Posted by: graemebird | May 19, 2011

Dale Husband Is A Dishonorable Lying Cunt.

Something to note in passing. He lied about me, and continues to do so. When this was brought to his attention he said sue PZ-Myers.

What a cunt hey. But thats the sort of people who are on the other side of my arguments.  Its normal to withdraw lies or unwitting inaccuracies on my side of the tracks. But with cunts like Dale he throws it off onto some other cunt. As dishonorable as himself.



  1. Bird

    Link please. Who is Dale Husband?

  2. You’ll find him on google. Its very easy for him to get this thread wiped. All he has to do is withdraw his ongoing lies.

    The choice is his to make.

  3. The thread of doom has been memorialised:

    Jason, the celestial king of the Sun,
    Had an angry interloper
    Dotty, JC and AR thought he was a joker
    but for the love of big tittied blonde women
    he would forsake his own littoral territory
    if for the education, education, education of the youth
    they’d learn about monetary economics
    in what others saw as fairy tale
    through paradigm shift, King Solomon and Captain Beefheart.

    The next “American Pie” I tells ya…

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