Posted by: graemebird | July 24, 2011

Don’t Wait Until August 2nd: Modern Debt Is Enslavement

Don’t wait that long to default. Do it. Do it. Just do it.  Because Default is the only way to stop the slide to poverty, disaster, enslavement the four horsemen and JUNKIE-NATIONHOOD.  Keynesianism is death on the hoof.  The steeds are standing around snorting steam, behind those pretty clouds, waiting for their opportunity.  As bad as the old fractional reserve gold and silver standards were, they would foist up a fearful cleansing periodically so that the place turned out anyone who could delude themselves that cash flow and savings weren’t the road to wealth.

Default with relish. Default with blood-lust.  Default with whatever gets you going. But default default default. Waiting another fortnight ensures more damage from the wealth destroying machine that is bank-cash pyramiding, and government departments running amok like cancer cells jacking off in a hall of  mirrors and splitting 2, 4,8, 16.

What will be the immediate consequences of default?

Well the cure won’t be easy. The taxeaters and the bankers will seek a fearful retribution. When announcements are made on the local level to make cuts then we may expect that they suddenly cannot find people to collect the garbage. The sewerage will kind of get blocked up on a hot day and the streets may run with excrement that finds its way into the train tunnels and the underground parking of the high-rise apartments.

Never underestimate the vindictiveness and cunning of a rich taxeater that wants to keep his high salary.  They will ALWAYS cut the meat bone and marrow before they cut fat.  So we can expect the United States soldiers still over there in Afghanistan will suddenly find themselves under-resourced even while they are facing enemy fire.

The other thing we can expect is Social Security checks of the old people will be delayed.  But don’t expect at first any closures of this incredible alphabet fucking soup of agencies, agencies, bureaucracies, and more agencies ……. don’t expect even one of them to close down in the first instance.  The taxeater is at the top of the food chain. And like any apex predator he can be expected to be totally ruthless in response to any request for him to cede turf.

You may be shocked by how they act but don’t be.  Them starving off old people and getting soldiers killed is part of the process.   There is no avoiding it.   But to continue with the Keynesianism is a crime against humanity, and a great deal more people will get killed if the debt ceiling is raised, and the deficit spending continues.

Well what ought they do? Ought they under-resource their soldiers? Ought they starve off the old guys? No of course not.  They have plenty of money for the social security and for fighters currently in the field.   So long as they close down all those Washington agencies and tell the States that they have responsibility for any of their legitimate functions now.  They cannot afford medicaire its true.  They will need to actually push up pensions to compensate for the withdrawal of medicaire cover.  But they don’t need to delay pensions in default.  They WILL delay pensions but they don’t need to.  This is just the inevitable softening up process that the taxeaters will try on.

The financial conspiracy is just a band of airbrushed drug-dealers who tempt everyone with dreams of asset inflation uppers that they themselves supply.  But they drain away the health of the economy like the girlyness leaving Amy’s body. The hangover is whole segments of the population holding a hot potato when the asset values crash. In all of this loanable funds aren’t used to buy capital equipment, but instead are used to make our own land more expensive on the asset side, and put us in debt to foreigners on the liabilities ledger. How neat is that hey? Bidding up the price of the land beneath our feet, and showering ourselves in debt at the same time.  What a gift these dealers bring to us?  What a wonderful service?

Both sides of economics glorify debt, and they cannot seem to see that if you sell everything and keep borrowing, you wind up owning nothing but obligations. You wind up with a whole country living like junkies. Owning nothing. Not able to manage their ball and chain.  Poor Amy. You are in a better place. You still have your grammies and you owed no cunt nothing far as I know.

Proper debt is not enslavement since in the right context debt improves cash flow.  And there aren’t the loanable funds available except that they will be made for loans that will improve cash flow.  The money-creators bribe politicians to put you and me under official debt. Something that neither any of the politicians or any of the bankers have any right to do.

So default default default. For both moral and practical reasons. Because if Washington defaults. And Greece defaults. And Ireland defaults. And the whole world fucking defaults, then there is a chance that the benefits will trickle down to you and me.  And they may even formalize the process in a partial jubilee.



  1. “Big cuts to the deficit in the short term can only mean a cut in private sector income and would risk throwing the US back into recession.”

    Total nonsense of course. But rapid cuts to deficit spending will massively bring down profit levels.

    Oh dear.

    How sad.

    Never mind.

  2. Further evidence that Sinclair Davidson is an intellectual lightweight. Evidence that this is a full-blown thing and not just a deficit in the subject of economics:

    “Perhaps those suggesting that the deaths of German and Japanese civilians during WWII is a great evil could explain how the Allies could and should have waged war against those countries. Or should the UK, US etc. have simply surrendered?”

    How long have you got Sinclair? Sinclair? Why are you running away?

    We are talking about an allied effort that carpet-bombed German girls and boys, even as they under-resourced their own soldiers. We are talking of an allied effort that failed to save Singapore, due to it diverting resources to the co-invasion (with Stalin) of a neutral country (Iran) for the purpose of giving astonishing amounts of materiel to the greatest murderer who had ever lived until that date.

    Why would they need to have surrendered you stupid bastard? The idea was to wage war against their soldiers, and regime leadership, on the basis that you want your own soldiers to make it home. Or alternatively not wage war at all and prepare to confront these bastards at a later date.

    Fucking hell. You would think the former dean of the economics department of the RMIT would be able to learn a few things if he put his mind to it.

  3. The primitive wop Joseph Cambria comes out full square in support of the murder of innocents:

    “……Dresden was pay back. It wasn’t pretty but it was deserved payback…….”

    Payback? Payback for what? Those women and children in Dresden, turned into four foot long crispy critters didn’t hurt anyone. They didn’t hurt anyone anywhere.. And note that the woppy is so fullblown into the bloodlust that he has the history entirely wrong. Dresden wasn’t payback. It was sucking up. Dresdon was sucking up to Stalin. Incredibly evil and gutless.

    You have to believe that there are a lot of people out there in fullblown support of the Norwegian terrorist but don’t wish to say so. Because if you can support Dresden there is no evil that you won’t support. A lifetime of watching vampire movies could never have prepared me for Catallaxy. Unrepentant in their advocacy of the murder of innocents.

    So Sinclair, Jason, Joseph Cambria ……. what is your argument against the Norwegian then? I’ll sit in for the Norwegian. You show me where he went wrong? So you agree with the murder of innocents, so you also agree to what the Norwegian did right? If not why not?

    I disagree with what the Norwegian did for the simple reason that I don’t believe in targeting civilians. Only regime leadership where possible and soldiers where you cannot avoid it. This is a blanket approach.

    But you guys have all expressed support for Keelhaul and Dresden. So why don’t you support the Norwegian? Or if you do why not say it? Or if you don’t support Keelhaul and Dresden you have a chance to deny it and put this Hannibal the Cannibal behavior behind you.

  4. There has to be a lot more killing like what this Norwegian got up to unless we get our ideas straight about the past. Because you could talk to this young fellow all day and not convince him that what he did was as bad as what was done to Dresden. Furthermore he would win the argument.

    If you cannot have a blanket ban on targeting third parties, and particularly women and children, then you are encouraging another hundred like the Norwegian. Who appears to be not much different in his ethics to anyone at Catallaxy but somewhat more motivated and violent.

  5. “Do you approve of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, JC?

    Oh 20 times over, perhaps more.”

    Amazing? A fullblown confession of being a war-criminal wannabe. But he protesteth too much that he doesn’t support the Norwegian. Which of the Norwegians political aims does the woppy disagree with one wonders.

  6. “Sorry, in other words, if a commenter here travelled back in time and advocated the bombing of German cities in WW2, is that advocating mass murder?”

    Some barbarian calling himself “wreckage” gets the prize for stupid question of the day. Wreckage. There are only really two answers to this question. Its a yes/no question. Do you mean to say you are too mentally handicapped to answer your own question? The person has a severe logic handicap and thereby may be suspected to be Mark Hill.

  7. Well we must await all the evidence one supposes. But so far everything that filters down to us has seemed to suggest that the Norwegian is a smart fellow and a genuine conservative.

    Its tempting to call him a fascist on the basis of his actions rather than his words. Actions speak louder than words and all that. But he doesn’t appear to be a fascist. Remembering that fascism was a socialist heresy and not part of mainstream conservatism. Rather Hitler tried to triangulate towards conservatives. He was anything but a conservative. But this Norwegian does indeed seem to be a straight down the line conservative.

    Well of course I’m only going on what has been reported so far. Its kind of odd in that you don’t usually get conservatives showing up at protest rallies, let alone shooting people. These are leftist activities usually. Like when Pym Fortyn was murdered. Maybe times are changing. I suspect the Norwegian will make an impact in his home country.

    But I wouldn’t rule out that he could have gotten help on the bombing side of things. And not from other conservatives. Its not as easy as all that to get a bombing right the first time. You would normally expect a lot of tests to be needed to get ones bombs up to speed.

  8. On another note here is a depiction, and perhaps a true record, of how things were after a global catastrophe.

    “They crept out from caves and came down from the mountainsides. Their eyes were wild and their limbs trembled, their bodies shook and their bodies lacked control………… Man had not sinned in deed but in the things he had failed to do. Man suffers not only for what he does but for what he fails to do. He is not chastised for making mistakes but for failing to recognize and rectify them….” (The Kolbrin bible).

    We need to get serious about hardening up our act, developing a society that accepts good policy and reason, and we need to aspire to being able to survive worldwide catastrophes.

    Being able to survive worldwide catastrophes takes many abilities, but it must include, amongst other things, the capacity to live in space.

  9. Holy shit? Who the flying fuck is this lunatic?


    I share your revulsion at bombing civilians. If there were any other way to bring the war to an end with less civilian loss of life, it would have been deeply preferable. But I have never seen a convincing argument that there was any other way…..”

    Hannibal Lecters evil stepmother? Dracula’s dominatrix? What the fuck is going on at Catallaxy? They have become a dragnet for monsters.

    Christ Christ Christ Christ Christ. If you are real you are playing your cards pretty damned close. Come down and salvage the situation now. We have some weirdo at Catallaxy who seems to think its just fine to blow apart little German girls into splinters just so long as you have a hankee to and squirt a few tears as you drop each bomb.

  10. Who the fuck would have fucking thought I’d be on the same fucking side as fucking fat-fucking-fingers.

  11. Moderated elsewhere:

    In a sense he came after you guys. He’s a conservative who came after the Norwegian equivalent of the Prodeo crowd. Cutting you all down as if he had traveled back in a time machine. I know for a fact that his acts won’t influence me one little bit. But can you all say the same? The left were notorious appeasers of the Muslims after terrorism kicked in. Prior to that Israel and its Kibbutzes were supported very strongly on the left in this country.

    Think of yourselves as survivors from this massacre. I think most of you would be influenced. And those of you not influenced would be dead. I think he made his point.

  12. The Norwegian is a conservative. I would myself shy away from any discussion of the ethics of what he did. Since so many people believe fervently in targeting civilians, I don’t have the stomach for that.

    But what do people think of his actions on a purely tactical level? I suspect that he will influence matters in his favor.

  13. Prodeo being uncharasterically sober about the Norwegian. On some level they must know that its them in the cross-hairs.

  14. I’ll take that back. The fools are pretending that the Norwegian is a fascist. Where is the evidence for this?

    Anyway here is a post from somewhere else:

    Well thats who you people are. Traitors. Ignorant. And happy with yourselves. The reality is that there is no greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect concept fails more spectacularly on Venus than anywhere else.

    “…..Venus is rather similar to Earth: it has nearly the same mass as Earth, and while its orbit is somewhat closer to the Sun, that effect is more than made up for by the sunlight reflected from Venus’ thick cloud cover. Because of the cloud cover, the surface temperature of Venus would be a chilly -42C if were not for the greenhouse effect of its atmosphere. In reality, the surface of Venus, at 740K (467C) is even hotter than the surface of Mercury…..”

    Temperature tells us the direction of thermal energy transfer. At first we have the light-energy transfer to the surface. Which is so feeble that as an average you wind up with -42 degrees Celsius in this idiotic greenhouse story. Warmer than that at the daytime side. Near to absolute zero on the night-time side.

    We pick the story up where the light has already made it to the surface. So in the first instance we have a freezing sub-zero surface. Now the greenhouse rebellion against physics tells us that the light from the cold ground, then moves upwards, is scattered and absorbed by greenhouse gases, these photons are transferred repeatedly back down to the surface, heating Venus up to 467 Celsius. If you imagine that this is even possible you are a science illiterate.

    But the stupidity doesn’t stop there. Since on the night-time side the physics-rebels are saying that no light gets to the surface, yet their greenhouse effect, working without light, makes that surface equal in temperature to the daytime side. And not just the surface temperature. But the entire heat profile up to 45 kilometres. Once again if you believe these lies you don’t understand physics and you ought not be trying to hurt your country due to things you have no understanding of.

    It is just as Douglas Adams described the Kereru. He would talk of this New Zealand bird that had forgotten how to fly. But the Kereru had FORGOTTEN that he had forgotten how to fly. So he would keep leaping off high branches and landing on the ground with a big fat thud. There were many Kererus who would die on the basis that they had forgotten that they had forgotten how to fly. But in this case the Ken Parishes of this world are not just hurting themselves. They are actively engaged in treason.

  15. Sinclair. Forgetting what he and JC said just a day or two prior:

    “That is an unacceptable slur. Nobody at the Cat is mass-murderer or condones mass-murder.”

  16. The Tea party teaches that debt is bad, but on Catallaxy I saw that conservative jc fellow say that the Tea Party are too harsh on bankers:

    He says it isn’t the fault of ‘banksters’. Now I don’t know who to believe.

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