Posted by: graemebird | December 12, 2011

Banker-Occupation: Theoclassical Economists Possessed By Dumb Banker-Demons

The veering off of the Western World into irrationality is much worse now then it was in the 30’s. Note that this bad craziness, in both era’s,  is wrapped up with monetary instability.  Some of you amused and detached observers (who could well be HIGHLY ENTERTAINED ……. by the relentless onslaught of idiots in high places …… that we get to witness with stunned awe daily) may be thinking something like the following:

” Come on Graeme. Don’t be paranoid. Ok, these fellows running things are dropkicks for sure. But the level of brutality is nothing like it was back in the 30’s”

Well yes so far.  But when a culture veers off into craziness the mass-murder and genocide will surely follow. I’m not about to heap a great deal of praise on former President George Bush the Younger.  But it is not to be underestimated the way that he glommed on to the idealism of  Reagan, when it came to trying to minimise unnecessary civilian deaths during military operations…….

…… ((((( Note that I use the term “military operations” and not “war” because people can argue that the wars he started have lead to truly atrocious somewhat indirect civilian casualties. The figures are indeterminate. I recognise that point of view. Its just not something I’m dealing with right now.))))))

So the Reagan-W norms that have been set up, the ubiquity of portable visual media devices, mobile phones, and these other factors, have blessed us with a situation wherein the mass-slaughter hasn’t followed hard upon the veering of the culture into utter craziness.  You see mass-murder OUGHT to follow what some of you people may see as rather amusing stupidity from big shots. I’m sure some of you are almost cakking your pants daily at the display of people in high office consistently acting like mongoloids on speed.  The Pythons usually found they could get more laughs by portraying the upper class as twits, then by merely displaying stupidity straight up.  But don’t be fooled that mass-murder and genocidal undertakings are going to be held back forever. They will come soon enough. Of that we can be sure.

Another reason that the mass-slaughter has been tardy in making its appearance lies in the very nature of the new rort the shadow government has instituted in order to bring the entire species further into slavery. I speak of course of the “war on terror” which really means the “war on terrorism.” “War On Terror” is simply a catchier slogan. And I was all for it. Because I could not stand this pre-Reagan cult of human sacrifice as being street-cred in war.  I cannot stand it still, and am constantly reminded of it, by these beasts at Catallaxy who still haven’t backed down. The genius of the “war on terror” is that it captured people like myself. Or lets us say Michael Novak.  Or yes CL. People who understood that our tradition of JUST WAR theory made both military and moral sense.  We were taken in by the shadow governments “war on terror” partly because we WEREN’T taken in by the cult of human sacrifice, and mass-murder, that developed in the West from the 30’s and until Reagan. This cult is still there of course, as we have seen from the Catallaxians. But at least Reagan broke the spell to some extent.

So there are reasons why we are getting 10 or 100 times the irrationality, but only one tenth, or perhaps 1% the genocidal actions. But the rather restrained killing spree that is going on now, isn’t going to last. The craziness is there. Its the craziness we have to break out of.  And we cannot break out of the craziness generally, without bringing about monetary sanity and financial rectitude.


Now I want to pause writing this thread for awhile.  Because I would like to see if anyone out there has even learned a fucking thing from all my educational efforts. There is a habit people have, that when I explain economics too them, and at first they resist everything I’m saying, but that when the scales finally fucking fall from their eyes, they want to pretend that they believed the new stuff all along. From the time they were born. Even prior to them being conceived.

Well there is no stopping this habit. I try and give people all the credit I can, who have taught me stuff. The superb George Reisman. The sharp-eyed Angelo Codevilla, and so forth. I always try and give credit where credit is due. But I’m not wanting to stop you people from pretending that you knew everything from three past lives ago or something like that. I’m going with the flow here. So for fucksakes show up under another handle.  Show up under double-anonymity. And just give me some feedback to show how many angles you can come up with why Tim Geithner is full of shit and a complete cunt. Let us have some class feedback here.  We have a statement of his. Apparently he really said this. The journalists don’t mention that he was falling about the place laughing when he said this. I’ll quote him, and leave it to you for awhile, to give me some feedback as to why he is so full of shit.  Then later, if I get a few of you at least putting an effort it, I’ll finish the thread.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said.

“Financial crises are ultimately resolved when governments and central banks succeed in creating the conditions that make it compelling for investors to take the risks involved in lending to governments and to banks,”

Read more:


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