Posted by: graemebird | December 1, 2011

Why Was Ancient Hi-Tech Civilisation So “COASTAL”?




  1. O’Farrell turns down 25 billion dollar slush fund by not setting up a government enforced private monopoly. This doofus reckons this was a bad call:

  2. “THE two men in charge of the state’s finances, Mike Baird and Greg Pearce, the woman in charge of the transport system, Gladys Berejiklian, and the head of the state’s infrastructure plan, Nick Greiner, all urged Barry O’Farrell to sell the entire electricity industry.”

    So what you moron Clennell? Who is this shit-for-brains? I’ve never heard of him before?

    Catallaxy quislings insisted that communist nationalization of our gear was free enterprise. Now the claim goes that government enforced private monopolies are also free enterprise.

  3. “Sometimes people do this photographic exercise where they have photos from neighbourhoods that are rent control neighbourhoods and photos from areas that have been the subject of warfare and shelling, and this sort of thing. And its very difficult to sort of out the rent-control suburbs from the blocks wherein there has been full-scale conventional war.”

  4. Privatisation: The radical policy of turning inefficient state controlled monopolies into inefficient state controlled monopolies.

  5. Hey coward, you got no rebuttal to the further outing of that dishonest prick Monckon?

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