Posted by: graemebird | June 10, 2011

Pole Shift: The Biggest Catastrophe The Most Recent

It turns out that there is excellent evidence that the bronze age catastrophe was a massive one. Incorporating a pole shift, wherein the longstanding positions of the poles were altered. The South Pole from the Southern Indian Ocean. The North Pole from close to the area of the American “Great Lakes”.  A spot just North of Wisconsin.

I had initially thought of the Quaternary extinction as the larger event. It surely was from the point of view of technological regression, and the scattering of a once connected human coastal civilisation.  But from a sheer physical trauma perspective the bronze age cataclysm seems to have been the most stupendous disaster of its kind in the last many tens of thousands of years.  This is, after-all, the disaster which created the new planet Venus.





  2. From elsewhere:

    Graeme Bird :
    22 Jun 2011 5:51:04pm

    Here are our guys fighting, when we lack the negotiating position for the violence we are applying to be used to bend outcomes to our will. So the fighting amounts to mindless violence from our perspective. Since the outcomes are now more-or-less totally out of our hands.

    There are going to usually be reasons to pull out and reasons also to stay. But this is war. Serious business. And if we don’t know what we are doing, we have to be serious enough about WHAT-WAR-IS to pull out.

    Reagan did it you know. Reagan turned out to be an outstanding commander. When he couldn’t see how to apply force productively in Lebanon he just clean got out of there. That ought to have been a lesson to us all. And of course there was a localised disaster after the Americans left.

    But staying would have been strategically inept, because there was no way to apply that force for clear and worthy outcomes, and it would have detracted from the overall relative pressure on the Soviet leadership to be fighting a minor war ….. one which lacked clarity to it.

    Our situation here is more or less analogous. Yes it will be nasty business in Afghanistan some time after we pull out. But we are hurting our overall strategic position in just the same way as Reagan would have been staying in Lebanon.

    But Reagan turned around and took Granada clean off the chess-board and the Soviet leadership couldn’t do a damn thing about it. He took care of business closer-to-home. Which is what we should do also. Shore up our strength in the South Pacific. We have to do what is necessary to make certain that pulling out is a sign of growing muscular-independence and confidence and not seen to be an enfeebling move.

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