Posted by: graemebird | October 30, 2011

The Rise Of The Anti-Semite Demon.

Adapted from comments on this forum:

We must investigate ethnocentric racism in the Jewish community, and see to what extent this culture of hate and contempt, might be related to the financial rape of Christendom.

It may be possible to give it all a clean bill of health. Certainly I would give Israeli foreign policy under Netanyahu a clean bill of health. I give prominent neocons a clean bill of health, though they are hated in Misean circles. This despite the fact that I now know 9/11 was a false flag. They were good guys. Loyal Americans. Notable for their powerful expertise. They were the logical patsies for the plans of other people. They were taken in just as I was, but I have absolutely no reason to doubt the fundamental righteousness of people like Richard Perle and Michael Ledeen. I remain loyal fans of both these guys, who after all, helped Reagan take down the Soviet Union.

I’ll tell you what I’m after up front. I expect Jews to take the lead of Roseanne Barr and to play a role in ending the financial rape of the Western world. I don’t expect that the role they play ought to be ‘LOW-PROFILE.’

I don’t think this is too much to ask, because the next time we have a strong upswing in anti-semitism, its not Lloyd Blankfein, or Ben Shalom Bernanke who are going to get caught in the crossfire.


Riddle-me-this: Out of the six million Hebrews that Hitler murdered, did he get any from the Rothschild dynasty? No he didn’t. So its your local Jewish dentist, or accountant that is going to cop it, and not any of the criminal banksters or Keynesian economic deceivers.

You see Blankfein will have his property in Ecuador or some place like that. His own security. His political patronage system. He’ll have small hillocks of gold and silver that he’s drained from the COMEX, while it collapses leaving tens of thousands destitute. Unless we grab his aesthetically challenged ass prior to the new coming explosion in  anti-semitism, and waterboard him, he’ll get away. But when people really do find out how much they, their children, and their childrens children, have been financially ass-raped by the likes of Blankfein, he’ll be well out of the picture and “his” money will be still making him money while he sleeps.

I do not think we can afford to tolerate another Keynesian Jewish economist. Or a stealth-Keynesian Jewish economist like Sinclair. I do not think we can tolerate any longer a Jewish economist who thinks that we ought to sell all mines, all farms all shares, get into debt, become a new Nauru, and then he won’t tell us how we continue with wealth creation from there. I really don’t think we can tolerate any of this jive-ass thief-economics any more.



Because for one thing, if there are all these dubious Jew-type-Jew-Jews around, as described above ……. they are acting as the Judas-Goats for your local aging Jewish photographer, whose had a couple of little baby girls quite late in life, and he stands the chance of getting beat up in the streets for matters he had nothing to do with.

We can see this sort of thing coming. All people of good will must act pre-emptively. But the heavy lifting has to come from within the Jewish community.


  1. “I do not think we can afford to tolerate another Keynesian Jewish economist”

    Or a Christian one, Bird. Even a Buddhist Keynesian is hard to take.

    Aren’r you getting a little obsessed with da Jews these days? What you youtubes are you watching that’s starting to give you these ideas?

    • You yourself are a Keynesian. As unforgivable a vice as that is, its the least of your problems. But here just this one time, you have come up with a great point that I can build on.

      We know that Jews are over-represented in this problem, in the US, if we compare the Jewish population to the population at large. When confronted by people who would allege that Jews are the problem I would always say that its fractional reserve that is the problem. I would always say that they are minority players in the problem, and that they were over-represented per capita is neither here nor there.

      Now you don’t understand what you are doing, or you don’t understand history or you don’t care. Your relentless unrepentant banksterism, your part-Jewish heritage ….. these things will inform against you, but likely other innocent third parties will get hurt, and you’ll have done a runner.

      You see that is the point I’m making. I myself am immune to the ebb and flow of public enthusiasms. So I would do what I could, to try and help people in trouble, but I won’t be able to do much. But when the anti-semitic demon rises again, it will be some of the people now shocked by what I’ve been saying, that will be participating in the dehumanisation of innocent third parties. Because most people are flotsam and jetsam, culturally speaking, and they will ride that wave when the anti-semite demon shows up in town the next time around.

  2. “We must investigate ethnocentric racism in the Jewish community, and see to what extent this culture of hate and contempt, might be related to the financial rape of Christendom.”

    Who do you propose lead the investigation, Bird? Rhiannon?

  3. BTW Graeme
    Sinc isn’t ethnically Jewish. He’s a Scotsman who converted to Judaism because he married one

    • So he’s a Jew. The Jewish public cannot afford Jewish economists to be Keynesian any more. Since Keynesianism is part of the financial anal-gang-bang of the West.

      When the anti-semite explosion takes place your protestations that Sinclair is actually a Scot will be akin to a kid putting his thumb in a leaking dyke. In fact hurting an ethnic Scotsman may make the rampagers feel more fair and balanced about matters. Sinclair is more of a Jew than anyone, since by your own admission he’s Jewish by choice. Like a brunette who bleaches her hair.

  4. Graeme, Sinc isn’t an economist. He’s a TAFE hack who teaches book keeping and marketing. Most of his students would be uneducated dills who’ll end up doing not much more than data entry.

    • He testifies before the Senate, and he’s considered an economist. He’s also considered a Jew. I don’t think that the Jewish community has the luxury of having all these Keynesian economists in their midsts.

      Just think: We are well on the way to becoming the new Nauru, and the banking anal-gang-rape is already up to the 20-30 trillions …… the US and Europe taken together.

      Its not me you’ve got to worry about. I’m an even-handed fellow. But Democratic peoples are unstable. This generation of Westerners is somewhat oblivious. They know that something is grievously wrong in their hearts, but they have no idea the extent to which they have been looted. When they find out they are going to lash out. Its not the guilty they will wind up lashing out at.

      • I wouldn’t be so pessimistic. The tide is turning as we can see all over the world with people waking up and saying ‘No’. This is good.

        Good also to see the unions taking centre stage again in Australia. This can only be healthy in a state that pretends to be a democracy.

        I don’t think most Australians would’ve heard of Sinc (too obscure) or have much faith in economists or economics as a social science per se.

      • Well we don’t have to just handle this situation well JUST to avoid a new homocidal bout of anti-semitism AND FOR THAT PURPOSE ALONE. We have to stop the financial anal gang-rape of the Western world. Because if everything I’ve known is being put into bondage for the sakes of Blankfein, then it becomes a matter of finding out who is for you and yours and who is against them. Sniffing out friend and foe as a dog might and killing those who are against ones values.

        If we are saying that we must all be laboring for Blankfein, and financial anal gang-rapists like him, then thats not acceptable and those who would advocate, or yet even tolerate that situation must die, or people like me would have to die killing them.

  5. Lee Rhiannon is a very fine individual and superlative and deadly left politician.

    She did a lot of damage to the NSW ALP government before it finally got tossed out.

    I wish we could see more of her, as I’m sure we will, in the federal arena.

  6. When a Jew commits a crime we anglo’s and other people are in the habit of making it a permanent crime, on the heads of all Jewish people everywhere. I’ll never be like that. There are some things you really can count on, and you can count on me never losing my head like that. The nuts and bolts reality is that 99.9% of Jews are victimised by the financial anal-gang-bang rape of the Western world ….. performed primarily by top-flight bankers, some of who are Jews.

    Now going on this logic, supposing there really WAS a protocols of the elders of zion????? Supposing this story was truthful? Well how many Elders would there have been? And if you had divided the number of these hypothetical Elders by the number of Jews around at the time what would be the proportion? You see we have to clear the air here. Because if there were Elders writing protocols then the Jews who did not write those protocols, would be more than the hypothetical 99.9% I speak of above. Other people might take out the Quixotic intentions of the few, and blame the innocent on the basis of those intentions.

    I myself have no clue about the Protocols. All my life I’ve heard they were fake and so I assume they are fake. But I don’t know they are fake. Yet other people seem to know they are fake. On what basis do they think they know that the Protocols are fake?

    I go to the wiki and this is what I get:

    “The Protocols is a fabricated document purporting to be factual. It was originally produced in Russia between 1897 and 1903, possibly by Pyotr Ivanovich Rachkovsky, head of the Paris office of the Russian Secret Police, and unknown others.[2][3]”

    You keep reading and the reality is they don’t know shit. They don’t have a motive. They don’t have a perp. They have nothing. So because I don’t know about this I want to know what other people think they know about this and why.

    But there is a much bigger point here. Supposing GAB was a Jew? Supposing I came to the belief, probably wrong, that the Protocols were authentic????

    Would I then be angry at GAB over the meeting minutes of a handful of people more than a century ago???

    No of course not. That is the major point here. We’ve got to get beyond this business. For the sake of ordinary Jews, and to end the financial anal-gang-rape of the Western world, we’ve just got to get beyond this silliness.

  7. GAB is Cambria pulling your tail. Couldn’t you tell?

  8. Sure. But his comments reminded me of an important point I needed to make.

  9. “Poor old Bird. He likes to think of himself as a holistic prophetic and a divine thinker and yet the best he can do is blame the Jews. What a hackneyed hypothesis. Sad really.”

    Well we expect this sort of talk from women and house-niggers, but the reality is that I haven’t reached any conclusion yet. Who is responsible for the financial anal-gang-rape of the Western world? Remembering of course that another trillion has been stolen in the last 72 hours.

    You Infidel Tiger. You seem to have an opinion on this. Speak up.

  10. “Sniffing out friend and foe as a dog might and killing those who are against ones values.”

    Dogs are herd animals and as sycophantic as they come.

    They’re the most “loyal” and tameable of pets.

    Or so people believe.

    But the flip side is they don’t/can’t think for themselves.

    And they will viciously turn on you if they think you’re weakened and/or no longer useful to them and their narrow concerns and aims, or may be harmful to the Man.

  11. One hopes that it doesn’t come to that. The backlash has already been harsh. Too much too soon for most people.

    But lets take the capital destruction that Lloyd Blankfein, arch-destroyer of wealth, has been responsible for. Is it okay if a Jew does this sort of thing, and not okay if the Goyim does it?

    Roseanne Barr would seem to suggest its not okay either way. But after Catallaxy reaffirms its blood libel that Arabs were responsible for 9/11, and sort of calms down a little bit, one might like to see them form some sort of logical argument. GAB started out with straight insults. But you know. I’ll not hold grudges. Where is infidel coming from? Is someone going to claim that this financial gang-bang is NOT going on? In the face of another trillion stolen so recently?

    And if we are saying that it is going on, who is doing it, and whom ought we target?

  12. Is this all true? Brother Nathaniel wouldn’t be pulling my chain would he?

  13. Brother Nathaniel seems like a pretty straight shooter. I don’t think he’d be bullshitting me. He ‘names names” as Jews often demand you too.

    Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews. Can anyone tell me the name of the Jewish comedian who reckoned that if a words that were suppressed had too much power, the idea was to say them and keep saying them until they lost that power. Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger, he would say onstage. I myself have been attempting to reduce the power of the c-word with relentless repetition. That is to say the cunt-word. The cunt-word is a four letter word. And the J-word, plural, is also a four letter word. They are different in that the J-word carries dirtier connotations than the cunt-word. Now why do I say that? Well it could be because I’m desensitized to the cunt-word. But really I’m inferring that the J-word carries far more unhygienic connotations then the cunt-word on the grounds of the reaction I’m getting from using the J-word so often is pretty astounding. People say I’m going through an “unhealthy obsession” as if Jews were dirty and covered in green slime. That would be a strange way to look at things since my idea of them was that they came across as more fully human than a lot of people.

    Actually one time I went to a Jewish birthday party. The birthday was for a little Jewish girl. She was either two or three from memory. Probably three. So I was surrounded by all these cute kids and young Jewish mothers. There wouldn’t have been more than four other blokes there. One was my acting teachers son, and also her husband.

    Riddle-Me-This: What does the clitoris have in common with the mobile-phone video recorder? Well they are both finger operated (and every cunts got one).

    Well yes every cunt can record video from their mobile-phone now (thank you Steve Jobs. I can no longer get plastered at Christmas parties) but this was not the case when I was at this Jewish kids party. My acting teacher had invited me along, partly on the basis that I had a pretty classy video recorder. I had brought it over from New Zealand to help me with swimming instructing, and because I thought I’d use it for some warmup movie-making, and to practice acting scenes.

    I think it was probably the suburb of Caulfield in Melbourne. The ladies were all shapes but very attractive. It looked like an hyper-Anglo affair to me. It looked like something you might see if you drove up the coast until you got to a solidly Anglo territory, then in that Anglo-town you went to some sort of club that knocked out the welfare families and the working class. In my town, you’d have the swimming club that didn’t seem to attract all that many maoris. But the squash club would attract even less. And for the squash club you had to get a character reference. So it was a bit like you drove up the coast until you found an Anglo-town, and you went to some get together of squash club members, then all the fellas left so you had these young Mothers almost to yourself. A pretty neat scene if you ask me.

    The other thing which makes me think the J-word is more loaded with connotations of unhygiene then the cunt-word, is the way people who are anti-Israel, seem to advocate causes of action or inaction for Israel that appear to imply that the Israeli kids are tainted, and the Israelis need not protect them with extreme prejudice.

    Now it might seem that I’m trying to ingratiate myself with these people, even though I know full well I”m completely wiped at this point. Well thats not the case. I’m not trying to ingratiate myself with anyone. There is a job we need to do and its going to get done. We need to stop the financial anal gang-bang of Christendom. I’m essentially drafting Australian Jews into this fight and will probably be abusive towards them until I get some sort of positive response. Australian Jews appear to have a knack for setting up and maintaining whatever is the “consensus opinion” in this country. So I would kind of like to shame a better consensus opinion out of that community by going after one alleged expert after another and subjecting them to an immense amount of abuse.

    • You’re not “drafting” anyone into anything you twit.

      You are an irrelevance in everything.


      • Clearly you are clueless dipshit. I’m not Jewish…..


  14. Bird
    serious question drawing on your previous experience as a swimming instructor, did you ever find swimming to be an effective muscle building/fat burning exercise? if you’re in the water when you exercise doesn’t this reduce your metabolism and make your body adapt to floating more (and fat floats better than muscle)

    • I don’t think that the 70 trillion cells have a methodology to tell them that they need to be buoyant in the way you suggest. But buoyancy does help a little in swimming, or you could phrase it that carrying a little bit of fat, harms your act less, than if you had gravity to contend with. Because of this black people from tribes who are lean don’t appear to have an advantage in swimming, and the only black man I remember getting a gold medal, was from Surinam, and he edged out Matt Biondi in the hundred metre butterfly by 3/1000’s of a second.

      But yes for sure swimming is a good fat-burner. But not so much breastroke I would wager. Generally speaking breastrokers would need to train with a lot of the other strokes to get fully conditioned.

      Now here is how you make the transition to training in freestyle. And I’m prepared to help you just so long as you don’t wear speedo’s when you show up like Tony Abbot might. First you have to get the timing of your breathing right and there is a trick to that. Second you need, as an adult learner (ie learner of freestyle) who wants to get awesomely conditioned ……… you need to split your training up into swimming with flippers, and swimming with the pull-buoy. That is to say arms only, and freestyle flippers. I won’t go into why an adult (who wants to burn a lot of calories, and isn’t yet great at freestyle) needs to move forward in this way. But that is the strategy, and then once you have the condition you can later begin to train in freestyle proper.

      Its a totally different story for the kids. That the reasons why are beyond scope of this exercise tip.

  15. Why does it have to be an *anal* gang bang specifically?

    • Because everyone is being screwed. All the normal people.

  16. also graeme can you comment on the exercise effectiveness of breast stroke vs freestyle? (I can only swim breast stroke)

  17. I think Brother Nathaniel needs in this order:

    1) a barber
    2) a new outfit
    3) a speech therapist
    4) a brain transplant

    • I like him just the way he is. But I cannot fully vouch for his views. What I can say is that he knows more than me about some subjects. Therefore I have to listen and find out if I can find something out.

      It would be better if the Australian Jews didn’t all go in for the usual blackballing routine, and could tell me where brother Nathaniel is right in fact, wrong in fact, right in emphasis, skewed out of whack, and so forth.

  18. He needs a haircut and shave before anyone can take him seriously.


  19. Well then I’ll have to be the only one taking him seriously because I think he’s just fine the way he is. Which is not to say that I endorse anything he is claiming, because the reality is I just don’t know, and can be swayed hither and yon.

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