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Geo-strategy And Moral Theory

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  1. “A little difficult for the Yanks to do without declaring war, it was after all a British territory.”

    Churchill was busy redirecting resources to Stalin, and had just invaded neutral Iran to do so. Yes with American materiel help they ought to have shored up Singapore. And Churchill having his ass to the wall would have gone along with such a scheme had the Americans pushed it. But the American zeitgeist was pretty much skewed in favor of Stalin.

    You see forward bases, if they are unassailable can save lives on both sides and save you even having to fight.

    I try to point this out to libertarians but they want the defense to start at their own border. That would be nice. And I say that the US only really needs about 20 bases (they have, I think, more than 700)

    But its a disaster to fight on your own territory. So if one can get away with it, excellent forward defense can be a way to ensure peace, but with the Americans its morphed to foreign aid, interventionism, and general busy-body behavior.

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  2. “Yes, dropping the nuclear bombs may have been necessary to save lives, because it pushed the Japanese into surrendering more quickly. But save the lives of whom? Government soldiers, who were spared some of the difficulties of launching a ground invasion into Japan.

    However, I say let soldiers die; they knew exactly what they signed up for. Just leave civilians alone.”

    Bad argument Sukrit. Our job is to send our soldiers home to MOMMA. Even if they want to stay and fight. It takes an whole family to put a soldier in the field. The families tend to be taxpayers, thats who we have to be loyal too. We take a paternalistic attitude to our soldiers. And so we need to bring them home now from Afghanistan, though many of them want to stay and fight.

    I agree that by definition Truman is a war criminal. But he’s one of the least blameworthy of all of them.

    He came in when the mess was already created. He was out of the loop and early on when briefed just after the launch of Barborossa, he said in a meeting ….. We ought to aid whoever is weaker (BETWEEN STALIN AND HITLER) …. then they will wear themselves down (or words to that effect.)

    That was the obvious thing to do.

    And we cannot be pacifists Sukrit. Thats a losing battle. We have to be out there taking care of business. But if we keep our loyalty to the families of the soldiers in mind we will make better decisions.

    And I’m not a Catholic. But they have a truly excellent theoretical history of what constitutes JUST WAR. We ought to go with that. We wouldn’t have screwed up so bad had we gone with JUST WAR.

    My position is you train your armed forces with a bias towards them being SHOCK TROOPS.

    But in practice they have to work mostly in logistics, helping put-upon people who are already fighting.

    Since I ask you? Is it JUST…….. to have to fight and also have to foot the bill for the fighting? I say nay. If you are already put-upon by Hitler and Stalin I say we will kit you out with the gear and the resources to hold your ground, and we can give safe haven to your women and kids while you are reclaiming your turf.

    We cannot cut costs when it comes to doing the right thing. If we do our best to help those that are fighting against enslavement, then its our boys who won’t have to pay the blood-tax.

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    Graeme Bird :

    01 Jun 2011 7:59:38pm

    As someone who fancies himself a student of geo-strategy and war; ends and means ….. I cannot fathom the stupidity of our continuing involvement. If people are wanting to protect Afghan women; that I understand. But they should SAY THIS. And then we could work something out.

    The violence is mindless. Please just bring our boys and girls home. Our strategic interest lies in them being here with us. Or at least closer to home.

    We could have used the Japanese disaster as an excuse to pull out and help the Japanese. Since Japan is absolutely important to Australia, and we could have shown we were fully tight on our end.

    Every dollar we spend is a dollar we don’t have. Every bullet we fire is a bullet not held in reserve. Every kid who gets stress disorders, is a depleted resource even before we account for him on the human level.

    Believe me I’m not being the least bit sappy here. Its just business.

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