Posted by: graemebird | December 1, 2011

Banker Retraining/Teaching Elephants To Walk Tightrope Thrown In For Free.

As a matter of urgency we need to classify loans, and regulate the interest rate on loans, according to that classification.  This is simply because we are not politically able to get to monetary conditions, that work in accordance with “Adam Smiths invisible hand” anytime soon.  And even if we were to get those monetary conditions……. We face also the barrier of having raised and honed, a full-blown generation of wealth-destroying bankers.

The Mandatory Break-Up Of Incumbent Bankers

Now what we could do is bankrupt all the bankers, and start over. Actually this is more or less mandatory. Successful big business MUST come from small business success. But banking has been so dysfunctional for so long, we need to find a way to  to move easily to a nation of multitudinous small banking operations, and partly so that very successful larger banks, can grow out of that scenario.  Following the principle carved in stone that “BIG BUSINESS MUST ARISE FROM SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS AND ONLY FROM SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS.”

So this is what we must do. And knowing that we have to do this, allows us to formulate a plan that is KIND to existing REAL HUMAN BEINGS who are shareholders of these banks.  Professional investors will be tipped off and they can look after themselves. But its not okay to destroy the investment of  some hard-working, English-as-a-second language, family, who has parked some of their retirement savings in Westpac shares, just because of rapid change in policy.  The point is that almost all industries need an INDUSTRY POLICY to bring matters back to righteousness. Or more likely to righteousness for the very first time.  And the only Industry Policy that even comes close to what I’m talking about is the Albanese policy on shipping.

But we need to not stop with shipping. We need to forge ahead, and in making all these changes, we want to not hit peoples cash-flow and capital value AT THE SAME TIME. In order to make fast and quick changes without violating that standard, we obviously need an whole string of Industry Policies. But the most forceful and brutal Industry Policy must come down on the head of the bankers.

Now here is a comment from a fellow that has given over his soul to the support of the bankters.  He was once a banker himself. Now I believe he splits his time between managing a fund, and trading on his own account. Whatever the reality, he is a little bitch for all of the organized-crime banksters, that have decided to destroy our most important ally.


FLASH: FED and World Central Banks Will Agree to Lower Pricing on U.S. Dollar Swap Arrangements; Futures Soar

Finally. This means the ECB is going to do something big on the monetary side. Or likely to.”


What does the banksters-collaborater, Joseph Cambria, fucking mean by this?  JO. You know I”m always on a hair-trigger towards reconciliation. Not me with you. But you with the human race.  So I tell you this for free:

No matter how you fucking wish upon a star, you cannot solve a DEBT CRISIS by any measure that creates more debt.  You may think you can but you cannot.  You may dream you can , but your dreams will be in vain. You may assume you can but your assumptions are wrong.


I happen to know that when Joe Cambria says “do something big on the monetary side” he means provide cheap loans to banksters.  So he means a strategy which is tailor-made to CREATE MORE DEBT.  I could not contradict him outright, if by……


… he meant retire debt with new cash release … and then raise the reserve asset ratio.  Now you could release more cash, retire debt, and raise the reserve asset ratio …….. in order to increase M1 ….. reduce ponzi-money ….. and reduce debt. You could do so in such a way as to guarantee more nominal business revenues.  But Joe doesn’t mean this when he says……


So all his schemes are to do with slyly promoting globalism, enriching his mates unjustly, and lately they have all been to do with fighting a debt problem BY INCREASING DEBT.

This is no recent problem I’m having with Cambria. This is a SIX YEAR PROBLEM.  The first two years we were on good terms. The first two years at least.  But the problem is that once a banker has been corrupted, you cannot retrain him. You have to bankrupt him . You can no more retrain him then you can teach an elephant how to walk the tightrope.



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