Posted by: graemebird | July 31, 2011

Fusion Is Commonplace/Alchemy Is Easy.

Often we ask: “Is it malign plotting, zeitgeist, or some unknown rule of sociology, wherein the human species, gathering in the hundreds of millions, acts AS THOUGH there be vast and all-consuming conspiracies afoot? Is the truth of it that there is one, the other, two of these in combination ……………….. or is it the case that all three of these potentials are what the APPEARANCE of conspiracy is all about”

Here I seldom try to sort out whether people are working on herd instinct or whether there are demonic plotters about or both, or whatever.  The point is when matters look like a conspiracy you have predictive value. It is the case that promoters of alternative energy sources yawn at things which actually work, and instead gather funds for those energy sources that are not likely to be cost-effective anytime soon. By subsidising these technologies they ruin rather than launch these industries.

Now as it turns out the way that fusion is described to the public fits neatly into this pattern.  We get the impression that fusion only happens at great heat and pressure in this story. And what is described as fusion appears to be something beyond our reach. Let us define fusion more carefully. And we will see if we cannot shrug off this subterfuge (“effective-subterfuge”/popular tendency) and show whether or not fusion ought to be easy.

……((((((((James McCanney has an outline for a fusion battery. One which has not attracted funding)))))))

The automatic notion jumps into peoples heads that  if the idea was good, it would attract funding, and everyone would be a millionaire. This is not what happens in energy. And if you wanted to stop the human race from having cheap energy one of the tricks in your bag would be to fund lavishly all these projects that were never going to work. Which is a shame. Because we can get a Tesla tower and spiral grid system working very quickly in far north Queensland. And we ought to be able to make fusion a part of air transport in short order.

So what is fusion? How do we define it? And how is it that our efforts at fusion have been driven off track?  I’ve been starting a lot of threads to complete later.  I think its worthwhile even if I take a long time to finish them. Because it may lead to people doing their own homework and trying to anticipate what I’m driving at.

More later.



  1. Excellent news story where tasers are fitted out with cameras, forcing the Police to act professionally, by providing evidence for what happened one way or another. Some good news from the Police at last.

  2. Kennedy. Do you imagine that the Americans can avoid the inevitable collapse of their currency purely by conflating their problems with Japan. Whereas you and I know probably a very great deal about the American situation, my bet is that we both know very little about the details of where the Japanese are at.

    The American dollar must collapse, since there is no plausible scenario wherein they will take those measures necessary to prevent that collapse.

    The Japanese yen will collapse as well. But this may not be imminent. The Japs expand their money supply by lending overseas to help their exporters. Thats a more sustainable situation than what the Americans are up to.

  3. I knew all those smiles on the Republican faces meant that they had sold out. Thats what their goal is. They undermined their bases interests from within the party. The Republican establishment is just a den of thieves, sellouts and traitors. The traitor who headed up the Republicans was not sorting things out within his own party. He’s been busy dealing with Obama all along.

    These Rhino wimps have ensured a collapse not avoided one. Had cap cut and balance been passed there is a slim chance that the US could have survived. As things stand the greatest depression continues with no end save collapse and violence in site.


  5. The sappy Daddy Dave thinks that the Republicans won:

    “Yes, the picture says it all, doesn’t it? The Republicans won this battle and Obama got his arse kicked.”

    Since their goal was to sell out and have Obama PRETEND that he’s taken a hit then you’d have to say he has a point.

  6. Fleeced has been taken in, as I was, by the sanitized-for-the-public view of what Tesla was about. But Gabrielle managed to find the key information that proves that the McCanney view of events is the correct one.

    The Wiki, and the skeptics ((((((((the worst movement in the world today …. worse than the jihad)))))))))) pick up on where Tesla went wrong. Tesla thought that he could distribute the power through the air. After all the homes were not wired then. But that would have been to reproduce some of the conditions of the ionosphere at ground level. It probably would have given everyone cancer. The sanitized version has the bigshots closing his act down on the grounds that Tesla was mad, and refused to come up with an economic model where individual consumers of electricity could be billed. This is all bullshit.

    This is all bullshit and a distraction from the reality that Tesla had found a way to take unlimited power from the ionosphere with only a 200 foot tower.

    You see Tesla had a “many-ground system” which he would hardly have if he was just some weirdo trying to give away the electricity for free. To give away the energy for free all you need is the 200 foot tower. That he had developed the “many-ground” system means that he had found the way to take the electricity clean out of the ionosphere. I did not know that he had done this. When I tried to find as much about it as I could I did not manage to find that critical information that Gabrielle found, proving that the skeptics were wrong and that McCanney was right. But the thing about the skeptics …. they are ALWAYS wrong when they step outside of debunking the paranormal. They get economics wrong. Physics wrong. History wrong. The only thing they get right is uncovering feeble magicians pretending to be new age warlocks.

    The upshot is that if Tesla could do this gig in New York, we can do it so much better in North Queensland or Arnemland.

    Fleeced I am surprised. Easily one of the smartest of the younger crowd. When have I let you down? We can do this so we ought to get this done. But all socialist endeavors of this sort need a five year lead-in time where you have a budget of only $5000-a-day. Else you wind up with outrages like the NBN, and you cannot control costs.

  7. You see how easy it was for “the zeitgeist” as-it-were …. to take us in. In this case all they needed to do was emphasize some unimportant detail, without giving us the context. That way they managed to stooge me, and Fleeced as well ….. no dummy in my experience ….. that the Tesla Tower was an electricity DISTRIBUTION method. Not an electricity PRODUCTION method.

    On the Florida coast. In Equador. On all those tropical islands ….. and definitely up near Innisfail, we can have a bunch of these things and a spiral industrial city leading from each of them. We can have an whole string of these. Each one bigger than the last. We can probably have them on the North-West coast as well.

    “Atop his tower
    was perched a fifty-five ton dome of conductive metals, and beneath it stretched an iron root system that penetrated more than 300 feet into the Earth’s crust.”

    What you’ve got to do is to build around in a spiral driving great big conducting metal stakes into the ground. In order to have superior transport for your cheap electricity spiral city, you might have a canals that spiral out in this way. That way you can have inwards-goods and despatch being sent straight out into the water, and putting itself into the right sequence for maximum productivity.

  8. The important point here is that anything that works will be opposed. There is no exception to this rule. This is the iron law of energy production in this century. The next reality that is that we have to be always testing ASIO for their loyalty to the Australian taxpayer first and then to citizens second, to the Prime Minister of the day a distant third and not let them be turned by foreign powers or shadow government or let them become loyal to their counterparts overseas ……

    …. And after having this quality control working we would want to have them covering special projects. Special projects like the spiral city/Tesla Tower grid system. Since the zeitgeist is to deny us energy, so we can expect that various parties will conspire to deny us energy.

  9. “Bird the futurist”

    No you’ve completely misread the situation. We know that this can be done. We know that any attempt to do this faces sabotage. So the idea is simply to get this done without being sabotaged. That means a government project, 5000-a-day, plus tax exempt status for that money spent on employees and subcontractors, + ASIO and Federal Police cover.

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