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The idea that the HIV virus, can be more than a minor contributor, to the symptoms of AIDS, contains basic misunderstandings to do with the available evidence, the nature of viruses, and the way the immune system works.  But before I get directly into this subject I want to talk about some tangential matters.

How does the body destroy pathogens? Fundamentally the body performs this miracle by way of “targeted oxidation-therapy.”

The white blood cells have three oxidation substances.  Ozone, Hydrogen peroxide, and hypochlorous acid.  Compare this to artificial oxidation therapies? These involve Ozone and Hydrogen peroxide.  And two more that can involve hypochlorous acid.  MMS 1 and MMS 2.  Or sodium chlorite and basically pool-chlorine.

I won’t be getting into too many caveats that are needed before saying in what situations I would recommend these last two right now. Because it would take up too much time.  I’m using sodium chlorite right now, but I’m not swallowing it.   The actual oxidizing agent is not the sodium chlorite itself. The sodium chlorite, after finding a weak acid or a pathogen, breaks down to chlorine dioxide, and it is the chlorine dioxide that becomes the oxidizing agent that the body doesn’t have.  Its an excellent oxidation agent in one way and a suspect one in another.  Its excellent because its a little bit weaker than ozone, or hydrogen-peroxide.  And because of this it has almost no capacity to harm human cells. Its suspect in another way, on the grounds that I don’t think its a good thing to be having all these chlorine ions in the body. So don’t be too uppity and smug if you are not filtering out the chlorine from your water at home. You ought to be. But the fact is that sodium chlorite may well be the best available oxidizer in a lot of situations.


Your immune system is therefore a one-trick pony. Your immune system deals with all infections, bacterial, viral, or fungus, by oxidizing the culprit.

So what is oxidation?  Well one way to think of things without getting confused is to focus on electrons.  If we just look through the prism of electrons, we find that acids are electron thieves and alkalines are electron donors. But they tend to steal or donate electrons in a gradual and systematic way.  Oxidizers are electron-thieves like acids are. But they do their thieving in a one-off explosive way, where a decisive chemical reaction is involved. So no gradual draining away of electrons where an oxidizer is concerned. The oxidiser will blow a hole in the side of a pathogen, explosively, by abruptly grabbing a whole bunch of electrons, and usually it will foist oxygen molecules on these varmints in doing so. Easily the strongest oxidizer the body has available is ozone.

The process is that the body finds out how to quickly detect, hunt, surround and oxidise a pathogen. And pathogens can no more evolve to resist oxidation then they could evolve to be able to cope with a blow-torch.


Over the long haul, the main way to detect HIV virus infection has been to detect the antibodies that the infectee has created, in order to kill the HIV virus.  What this has meant is, that by the time that the infection has been detected, the patient has already adapted to the HIV virus.  The body of the patient already knows how to detect, track, engulf, and oxidise the HIV virus if it tries to go between one cell and another.

The HIV virus doesn’t even invade normal human cells. It doesn’t have to capacity to do so. It only invades white blood cells. That is to say the bodies defensive cells. Now this might seem like a winning strategy. And indeed if it could invade and subdue all of them very quickly it would be lights out.

So then why do the symptoms take so long to kill the AIDS patient?  Well the reason is that the HIV virus isn’t the problem or amounts to some small overhead to the patient.  Because for sure if the HIV virus acted quickly enough, and could bugger all the white blood cells, then the disease itself would be a breathtakingly fast-acting disease. If you had a virus that attacked the white cells and could work fast enough, then for sure, that would be a serious biological weapon. But knowing that the disease AIDS is slow-acting, rules out this virus as being a serious problem.  Because the white blood cells have a life of  only three or four days. And the failure of the HIV virus to kill the infectee within a few weeks tells us that it cannot be the real problem.


What is the one thing you cannot, and must not, do to treat AIDS patients? The one thing you cannot do is give them any chemicals or drugs that compromise their immune system.  Now where cancer is concerned, the profession taken as a whole is seriously irresponsible relying on radiation or chemo-therapy, to treat cancer.  But from your individual point of view, if you don’t have everything in place to treat cancer with better remedies, where time is of the essence, I cannot in good faith proclaim that you ought never use these hateful, poisonous, and wrong remedies yourself.  The cancer specialist will make you sick in the first instance to cover her ass.  Just remember that these methods are a glass key. And you ought to go forward on the basis that you will not survive two bouts of them, so you had better get educated.


So whereas you could imagine grudgingly submitting to being poisoned where cancer is concerned, if nothing better was quickly available ….. there can never be any excuse to use chemotherapy on AIDS patients.

For one thing it was long-term supply of foreign substances to the bloodstream that caused the AIDS symptoms. Secondly while your cancer cells may be hurt more than the rest of you by chemotherapy, and you may bounce back the first time around, and your cancer cells not bounce back …. no plausible expectation for such a result can come from destroying your immune system, with chemotherapy, in order to combat a virus. This is just crazy behavior. Hundreds of thousands of people have thereby been slaughtered by the use of AZT. The virus is a very small thing. And it will always bounce back after a dose of AZT, much faster than you will.

The only hope here is to keep doing what you can to boost and assist your immune system. That means no more speed, cocaine, and amyl-nitrates. Cut down on coffee and alchohol, and try mostly to only use these stimulants when eating.  Assist your immune system with supplementary oxidation, and other detoxification techniques ….. and so forth.

You have the antibodies. You ought to see the HIV virus itself as a small potential overhead for your immune system.  Most sufferers will already know this by now. But the general public has been stooged.


As the minister for health one of the many initiatives I would undertake is to quickly make private oxidation-therapy clinics available and staffed by people who were well-trained but without needing any formal qualifications.   I’d have it sorted that the cost of ozone therapy was falling all the time. If you were recovering from AIDS it would be pretty good to have this sort of therapy once a month or a fortnight, and have a couple of unpaid sick days off, to allow you to stay in bed most of the time while you were clearing out the dead bugs. But this sort of thing would also be good for anyone recovering from illness, or for people who needed to keep working into old age. Or for old people more generally. For people who wanted to detoxify ahead of flu season. Or for many other reasons.

If you make retained earnings non-taxable and waive most of the qualification requirements, you’ll bring the price right down, simple as that.  But let us not be so naive to think that any politician could get away with this without serious ASIO cover.  The medical maffia will be there trying to undermine any such commonsense initiatives.



  1. An acquaintance at work has dropped at least 30 kilos in the past six months and she wasn’t overweight. I didn’t want to mention it to her till today and only did so because she now looks anorexically skeletal.

    She said she blames two courses of antibiotics she took to try and get rid of a stubbon flu and persistent cough. Her doctor refuses to confirm that the antibiotics were the cause though her naturopath puts the blame squarely upon these drugs. She said her liver and kidneys are shot and that she can’t eat much at all or do anything much other than gentle exercise and that even a minor injuries, such as a small cut to the skin, result in dire reactions such as excessive bleeding.

  2. Phil

    I am very sorry to hear about your friend. I hope he gets better.

    Was the doctor who put him on the antibiotics a Jew by any chance?

    Yeah, thought so.

  3. Right. The antibiotics kill off the benevolent bacteria, therefore advantaging some of the pathogens. They also lead to the creation of L-form bacteria. These are pathogens without cell walls. They are hard to kill. So it would have been better for your friend to have used oxidation methods, or other general detox methods, and kept the antibiotics in reserve.

  4. Last time I took antibiotics and I’ve hardly ever taken them, before of since, they didn’t work and I switched to mega doses of Vit C and E. End of problem.

  5. Right. Megadoses of vitamin C ought to be avery effective, all-purpose, general detox strategy. Thats just the sort of thing that HIV patients, and others with compromised immune systems, ought to be cycling with other detox strategies. If you pull the antibiotics trigger, its not necessarily there for you, when you are unconscious and in hospital. Not that one ought not use it when you need to. But one ought to be geared up with alternatives ahead of time.

    • Vitamin C is not a notable chelating agent, there are much better available. Eat all the vitamin C you want your body won’t absorb it. What has been interesting is that intra-venous vitamin C injections, which avoid the gut absorption limiting problem, do show promise in some cancer treatments. But taking high dose vitamin C all the time can be dangerous because vitamin C can, like most antioxidants, act as a oxidant; especially in inflammatory conditions which are releasing free iron.

      • Right. But with these detox protocols its up to the individual to figure out how strong they can dose themselves without ill effect. They’ve got to learn to listen to their body. You can certainly take too much vitamin C. But as a detox method, the idea is to know when enough is enough. You try and hurt the bugs, but not to the point where you are hurting yourself. No doctor can tell you when the right level is reached in any detox method. i

  6. The last doctor I saw, a Chinese lass, educated at Sydney Uni, refused to give me the script I asked for (an indulgence) and lectured me about the important necessity of avoiding all drugs and surgery unless absolutely unavoidable. What a rare gem. And then there was the Egyptian Coptic Christian femme fatale who told me the best thing for my ailment was to study the Bible.

    Sydney, you gotta love it.

    • hahahahaha brilliant.

  7. Actually, I will forever be in the debt of that wondrous Egyptian doctor. In my three or four visits to her she not only entertained and educated me, she gave me the sort of 110% support you dream of from a medical professional when you’re a government whistleblower and claiming workers’ comp.

  8. Might have to watch Q&A tonight to see the Kristina Kenneally-Tony Jones vibe. They’re both HOT.

    Speaking of sexual sparks and tension why can’t we have a Q&A with:

    Graeme Bird, Marieke Hardy, Rob Oakshott, Sarah Hanson-Young, and Guy Rundle.

    Burn baby burn.

    • You are too kind.

      don’t know about that match-up. I’d be a bit worried about Marieke getting the better of me in front of the camera. I don’t see her as a deep thinker, but she can sure think and talk at the same time, extremely well, with the lights on her, and the cameras rolling.

      • I don’t know if she’s a deep thinker. Her comments on The Bookshow (ABC) are usually profound or witty. I have yet to read her memoir or watch her tv series “Laid”. But her blog was brilliant and so is her life to date. And she’s gorgeous and likes sex and men. She’s the antithesis of a right-wing frump. Won’t mention any names. Mum’s the word.

      • Right. Wearing a flower in her hair is a nice complementary touch when viewed with these other virtues you mention.

  9. oops, a bit unbalanced, so easy pickings are Malcolm T and Barnaby J in that order. Sizzle.


  11. “As the minister for health one of the many initiatives I would undertake is to quickly make private oxidation-therapy clinics available and staffed by people who were well-trained but without needing any formal qualifications.”

    Ha, you’d be as reviled as the former South African health minister Dr. Mantombazana ‘Manto’ Edmie Tshabalala-Msimang. Her emphasis on treating South Africa’s AIDS epidemic with vegetables such as garlic and beetroot, rather than with antiretroviral medicines, was the subject of international criticism.


    • No wonder JC’s daugter fled overseas to get away from him. Poor girl.

    • Some men, really, should never parent. It’s better for them, their partner, and certainly their poor benighted child.

      • There’s also a contradiction between your critique of banking dynasties in Europe and the US and your linkage of these to Freudianism, Marxism, “cosmopolitanism” and other negative and positive characteristics (depending on one’s perspective) which have been assigned (for often misunderstood) reasons to the Jewish people historically.

        What connection is there between the economic and social role of banks and fabulously rich families like the Rothschilds and Marx’s theories of value, the state, alienation, etc?

      • I’m not sure if there is a theoretical link between the two. But there is the accusation that these rich slobs helped fund the Bolsheviks. If that is true then we see the hand of rich slobs, manipulating all sorts of networks to their ends, quite regardless of ideological affinity. If you are real powerful you want to control, manipulate, and skew, both wings of any politics, and both major sides of any argument.

        Its not possible for rich, secretive networks to control us in the short term by attempting to dictate all things large and small. But they can control us in the medium term, by locking in strategic spikes, on both sides of the argument.

      • Money can’t buy happiness and nor can it buy a revolution so long in the making, deserved, heartfelt and popularly supported as the Russian Revolution.

        I don’t give a hoot if the Bolsheviks or Mensheviks received money from bankers or robbed banks to help the people organise. In any case it wasn’t, it couldn’t have been the decisive factor in the October Revolution.

        Towards the end of the 19th century the tsars repeatedly tried to foment anti-Jewish hatred and violence in an attempt to divert mass unrest. These tactics were repeated after the government drowned the 1905 revolution – the dress rehearsal for 1917 – in blood.

        Again, when the Germans lost WW1, the Tsarist government attempted to blame the Jews – first for instigating the war and then for losing it.

        This was always the pattern. The crimes with which Jews have been charged to justify the atrocities perpetrated against them change in rapid succession and cover all bases.

        As well as fomenting democratic revolutions and wars they’ve systematically attempted the economic domination and exploitation of all human beings. If they assimilate they’re charged with undermining the culture of nations for sinister purposes. If they are haven’t assimilated they’re accused of being congenitally stubborn, subversive and traitorous outsiders.

      • I certainly agree that people don’t seem willing to give them an even break. Like in medieval times, when we decide we are going to restrict their business activities to cloth-trading and money-lending. This is after centuries of sporadically accusing these people of poisoning the water. Then of course when they make a good fist out of the money-lending we want to have a shot at them about that. So yeah I don’t think they are ever going to be getting a fair hearing in the general sense.

        But then supposing they are not perfect, as none of us are. And supposing their ethno-centrism, can really actually be a big problem, from time to time. Well if that were true I’d feel the necessity to point this out, even as I emphasized my sympathy for your average Israeli, and for anyone not getting a fair go.

        Ultimately we want a society of few government departments, and one that emphasizes small and medium-sized business over big business. I’m not talking about mandating a nation of mom-and-pop stores, but merely locking in a bias in that direction. Here I’m not talking about getting rid of all egalitarian transfer payments either, although that would be a long-term goal of mine if we were successful in promoting a far more egalitarian framework.

        But so long as we have a bias towards the start-up, the sole trader, and the small and medium-sized business, then we don’t have to worry so much about cliques who may preach against ethno-centrism on the one hand, but who have a tendency to undermine their benefactors on the other hand. Whether this alleged tendency be a myth, a fantasy, a reality, or merely a continuation of the sporadic medieval practice of accusing Jews of poisoning the water.



  12. “Right. Wearing a flower in her hair is a nice complementary touch when viewed with these other virtues you mention.”

    Yes. And so easy to do. I know a few women who do this even indoors at work. The frangipani is the best flower for a stunning if unostentatious display, imho. It transmits to the wearer the most continous seductive scent imaginable and doesn’t fade too quickly.

    Jasmine has been flowering for at least two months, which is way too early. It’s another especial favouritd. Jasmine doesn’t really lend itself to body display but it has a similar effect when tossed over indoor surfaces.

  13. Jasmine and cotton sheets, e.g. are a marriage made in heaven.

  14. Poor JC/Birdflaps. Maybe someone should tell him women don’t like rage-filled, violent men and he should smell the flowers, observe the clouds. Free pleasures.

  15. How rich are the Rothschilds? From a theoretical point of view, if you came to be top dog of the fractional reserve racket by the early 1800’s, well then you’d have to be a very lazy family indeed, not to own a substantial portion of the world economy by now. I just have no way to verify how successful these people have been, at prosecuting the full potential of this incredible rort.

    • Ha, David Icke is one of the few people on the planet that is loonier than Bird.

      He’s totally off his rocker, but at least he makes money from his lunacy, mainly from deluded people with no critical thinking skills, like Graeme.

      • Right. I was just referring to the section prior to the David Icke part of it. You didn’t play the video did you? The topic wasn’t David Icke you slowpoke. The topic was to do with how rich the Rothschilds might be by now.


    • Jesus, always with the SHADOW GOVERNMENT conspiracy theories. Stop getting your news at




        Please explain.

      • Well you tell me Mark. I haven’t been mentioning any alleged Jewish conspiracy theories, because for one thing I don’t know of any.

  16. The Rothschilds were assimilated European bourgeoisie. This is where you need a class analysis to not fall into the trap of personalising the rule of capital and the minority class which owns and controls the means of production and exchange. The Rothschilds made their money from the French Revolution on stealing land and exploiting masses of peasantry in Europe and their colonies. They were also philanthropists because this dovetailed with their aspirations to Jewish leadership and representation in the metropolises and in political life.

  17. correction: they were assimilated *Jewish* European bourgeoisie.

  18. Well some people do try and map the corporate linkages (see the link) and that’s fine as far as it goes but it sort of misses the point too which is that the system in place is fundamentally inherently depersonalised and anarchic and has been since the overthrow of Church rule, the monarchy and feudalism.

  19. What I find myself doing often is pointing out where both sides are skewed. I mean by my nature I ought to have been an environmentalist the whole time and yet I found these people to be extremely warped in the way they were supporting certain ideals. So naturally I fell in with the right and catallaxy for this and other reasons. But you get to know these allegedly right-wing people and you realize they don’t share your ideals, and their ideas are all skewed as well.

    But what if its not all tribal? What if its partly some rich overlords skewing both sides, to some extent?

    Two fists push against eachother and something must give. But a sly persistent and invisible force can come in from an odd angle and with a few gentle influences against these twinned fists can be decisive.

    We know that 9/11 means a shadow government. We want to know the nature of the forces which made 9/11 a reality. A voluntary, non-secretive organisation ought to work with flat structure and wide spans of controls. A secretive setup ought to influence through long chains, where principals will reinsert themselves into the chain of command, for quality control, just like Kaiser Solce.

    We want to out these rich slobs. Even if that meant a cap to industrial fortunes of a hundred million for fifty years. Or if we had to make it that artificial persons could not own shares in other artificial persons. We need to find these people who control the public and smoke them out, for our own self-preservation.

    • Well I think we agree on the problem but perhaps with different takes on who or what constitutes the problem exactly and how to remedy it in macro terms.

      btw what did you mean, exactly, by this?

      “I mean by my nature I ought to have been an environmentalist the whole time…”?

      • All my thinking has sustainability in mind and I seldom stray from the idea of the exponential series.

  20. Speaking of Jews, do you perchance use olive oil at all for medicinal purposes? It contains anti-oxidants you know. For the ancient Hebrews, olive oil possessed such profound religious, social and sensuous significance it was used not only to anoint priests, kings and sacred edifices but also to heighten physical beauty and sexual attractiveness particularly on festive days when men as well as women rubbed it in to their cheeks and noses until they shone.

    Women in the know today use it to soften and moisturise or lighten their hair (when mixed with lemon juice) and olive oil mixed with banana or pawpaw makes a superlative exfoliant.

    • No. Very interesting. I only have it around the house, in order to attempt to get the girls to use it, instead of sunflower or canola, supposing I cannot get them to use butter.



      • It’s good to support Australian producers of olive oil and to order direct from organic producers for the freshest and best product.

        This is a Australian good site to learn more about olive oil, its uses and benefits and its product is fantastic. Patrice Newell is the brains and brawn behind this project. She is a honey and good environmentalist. She and her husband Phillip Adams also grow the best ever garlic and I agree with you about the use of garlic in the diet. It is another wonder food a natural anti-oxidant, boosts immunity etc.

      • Yeah. I reckon its pretty admirable to be sussing out your own direct-selling on the basis of a single farm. I may take your suggestion up. Because the idea is to leave so much butter and olive oil piled up in the house that the girls feel guilty about using anything else. And hopefully I can throw out the crap oils and not wind up having my throat cut in my sleep.

      • Hey are you talking about THE Phillip Adams? The broadcaster? You mean to say that sweet young thing is his wife?

  21. Yeah they seem to cop the short straw a lot of the time these people. Cannot seem to win a trick, no matter what they do. But still if there are a few who are involved in dirty business with their non-Jew banker and covert ops amigos, then thats not something one ought to shy away from.

    I’m very interested in the accusation that Rothschild showed up to his new New York apartment, with his new wife, just-in-time to get a ringside seat of 9/11. The reason being that it appears directed energy weapons were used, and they would presumably have to have been used around the perimeter. So a move from him to the perimeter would be interesting. And one wonders if my prejudice of linear chains of command in covert ops would be verified in this case. With the most important principals, reinserting themselves into the chain here and there, for purposes of quality control.

    • Well, arguably, there *is* a Jewish lobby in the US. A couple otop-rank Brit academics did a fab piece of research and investigative journalism a few years back nailing its reach and influence in swaying US administrations’ foreign policy in the Middle East. Of course some people say that to talk of an Israeli lobby or Jewish lobby is inherently anti-semitic ( I disagree) or a mis-estimation of the complex relationships, loyalties, priorities etc that make up US foreign policy which in all essentials has been bipartisan for aeons ( a more persuasive argument).

  22. How is this for pure irrational delusionism:

    “A NEW theory claims to give the real reason the Twin Towers fell after the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.

    A leading scientist claims that the blasts were caused by a violent chemical reaction between molten aluminium from the aircraft and water from the sprinkler systems in the World Trade Centre…..”

    He’s not a leading scientist. He’s a delusional idiot who can no longer deny the multiple explosions of 9/11. But while he’s sorting his head out it must be noted that the Catallaxy gang are still too lacking in cajones to face up to reality. At least the dumb science worker acknowledges the explosions and the need to have those explosions to bring the buildings down. Thats still just a little bit too rugged for (lets say) Infidel Tiger.

    “Its alright Mr Tiger. You can come out from under your desk now sir.”

  23. Phillip Adams had an earlier marriage and couple of children I think. He married Patrice Newell who was a former model turned tv presenter ages ago. She’s not so young now but has always been a stunner and smart. She’s published a few books about her farming activities which are lovely, informative and well written. Their property is in the Hunter Valley near Scone. When she hooked up with PA she became a full-time farmer. Of course he’s independently wealthy so all the droughts and crop failures haven’t wiped them out. They are both good, gentle souls, so who but the corrupt and envious could not wish them (and their young daughter) well.

    • Right. She’s just turned 55 according to wiki. I had no idea the farm he always talked about was so huge. I thought it was just Phil’s hobby farm.

      • No, it’s a serious endeavour though if you read her books she is a workhorse and only hires a couple of men to assist and then presumably casual workers when needed.

        Here are her books.

        The “Ten Thousand Acres: a love story” is one of the most gorgeously designed and illustrated books I’ve ever had the good fortune to possess. The farm is in the foothills of the magnificent Barrington Tops, the area where my Scottish ancestors were sent to when they came out here in the mid 1800s on one of the Bounty ships of John Dunmore Lang, the Presbyterian minister who brought destitute (from the Highland Clearances) skilled workers to Australia to farm in the Hunter Valley and Hawkesbury River area for the Sydney Colony.


    • Adjust your meds, JC. You’re embarrassing yourself, your poor benighted wife and your children.

  25. I want to show a lot of buildings that would eventually get built if my policies were put in place. Here is a building whose shape, would make it easy to be exceptionally robust should the architect choose to make it that way:

    “The Renaissance Worthington is a contemporary 12-story building (and over 500 guest rooms) that stretches across three blocks in downtown Fort Worth. The ends of the building are shaped like stair steps, and the hotel is built right over Houston Street, so downtown traffic literally drives right through the hotel, making it the dominant focal point of Sundance Square…..”

    The idea of a large building straddling an existing road is a concept that we simply have not explored in this country.

  26. No way any ideas like this can get off the ground unsubsidised with current policy settings. With the sort of policy settings I’d have in mind these ideas would get off the ground only slowly. But they would eventually become the norm.

  27. Graeme, do you say Keynes supported the creation of the welfare state?

    • He was a sort of wig elitist, who wanted bigger spending to be directed by people like himself. I’m unsure of how much of the bigger government would be devoted to welfare spending, in his view. Where he stands out is his shockingly ignorant understanding of economics.

      • In 1942 Keynes apparently most certainly did offer his broad support to proposals from Sir William Beveridge for a large-scale expansion of social insurance – later to be called the welfare state and the National Health Service.

      • Right. This sort of thing coming from elitist types, more than from the working class. They were not too proud to tax the people they were alleging that they were attempting to help. The first effect of this sort of thing, where deficits are used, was to help along the traditional bankers scam. This is where bankers earn a living by creating money out of thin air, to loan to the government. Thereafter the income tax is dragooned into paying the interest on endless debt.

        This is part of my interest with banking elites. How did an ignorant fool like Keynes become such a cult figure. Was it merely some unaccountable thing to do with sociology? Was it the utopian spirit, having been recently disappointed with the Soviets and then with fascism? Or did the banking elite find their new hero and promote him vigorously, and obstruct the careers of anyone who didn’t go along with the cult? Well thats something I cannot possibly judge with certainty. All three in all likelihood. The only real beneficiaries from Keynesianism were the bankers.

        I believe we ought to be advantaging the disadvantaged. And that our tax system ought to reflect this. But economic reality would tell us that there is only so much you can do in this direction. And that large scale spending is really the enemy of the disadvantaged.

  28. Interesting book that you can download for free. This is a 1904 book. Shows if you are willing to go along with the Rockefellers, you will do well. Talks about how his Amalgamated copper outfit fleeced the public, causing all sorts of havoc. Basically a conspirator who got jack of it and wrote a reveal-all to the public:

    Now this is in 1904. So we have to conclude that there is either something wrong with the limited liability model. Or that the model was corrupted from the start by fractional reserve money.

  29. CL pointed out that Hamilton wrote a pretty good article for a change. So naturally I emailed Hamilton right away to point this out and offer him my full moral support on the subject to hand.

  30. “I don’t give a hoot if the Bolsheviks or Mensheviks received money from bankers or robbed banks to help the people organise.”

    What if we could show that the bankers made the revolution bloodier than it had to be? See the thing is when you go to exercise control, you don’t want to people you install in power to get too big for their boots. You want them to be “self-isolating”, so power-monsters may have a bias towards installing real monsters into power.

    On one level total pure communism must always be a humanitarian disaster. Since the destruction of the price system will lead to famine within two harvest seasons. Three maximum. But putting that aside, it wasn’t necessarily cut and dried that an egalitarian revolution had to kill the tens of millions that it did kill. So banker involvement ought to be an important consideration.

    I don’t know enough about the banker-family sponsorship of Stalin. But its pretty clear that Stalin himself chose the monster Mao. And it looks to me like the British covert establisment, along with Stalin, chose the monster Hitler effectively. So you see if you want to divide, so as to conquer, there is this tendency to choose monsters so that they will self-isolate should they turn on you. And it may be that the banker shadow-government chooses monsters for their self-isolating characteristics, the same way Stalin seems to have.

  31. Good to see Taya Peterson (spelt “Terje”) as well as Sinclair and Dominique Davidson, having signed that full page spread in the Australian, in support of freedom of speech. I assume that the signatories were each sharing in the cost of the full page spread.

  32. I quite liked Bob Hawke, and even if I am fooling myself saying so, still his memory tends to be fondly regarded, given the lunatics that run Labor at the moment. But having said that, why oh why, is he continuing with this nuttiness of making Antarctica off-limits to enterprise? He may be causing the human race grave trouble with this ego-driven recklessness.

    • Graeme, sweetheart, what’s happened to your “Shadow government” thread? I can’t access it as it seems to have disappeared – which is ironic.

      • I’ll put it back up since you ask. I was going to take it off for a short time, because I got the impression that Cambria was beginning to feel genuinely aggrieved, rather than just playing silly-buggers.

        I’ll put it up for the moment, and I may edit it later.

      • Lets hope you are not JC’s personal lawyer. Let me know when I can take it down for awhile, so as to consider whether this fellow, who seems to support the misallocation of 16 trillion dollars by the American Federal Reserve, and never found another bank subsidy he disliked either ….. Let me know so I can consider whether to moderate any of my comments.

      • You are beginning to spook me Gabrielle. I can almost see people downloading pages and contacting anti-defamation league lawyers. I remember on Catallaxy a couple of times, when I laid some backhanders on the huge salaries some young corporate lawyers seem to get, you didn’t appear to be too happy about it.

        If you want to see the page, until I decide otherwise, it will be up for a short time only.

      • Be Spooked no more. lol. No, nothing sinister from me at all, Graeme, settle down and breathe easy. I didn’t realise you took it down, rather I thought there was something weird going on with your blog (shadow government and all). So, look, there’s no need to put it back up..

        I hope you can rest easy now. 🙂

      • Why scare me like that? It was the “sweetheart” followed by the lengthy silence that had me swinging the evil eye towards my shadow. Did you see the thread? Tomorrow or when you want to see it I’ll take it off moderation for a short time.

      • “Sweetheart” was not meant to be menacing, but a genuine address. Poor you. I have been out and about in 3D world hence my absence and didn’t see the thread but I don’t need to as I was just asking what happened. Leave it be. Being new to this blogging world, I am not up on all the technical stuff, is all.

    • Well I’ll call you sweetheart whenever I want. But I can get spooked when its reciprocated or if other matters intervene, since it can sound like “no thats alright sweetheart, you just go to sleep” after a good afternoon of female knife-sharpening.

      I’m still wondering how Clive is going to react to my latest abuse of him. I’m a little more edgy than is usual.

      • lol I understand. So Hammy hasn’t replied? Good, lets hope he’s sitting in the Naughty Corner contemplating his stupid stupid remarks. But I doubt it. Stil,l a good tongue lashing will knock him down a peg or two.

        Why aren’t you over at the Cat joining in the discussion about the Prez candidates?

      • Its true that I can persist and break through the iron curtain that Sinclair has raised, but its not easy. So I waste a lot of time getting onto Catallaxy. Plus the reality is that I don’t like a lot of people there, and those I do like are always upsetting me. So its not a constructive use of time.

        JC thinks I was engaging in identity theft over at Troppo. The reality is that I was trying hard to show these imbeciles in Australian economics, why it is that alleged Keynesian empirical support is totally dependent on substituting GDP for things GDP is not. If I cannot get that sort of thing through, or others cannot, these same dropkicks are just going to hurt our country again like they did with the stimulus …..

        What I’m saying is that all these sites have an iron curtain to stop the truth getting to them, at all costs.

        Some aspects of the iron curtain are subtle, others less so, and it changes from one ignorant site to the next.

      • Well alright then. BTW, I thought JC was talking about Homer, not you, in relation to the identity theft. I could be wrong as I really take no serious notice of such assertions. It’s all a game anyway.

        Look if you had stopped talking about the 911 conspiracy you wouldn’t have been booted off. Anyways, it’s no big deal in the scheme of things.

        I’ll toddle off for now. .Ciao.

      • But Gabrielle surely you must see the absolute importance of recognizing the 9/11 false flag? You suppose CL is a Hawke? My attitude made CL’s look really very tepid. But what do you suppose I would achieve by the pretense that the Arabs took the buildings down? How would that build a better world?

        I don’t get your reasoning here. And there is the memory of the victims and their families to think about. How could it possibly be that perpetuating a lie could be acceptable to the legacy of the victims?

        Since the original planes weren’t used we can only imagine EXACTLY HOW the passengers were murdered in cold blood.

      • You are not going to convince me so save the pixels. You can keep saying it ’til the cows come home…

      • “Since the original planes weren’t used we can only imagine EXACTLY HOW the passengers were murdered in cold blood.”


      • Its a straight physics matter. Force equals mass times acceleration. And forces are always equal and opposite. Therefore that much steel and concrete have to exert a powerful upthrust on the falling material. Therefore a dramatic difference from the free-fall experience.What we see instead is only a tiny difference from free-fall. And even more scandalously we can clearly make out missiles of some sort accelerating faster than free-fall.

        So the reality of a false flag is totally proven. Arabs may each share in the same 72 virgins at death. But they cannot reinvent physics at the time of death. We are talking about victims and not perpetrators of 9/11. This is a fact Gabrielle. Not something any decent person need be in denial about.

  33. “DD – it shows how powerful the Tea Party are. Perry pissed them off, now he’s out. They liked Cain, now he’s in. Surprisingly Romney and his hair have been on the improve with the Tea Party.”

    The banker-shadow-government is still in the more powerful position. The only election they ever lost was Reagan’s first and they shot him. They decide when to push funds on a candidate acceptable to them, when everyone else is tapped out. Barry Goldwater was a favorite with more American voters, as individuals, as measured by small contributions, then anyone else, yet he lost in a landslide. Likewise more Americans feel a personal connection with Ron Paul then any other candidate, and the reality is that last election, once the Obama cult had gotten so much momentum, only Ron Paul had a chance to beat him. So the shadow government opened the sluices in order to fund a political corpse. And we now see that while democracy seemed like the greatest of all great ideas, it has delivered us bound and gagged to the moneymen. At least in the Northern Hemisphere that is to say.

    “DD – it shows how powerful the Tea Party are. Perry pissed them off, now he’s out. They liked Cain, now he’s in. Surprisingly Romney and his hair have been on the improve with the Tea Party.”

    Romney is not evil he is soiled goods. He’s going to be more of the same. A shadow government belly-crawler, a little bit more effective than most shadow-government belly-crawlers. What the hell is the good of that? If he’s going to be swayed by these assholes, then it would be better if he kept bumping into the wall, or started developing Down Syndrome symptoms in his elder years.

    “DD – it shows how powerful the Tea Party are. Perry pissed them off, now he’s out. They liked Cain, now he’s in. Surprisingly Romney and his hair have been on the improve with the Tea Party.”

    Look the reason why Herman Cain has cache within the tea party, is because he’s a fucking good man. Its not a hard thing to discern. Perry was posing as one of the boys, but he was a Quisling. But Cain is sound. A good man. Not the man to take on the shadow government, except as the left jab to Ron Paul’s right cross.

    Some of the kids don’t know what went into the Reagan exception. Reagan went so far as to set up an enemy (ie patriot) small team within the CIA. He had a small team of patriots, in amongst all those CIA traitors and bumblers, so that they would have the benefit of the information systems and technology, and turn it to righteous purposes, even while they were surrounded by bad men, liars and people who had treason hard-wired into their DNA.

  34. Gingrich says the word “profound” more often, per word count, than any other man who has ever lived.

    Gingrich is genius level intelligence. He is the fellow you want if your want to try and HARMONIZE the interests of the American people and the shadow government. He’ll sweet-talk the shadow government into accepting a deal that isn’t quite so bad for the American people. He’ll make it all work, and make the enslavement to the shadow government, somewhat beneficial, and perhaps even consonant with increasing living standards. This to me is not acceptable.

    Gingrich was a Harvard history lecturer I think, and he got there at a very young age. When asked to cite the most amazing fellow in American history he ingratiated himself to the shadow government by laying all this great praise on General Marshall. Well I don’t know the input. But the output of General Marshall was unacceptable failure and the murder of women and children. In other words the historian always seems to be looking over his shoulder to over-suck-up to the criminals. Whereas I have no clue as to assess the level of communist and shadow-government manipulation over the office of General Marshall; Gingrich, ever ambitious, feels he can ingratiate himself to the powers that be, by signalling that though he be a genius, he will continue to misrepresent history in favor of the shadow government, by holding up a LOSER like that FUCKING LOSER General Marshall, as the greatest of all Americans.

  35. Cambria? Or Keynesbria? Here is an interpretation from Cambria who has never gotten past Keynes 101 propaganda:

    “You can’t go seriously cutting government spending without a compensatory… in this case large doses of monetary easing. Perry doesn’t understand that and if he attempted that policy mix and admonished the Fed for running an easy policy while there was heavy duty fiscal tightening the country would suffer perhaps the worse crisis ever… bigger than the great depression. I’m not exaggerating…..”

    But to be fair Perry is indeed full of shit. Giving the alibi to the Federal Reserve criminals by criticising them for doing the one thing, THE ONE THING, that they ought to do from time to time.

    Perry, to the extent that he isn’t a quisling, is a real lightweight. But then Cambria has shown a much more primitive understanding of monetary economics, even than Perry, from time to time.


  37. Eric Dollard may be the leading non-covert authority on electrical sciences in the world today. One reason to believe so is that the pigs keep stealing his gear. The shadow government doesn’t bother you if you are getting all things wrong. Its not to be thought that the physical and social sciences are so much different. The study of electricity is in the same mess that economics is in. Eric Dollard may be the George Reisman equivalent.

  38. The analysis in the thread above is pretty unassailable. The implication is that the medical profession caused a holocaust. Whereas the HIV virus itself ought to have been a minor handicap to the immune system.

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