that we have what seems to be a 150 year moratorium on canals. This is not because they were inefficient. Its rather because we did not have a way to homestead canals. Or some sort of automatic price signal telling us when they would be built. We had no rules for private-eminent-domain-at-premium …. so that canals could be planned and started, knowing that holdouts could be built around or bought out at premium.

    In the long run and always canals will still be the best method to transport heavy producer goods. Heavy producer goods that need to be slowly arranged in sequence, rather than light consumer goods that need to be rushed to your door.

  21. Mr Bird,

    Speaking of Canals, what do you think of the idea of running sea water into the Lake Eyre region. At 15m below sea level it would fill easily and to a much larger extent than its current floods (which have only reached a depth of 6m). This would transform the interior making it fertile, as well as providing (if the canal is made sizable enough) for a shipping route to nearby mineral and petrolem deposits in the olympic dam, and cooper basin region.

    The only issue for my mind is that it would likely be done by a massively ineffcient socialist government scheme. How could we provide individual property rights for the value this creates to the miners, the farmers, the tidal power generators and the tourist operations that would spring up. Is homesteading the solution?

  22. ??

    The old Lake Eyre inland sea will make australia fertile idea. Yeah just like the red sea makes it rain in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

  23. Graeme, such ideas have a long, illustrious history in Australia, espoused by poets, visionaries, engineers and politicians right across the political spectrum from right to left from the 19th century to today.

    This is a good summary of why such are ideas are still difficult today to implement.

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