Posted by: graemebird | September 28, 2011

Australia Can And Should Attain Comparative Advantage In Thorium Nuclear Power


I want to look at this topic with the following objectives:

1. To go over what the crucial concept of comparative advantage does and does not mean.

2. To show how to go about strategic undertakings, that by their nature, will have to have a socialist component too them.

3.  As a mechanism for revising energy economics, and for explaining why energy economics is so very different from other areas of economics; from the production of other commercial producer goods.

4. To discuss where we are now with our energy production, and how we must bridge the gaps in our energy availability over the next few decades.




  1. Well here is another thing I can agree with Sinclair about:

    “I have been somewhat disappointed with the AFR in recent weeks. Their Weekend AFR reboot hasn’t worked as well as I had hoped and their corporatist line in the op-ed pages has begun to annoy. So news Michael Stutchbury is moving to Fairfax to be AFR editor in chief is very welcome….”

    Welcome? Its almost mandatory. Of course it would be better if it were Gerry Jackson. But the financial review has been so appalling on economic matters, for so long, that at least having a fellow with reasonable common-sense as editor, ought to make a night and day difference.

  2. From Elsewhere:

    Graeme Bird :
    28 Sep 2011 7:25:41pm

    The neutrinos business is a non-issue. Special relativity is a stupid theory, and has been falsified many times over. Nor is this the first time that light-speed has been beaten. Light-speed is beaten routinely, all over the globe, and has been for many years now.

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    • “Light-speed is beaten routinely, all over the globe, and has been for many years now.”

      I’m intrigued, Graeme. Tell me more, Please. Some examples too.

      • Nimitz encoded a Mozart symphony in microwave, and was able to make that go three times faster than light for many centimetres, in normal air.

        Its routine for light to travel through cesium crystals, dozens of times the speed of light, for a few millimetres.

        The point is GAB, there was never ever ever a reason to imagine that there was a faster-than-c prohibition. It was always a very stupid idea, with nothing to offer for itself.

      • I’ll have to delve further into the Nimitz experiment and the caesium crystals. Thanks.

        I’m of the mind that we just don’t know everything and our qualitative instrumentation is one limiting factor. Hence, the “nothing goes faster than light” meme. It’s wasn’t so long ago, in terms of science, that they thought nothing was smaller than an atom. Of course the limitation was instruments. It’s no different today. As for the CERN physicists they are very very cautious at this stage, as they should be.

      • But it wasn’t about that GAB. The limiting factor was the religion of special relativity, and not the instruments. CERN is a waste of money, and is not relevant to this question either way, except that the people at CERN have to justify the astounding waste.

        The matter was simply ideological. That c was beatable was absolutely routine from an empirical point of view, and logically there was nothing to say otherwise. So what you got was a series of distractions that the believers would put forward to hose down reality.

        The series of verbal distractions always started with tachyons. But that was merely the beginning. Its a very very sad, and very very anger-provoking tale.

      • The stupidity of special relativity never bottoms out. The word “special” is there to denote those cases where something is moving in a straight line. The reality is that no actual objects ever move in a straight line in our universe. All matter subject to gravitation, without exception, moves in curved itineraries. And since velocity is relative, we are not entitled to ever say which of the two objects is to be held to be stationary and which is to be considered in movement.

        This is all undeniable in logic and has never been contradicted empirically. The believers refuse point blank to carry out a proper test. Its so depressing.

        So we know that time cannot be stretched or compressed due to relative velocities, since one object cannot be viewed to be at rest and the other moving. Therefore there is no possible way that time can be altered for one and not the other as the idea that the one is still and the one moving is arbitrary. The reality being that both objects are moving, and neither in a straight line.

        We are talking very stupid people here. Stupid people and people of poor character.

      • Well we’ll just have to agree to disagree on the religion of c, yet I understand your points.
        I have no loyalty to CERN, but if they can do something useful then it’s not a complete waste. Remains to be seen if it’s just a multi billion $ toy or not.

      • No we don’t have to agree to disagree. Since special relativity is logically impossible and empirically beaten, its wrong. You cannot be more wrong then to be wrong in logic, and empirically refuted. And when it comes to CERN, its a total waste, because progress must come out of using what we already know, to develop better models. And what that means is the priesthood has got to stop labeling their superiors “cranks” and instead they have to start taking the models of those they have defamed, off the shelf, and start using these models as a starting point for them to do their jobs.

        These people are taking taxpayer money and they refuse point blank to do their jobs. CERN cannot change that. They’ve got tons of data already, and they need to go to work, or go to centrelink.

  3. Yes Graeme but only 2 weeks ago a Californian professor announced that his decades long research project to generate fusion power via lasers is now ready for a commercial prototype. So now we have two potential sources of fusion power, the other being the European fusion reactor(plasma containment type) is being built. But of course Australia by refusing to invest in nuclear, will be nowhere near ready to take advantage of a power source that will transform the world.

  4. We can never get too much energy. A couple of fusion processes won’t get rid of the need for Thorium fission, or for oil refining. The idea is to start research working on these projects at a humble level, just to get started.

    Look at these billion dollar projects. Whats the interest on a billion dollars at 3%?

    Thats 30 000 000 a year. Which comes down to around 82,000 a day. So you can imagine running a slew of projects for many years, merely on the interest, of what the big spenders intend to spend on their projects over just a matter of months.

    Still I’d wait on the fusion side of things until it was more of a sure thing. But we already know that Thorium is going to work. We are back to a cheap energy society when hydrocarbons are used essentially as a battery to hold all this extra off-peak nuclear energy we have to process those hydrocarbons to synthetic diesel and methane.

  5. Good news. Looks like a shadow government civil war:

    “A frightening foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that over the past nearly 36 hours the vast intercontinental military tunnel complex constructed by the United States Air force over the past nearly 45 years was hit with two powerful nuclear explosions at its main terminuses in Colorado and Virginia used nearly exclusively by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)……..”

    James McCanney thinks this may be payback for the Japanese disaster.

  6. Was taking a look at some of the brilliant Prodos online material, and was reminded of a fellow called Michael Oren. Picture of him makes him look like Kirk Douglas got lucky they weren’t in the same generation. And to my surprise here is Michael Oren as AMBASSADOR from Israel. When I was listening to/reading him, he was just an American-Israeli Dad that wrote a couple of excellent books on historical subjects. One on the six-day war and another on Middle-East piracy and the way the early US dealt with the Muslims.

    Actually the second book, believe it or not, Joseph Cambria sent me in the mail. He very much wanted me to read it. And a good book it was. Not tight from a prose point of view but a really unique sectioned off prism of history.

    Well anyway seeing Oren as having been promoted to Ambassador makes me think of another prejudice I have. And thats the idea that societies under stress, tend to willingly promote very smart people up near the top. Whereas in our society, people conspire against their smartest people like they were about to be paid one million of prize money to do so on some survivor island reality show.

    We have to promote smart people if we want a successful society. The idea is not to look around and see whose getting paid the most already and say “we need the best people” and pay those people twice as much. We have to always be looking for smarter people to promote, and promote them, without paying them gigantic amounts.

    Now WE WILL end up promoting smarter people, when we come under stress. But will we start doing it just before our destruction? Or will we get back in the habit of it a long time before the worst trouble starts, so that we DON’T GET INTO FUCKING TROUBLE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    So the idea is to get people like Prodos and give him a top job. And in a better system, we would be paying everyone else in public life very little so with a little luck we’d get Prodos for a modest salary. And we would not leave Gerry Jackson working on some internet page but instead we’d give him a lot of head-kicking power. But being as we had cut most of the bigger public service salaries in quarters, it might be that we could get Gerry kicking heads on the cheap.

    Here is Oren the first time I saw him. Very evenhanded fellow. Entirely patriotic Israeli. And thats no contradiction in 2011. In fact its the natural way of things.

  7. “Actually the second book, believe it or not, Joseph Cambria sent me in the mai”

    Perhaps it’s time to kiss and make up

    • Clearly that gay homosexual talk means that you;’ve been living in Australia too long. Cambria is a two-faced quisling. Such people don’t necessarily go around announcing themselves. Had I known what he was like I wouldn’t have had any time for him in the first place.

  8. The idea is not to look around and see whose getting paid the most already and say “we need the best people” and pay those people twice as much.

    Those who get paid the most are rarely the smartest. They are good at making a big income, that is different from being smart. There is a rather subtle argument here about what we mean by “intelligence” but I won’t into that because my views are quite different from the generally accepted view. The cliff note goes like this: people, no matter how smart, are relatively confined in where their intelligence can deliver fruitful dividends. For example, a physics bod may not be so capable in biology because in biology you need to be able to store enormous amounts of information. Conversely, physics requires a different type of thinking where memory is not so important.

    So before we get carried away with demanding that best and brightest should be our saviors, we need to more clearly identify exactly what skills are needed to address our leadership problems. Years ago I read a wonderful comment: when leaders everywhere are wanting it says more about the times than the leaders. I would add to that: it means we are choosing the wrong leaders.

  9. Very good news today. The ACTU calling for an increase in the tax free threshold to 25 000. It used to be a major point of frustration to me that the unions were not trying to protect their constituents from the evil thieving hands of government. What can you say to that but Bravo. Keep it up. Believe me the workers are fully behind you on that score.

    There was some other good news in the Australian today, amongst all the bad economics, and the news that Murdoch conspicuously chooses to airbrush away, damn his black, sellout heart. But I cannot quite remember what it was. Still there hasn’t been anything for a long time like the brilliant Anthony Albanese, industry plan for shipping. Can we please have Anthony take over the leadership and start a string of equally inspired industry plans. Extraction industry first. But we could then go to the small stuff like the taxis. A dozen industry plans with that wonder and righteousness, would justify Labor staying in power.

    But bear this in mind. The Anthony Albanese plan is by no means any sort of guarantee that Australian shipping will triumph. But if even one shipping firm ONE SHIPPER can get his shit together, thanks to the plan, then eventually the carnage in our industry will stop, and be turned around good and proper.

    Every-time you have an industry plan, the company tax has to be wiped out for that industry. Maybe in some cases you may want to claw back some of the tax revenues somewhere else. But no industry plan ought to be taken seriously if it doesn’t get rid of the company tax on retained earnings.

    It baffles me how it was that Anthony’s people got the point of that. Because they certainly don’t seem to be getting the best advice from the economics profession at large.

  10. So of course, just a few minutes ago, I phoned up Anthony’s office to get his people to pass on what a fantastic industry plan Anthony had come up with. The gentleman was pretty surprised, saying that they don’t get much in the way of complements these days. I also tried to explain the following 2 points:

    1. That the plan won’t stop Australias part of the shipping industry from shrinking still further right away.


    2. That we need desperately for Anthony to take over and implement a similar plan for the extraction industry. One where there was no company tax, no lease fee, and no auctions, but rather just almighty high royalty fees. Of course it was too much and too fast for the gentleman to be taking notes, if he was even inclined to, but we ought to let the thieves know, that when they do authentically brilliant work, that it is going to be noticed.

  11. Really what we need is a triumvirate. A return to the older, steadier hand on the tiller. Less of the latte-left who have never held a proper job, and more of the industry bovver-boys. Lo’ but I did hate those union bovver-boys when they were running Labor. Now I cannot express just how much I miss them. So the triumvirate needs to be Ferguson, Crean and Albanese. They need to take to the latte communists with a big piece of hickory, and really have some relish when it comes to ruining the careers of crypto-communists of the type who are just too proud to do a job where you sweat and you get your hands dirty.

    The idea is to tax the bigshots, for taking huge paychecks. Not huge paychecks like 300 000 dollars. But huge paychecks like 10 million dollars. Tax the shit out of those people like a true union bovver-boy would want to. Tax the huge companies simply for being huge. Tax the shit out of royalties.

    But a good union bovver-boy needs to know that he must never tax retained profits, that can be used to pay wages and buy, run and upgrade machinery. Thats a point that ought to be readily explainable to Simon Crean, Ferguson and Albanese for sure.

  12. Excellent wiki article of how the thorium reactor would work. Really we ought not even be contemplating uranium. The cool thing about it is that the uranium often gets used at only about 300 Celsius. I think the Japanese may have used it at 900 degrees. You’d have to be suspect about the safety of that though. But the thorium reactor is very different. Its normal operating temperature is held to be about 900 degrees.

    Well the higher heat of 900 degrees is a night and day difference. When I was considering the possibility of embedding nuclear-based joules into the production of synthetic diesel, and methane, then I was thinking only in terms of the 300 degrees Celsius pre-heating. Which is pretty feeble, because then you are going to have to burn way too much oxygen, and also recycle a lot of methane, and burn THAT to create the extra heat needed. But when you are talking 900 degrees nuclear heat application, then you are talking the potential for powerful efficiency, in the solids-to-liquids process. .

    But its better news than that. When you have a rocket taking off, that runs on hydrogen and oxygen, its really a steam engine. Hydrogen and oxygen combine to make water, and the energy produces steam. Its really just a steam propulsion mechanism. The very same result can be gotten from a thorium reactor and water. So essentially you can have a jet engine, or a rocket engine, with just water and a thorium reactor.

    What this means is you can have much cheaper space travel. You start off with your rail-gun that accelerates everything up the side of a mountain, and you have the giant thorium-powered aircraft, filled with water, and that takes your spacecraft, probably full with oxygen and kerosene, up to the stratosphere and perhaps Mach 3 or something.

  13. On another topic, did you see this, Graeme?

    “Al Qaida to Ahmadinejad: Knock Off the 9-11 Conspiracy Theories Already. We Did It.”

    Hope they haven’t called you too. 🙂

    • So what? They had no capacity to do it, so they didn’t do it.

      How could Al Quaeda smuggle bombs into the building? Stand down the US military? Organise 60-odd “trials” on the same day. Gather together all that thermate? Turn 13 stories worth of rubble into only 3 stories?

      The couldn’t do it so they didn’t do it. Its not a matter of opinion.

      • LOL. I knew that would set you off.
        C’mon, I’m just teasing you.

      • Look GAB. As upsetting as it is, its our duty to come to grips with the shadow government or these lunatics will go on to kill more innocent people. They killed themselves into a corner, they will kill their way out again.

        Here’s a list of those things which can gasify iron alloys, so that you get iron in gaseous form:

        Thermite, thermate, laser, nuclear explosions (not nuclear ‘reactions’) a blast furnace ……….. thats it pretty much.

        You notice that something is missing from that list. Kerosene is not there on the list.

        So the reality is that Al Quaeda didn’t do it. Because even if they had so much as taken possession of thermite, thermate, laser, directed energy weapons, nuclear bombs or blast furnaces ….. they did not have the capacity to rig up the three buildings to flow to the ground, if they owned one of these things mentioned, or yet even all of them taken together.

      • Graeme
        What do you propose to overthrow the shadow government?
        Who are they?
        Where are they?
        How many of them exist?
        What firepower capabilities do they posses?
        Who funds them?

        Yes, yes I know “shadow” but if you know it exists then you must have some intel amassed already?

  14. Well after looking into it we can see that it almost definitely amounts to a network of what we might call “crime families” … American non-profit foundations, American and European banking interests, and a subset within American and European intelligence and particularly covert operations.

    Cord Meyer used to run American covert operations almost exclusively. And he definitely was a driving factor to murder Kennedy. Not least because Kennedy was fucking his wife.

    • Sounds like the Bilderberg group.

      • Cord Meyer wasn’t a Bilderburger. He was head of covert operations. You know there is no magic incantations you can use to make this all go away. “Troofer” won’t make this reality disappear. “Bilderburg” won’t make the spell. Once you see that the buildings physically could not have fallen the way they did without a shadow government, then there are implications to this. Implications that grown-ups must come to grips with.

      • See this Gabrielle. This statement comes from a primitive wop who truly believes that incantations can trump reality, physics and logic:

        “It’s a little like trooferism, but you just don’t know.”

        Make no mistake about it. We are surrounded by deeply retrograde Goths and Vandals, who are not part of the Athenian tradition. Let yourself not be influenced by them. Bobby McIlvaine got his sons body back from the world trade centre. He had his face and arm blown off, having been facing one of the bombs. Wrong theories proclaiming that the buildings could have come down without explosions suffer from the logical deficiency of not being able to explain the explosions. Bobby and the other victims deserve justice.

        Never underestimate how deeply degenerate people like Cambria, and many others are. His entire argument against the reality of the false flag has been ……

        … 1. The use of incantations ..
        2. The suggestion that the explosions could have been cars backfiring.

        Thats IT. That is the sum total of this primitives counter-argument to the proven reality of the false flag.

        On the other side we have ideas like force, mass, and acceleration. And ideas to do with forces being equal and opposite. So where was the up-thrust of all that steel reinforced concrete? Or rather why was this up-thrust so feeble? And how was it that girders burst out of the building at 70 miles per hour?

        Well we know how that happened. We just have to deal with it. Outlawing fractional reserve will help. Multiple defaulting against bank debt will help. Re-organizing ASIO on the basis of this understanding will help.

        Ultimately it comes down to defining the individuals who amount to the regime leadership. You go to a country and you find the 10 000 most culpable people against your interests. You find the 10 000 most powerful or influential people. Then you find the intersecting set. If you have 2000 people in the intersecting set you can consider them regime leadership and project force against them to bend them to your will.

        But clearly the first step is to come to grips with the reality that these people exist. Without that great leap towards reality, there is no hope at all of combating them.

  15. There is probably a moral to that story. “Should you happen to know the head of covert operations in your country, try and not make it a regular thing to be fucking his wife.”

    We better start teaching the kids this one. They need to know so as not to get caught out in the future.

  16. Here we see a bigshot who had a view of the world trade centre. David Rockefeller had a ringside seat. Evelyn Rothschild was said to have moved into a new apartment in time to have a ringside seat also. This is not merely a matter of interest since it appears that the perimeter was subjected to directed energy weapons.

  17. “On November 30th 2000, Lord Rothschild, now in his 70s, got married in London to a wealthy Zionist business woman named Lynn Forrester. The couple then jetted to Washington and spent their wedding night in the White House. Just months before 911 they moved to New York and settled into their 18th floor luxury palace at Riverhouse where two private terraces offered them front row seats for the scheduled 911 show.”

    I’d take this to be just a rumor for now. But if it is true its an important factoid, since the buildings were not merely demolished. Most of what ought to have been rubble was turned to dust. A more thorough demolition than what would generally be considered possible. And them flowing to the ground with barely a seismic reaction.

  18. 9 years and 11 months after the false flag, there were very professional and scientific hearings conducted in Toronto Canada. Well worth listening too if you have things to do around the house.

    About media manipulation: You had the program to control the media by the CIA starting off in 1951. Later this program became to be known as “Operation Mockingbird.” But my understanding is that these guys were a bunch of latecomers. And the crowd who controlled JP Morgan …. were at least 50 years ahead of these Johnny-Come-lately’s. Morgan originally had a plan to buy up hundreds of newspapers. But found out it was quite sufficient to buy up and control 25 strategic newspapers to control the media. So its easy to see how the cold war infrastructure could have been essentially gobbled up by the banking network, and become a taxpayer-funded asset of theirs.

    Newspaper moguls are structurally liable to be controlled by banking interests. The newspaper business has low operational risk, and thus the up-and-comer takes on financial risk to acquire a string of them. With banker agency involved, its really a matter of bankers SELECTING the media mogul. Making and breaking him. So thats another industry we have to get back out of their hands.

  19. Corroborating evidence of direct banker SELECTION of proxies comes from the fall of the Soviet Union. When that happened, and Soviet assets were up for auction, a huge proportion of former Soviet assets found their way into the hands of just a few people. Most of them were former Jewish black market operators. Now one admits to a certain admiration of the average intelligence and abilities of Jews. But its simply not a credible idea to think that so few a number of people, who had been communist peasants, unable to hold an official fortune, just a few years prior, could effectively buy up whole countries-worth of assets, without this sort of banker-selection of proxies.

    JP Morgan was held to be this great powerhouse of American finance. Yet when he died it was found out that he wasn’t even a rich man by mogul standards. It seems as though he’d always been a Rothschild proxy.

  20. I’m pretty ashamed at being about six years too slow at coming too my senses about 9/11. Here’s a fellow who had it all sorted by 2002:


  21. The appalling, hateful. and inexcusable, actions of NATO in Libya. Why so brazen? Why so hurried? Why such a vindictive outcome for a fellow who was no longer a major problem for the interests of the West?

    Well it goes back to these assholes being busted clean with a smoking gun by 2006. There they were, all the evidence against the shadow government on 9/11 right there. Busted clean. They must have wondered when the arrests were going to start. But the arrests didn’t start and so by 2008 they were hyper-confident again and they started the global bank-stealing campaign to make you poor and them rich.

    Now its 2011 and they are so full of hubris like a big fat mosquito full of blood. So why not take out Gadaffi? Whose crimes against us and our friends are in the distant past? Why not take him down AND ATTACH DEBT TO EVERY FUCKING THING THATS GOOD IN THAT COUNTRY.

    And thats the sum total of why the shadow banking government took Gadaffi down. They would have been absolutely just to take him down in 88. This is so hateful in 2011, and notice the total consensual nature of it amongst the NATO allies. The reason being that the controllers of the NATO politicians are totally hubristic, totally united, and without the least bit of fear about taking out that country and attaching debt to all the oil assets, all the real estate, and every fucking other good thing they can find.

    We can only hope that a rent-seekers civil war will break out between these cunts. The entire survivability of the human species depends on civil strife in the shadow government. Bring it on. Lets see nuclear war between our overlords.

  22. Graeme, I’ve had similar thoughts to you lately about thorium power generation. It makes a lot of sense that Australia commercialises and implements the technology, especially seeing as we have a great deal of thorium already, we wouldn’t have to import it.
    I’m in the process of compiling a website of key information and a forum discussion group at It’s not a great resource at the moment but I’m slowly working on it, with the aim of brining a greater awareness to Australian voters about what the possibilities of thorium power generation could offer Australia.

  23. Good stuff. Keep the dream alive. What we need is advanced political hackwork, in that the feds have to be pre-approving sites with the state and local government. They have got to pre-approve so many sites, both in public and private hands, that it becomes a buyers market for the land involved. That is to say when we go to buy the land there is no real estate premium on that land.

    The next thing they have to do is to grant a 70 tax exemption on any company setting this deal up. As well as a twenty year paye tax exemption, since it will likely be twenty years before one can hope to hit positive cash-flow. These two requirements are not too much to ask. Maybe they could come with some strings, like the shares might only be sold to Australian citizens or something like that.

  24. We seem to have dodged a bullet energy-wise in that the breakthrough in gas extraction, has lead to the expansion of tar sands, and the new, finally economic, exploitation of shale oil …… to be possible. Both processes required superheated steam which could be only taken on-location to these remote sites, by way of trucks with a lot of methane. But the methane itself was becoming the limiting factor. So that tar sands were destined to level out, and shale was never going to get off the ground.

    But with the breakthrough in gas extraction, suddenly you had more than enough gas to keep expanding the tar sands, and finally get the shale oil off the ground for the very first time.

    But this was a damn close-run thing. We may not be so lucky again. Energy prices will stay high for sure, but at least, we don’t appear to be facing an imminent energy-vortex, like we appeared to be facing back in 2006. It was a close-run thing with the global warming fraud as well. If gas hadn’t kicked through just at the right time, and the global warming high tide hadn’t of waned, so as to not stop these developments, that may have been curtains for billions of people.

    So it looks like we will have enough energy to invest, in order to get more energy, in order to get yet more energy. These poor children out there don’t realize how close we cut it this time. But it is absolutely critical that we use this Indian Summer wisely, and get this Thorium energy off the ground.

  25. Graeme, I know we are all creatures of habit. But isn’t it time to change your gravatar?

    If you do I will.


  26. I’ll not turn my back on our benefactor. I’d have to have a very good reason to make such a change. I’d have to have a fresh gravatar to move too.

    But sooner or later everyone has to come around to the righteousness of Senator McCarthy. Though this be a matter somewhat separate of my online presence.

  27. Well it is just a picture of one person who most people today don’t know and who knew nothing of you when he lived.

    Surely you don’t think one historical person solely and wholly encapsulates your own self for the rest of your life?

  28. Well no but its the best picture so far, and he’s the greatest unsung hero by a long shot, that I can think of for the moment.



  29. well, it’s a pretty stern and forbidding picture to look at when people address you. And not really you at all. But if you feel it expresses your soul, when then…

  30. Bird, is the shadow government part of the supposed “new world order”? I’m not up with all the intricacies of this conspiracy theory.

  31. The way you put things in this case, reduces matters to mere sophistry. I could say yes or no, and be equally correct no matter how I chose to answer. Its like how people would say “Al quaeda” whenever they meant sunni militants, or ‘taliban” when ever they meant Pashtun fighters.


  32. The bigshots are well and truly deflecting the occupy wall street movement to becoming purely leftist in tone. We had the filter of the media, not wanting to show any END-THE-FED signs, or relate the protests to the 16 trillion in misappropriated funds. Thats only the sixteen trillions that the criminals will own up to by the way.

    But matters have moved on to where the co-opters are belligerently bullying anyone that brings up the real original driving force behind this protest …. that is to say bankster stealing. So 1% every day, bit by bit, the controllers guide the movement further from anything legitimate and towards whining only.

    But the looting of the public by the banks won’t go away that soon. They’ll use up the energy through this co-option process to some extent. But the problem for the bankster thieves is that this time they have been so greedy that the economy will not likely recover while they are still on a looting mission.

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