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THE UN-ILLUMINATE/Osama Bin Laden’s Nemesis (Birthers Busted Bama’s Beta)

Osama Bin Laden



Okay the gloves are off. This is obvious bullshit. They are claiming Osama was buried at sea. And I was beginning to doubt my thesis.  So Osama was killed some time ago. And they have announced his death now: Thankyou  Donald Trump. And these assholes cannot seem to learn new tricks.

The fact is that these assholes have found one way and one way only to hide big conspiracies. And that is to hide them behind lesser conspiracies.

Obama’s career took off at that time when 9/11 was unmasked as a false flag operation, by the surprising advent of youtube. Youtube presented 9/11 as a smoking gun, and as confirmation of old rumors to do with a shadow government.

The shadow government reacted by selecting Obama BECAUSE he was so dodgy BECAUSE he was ineligible. His multi-layered dodgyness and inelegibilty is the main reason he was selected. Not just to have a pseudo-President on a short leash, but to set up a string of scandals as protection for the biggest scandal, which is that the individuals most responsible for 9/11 were Americans. Americans in the shadow government.

So of course Bin Laden was “buried at sea.” He wasn’t buried at sea today, if he was buried at sea at all.  But the story is that he was buried at sea today,  to cover up the authentic circumstances of his death. But also to set up an whole string of other conspiracies, in order to hide the conspiracy of 9/11.

All government is ridiculous and inefficient. But no government is more inefficient, more useless, more immature and more stupid than the shadow government BURIED AT SEA.  It has to be that way because efficient management delegates most tasks down to the lowest level, and works under broad spans of control.

But spooktown and shadow government management is hopeless BURIED AT SEA.  Because the most important BURIED AT SEA people have to do the most critical tasks. And management is linear with the bigshots reinserting themselves along the chain for quality control purposes ala KEYSER SOLZE.

Some people seem to think that if these people are so effective as to be able to pull off all these rorts and get away with it they are right to be our overlords on the basis of their manifest competence BURIED AT SEA.  But in fact they are a bunch of blockheas and uppitty whitebread fools, and there is nothing too clever about they way they operate BURIED AT SEA.

You see they only have a few tricks. And once you’ve seen what those tricks you’ve seen their whole act.  Once you’ve seen their act you realise that they are just like another government department only worse.

So how does the shadow government operate?

Well how about Clinton? How did he get away with what he got away with? Starr got as far as the most massive giveaway in military secrets (to the Chinese in this case) since the Soviets were shown how to build nuclear weapons.  The bigger scandal may have been a series of assassinations, some of which could have been carried out by the Chinese, since there was arbitrage to be had between some rather modest campaign contributions, and the awesome military secrets given over. And the even bigger scandal could have been that almost none of this was Clintons initiative but may have been in some wider plan by superiors.

But what were these scandals, known and unknown, hidden behind? How did known treason, and treason which may potentially have been known, go unpunished?

Well the whole thing was hidden behind Monica Lewinsky’s cocktail dress. But note that exhaustive denial was a big part of the enrapment process.



The denial of evidence associated with small conspiracies forms a seemingly insurmountable barrier by using up the resources of the vigilante in our society.  We now have a presumably faked or at least dated picture of a dead Bin Laden. We have the lie that they had to bury him at sea since “no country would accept the body” which is utterly ludicrous. since the reality is that ANY FRIENDLY COUNTRY AND MANY UNFRIENDLY COUNTRIES would have accepted Bin Laden’s body, were it still fresh.


Biden and his fellow Senators helped direct matters to being about the blow job.  We couldn’t jump over Clintons relentless denials to get at the inner scandal.

And so it goes here.  But here we have a distraction as well as a series of scandals.  The reality that Bin Laden has been dead some time. The scandal of them claiming that he was buried at sea.  The bullshit is akin to an important overlord inserting himself in the linear chain. Because this scandal was triggered now in order to form a barrier around the scandal that Obama is not eligible to be the American President. And the manifold Obama scandals are there to hide the fact that 9/11 was a false flag operation.

Thats about the only trick these inefficient parasitical assholes have. And they don’t have a whole lot more tricks than that.

I hate our overlords.  I have them so very very much. I hate the un-illuminate.

We can take them down.

We can take them OUT.


  1. Yeah, who gives a rat’s, seriously, it’s chewing gum for the masses. Except I wager the masses bless their cynical hearts either don’t believe it or give a damn. It’s strictly geared for the media and the bloodthirsty loons.

    And since when did governments cheer the killing of the children and family of political opponents? This too is a USA innovation.

    Utter disgrace.






  2. And, Graeme, I reckon it’s almost certain Princess Diana was knocked off by whoever in the British Establishment.

    She was one uncontrollable, unpredictable and deadly effective hottie. An utter embarrassment to the Royal Family. A peerless exposer of the repulsive tactics and techniques of British and American imperialism, such as its use of landmines and chemicals to kill substantial numbers of people in already impoverished communities and to contaminate agricultural soils depended on by countless numbers for their livelihood for generations to come.

    Pity old Will seems to have made his peace with all that with the aid of the bottle and an alliance with an anodyne party girl. Jointly they are destined to do nothing more useful for the rest of their lives than milk the British taxpayers as blatantly as Charles and his forebears have done so well to date.

    • I agree with all of that. But note carefully. Before 2008 I would have thought you were going in for crazy-talk. Some people are born conspirationist. Others have conspiracy theory thrust upon them.

      Here is the legend of Kaiser Solze:

    • Philomena when you first made that comment I did not know whether you were right or not.

      Now I know definitively that they murdered Diana. There really is no doubt at all about it.

      • Dirty Jew Bastards.

      • Right. But did you know that Diana herself was largely Jewish?

      • I thought she was a Muzzer like Caliph Barry.

  3. I think the buried at sea is a bit unusual. But they wanted to follow the Muslim
    tradition of burying the dead within 24 hours. But I bet they took DNA and pics
    before, if they didn’t, I bet Trump will be insisting on seeing an official death
    certificate. LOL.

    Philomena: Poor Will is a multi millionnaire in his own right, (His mum left him millions) and a Flt.Lt in the RAF. And Prince Harry is an officer in the Army.

    He cancelled his honeymoon, because I reckon because all armed forces will be put on alert, and he’s got to return to his base for work. So in my mind, they were being forewarned about this by intelligence services.

    So I reckon they wouldn’t be doing that unless Bin Laden had been assassinated.
    By Army seals. I love one twitter remark. ‘His house is on Google Earth and they
    have taken this long to find him?”

    The thing is – It was so close to the Pakistani capital? I see the Pakistanie president/PM, more or less shook his head “I know notting?” sort of response.
    Bad luck for some.

    Philomena: Look up the Inquest into Diana’s death. She was loved by the populace admittedly, but recent admissions seem to say, that she brought on a lot of this on herself and although I cried watching her funeral, it was because she loved her sons, and as a mother myself that is what I cried about more than anything that she wasn’t there to see her eldest married to a lovely girl, not how you describe her. As soon as I saw the staged photos of her with Dodi el Fayed
    I cringed. His father was not a very nice person, and I believe he was the one
    that tried to create the myth she and his son were going to get married. And reading his testimony at the Inquest, he was a raving mad person bent on blaming
    the Nazi loving Prince Phillip. All the inquest testimonies about a comspiracy were
    actually nothing but fraudulent lies. When ask to produce their evidence, they
    never eventuated. Read the inquest its on line still.

  4. No chance Bunny-Honey. They don’t forsake freezing Osama Bin Laden because of some speculations on some minority problem with refrigeration. Its just a lie. I was pro-American to a fault. But its pretty clear that the US has become a sort of air-brushed Pakistan. And Washington has been pretty-much enemy-occupied territory since Reagan left town.

    Bin Laden has been dead some time. Thats what the evidence points too out of this outrageous farce.


    “They have the fucker’s body.

    Can’t wait for pics.


    Dream on Tillman you dupe. Yes they’ll have pictures. Old ones. And yes they’ll have his body no doubt. But they say they gave him a burial at sea. So you’ll never see a recent picture of it.

    There aint no bullshit so obvious that you won’t believe it. But the deal is that BIRTHERS BUSTED BAMA’S BETA so there was no way out but to pluck the joker from their pack. These assholes are only two concentric circles from discovery.

  6. Note how the news story contains no independent verification or direct evidence that they killed bin Laden when they said they did. Like all matters of truth and falsehood this is a scientific matter. And without independent verification, or direct evidence we assume that the claimers are bullshitting. It remains for the claimers to make their case. But their word is no good. So for now we would simply assume that he was killed some time prior, and his death held over for political purposes.

    By the way? Why does Simclair put up with Tillman? Once you get a person of general ill-will you just get rid of them or moderate them heavily. We never had to put up with liars like Fyodor or Tillman.

  7. Note the key words: “A video we have obtained.” So they have videos of blood everywhere. But no direct evidence of killing at the time suggested. Rather we have a pattern suggesting the contrary. Notice also that Bin Laden, according to them, was holed up in luxurious conditions, across the road from the Pakistani West Point. All consistent with his role, not as a patsy generally (he was a mass-murderer), but as the patsy for 9/11. Oswald was the Patsy for “The Big Event” and his job in New Orleans was basically at spook central.

  8. “Confirmed by the President of the United Staties” Fucking hell Wolf Blitzer. You have to be joking. Wolf reckons its amazing to him he was hiding out where he was. Across the road from the military academy. What powerful confirmation you have Wolf. Are you a journalist or some random idiot.

  9. More feeble photo-shoppery from the Obama-camp. This time of a dead Obama. Note too. No survivors from the fire-fight to act as witnesses.

  10. Bear in mind that Obama, allegedly kept his own granny on ice week after week before allegedly scattering her ashes, just him and Michelle. So he keeps his own granny on ice in a hot climate and now he claims that they gave Bin Laden a quick sub 24 hour burial at sea. Anyone who believes this cheap conman ought to have his ass whipped and be sent back to his country of ultimate origin.

  11. Multiple sources have Obama’s alter ego (Osama bin Laden) dead and on ice since April 2002. Ready to be wheeled out at an opportune moment. The opportune time was brought forward by the Donald, on account of putting heat on Barry Soetoro for not having a valid birth certificate of any sort.

    I knew nothing about these rumors until just now. But given the bullshit surrounding this story they now seem very credible indeed:

  12. Good Lord. Fisk and Fleeced taken leave of their senses:


    Was pleased to hear Osama apparently buried at sea. Points to Obama for not going the PC route on this one (hell, if even I’m praising Obama, he’ll get a huge boost from this!) I assumed they kept enough genetic samples and so on, but it seems like they did the quick burial thing (not what I would have done – I’d have cremated him with a ham – but this was keeping it classy,) but without creating a shrine.


    They made a big mistake in not showing the corpse to the people.


    For goodness sakes you two. Do what you have to do to get all that dopey off your faces. Its the story of the decade, and the only photo they have is photo-shopped? And you believe it? Whats the matter with you?

  13. Bunny-Honey, the Princess Diana inquest and inquiries all raised as many questions as they answered. I don’t think Diana “brought it on herself”. She had so much to live for, didn’t have a death wish and she was not to blame for being left unprotected and hounded by the media, Charles’ court and the Firm.

    Graeme, this latest CIA op stinks to high heavens.

    There’s never been any evidence that OBL personally orchestrated 9/11. He and the 9/11 crew were Saudis not Afghanis or Iraqis.

    Pakistan is the main game-in-waiting plus danger for the US and its interests and it needed an excuse to beef up it military presence there and to do something about the clusterfu*k that is the Pakistani government. That is what is going on.

    OBL if he ever existed outside of CIA control and puppetry probably died a long time ago. If it was OBL,. the US knew he was there and allowed him to live until the right time they chose he should die for geo-pol-strategic reasons. If they didn’t know he was there until recently and it took 10 years to find him what does that say about the reach and quality of US military power today?

    The US is an increasingly dangerous entity in the world today because it is desperate and bankrupt (except for the banks and the super-rich. Irony, much?).

  14. We still haven’t been told who the other people who killed were. Do these people have names? One was a wife, one a son, according to some reports. Who were the others and what has happened to their bodies? Were any of these people actually there and if so did they deserve to die like dogs at the hands of mercenaries/terrorists at 1:00am in the morning when presumably they were asleep?

    • Yeah exactly. Did they all get buried at sea as well? Without the notification of their family …… RRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHHHHTTTTT.

      Now we are being told that every moment was monitored by Obama and his team. Sweet. So there is absolutely no excuse not to have the footage. Of course it will be all staged from earlier material.

      Now was the villa burned down to hide all evidence?

  15. The rumour was that OBL was killed in attacks in Afghanistan but not officially
    supported. But I don’t know if you watched Lateline last night but it will be interesting to see what the Pakies have to say about this. The former president
    was annoyed as ‘their soveriegnity had been transgressed. But the present
    president, said, “If we’d known we would have done something”.

    The fake photo came out of Pakistan, it is fake. And as Philomena comments
    that there are still people who believe JFK wasn’t killed by that guy but was a cover
    up. And Diana was killed by the British establishment.

    If he was shot twice in the head, by a military weapon, I doubt if much would
    be left to photo? And to some be inconclusive also. If he was killed back in 2001, then why would the yanks be so open about it now?

    Don’t underestimate the yanks, folks, they are better on our side than against us.
    We have to watch our backs now, remember Indonesia is not far away? Why do you think Gillard is making overtures to China, Japan and South Korea.

    The frightening thing in all this, that for years the Taliban and Al Quaeda have had a foothold in the borders to and including now, Islamabad their capital. And they
    have fifty warheads. So – I am waiting for what the Pakies are going to react.

    • Yes I like the Americans but they have lost control of their own government. And so they have become an airbrushed Pakistan. And yes the photos were fake. But they weren’t “internet fakes.” They were part of the media force-feeding which is how the shadow government works.

      When Oswald had only just been arrested Australia and New Zealand had his whole faked-up story pushed down their throats. The covert ops know that it simply doesn’t matter how they logically incriminating they are to themselves and their own version of events. The important thing is to get the strategic points out about the patsy, and get a lot of weight behind the lies that they are putting about. Thats all that counts. They force-feed to such an extent that the announcement that building seven had collapsed was made before it collapsed. That doesn’t matter even a little bit. The only thing that matters is to get the force-feeding done.

      They never learn knew tricks. So you can tell a legitimate story by the absence of the old tricks. So when Saddam got caught it was a very straight story with all the verification you could expect. Not this time. Not this time at all.

  16. They are claiming Obama was buried at sea. And I was beginning to doubt my thesis. So Obama was killed some time ago.

    You say some cooky stuff but I’m pretty sure that you didn’t mean to say that Obama was killed and buried at sea. Perhaps you meant that Muslim guy with the similar sounding name.

    • Obama-Osama, what’s the difference? There used to be a time when we had a better type of subtlety, which meant we would never vote for anyone who chooses to call himself Adolph Hussein in the middle of a mortal disagreement with fascist Muslims.

  17. You know, I have been married into the British Armed Forces, my ex was an RAF
    Officer flying reconnaisance in the middle East initially and then captain on the
    V Force. Vulcans delivering Hydrogen Bombs. We mere mortals are never told
    the whole story at any time. High security ratings means you are liable for treason
    or worse if you are too loose lipped, and there’s usually no freedom of info allowed.
    The same applies to OBL.

    Those that are loose lipped like that jelly bean of a Tasmanian Independent, are marked for life by home security services.

    • Bush bunny, have you not seen Avatar?

      The film was a popular international success and its central thesis is that its hero (the male human one) correctly switched sides in the middle of a war of aggression by human beings against another planetary species (the goodies) whose entire territory and resources the humans (baddies) coveted, desecrated and violently appropriated.

      Treason, as you call it, or whistleblowing, or changing sides in the middle of a conflict is the right of every genuinely free human being and, depending on context, may be the most courageous and *correct* – from the pov of ethics or morality – course of action to take.

    • Yeah it would certainly be out of character for the British to act in this way. The problem is I think, that the spooks and what I call the “shadow government” appear to have gone international. So that anyone who ought to have a say, ie the official representatives like Tony Blair ….. well these guys would be out of the loop when the most critical decisions are made. Like I wouldn’t have accused Tony Blair of that sort of hit in a million years.

      With the natural world we use Occams Razor. But with conspiracy we find the best template that fits. Because you have people actively trying to conceal reality from you, and you simply don’t have access to the information.

      Howeover its only natural for the money-creation “principle” to team up with the covert operations function. And so over time its only natural for the operators of such an infernal network to be loyal to eachother, cloistered, bigoted in ways hard to predict, and as entirely ruthless with people outside their tribe as the Aztec Royal Family.

  18. So klutzy has been the US govt in recent decades – on all levels – it’s highly unlikely that its own intelligence led it to OBL, a man who after all has become irrelevant and of little concern to the US in its diffused “War on Terror”.

    If OBL was still alive and in that house he was a sick old man effectively living under house arrest as a ward of Pakistani intelligence. The major factor in his killing was, therefore, quite clearly, a shift in the position of his long-time protectors in the Pakistani state. For reasons that will eventually emerge, the Pakistani regime decided to toss him overboard.

    Obama can take no credit for this operation. It was handed to him on a platter.

  19. Right. So while Osama was a guilty man (he took part in the embassy bombings) he had almost nothing to do with 9-11. So we ought not cheer the killings. Since by their own admission the operators just kept shooting till everyone was dead and did not leave a witness.

    But the reality is that we have to assume everything they say is bullshit. And that “includes words like “and” and “the” “.

  20. “Obama still needs to show the photos or video. It is unacceptable to get a big scalp like this but provide nothing for the masses to verify. Maybe he actually wants some of his opponents to suspect the veracity of the mission and cunningly plans to bring out the full video to defuse the hysteria, about, say, next July after the primaries, but it would be exceedingly cynical and damaging to do so.”

    For fucksakes Fisk you are a logician. Stop compromising with these fluoride drinking flakes and beat seven shades of shit out of them. Take a walk down the road to your local internet cafe and start hammering these stooges like you were Fats Domino in concert. Show up under a new identity in order to kick them in the throat. Or just stop typing if you are going to be half-assed about it.

    Its the lesser-scandal protection. And we’ve seen it enough since 2001 to get to know the template by now.

  21. Not surprisingly, the master writer Guy Rundle succinctly and elegantly nails it.

    Rundle: by the time Osama died, he had already died
    From London, Guy Rundle writes:

    “When did al-Qaeda begin?” a panel at the Frontline Club was asked during a symposium on the group a few weeks ago. Various pundits gave different version of a conceptual answer, about the mujahadeen, 1979, Al-Qutb, etc, etc, and then it came the final speaker’s turn. “When did al-Qaeda begin?” said Noman Benotman, “about the second week of April 1988”.

    Benotman, a sharp-faced man in a sharp suit, had been introduced as a former leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, an al-Qaeda affiliate formed by former mujahadeen. He’d left the group after 9/11, and later became part of Quilliam, an anti-violent Islamist think tank. The rather wonkish evening suddenly got a lot more interesting.

    The gist of Benotman’s argument was that the idea that al-Qaeda was a loose conceptual movement, with anyone picking up the name as a flag of convenience, was false. “They [bin Laden et al] know who everyone is running these things, and no one starts one up without them.” But the most important part of his contribution was to remind everyone that much of what was said about al-Qaeda was projection based on surmise. Despite the occasional audio tape, the organisation was so secretive that it became a black hole around which the constellations of Western power could circulate.

    The process has continued with the killing of bin Laden at a compound near the Pakistani capital several days ago. There is no reason to disbelieve it — though the idea that anyone who doubts it is a loony conspiratorialist is a bit rich. There is, after all, no prisoner and no body. One can see why the US would not want either on hand, although presumably there are photographs — yet even releasing these would be provocative in the extreme.

    Yet in the absence of anything, what sort of event is this? There is a hole in the middle of it, and there was something empty and forced about the American gatherings to celebrate the mission. There was no Brandenburg gate to plant a flag on, no Mussolini hanging from a rope — just a speech and footage of a compound.

    Nor really, was there any demonstration of Western power. By far the most pathetic claim was that this was somehow an assertion of renewed Western purpose. No intelligent person could believe that. It takes a special form of needy self-delusion to claim that killing a man longing for martyrdom 10 years after he landed a killing blow on the American psyche represents an exercise of power and purpose. Bin Laden had won by surviving three months beyond 9/11, let alone 10 years. The rest was detail.

    Yet if there is delusion in the assessment of the importance of bin Laden’s demise, it is simply the counterpart to the overestimation of the threat presented by al-Qaeda per se. For an outfit that was supposed to present an existential threat to the West, it didn’t get very far. Three or four big bombings in Africa in the ’90s, then 9/11, the Madrid train bombings, a couple of others, and a possible connection with 7/7 in London.

    A half-dozen other botched or busted operations, usually conducted by young men that other terror outfits would reject as too unstable to carry on. In the Arab world of course, it has been far more lethal — although by far its most lethal areas were those it could not have created, such as Iraq. Only Western state actors could do that.

    Indeed, compared to efficient and focused terror groups — the IRA, the Irgun, November 17 in Greece — it is stunning how ineffectual al-Qaeda managed to be in the “crusader heartland”, when you factor in the ruthlessness they were willing to apply in their methods, a lethality far beyond any terror group yet known.

    Indeed when you look for parallels for the murderousness of al-Qaeda, you have to leave behind non-state actors altogether. What makes al-Qaeda so terrifying is that it applied the levels of death and destruction that had previously only been in the hands of the state.

    Morally speaking, 9/11 was no worse than a B-52 run over Vietnam, for example, and far less worse than both the initial act and eventual consequences of the 1970 US invasion of Cambodia. 9/11 employed a weird symmetry — what had most terrified those subject to imperialism in the post-WW2 years had been the lethal, amoral might of a territorial power.

    What terrified us most in the West was al-Qaeda’s territorylessness, its apparent ability to strike anywhere, and to leave an image trace — the burning towers — in the public archive, and the occidental consciousness. 9/11 was singular because at its apex was a man — Mohammed Atta — who had the burning hatred of other suicide operatives, yet lacked the mental disorganisation. Yet what was most remarkable about 9/11 was not its occurrence but its rarity.

    For a decade the West is Best club and al-Qaeda have defined each other, caught in an orbit of mutual need. Yet as is always the case in such situations, the real of it was not a variation on the fantasy, but something entirely at odds with it. The “real” of the past 10 years has been Pakistan, simultaneously a strong state, and no state at all, one of the few regions of the world whose outlying areas shade off into political indeterminacy, medieval tribal fiefdoms outside of the world state system.

    It has long been obvious that Pakistan’s nature as a state with multiple and conflicting power apparatuses ruling over territory it does not actually control is not simply a mockery of the official version of the war on terror, but its antimatter — the ally that spread nuclear technology far and wide while we were fighting the “dirty bomb” threat, whose ISI created and nurtured the Taliban, often with Western cash, a country that has been effectively bankrupt for a decade but cannot be allowed to fail.

    One might say that the discovery that Bin Laden was not deep in a cave in Tora Bora — i.e. in an unmapped place, off the grid of being — but in a compound A QUARTER OF A KILOMETRE from the country’s military officer training school, would make people finally understand the fantasies being served over the past decade, but the opposite may be the case. The absurdity of it makes any consideration of real geopolitics or strategic action with regard to the region impossible. Pakistan is the gateway of the Matrix.

    The ability to see the opposite of what is there is, after all, essential to the carriage of modern meaning in the West. The crowds that gathered at Ground Zero to celebrate American forcefulness could by definition not remark on the fact that its continued existence as a hole was a testament to the spirit of can’t-do — what sort of hollowed-out state can’t rebuild in triumph where it has been most keenly attacked.

    No, bin Laden won this one, every year since 2001, a shelf of premierships, the phantom West versus the phantom al-Qaeda. If he lost in the Arab heartland, where it matters, it’s because, as a conspiracy rather than a movement, it was always going to, as a real historical process took over there. By the time bin Laden died, he had already died.

    No matter how many sabre-rattling triumphalist pieces the frayed neocons fill the papers with, the emptiness of the occasion will mock any attempt to give it a transcendental meaning. No one really feels safer, or more endangered, or freed, or vindicated, or revenged, and no amount of retrochic nostalgia — which is what this is — will hold back a future taking us far beyond the neocons, al-Qaeda and Charlie Wilson’s war, one petty conspiracy after another, building stone pillars in the desert of the real.

  22. Robert Fisk, as usual, is pretty stunning too.

  23. Graeme sezs in reponse to Terje’s leaden observation about Graeme’s Freudian slip.

    “Obama-Osama, what’s the difference?”

    My thoughts exactly, both about these two men and your accidental confusion of one with the other. They’re both ghostly characters shrouded as if in a mist. Some people hoped they could reach or figure them out or discover they did indeed stand for what they claimed or for what was worth supporting. But neither delivered on what they implicitly or explicitly promised. They’re nothing more than incarnations of all the ineffectual hollow men with pretensions to leadership with which human history is replete.

  24. I would say that there was no such thing as Al Quaeda or the Taliban and I’d try to explain, but no matter, they could not seem to understand at Prodeo or Catallaxy.

    I’d explain that we had fallen into the habit of calling Sunni militants …. Al Quaeda, and Pashtun fighters “Taliban” but that neither outfit existed as originally constituted.

    By using the Orwellian lingo we were using we were denying the reality of outside help, and therefore denying ourselves the capacity for peace, by withdrawal, negotiation (with the third parties) or victory. The stupidity of the Catallaxians and Prodeo, unable to make that mental leap, is a truly awesome thing. But the persistence of the Orwellian language over man years seems to imply that the shadow government was happy with the continued war and the bankruptcy of the US.


    Who told them where he was?
    Tariq Ali 2 May 2011

    A US Special Forces operation in Pakistan has taken out Osama bin Laden and a few others. He was in a safe house close to Kakul Military Academy (Pakistan’s Sandhurst). The only interesting question is who betrayed his whereabouts and why.

    But that is to suppose that the US secret police agencies didn’t know all along, even though its very hard to imagine that they didn’t. There are more interesting questions in any event: why take him out *now*; and why dispose of the *corpus dilecti* gangland style, cement galoshes and all. A suggestion occurs to me: Bin Laden, who everyone knew was very ill and many (including myself) thought dead, was actually dying. His appearance in a Pakistani hospital would have been most discommoding for everyone involved so he had to be disposed of; and in the actual case, the state of his corpse would have raised most discommoding questions about the reasons for and method of the assassination. Thus the mafia techniques were the appropriate ones.

  27. Lateline on ABC last night had k.rudd and another former Pakistani high commissioner
    to Britain. He said, there is no way that the compound being built would not have
    come to the notice of the Pakistanis.

    But there was political internal unrest in Pakistan and no way did the authorities wish to create more. Like Jesus OBL had the support of lots of poor people, as there was a great division of wealth there. With the majority of these anti-American. So he felt the government did know, but don’t want to inform the people. What he said seems logical and you can get that report by tuning into the ABC Lateline whatever their addy is.

  28. PS. O/T and like Jesus maybe he will arise from the dead again somewhere?
    So the yanks and packies won’t want that to happen. LOL

    • I think he lives on in the White House myself.

  29. Bob barnstormin’ Ellis, God love’im on the Scarlet Pimpernel.

    “And Osama Bin Laden was buried at sea. Full fathom five thy father lies. Of his bones are coral made. Those are pearls that were his eyes. Imagine Hitler, buried at sea. Or Trotsky. How stupid can they be?”


    • But thats good Philomena. Forget the dupes who were celebrating as if they had bought into the shadow government myth of an Arab DR MORIATI.

      No matter how hard I tried I could never shake this superhuman Moriati myth from out of the skull of young Mr SOON. But though the established media shows all the dupes cheering, as if the established media wants to start a story to start and event to start another war ………

      .. But look at the reality. The working class man isn’t taken in no more. The media hype is just an attempt to spart a terrorist incident. But the people out there where the real wind blows are not taken in. Only the Catallaxy kids still buy into the old lies, assumptions and images.

  31. please go away.”

    Okay lets go over Jimmy Carter still doesn’t understand.

    1. No non-American intelligence evidence puts Obama as being a big wheel in 9/11

    2. Pseudo-evidence, (which is no evidence under the PROVEN false-flag hypothesisi, obtained under torture, says that Obama vetoed a larger attack but did not veto the attack that went ahead. If you want to believe this, well thats a matter for you. But its pretty weak stuff AND OBTAINED UNDER TORTURE, AND UNVERIFIED. If you don’t have third party verification your evidence cannot be thought of as scientific. Sorry.

    3. Clearly Obama was sheep-dipped prior to 9/11. Since not one of you did not realise that Obama was no billionaire. And not even a rich man.

    4. Media force-feeding on 9/11 proves that Obama was the pre-determined patsy . (Yes yes he’s evil. And wicked. They say he hates Jews as well.)

    5. Fake videos with an actor playing Bin Laden is NOT (sorry John Cleese) evidence for Bin Laden driving 9/11. Rather its evidence for the fellow who produced the video driving 9/11.

    6. All of the above (for your information Jesus Christ) is important. And the rest of you ought to drop your childish baby-talk and deal with the reality of you being deluded. The reality is that you have been duped. And you better stop extrapolating on the brazen lies of the last couple of days lest you find yourself back in the land of lotus eaters, when your lotus eating kills hundreds of thousands of people in lands far far away.

  32. “please go away.”

    Okay lets go over this since Jimmy Carter still doesn’t understand.

    1. No non-American intelligence evidence puts Obama as being a big wheel in 9/11

    2. Pseudo-evidence, (which is no evidence under the PROVEN false-flag hypothesis), obtained under torture, says that Obama vetoed a larger attack but did not veto the attack that went ahead.

    If you want to believe this, well thats a matter for you. But its pretty weak stuff, OBTAINED UNDER TORTURE, AND UNVERIFIED. If you don’t have third party verification your evidence cannot be thought of as scientific. Sorry.

    3. Clearly Obama was sheep-dipped prior to 9/11. Since not one of you did not realise that Obama was no billionaire. And not even a rich man.

    4. Media force-feeding on 9/11 proves that Obama was the pre-determined PATSY . (Yes yes he’s evil. And wicked. They say he hates Jews as well. He hates Jews!!!!! He hates Jews!!!!)

    5. A fake video with an actor playing Bin Laden is NOT (sorry John Cleese) evidence for Bin Laden driving 9/11. Rather its evidence for the party who produced the video driving 9/11.

    6. All of the above (for your information Jesus Christ) is important. And the rest of you ought to drop your childish baby-talk and deal with the reality of you being deluded.

    The reality is that you have been duped. And you better stop extrapolating on the brazen lies of the last couple of days lest you find yourself back in the land of lotus eaters, when your lotus eating kills hundreds of thousands of people in lands far far away.

  33. So we’ve established to the nth degree that Osama Bin Laden (yes yes bad man that he is) had only the most minimal role in 9-11.

    Now why was it important to so patiently prove this FACT?

    1. No good can come out of being delusional. There is a connection BELIEVE IT OR NOT between these mass delusions and the horrendous body counts that delusion-led policy creates. You may not believe that there could be a connection of this sort. But nonetheless the connection is there.

    2. Its important to know that you were deluded about THIS issue so as for you to realise that you are deluded generally. And supposing you want to break out of your little-world.

    3. At the moment you are all commenting on alleged events that you have no direct evidence for. And you are shameless about this. Once upon a time, and it wasn’t so long ago, responsible adults had more pride then this.

    • Bird supports commies and terrorists



  34. Moderated Elsewhere:

    at number 4 you meant Osama, yes?”

    Whats the difference? It used to be that if your real name was “Kevin from the truck-stop” and you choose to call yourself: “Adolph …Big Al ((The Donkey))…Bin Hussein” and you had a proven record of drumming up hatred for Jews, when we were in the middle of a fight with a bunch of Jew-hating sand-crackers …….

    ….. It used to be that then folks might think twice about voting for you.

    But not the people here. No no not the people here.

    There was a bipartisan determination of true-believer supporters for the election of this fellow ON THIS SITE. And I think I have a responsibility to reach (REACH!!!!!!) these lotus-eaters.

    • So that’s a “no” then.

  35. What a mean-spirited twerp Sinclair is. He will never be taken seriously in the field of economics.

  36. Sinclair Davidson, as I recall, is way out of his depth on any subject he broaches. Thankfully, he doesn’t opine much on anything that anyone would notice, so one need not worry too much about being offended by his rank all-round stupidity and venality.

    Now let me guess, Graeme, the callaxy dopes are going overboard about Obama and the illegal killing (sic) by the US of a Saudi national on Pakistani territory. Let me guess: those there whose chins are literally dripping with blood and spittle, in the following order are:

    Mark Hill
    Jason Soon

    Am I correct?

  37. Well the main problem is that they think that the beta-story they are getting is worth building on when its all lies. And they still buy into the Dr Moriati version of the Bin Laden story. Its upsetting to think that grownups can be duped in this way.

    I tell you the truth. I would have liked to see what Obama had to say, but these people claim they have destroyed him and therefore vandalised history itself. But on Catallaxy they are so dim as to not realise that from an ethical point of view its one thing to murder an unarmed terrorist leader. But its quite another matter to go into some place and keep shooting until everyone is dead, claim its because the Pakistani’s are unreliable friends and send another check in the mail to them the next day.

    But the fact is that even their protestations that they killed all these people are NOT to be taken seriously. Thats LESSER SCANDAL PROTECTION which is the currency that these liars in covert-ops rely on day and night. They might have killed these people or murdered 1000 more on the other side of town. There is no evidence for any of this. They had a bullshit story about a chopper malfunctioning …. CUE …. EVIDENCE-WIPING BOMB.

    All is bullshit. Even apparent confessions of wrong-doing are lies. This is just a distraction from the Donald certificate affair, which itself is lesser-scandal protection against the proven reality of shadow government involvement in 9/11.

  38. I’m tired of this folks. No more for a while unless its about carbon taxes or something.

    • Bush bunny, if carbon taxes is your thang I suggest you head over to Menzies House blog. It’s all they talk about and it’s a very woman-friendly, ahem, site.

      Translate: there are 1-2 men commenting there pretending to be 20-30 other women and men.

  39. “John Candy!! maybe Graeme’s onto something !”

    Gabrielle. Can you please not encourage that stupid wop, and other sundry dead-heads.

  40. Should the US have wanted to kill Osama they could have easily have prosecuted him for the Embassy bombings and had him executed. The most significant thing to note is THEY COULD NEVER HAVE CONVICTED HIM ON 9/11.

    ((((I’m not angry at these criminals for killing Obama. I’m angry at them for killing history.))))))))

    They don’t have the evidence no matter what that stupid wop cunt Cambria says. Cambria cited an actor PRETENDING to be Osama and confessing on Camera as evidence for his involvement.


    Lets hope that the stupid gene skips a generation in the Cambria house and never comes back again.

    • And what is with you mixing up the Obama/Osama names? Incoherent fuckwittery at its worst.

      • Whats the difference?

  41. “Lets hope that the stupid gene skips a generation…”

    All 4 of your grandparents were afflicted with this genetic malady then Birdie?

    Seems you were the unlucky one, none of your siblings share your problem do they?

  42. Okay so has anyone got any evidence that the Americans killed Osama on the day they said they did? NO! And they aren’t about to.

  43. Here is a picture of the actor that fooled Joseph Cambria. Cambria a perpetual idiot:

  44. There is simply a lack of hard evidence that OBL did the crimes the US gov’t accuses him of. Any live OBL capture would mean the public would expect him to be tried for 9/11, but the FBI has said they do not have evidence to indict him for the crimes of
    9/11. That would be a hard thing for the US gov’t to explain away.

    AQ will become a footnote in history and 9/11 a disaster comparable to the sinking of the Hindenburg.

  45. Graeme, no one I’ve spoken to believes this story about OBL and one person reminded me of this:

    “Benazir Bhutto named Osama bin Laden’s killer before her death

    Benazir Bhutto named Osama bin Laden’s killer before her deathBenazir Bhutto, who was killed in a suicide attack at the end of 2007 stated in November that the Osama bin Laden, the head of the international terrorist network al-Qaida, had been killed. Bhutto claimed that she even knew the man who had killed the prime suspect of 9/11 terrorist attacks in the USA. According to Bhutto’s words, Bin Laden was killed by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh – one of those convicted of kidnapping and killing U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl.
    Bhutto released that statement on November 2, 2007 in an interview with Al-Jazeera TV channel. Bhutto spoke in English in the program titled Frost Over the World. However, no one paid any attention to her words. Speaking about the enemies, who did not wish to see her back in Pakistan, she said: “Omar Sheikh is the man who murdered Osama bin Laden.”

    The video of Bhutto’s interview to Al-Jazeera can be found on YouTube (click to watch the video). The assassinated Pakistani prime minister says the words about Bin Laden’s killer during the second minute of the interview. She stays absolutely calm when she pronounces the names. More than 600,000 people have already viewed the video.

    Correspondent David Frost, who interviewed Bhutto, did not even care to ask more questions about the sensational statement. Frost, who is believed to be an experienced journalist, did not even ask Bhutto when Bin Laden was killed.

    Benazir Bhutto’s interview to Al-Jazeera received very little attention from the media. There was practically no newspaper in the world who published the news on its front page, although tens of thousands of people discussed the news for two months. It just so happens that even Al-Jazeera messed it up.

    There was no official who commented on the information. Not a word was said from the CIA and the FBI. They did not even lift a finger to reject it. Absolute silence. But the U.S. administration promised a reward of 25 million dollars for Bin Laden’s body, dead or alive.

    Benazir Bhutto is now dead. She cannot say anything about her sources of information. “

  46. Short form:

    “Evidence delayed is evidence denied” (Graeme Bird)

    Long form:

    “In the context of modern technology, evidence delayed is evidence denied.” (Graeme Bird)

    This is a phrase I’ve been using offline for some time. So I’m claiming it. I put it in the google and here is what I got:

    No results found for “Evidence delayed is evidence denied”.

  47. Denial is not an option any more. If skeptics refuse to judge on the basis of evidence then what do they represent? What basis will they judge on?

  48. The Thermate theory of how 9/11 happened has been decisively surpassed. My new hero: Dr Judy Wood. Someone finally cracks the 9/11 mystery. She shows that there did not need to be more than a handful of people involved in the actual demolition.

  49. “Hurricane Erin was the longest-lived hurricane in the 2001 Atlantic hurricane season. ” On September 11 the Western edge of the eye of the Hurricane came up to New York and once the last building was gone, it drifted North East and away.

    I’m not lying check it yourself. This was the power-point for the directed energy attack on the towers. Which means we can have super-cheap energy if we can take down the culprits of 9/11. Check it yourself below:

    Hurricane Erin was also used to take the dust away. Sort of a dual role. Power plug and building removal.

    The shadow government has been hogging all the best science for decades. They have been force-feeding us the crap science “tier-two science” and they have solved the problem of how to harness energy from the ionosphere.

    So the technology has already been developed. All we need to do is steal it off the culprits.

  50. Birdie

    Ron says you banned. FFS He asked if you would be good enough to expound your position on this.

    • Its just nonsense. A wrong assertion. NASA doesn’t confirm things it hides them. You weren’t educated Cambria. You saw an actor playing Osama whose nose was half as long as Osama’s and you thought that was evidence for an Osama confession. You see an assertion that NASA has found evidence for a disproven theory and you think thats the evidence itself.

      You are so uneducated you cannot tell me what evidence is. You don’t know it when you see it.


  52. “You saw an actor playing Osama whose nose was half as long as Osama’s and you thought that was evidence for an Osama confession..”

    Who was the actor, Birdie? Name names please. Go the whole hog on this one.



  53. You’ve just seen me make a range of assertions but only bring a single piece of evidence in their favor. You need convergent evidence to prove something but thats a book long undertaking. Now have a look at that evidence where hurricane Erin moves up off the coast of New York!!!!! and is off the Coast during 9/11. So positioned as to supply the electrical energy and get rid of the building material once it had been turned to dust.

    You steer a hurricane with a laser. The laser keeps the hurricane going by ionizing atoms from the ionosphere through to the troposphere. Air doesn’t conduct electrical energy very well. But ionised air does.

    You can steer a hurricane this same way by nudging the energy flow at the edge of the eye-wall. You strengthen a hurricane by bobbing the eyewall with the same laser but without trying to move it.

    Now at least look at those two pieces of evidence. They are not enough to prove what I’m saying but they are real evidence. Whereas your link only contains a wrong set of assertions.

    • LOL, you need to check yourself into a mental health clinic, urgently!

      Einstein was a dummy, but hurricanes being steered by lasers is right on the money. Fuck, you are an idiot.

  54. “You steer a hurricane with a laser. ”

    Where would the laser have to be positioned for this to be possible? On another planet, such as the moon? The laser would have to be above the hurricane wouldn’t it?

    • LOL. You fly into the hurricane at one’s peril of course.

      Sounds like something from a movie?

  55. Dr Judy Wood: Crackpot and “truther” idiot.

    John Hutchison: Crackpot and Creator of the “Hutchinson effect” hoax, which the above named crackpot has fallen for.

    Graeme Montgomery Bird: Crackpot and credulous moron.

    I still want to know how you coexist with reality, Bird. I say coexist, because there is precious little reality in the world you seem to be inhabiting.

  56. “If Bird is right, then why aren’t there hurricanes every time someone uses a laser pointer during a slideshow?”

    Think about why this could not work! Why does the laser have to be many metres wide?

  57. Speaking of hurricanes. If you seriously want to know as close as possible without directly experiencing it what it feels like to live through all the stages of a hurricane, on a boat, at sea, I do recommend the riveting Joseph Conrad tale ‘Typhoon’.

    Fortuitously, I first read this to-die-for evocation a few years ago during the most theatrical stages of a cyclone on a hot February night on the verandah of a house I’d just arrived at, overlooking a sliver of sand dunes, teatrees, melaleucas and mangroves, and then the Pacific Ocean, on the northern NSW coast.

    For example, the approach of the hurricane/cyclone/typhoon is described thus:

    “The Nan-Shan was ploughing a vanishing furrow upon the circle of the sea that had the surface and the shimmer of an undulating piece of gray silk. The sun, pale and without rays, poured down leaden heat in a strangely indecisive light, and the Chinamen were lying prostrate about the decks.

    “At its setting the sun had a diminished diameter and an expiring brown, rayless glow, as if millions of centuries elapsing since the morning had brought it near its end. A dense bank of cloud became visible to the northward; it had a sinister dark olive tint, and lay low and motionless upon the sea, resembling a solid obstacle in the path of the ship. She went floundering towards it like an exhausted creature driven to its death. “

  58. You need to be able to ensure conductivity between the ionosphere and the troposphere. Conductivity is where you have a line of molecules, almost all of which are ionised …… So why do you need the laser to be many metres wide?????

    It takes a lot of energy to ionise 85+ kilometres of molecules. So clearly a small pocket laser would not do. But think about it? Why many metres wide? Its no mystery.

    • So where is this gee wizz laser positioned?


      What is it’s power output


      and what actually powers it?


      Who built it? Was it Osama bin Laden


  59. “There’s a sentence that had never previously been typed.”

    Actually thats not true infidel. Hundreds of thousands of people know about this. And the principle is so basic that it almost cannot NOT work. Most gases cannot conduct electricity. But ionised gas molecules can. Its really as simple as that. But now we know that covert ops has the technical capacity to harness this method for useful energy. Already it was an open secret that HAARP could manipulate extreme weather events. But now we know that the evil shadow government can redirect the energy and then turn it into a directed energy weapon. Which clearly means they can use it to power the grid.

    Its looking like a warped version of Atlas Shrugged. Only the looters have the free energy source.

  60. Why many metres wide? Its not a trick question. And why do Hurricanes tend to lose their power over the land? But can grow stronger over the ocean?

    • Don’t hurricanes lose power over land partly because they meet resistance, both natural in the form of land forms, including um land, vegetation, hills, mountains and a different quality and quantity of air circulation and then human made or shaped forms?

  61. Birdie, did you hear or read about the geo-engineering and climate change confab that was held recently, at Cambridge, or was it Harvard?

    Anyhoo, scientists and dudes from a range of disciplines got together to discuss geo-engineering possibilities (as far as we can imagine ones now with existing levels of technology) that might be able to ameliorate high temps, flooding rains etc if all the worst-case predictions/scenarios prove correct.

    The report I read (will have to find it) said that the outcome of the conference was that while many ideas were put forward none seemed feasible and that we can’t rely solely on such deflecting techniques, though some may be possible in the future.

    Of course, all attempts to channel hurricanes, e.g. will have other effects that we cannot possibly know or even predict know, given current levels of knowledge. But yes, people are speculating.

    • Well from today I know for sure that James McCanney is right. And thats all tier-two science. The best science has been monopolised by covert ops, and they try hard to misinform us and keep us addicted to old and wrong ideas.

      • That sounds a bit Manichean. I actually think all things are a lot greyer and more complicated than that. But then I had a hard day. I got swarmed by at least 10 off leash dogs when I was having a grand walk at lunchtime in a beautiful quiet green space. God their owners give me the shits. They always say, oh, he/they won’t bite, wilfully ignoring the fact that most people, especially women, do not want a big smelly dog to come bounding towards their sacred spaces with a view to enacting who knows what slimy wet dirty horrors.

  62. He may have a couple of his IP numbers under block. I’ll check my spam folder some time. But I’m too busy at the moment.

  63. “How do you steer a hurricane? CHEMTRAILS!”

    No thats silly. And it may be deliberate misinformation. Since to keep easy an proven science out of the hands of the public you need a “disinformation crew”. Now I always knew of these stories, but now I know that the stories are true.

  64. Fyodor and Tillman both consistently act like they were part of the disinformation crew. 10 000 to 1 odds are that they are really just house niggers. But the disinformation crew would act like these two.

  65. Graeme, as far as the Cataleprosy crew goes, the only ones I’ve seen who value add to your blog who should be allowed to post relatively unimpeded are the following:

    John H

    Steve Edney


    That is all.

  66. As Graeme has already word-pictured, JC is (forget the cultural reference which I couldn’t pinpoint or relate to but got the gist) an oily, smarmy, botoxed hail fellow well met stick a dagger in your throat once up close sorta guy.

    Angry as hell, without a life or friends, and nothing of interest to say.

    I knew those sort of men when I was four. God they’re a bore.

    • Graeme, all the JC-like men I knew at four were unhappily married males, typically celibate by design or decree – except for the occasional visit to a brothel – who spent most of their leisure time away from the missus out with the boys rubbishing the women back home (whether they were mothers, wives or daughters) and talking absolute rubbish that thankfully no one else except children or bar staff would ever hear or recall.

      • The template probably fits. Its a big like judging the workings of the shadow government. You cannot see behind closed doors. You cannot apply Occam’s razor. You’ve just got to try on a template and see if it fits. Good show. Strong points for epistemology. You get an A for Adept. You were conceptually audited and you passed with flying colors.

  67. Did I mention: inarticulate sliding towards – no more so than when demolished in argument – reflexively and unimaginatively, abusive?

  68. Graeme, I have to confess you were right and I wrong about Menzies House under John Humphrey’s editorship. Do not ever log on to that blog, as I will not ever more, unless you want your intelligence level to plummet to pre-homo sapiens levels. I’ve never seen anything so primal, and anti-libertarian and stoopid. They simply do not have a clue about how to do effective politics.

    Too funny.

    • You see that people? You see that children? You see that third parties. THIS IS THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD. Admitting one is wrong, that others were right, locking in the lesson AND LEARNING THE LESSON. Humphreys was never meant to have any authority. It only hurts when he gets it.


  69. Birdie is going through the relevant theories and applying the razor to the most likely.

    It’s pure science method. In fact it’s science being practiced in its purest form and for that we have to be thankful we have a serious minded gentleman scientist on our hands and not a mere science worker.

  70. “You get an A for Adept. You were conceptually audited and you passed with flying colors.”

    Wow. That’s high praise indeed, thank you Mr B.


  72. “(Reuters) – Al Qaeda confirmed the death of Osama bin Laden on Friday ……..”

    Wow. Look at this. Direct evidence.

    “…… in an Internet message …….. ”

    Nope. No evidence at all. Not even a fucking website to check out. All lies.

  73. The ludicrous lie and idiocy of the Obama hit. No evidence has emerged for this ridiculous story in all this time.

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