Posted by: graemebird | January 27, 2011

The Death Of Moons,Planets And Stars ….. Is The Ultimate Cause Of Extreme Weather, Volcanic, And Seismic Events … Here On Earth.

From a post on this forum:

The Shockwave comes out from the central dark rift. This is what the mainstream misleadingly calls the “black hole” at the centre of the galaxy.

Anyway this shockwave pops unstable stars (and presumably unstable planets and moons also.)

But each time the shockwave destroys a star, (or moon, or planet)…. a subsequent shockwave is set off, which can cause havoc elsewhere.

If we assume that the shockwave pops unstable moons and planets (since we know it pops unstable stars) then we might hypothesise that we have a source for disturbances on earth and on the sun. That is to say extreme weather events ….. and outsized volcanic and seismic activity.

You see we know that we get massive disturbances ahead of a supernova (a star that pops) becoming visible to earth. But if we assume that this is happening to planets and moons also, we can see that we have a powerful theoretical cause for extreme weather/volcanic/seismic events manifesting on the sun, the moon, and other planets.

All major bodies in the galaxy are growing all the time. But this is organic growth. It is not smooth growth. With the growth also comes the periodic culling. Just like with cells within an organism.

Well the above is what the science suggests anyhow. Hey its only the scientific method.

But I like it.


  1. From Elsewhere:

    Graeme Bird :
    28 Jan 2011 5:40:16pm

    The situation called for tax exemptions. Not tax increases. There was nothing thoughtful about this package. It was mindlessness and she should sweat blood for her insolence.

  2. Graeme Bird :
    27 Jan 2011 6:35:34pm

    The terrible thing is we have to pay for these bloodsuckers when they are “working” stealing money off us. Then when they get to retire, and spend all the time with their kids, like anyone would want to, we have to STILL keep paying for them. This amounts to a form of slavery.

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  3. Graeme Bird :
    25 Jan 2011 8:09:51pm

    People view government spending cutbacks in an entirely bizzare way. When the taxeaters say “austerity” we ought to automatically think “abundance”.

    Either the resources are in our hands, or they are in the hands of the public sector. Austerity for the bankers and the public servants is abundance for the rest of us.

    Think differently.

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  4. Triangulating sellout Sinclair Davidson has a thread called Peer Review Reviewed. He threw me off over an argument about the subject of this thread. I pointed out that this was science fraud all the way back then. And the triangulating idiot started soft-pedaling these guys. He went so far as to stick up for their Orwellian language. He told me that the public servants knew what they meant when they said “Climate Change.” I asked the sellout cunt what he meant and he refused to answer.

    Now he’s playing this same double game with the known and proven fraud related to climategate. He’s attempting to have a bet each way but refuses to name brazen fraud as fraud. Yet its not as if the idiot can come up with any evidence for catastrophic CO2-based warming. Classic two-faced ass-covering by Sinclair.

  5. Hopefully I can clear up this anti-vaxer lie by pointing out that I’m towards the less-is-more side of the spectrum when it comes to vaccination. That is to say, I’d be suspicious of any individual vaccination. I’m adamant that prudence requires us to space them out and obviously so. Naturally we don’t want nerve poisons in vaccines. That ought to be obvious also. I don’t see what the problem is. For some diseases, vaccines are a terrific idea. The problem is that the public service can no longer seem to do anything right.

  6. If this thread has any validity at all there will be a 90%+ chance of finding out that what is going on here on earth, will be happening in heaven also.

    Let me explain: Clearly the Cyclone heading towards the North Queensland coast qualifies as a frightful extreme weather event. You see the wild claims I’ve made in the thread above. Whenever you see a truly oddball event. One that doesn’t happen normally. One that is in the wrong place, or the magnitude is great ….. then that same event ought usually be mirrored on the sun about three or four days earlier.

    I cannot think of the name of the website you have to go to to test this proposition out. It might be or something like that. I’ll go there and get back to you on this matter.

  7. Okay lets bring it forward from the 28th:

    DOUBLE ERUPTION: Jan. 28th began with not one but two major eruptions on the sun. Separated by more than a million kilometers, the two blasts occurred almost simultaneously on opposite corners of the solar disk. Click on the image to view a movie recorded by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

    Same story for January the 29th. But its on the 30th that we really see something pretty odd and not in the normal way of things:

    “CORONAL HOLE: A dark croissant-shaped hole has opened up in the sun’s atmosphere, and it is spewing a stream of solar wind into space. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory took this picture of the vast opening during the early hours of Jan. 30th”

    When they say giant they are not screwing around. This thing is huge. Would make Jupiter look tiny by comparison. Definitely out of the ordinary. And if this is anything to go by Yasi will be an extreme killer. Go see the picture. Truly a big ugly nasty energetic gash on the sun.

    Here is what they say on the 31st:

    “Researchers call this a “coronal hole.” Solar rotation is turning the coronal hole toward Earth. The stream of solar wind pouring from it will swing around and hit our planet in early February, possibly sparking polar magnetic storms. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras between Feb. 2nd and 4th.”

    Hence the surprising vaulting of Yasi into a category 5 volcano. Because you see with a 3 or 4 day delay (depending on time differences. This is presumably an American sight) what with the corona still turning our way it will be driving energy into Yasi. Or it may even spark off other extreme events.

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