Posted by: graemebird | April 28, 2011

Bad-Boy-Barry-Beta: Barack Obama’s Computer Image

Jidapa at Catallaxy has pointed out that Barry’s image, which is being accepted as a certificate has been changed at least twice already since it was first released in all its glorious layered digitization.  So he’s still the long-legged Mac-Daddy.Whereas we thought this was election year delusions to do with the appearance of a new messiah.

Barry is still able to pimp everyone at Catallaxy and many others besides, Gabrielle a pleasing exception. So how does he do it?  He gets away with this endless scamming partly because people are stupid and drinking fluoride. Partly because of the hateful malign influence of the skeptical movement ….. a far more dangerous movement then the jihad ……. But the main reason he gets away with this constant scamming is that he’s comfortable with this constant scamming. And the reason why he is so relaxed and comfortable about being a fraud is that being a fraud must have been what the terms and conditions were when he accepted the job.

Barry Soetoro didn’t con his way into the job. Barry Soetoro WAS HIRED AS A CON for the job. There is a difference. But what one would really want to know is who he imagines his employers to be.


We have discussed before the lesser scandal protection. The lesser scandal tripwire. The concentric circles of conspiracy each circle adding a layer of protection. But what of a hired pimp like Barry? Who does he think are his masters?

The question reminds me of a scene from the Norman Mailer book “Harlots Ghost.” Although I can remember the scene I’m thinking of only dimly. The instructor at Langley gives the detail of a double agent, and then he asks an interesting question. Who did the double agent really believe he was working for? who was his primary employer? Who was he really loyal too? One of the themes of the book for me seemed to be that the fellow himself would not know.

The Mailer character (Mailer usually writes in the first person), though a patriotic American, seemed to get himself in a similarly tangled situation. Though  I lost track of things a little because I couldn’t discipline myself to follow the book diligently, after the first magnificent 200 odd pages, because it became a sort of ordeal of letter-writing.


Note well that Barack Obama (so called) has NOT produced a birth certificate. You cannot go to the bank and flip open your laptop and show a picture of a birth certificate and expect that to be taken as evidence of your identity . And if he could produce a physical copy obviously it cannot mean a damn thing after all this time.

There will be a whole back-story behind every last detail of the computer image (a computer image is NOT a certificate), and if a spook organisation can’t conjure a computer image of a birth certificate after three years there is simply nothing they can do.

But supposing someone could prove that he had the birth certificate and that it was the real thing? No-one can prove that…..

(((((……….. its a beta version undergoing constant change after all ………. )))))))))

…….. but supposing they could? Well the iron law of conspiracies is that the only good way to hide them is with a smaller conspiracy that you deny vigorously and stonewall. You leave low-hanging fruit around and hammer anyone who picks it up. You leave evidence there but deny deny deny. So that the lesser scandal must be leaped over, to get to the bigger scandal and no-one gets that far. Thats how the Kennedy murderers fooled people like me, Reagan and CL. Because they murdered Kennedy, made it look like a communist conspiracy, and then ridiculed anyone who took that evidence seriously.

So what is the larger conspiracy that Barry Soetoro was tasked to hide? I say 9/11. I say that the 9/11 conspiracy was busted clean and smoking gun around 2006. So the only thing to do was get Barry to the Presidency surrounded in more conspiracies than Frank Miller could dream up in a year. That would be the only way to hide 9/11 once the shadow government was busted clean.


Now what about Oprah. Oprah is an ethical person. A good person. Something of a saint actually.  So what is the lie at her level? And why would she allow herself to be taking a part in scamming the American people.

It can only mean that the truth is at her level. I’ll not entertain the idea that Oprah’s intervention was mean-spirited. But what truth is it that would have her running  interference for the long-legged Mac Daddy?

Oprah’s truth is that Barry is Malcolms boy. And so she knows that he could have in theory taken the measures necessary to BE eligible. So she would think that he’s eligible in terms of the spirit of the law and ineligible in accordance with the letter of the law. So she would think his white lies were all about protecting his real fathers legacy. After all Malcolm said he cut loose from his former leader on the grounds that the holy one was impregnating a string of secretaries.

If Malcolm is Obama’s father this would be why Oprah described the candidate as “THE ONE” And this would be why a good person like Oprah would feel it was okay to help fudge the issue of his eligibility. He’s not eligible. But if Malcolm was his real dad he could have taken such measures as were necessary to become eligible. This is not the same thing. But Oprah could be forgiven in seeing things that way.


  1. Obama’s crowd have released a number of certificates and all of them fake. This latest doesn’t appear to be anything different:

  2. Soetoro’s birth certificate is computer generated in layers.

  3. Graeme, do you think the British Royal Family and/or the British state killed Diana, Princess of Wales?

    • Possibly. Since the second child is likely born to a boyfriend, then if she was pregnant to a Muslim its at least possible that such a plot could get going in some sort of shadow government. The culprits could be entirely extra to the royal family. I don’t so much as have beliefs about things I cannot find evidence for. But you can see how something like that could seem important to self-appointed guardians.

  4. 1. Shane

    2. One-Eyed Jacks

    3. Unforgiven

    4. Magnificent Seven

    5. Johnny Guitar

    6. High Noon

    7. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    8. Ride the High Country

    9. The Wild Bunch

    10. McCabe and Mrs Miller

    11. Heaven’s Gate

    Graeme, which of these best ever Westerns do you like the most?

    • I just want to reiterate how much of a soft spot I have for Heavens Gate. But I’d never wish it on anyone who might not be on that wavelength at the moment they first see it.

      • Haven’t you seen McCabe and Mrs Miller? Perhaps my favourite. But then comparisons are always odious.

        Heaven’s Gate is a homage to Italian Marxist film: Visconti, Pasolini and especially Bertolucci. It is based on historical events, the Johnson County Range Wars that pitted ranchers against immigrant small farmers. Kris Kristofferson, who played a sheriff who crossed class lines to join the farmers, had this take on the movie’s failure at the box office:

        The film was about a dirty piece of American history that was the Johnson County Wars, where the money people, the Cattlemens’ Association, had a death list, had an army of mercenaries that was okayed by the US government to go in and wipe out these citizens that were supposedly poaching their cattle. They were primarily immigrants. Unfortunately the film came out right when Ronald Reagan came in office and it was – I remember Alexander Hague had a meeting of all the studio heads right before Michael’s film was screened and he said, “There will be no more films made with a negative view of American history, like ‘Heaven’s Gate’”. And there was 100 per cent negative reviews of – I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve done 82 films.

        Having said that, my favourite Italian film is Fellini’s Amarcord.

  5. I haven’t seen all of them. I like Shane and Unforgiven. I like High Noon. I like Heaven’s Gate which is a hyper-Georgist (Henry George) production. But I cannot recommend it to anyone since they would get angry at having been fooled into watching it. Probably best to have it around the house and watch it 20 minutes at a time.

  6. “So has Obama actually responded to the question why it has taken 4 years to produce the long-form BC?”

    Enough already. Its another fake. Its not even a piece of paper. Its a digitized computer image built up in layers. If he had a real certificate he would have produced it years ago and he wouldn’t be running around with someone elses social security number.

    • Absolutely. You are of course correct on this, Graeme.


  7. Good stuff. Now make sure you “don’t go wobbly on us….” Gab.



    And while you are getting used to it you dense fuck, how about explaining why it is that Barry is committing the felony of identity theft? Why is he using someone elses social security number.

    I guess you just aren’t too bright hey dumb cunt?

  9. What a moron. Cannot put two and two together. Whats the matter blockhead? Your Mother drop you when you were a baby? You drink too much of the fluoride water?

  10. Of course if the ORP aka LDP had their way all such magnificent flying creatures would lie shot and drowned in swamps or pinned to lounge-room walls.

  11. My goodness. This dirty lying wop idiot is at it again:

    “Where bird is wrong though is the likelihood that this is a freaking big problem longer term whereas he thinks we ought to be pumping more out into the air.”

    Now that wop filth has me wanting to waste fuel for no reason at all. What the hell else can the dumb wop mean?

  12. The stupid wops version of evidence:

    “f this helps in the southern states…. Then yes, I have to say there is more than enough evidence he’s bi-sexual.

    How do I know? By looking at this pic and seeing the way he’s sitting.”

    As discussed there isn’t much evidence that Barry is bisexual despite what this ignorant wop says.

  13. My 2nd favourite Italian film

    Kaos by the Taviani Brothers.

  14. Strong visual sense. I’m no good with heights so those were some good camera angles.

  15. Third: Night of the Shooting Stars (Taviani Brothers)

  16. Now the dumb wop reckons that Obama is straight. Where is all his old girlfriends woppy? You don’t think they’d confess?


    it’s obvious we’re simply we’re just joshing around. No need to go into qualifiers and explanations. That’s what lefties always do.”

    Cambria is such a dummy.

  17. “Now what about Oprah. Oprah is an ethical person. A good person.”

    And not above being conned despite all the staff and checks on sources:

    “Oprah duped by another fabricated ‘memoir’ ”

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