Posted by: graemebird | August 12, 2011

New Policy

Clearly I’m taking a long time to finish these posts that I start, so to avoid wasting too much of peoples time the new policy will be to put finished posts up to the front when they are completed. I’ll keep starting posts with the intention of completing them at a later date. But when they are completed I’ll put them in front.



  1. What was the old policy?

  2. What a magnificent opening salvo ….. (moron).

  3. I’m serious. I just want to know what your old poilcy was. I’m a bit confused about why you needed to announce a new one.

  4. You are a seriously idiotic is what you are.

    • Graem, ever heard of a kettle calling a pot black. That’s what you just did.

      Imagine if you, by some miracle, became an elected politician and a journalist asked you about a new policy, how would you answer?

      You need to grow the fuck up.

  5. Right. I cannot tell you how sick I get of accusations, and illogical arguments posing as questions. When I was trying to save my Mother, all I got from the medical side of the family was these stupid fucking questions.

    You tell them the science and they say:

    “If you are right, why aren’t the cancer specialists doing this?”

    Well whats the scientific argument there? There is no scientific refutation there. Or a scientific argument. Stupid dishonest questions that are in fact pseudo-arguments are seldom acceptable. Like your incredible idiocy about the comet that fell into Jupiter. What a stupid cunt you are. I welcome all questions, just so long as they are in fact questions. But how can a person seriously ask why it was that the comet didn’t become a moon, when it fucking fell into Jupiter?

    See you are a fucking moron mate. What sort of question is that. The comet falls into Jupiter, and you you dumb cunt, you say, Why didn’t the comet become a moon?

    How do you get to be so fucking dumb?

  6. You do understand that no comet that breaks up into several constituent parts AND crashes into Jupiter is destined to become a moon don’t you?

    No I didn’t think so. Too fucking stupid. Keynesian-multiplier-believer level stupid.

  7. Fucking deluded cunt


  8. Whatever the elite overlords tell him. Thats good enough for that house nigger. (I never use the n-word in reference to anyone who is not pasty-white.)

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