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  1. Classic Keiser rap culminates in:

    “…… the thought of losing India to Monsanto crack-seeds is disturbing. I mean this is a 5,000 …. 10,000 …. 15,000 year old culture. We gonna lose it? For some FRICKING MONSANTO SEEDS!? … ”

    The context is that Keiser makes out (with some hyperbole, and crystal ball gazing) that the USA is too far gone to save. Just some fat, Monsanto-seed Crack-heads given over to lawlessness, and its on the way out. But he is lamenting the potential destruction of an whole civilisation.

    So am I. You know I was deeply disturbed by John Lennon’s death, and mostly because he came up with an excellent hit called “starting over” and I didn’t hear anything else off that particular album before he was assassinated. But even though the song itself was just about relationships, it appeared to suggest on a superficial level, that John was back in business, finally after all that time, after leaving the Beatles, and now we were to get a couple of decades of good songwriting out of him ….. and then he’s suddenly killed. Suddenly killed after what seemed to be a message that he was back in business.

    And its like that for India too. India the heart of cultural initiative during many eras, but lost that leading position perhaps in the 1100′s, the impetus going to China, until perhaps the 1400,s then to Europe and its colonies for half a millennium.

    So now here India is back in business. And it would be terrible to poison-pill the entire civilisation with the Monsanto brand of Satanic temptation, and other shadow government debris.

    There is a false argument out there that genetic engineering is bad. This is not the case. Any technology can be good or bad, depending on whose hands that technology is in. Its Monsanto and the entire cronyist, shadow-government, banking-oligarchy, that is bad. So Monstanto is using the technology for medium-term good as a bribe for long-term bad. Nothing to do with genetic engineering itself. Everything to do with the network of evil spreading out from the shadow-government and from fractional reserve.

    Monsanto’s act is such that its influence will help many millions of people in the next ten years, and screw over many tens of millions, if not billions, of people over the longer haul. So its a devils compact. A Satanic-seeds initiative. A Faustian bargain. The Devil as tempter. Which means that Max Keisers analogy of “Crack-Seeds” is excellent. It captures the entire reality of the situation with astounding conceptual precision.

    Genetic engineering is good. Don’t get hooked on that false argument cul de sac, that its a case of natural versus engineered. This is a shadow government ploy; this argument cul de sac. Its the shadow government and Monsanto that are evil. Not the technology of genetic engineering, which is one of the greatest potential good things imaginable.



  1. Anti-Asian genocidal option planned. These absolute bastards, filth, dogs, vermin, have engineered an airborne version of the bird-flu virus. Nothing could be more dastardly then that these filth have financed such a project.

    They have modified H5-N1, in order, to make it more easily transmissible AND THE FUCKING BASTARDS HAVE CONFESSED IN ADVANCE.

    I hate these people. I hate them so very very much. The only reason to create this thing AND CONFESS, is so as to have a legal cover story when they kill millions of us. Weighted heavily towards the mass-murder of Asians.

    • What are you raving on about Bird? Where do you get “Anti-Asian genocidal option planned” from and who would be planning it anway?

      • Well we already know that they have plans afoot. Even if its only a back-up plan. We know this since they came out in the mainstream media, and said that they had made airborne H5-N1. So its a straight confession. You don’t do such a thing, without genocidal intent. Its not speculation. They confessed. It didn’t get ferreted out by conspiracy investigators. They told us.

        I guess this is going to be comets are snowballs all over again. But its a proven matter.

      • You’re fucking nuts. Who are “they”?


    The idiocy of Joseph Cambria never bottoms out. He is such a thickhead. But lets make it clear that he isn’t the only brain-dead stooge the world of banking has given us. And basically all these nongs are just like him.

    Let me break up one short snippet of this morons typing into “setup” and “punchline.”

    “Hey steve, you realize that your scientific prognostications are really no better than bird and his magic water and crap…….. ”

    That is the setup. That fucking dumb woppy. Now here is the punchline ….. wait for it ……..:



    That is what happens when a system is dysfunctional. REAL banking needs renaissance men, and would find them. But ponzi-banking promotes idiots every time. Its a sort of evolutionary process, wherein the stupidest people in society will eventually reach the top of banking thanks to systemic dysfunction (given enough time).

    I mean what a stupid cunt. Here he is, speaking with authority and certainty, on what amounts to a matter of epistemology, and he’s a fucking moron, and is clueless. He may as well be Mark Twain’s King Arthur, saying something like ….. “verily it is known that the best potatoes grow on the highest branches… ” or some such thing.

  3. Bilderberg spent 30+ years making sure that people who said they existed were ridiculed. Thatcher showed up at Bilderberg, and they loved her and helped her get elected. But it seems she ended up hating them, and being proud that it was these filth that helped kick her out. She was such a good girl.

  4. Don’t you think, Graeme, that some of the problems with these Monsanto crooks could be eliminated with the abolition of intellectual property rights?

  5. Speaking of Monsanto-types, here’s a song you might appreciate:

  6. You aint seen nothing yet. There is already evidence of strong resistance to Roundup and the problem is rapidly becoming global. The weeds picked up the relevant genes, either through natural selection or plasmid transfer it don’t matter, it has happened and was always going to happen. Monsanto must have seen this coming. The idea of using single agent strategies to address pestilence suffers the fatal flaw of promoting resistance. The solution is not push natural selection processes down the road, to keep using different agents so natural selection processes never allows genotype dominance of resistance to any one particular agent emerge. This is simple maths, perhaps Monsanto can’t do simple maths, or perhaps they were more interested in just taking the cash and damn the long term consequences.

    • Evil little bitches are setting us up for the ultimate sucker punch. The perfect storm. They need to be taken national and split up, their patents made worthless, the surviving parts, given ten years to get rid of any of these terminator seeds.

      Terminator seeds. What an unnatural violation of natures bounteousness. As bad as anything the communists ever dreamed of.

  7. Momsanto=Jews.

  8. Well if that is what you want to believe gronk, I won’t be able to change your mind. I think its an asshole problem myself.

  9. “They have modified H5-N1, in order, to make it more easily transmissible AND THE FUCKING BASTARDS HAVE CONFESSED IN ADVANCE.”

    I don’t know what you are referring to precisely. But I’ve read a quite different take on this matter.

  10. Tell me what you have read. Because it may be truth, falsehood, or an halfway integration of same. But you don’t plan to massacre people in slow motion without blowing smoke in their face.

  11. Research on deadly flu virus prompts US government censorship
    By Nicholas Russo
    6 January 2012

    Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands are set to publish experiments revealing mutations that can confer airborne transmission to the deadly H5N1 “bird flu” virus. In response to the new research, and in the name of preventing “terrorism,” members of the political and media establishment have called for the studies to be censored, and the scientific journals to which the articles were submitted have agreed to implement redactions.

    While the studies themselves have yet to be published, research presented at public meetings is available and was summarized by the New York Times: “The experiment involved creating mutations in the virus and then squirting it into the respiratory tracts of ferrets. When the ferrets got sick, the researchers would collect their nasal secretions and expose other ferrets to the virus. After repetitions of this process, a strain of virus emerged from sick ferrets last summer that could infect animals in nearby cages without being squirted into them—just by traveling through the air.”

    Ferrets are considered an excellent model organism for studies of human influenza transmission. While H5N1 normally can be transmitted only through direct physical contact with secretions such as mucous, the mutations acquired through multiple rounds of infection conferred upon the virus the ability to be spread through the air, potentially through a sneeze or a cough. In these experiments, only a handful of mutations were necessary to confer these new and deadly abilities to the bird flu.

    That such a process of repeated infection and mutation routinely occurs during disease outbreaks indicates the dangerous potential for H5N1 transmitted in the human population to acquire these mutations. If a virus in the course of replication and transmission were to spontaneously acquire the mutations necessary for airborne transmission, a world-wide pandemic of unprecedented lethality could be the result.

    The H5N1 strain of influenza has a particularly high rate of mortality among those infected. It has been confirmed to have infected nearly 600 people since it was discovered in 1997, with more than half of those infected dying from the disease. For comparison, the deadly 1918 Spanish flu pandemic killed only about two percent of those infected.

    Alarmingly, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization this September issued a bulletin warning of “a major resurgence of the H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza amid signs that a mutant strain of the deadly bird flu virus is spreading in Asia and beyond, with unpredictable risks to human health.”

    The urgency of this warning makes continued and expanded research of these newly discovered mutations all the more imperative. However, the Obama administration and the media establishment have responded with hysteria, calling for the censoring of the research on the grounds of potential “terrorism.” Rather than underscoring the dangers of a potential pandemic revealed by these studies and calling for tenfold effort and new resources made available for this and other bird flu research, Science and Nature (the scientific journals which are to publish the studies) have agreed to enforce government censorship.

    In the case of scientific research, censorship is being carried out through the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity. This board was established in 2004 and advises scientific journals such as Science and Nature on publishing “dual-use” papers whose contents are deemed potentially dangerous to national security. Both journals have agreed to accede to the authority of this board.

    The idea that the availability of the methods and results of these studies would allow the development of a bioweapon by terrorists is preposterous. These studies were the result of years of effort by scores of scientists spending millions of dollars at major public research institutions. The facilities in which this type of viral research is conducted are specially designed, sealed environments where air is filtered and kept at negative pressure to avoid accidental release of deadly pathogens. These facilities even have their own dedicated power and air sources to prevent accidents in the event of a failure of the power grid. Scientists who work in these facilities wear containment suits akin to spacesuits and must shower and change their clothes before leaving the lab.

    That a group of terrorists could acquire the facilities, equipment, animals, reagents (including the H5N1 virus), and team of highly trained scientists necessary to create this mutated virus is a clear deceit. A far more likely terrorism scenario is one similar to the 2001 anthrax attacks, in which a scientist at the government’s biodefense labs at Fort Detrick in Maryland apparently sent letters containing spores of the deadly Ames strain of the anthrax bacterium to the offices of members of the media and politicians. Twenty-two people were infected by the anthrax from these letters, of which five infections were fatal.

    Fort Detrick was the site of one of the US Army Biological Warfare Laboratories set up under the Roosevelt administration in 1943. From 1943 to 1969, the US government committed hundreds of millions of dollars toward weaponization of plant, animal, and human diseases. Although all offensive research on bioweapons was officially ended by the Nixon administration in 1969, the Clinton and second Bush administrations both conducted research considered by some to be in violation of the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention, including research on anthrax, as revealed by the New York Times just fourteen days before the anthrax attacks in 2001.

    Suppression of research is just the latest front in the attack on democratic rights in the US and internationally. That the editors of Science and Nature have agreed, after bullying by the government and the media, to collaborate in the censorship of critical scientific research demonstrates the degree to which large impact journals have become beholden to the influence of Washington and other outside parties.

  12. Anyone involved with such a weaponisation program ought to be doing jail time. Nuclear weapons may have some applications where there is reasonable targeting of combatants, and regime leadership. So nuclear weapons aren’t always and every time, a criminal undertaking to manufacture them. But there is no possible case of making an airborne strain of H5N1, and using it in a targeted way. Hence the research is a criminal undertaking AND with genocidal intent.

  13. Well, I am only going on what I’ve read and the point seems to be that the virus does mutate naturally. The research was about studying and understanding the mechanisms of that in a manufactured environment with a view to acquiring knowledge about it including, primarily, the means to combat the impact of the virus on individuals and groups.

    I’d agree that the research could in theory and practice be used at some stage for biological terrorism, including or perhaps primarily by the state, but that is not a necessary component or result of the research in and of itself and nor should it be the reason by abandoning or limiting it now.

    • That sounds like an implausible cover-story to me. If they have an airborne version, it has to be assumed to have been made in the covert-ops labs.

      Not long ago there was a lot of deaths in Germany from some artificial bug, and these guys were trying to blame a number of different people. The most prominent one being some outfit selling sprouted seeds. An entirely ridiculous story. They tried to make out that since the outfit was “organic” they maybe were contaminated with animal manure. Well that was a clear lie. Because you don’t fertilise sprouts with anything, but water and sunlight. The bastards. The most you might do is use a bit of water-soluble kelp fertiliser in the water, in order to provide minerals for the sprouts. So it was just part of the scam. Technical information suggested that it was a lab-produced bug.

  14. And I completely oppose the manufacture and deployment of nuclear weapons not least because by definition and in practice their manufacture and use result in the injury and death of large numbers of people, including civilians of all age, combined with incalculable but widespread and long lasting environmental contamination and destruction.

  15. Yeah I can certainly see your point of view. I’d be a bit torn on the matter. Because since water is a great shock-absorber, when it comes to navy-to-navy warfare, the team with the nukes have a distinct advantage. No way would I want to send our lads out in our submarines, without giving them that extra edge. What would I say to their mothers if they were killed in those cramped, underwater coffins? Or to the population at large, if we failed to stop an Inchon-like invasion? If it was up to me, this is what I would feel I had to do. But the problem is, that if I got my plans through, others would then be in a position to abuse that development. So one could then be complicit in the murder of tens of thousands of civilians, because morons refuse to take a “just war” approach to military strategy.

    We see this at Catallaxy, where I’ve tried for maybe six years to get these guys to recognise that the carpet bombing of Germany, and the incendiary bombing of Tokyo, were inherently evil, militarily moronic, and war crimes. And I’ve tried to make them see that the “Operation Keelhaul” holocaust was one of the worst and most nauseating acts of mass-murder in all history. But to no avail. Extrapolating; you’d have to assume that others are as ethically and mentally challenged as the Catallaxy crowd.

    So yes. I very much see your point. And I do recognise that I could be wrong, in the position that I would feel I had to take.

  16. “That blasted internet cockroach Bird is back. he’s using ‘Refudiate Palin’ as his sock puppet this time.

    These vermin infestations by that loser are annoying.


    Not me MK. Other people don’t appear to be handicapped when it comes to spotting me.

    “You’ve been quite nasty lately, Gab. You’ve been hanging out with the boys too long, I think.”

    Monty may have a point Gabrielle. Trade up to better male company.

  17. Good Lord what an imbecile. Here is Cambria on bank reform:


    If you must regulate the banks, the simple is the best solution like most things.

    Raise tangible capital requirements and remove nearly all other regulations.”

  18. Here is a picture of the Catallaxian troll who calls itself Gab.

    • Ha Ha. That is pretty funny. I don’t approve but its funny anyway.

      • Yeah, the gender is all wrong. But still funny and apt.

      • Look, that was the day after a pretty darn excellent New Years Eve celebration. And I was having a bad hair day also. Give a girl a break, will ya? Anyways, as long as my soul doesn’t look like that, which it doesn’t, then I’m happy.

  19. Now, I haven’t seen this widely reported, yet alone discussed. But apparently the Chinese and the Japanese agreed a couple of weeks ago to use their respective currencies, the yuan and the yen, for bilateral trade.

    So the second and third economic powers in the world have now eschewed the dollar.

    What are the ramifications of this?

  20. Well over time, it means that as the US expands its money supply, there will be a more direct and a faster translation into higher prices. Because it means that there are less holes for the money to simply sit in and accumulate.

  21. The transmission is money supply increase ….. leads to more spending …. leads to higher prices (all prices not just consumer prices). So having less people relying on the dollar, cuts in at the first step. When people hold a great amount of the dollar, we say that “the demand for money for holding is higher.” When that demand is higher, more money supply translates to more spending in a lesser way than otherwise.

    So we could say that the Japanese and Chinese, by their actions, are reducing “the demand for USD for holding.” Which means that more money supplied will lead to greater spending increase, then in the former arrangements.

  22. Well some say that slowly, patiently, step by step, the Chinese are internationalising their currency to the detriment of the dollar, which is not particularly surprising because the Chinese have been saying for several years that the dollar should no longer dominate the global economy.

    It’s said that this Sino-Japanese agreement, which is not a threat in the short term (it has yet to be implemented) will in time weaken the US economy, as it will make it harder for the US to attract international savings that are needed to finance the chronic deficit of the balance of payments and of the federal budget.

  23. Its mostly the other way around. The loan money creates the deficits. If you cannot get a loan you are already in surplus.

    Now here is someone using the appropriate language for these banking criminals:

    [audio src="" /]

  24. “Bird’s latest scoop – Monsanto plans anti-Asian genocide

    Monsanto? Good Lord Jason. I know you people read from right to left, but I don’t suppose its Monsanto running research into Asian-killing pathogens.

  25. Bird:

    Keiser now?

  26. The best show on TV. Now supposing some of your banking heroes were executed? Twitching at the end of a rope, or their head rolling down the steps of the capital beneath the guillotine.

    I know for a fact you would take these ideas very seriously then. Because we are sick of you banking cunts stealing off us.



  27. Why don’t you want to fucking work for a living you fucking wop cunt? What makes you think, you cunt, that you of all people, ought not have to earn a living?

    • Graeme, JC is unemployable. He has zero skill sets that are socially useful and no motivation to be productive. His foul mouth and uncontrollable temper would guarantee that he’d last about five minutes in any workplace. Emotional Intelligence down off the radar type of dude.


  28. Graeme, how long have you been following Max Keiser? Has it just on RT or earlier?

    I thought I introduced you to RT via Alyona Minkovski, the smouldering leftie journalist with her own show who provides brilliant kick-arse coverage on OWS and American politics generally.

    But Max Keiser rocks too from what I now read about him. Isn’t it great that people like that exist in the international media and in America and have such political and even financial influence.

    • I was watching Keiser before you showed me Alyona, but not a great deal of time before that. Sometimes I listen to him and I wonder if he drops by this blog.

  29. Really that is the only thing that is going to get people taking the crime of stealing through deception, lawyers, and political patronage seriously. You just have to have Jamie Dimon’s head severed from his body, and slapped onto a plate, with as much blood dripping everywhere as possible.

    The reason being, that then and only then, as the heads are being collected, and put on a stake on Wall Street, will the usual liars admit that they are wrong, and claim that all along they loathed the bankers, and their stealing campaign.

    Will anything else short of this, make Andrew Reynolds, give up on supporting stealing as a way of life? I don’t think so. Will Cambria admit that being supplied multi-trillions in zero interest loans from central banks … that this is stealing, unless and until some of these people are executed on TV?

    No he won’t. So its public execution we have to call for here.

  30. hahaha – from Wiki

    Max Keiser has labeled JP Morgan “the biggest financial terrorist on Wall St”, in relation to their alleged manipulation of the price of silver.[30] Keiser has started a campaign called “Crash JP Morgan buy silver”,[31][32][33] where people buy silver, thus raising its price and leaving JP Morgan with a huge short position to cover, the margin of which are collateralized by JP Morgan’s own stock price, bankrupting itself. Based on the collateralization of silver by the price of its shares, and, of course, his allegation that JP Morgan’s position is an overwhelmingly large naked short position, Keiser predicted that the a per ounce silver price exceeding JP Morgan’s stock price will not only crash JP Morgan, but unsettle the underpinnings of the dollar, which he claims are essentially confetti.

    Adweek magazine described Keiser as “the most visible character in an underground movement that has spurred hundreds of blog posts and videos, and played some small part in driving up the price of precious metals.”[34

  31. What happens is that people get enthused to take delivery of silver and this drives up the price, but soon those people are tapped out. What happens then is that the condemned thief, Jamie Dimon, will settle out his shorts OFF-MARKET. Presumably for a price higher than the “market value” that he has helped to create, but at a much lower price than he would have had to pay, had he been forced to deliver the silver. So the Max Keiser scheme hasn’t succeeded yet. Because the US government has decided that these people are allowed to steal, just so long as they steal, in a slightly obscurantist way.

    Somehow, somewhere, these people have to be killed in garish and public ways. Or we will have an entire segment of the population who simply cannot take their crimes seriously.

  32. Ok Graeme, I heard an interview the other day (on the ABC RN Book Show, I think) with the US comedian Roseanne Barr, who is new to me. An awesome arse-kicker.

    Anyway, she spoke about an interview she did this year on RT with Max Keiser where she stated that a valid and democratic response to the GFC was to “bring back the guillotine”.

    Your referencing that, right?

  33. Well I certainly heard her say that. But I’m not referencing Roseanne Barr specifically.

    Look we are heading into a medieval situation anyway. You cannot have the US with 22% unemployment, 11% inflation, and the official figures lying about this, forever. These are not forever things. The idea that you can take all possible loan resources, that could be creating wealth, and you systematically piss these resources into deficits, and banker enrichment schemes … and that this is a long-term thing???????

    No. This scientifically must lead us to medievalism. There is no way it cannot. Yes we have all this great technology, but you need the resources for investment as well, to maintain this technology and the economy that buttresses it. So there must be collapse, and when there is collapse, the bankers will have brought to us those very conditions, which will make chopping their heads off, or hoisting them up on a rope, seem all normal and according to Hoyles.

  34. Yeah, I share your pessimism. It’s looking really bad. Capitalism fouls things up, fucks things up.

    I already knew that but now whole swathes of the population of America, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world know or think that too now.

    Just as an aside, it’s fascinating the number of people in America (gauged by those who have blogs or comment on blogs) who think the same about future directions and who are trying to live “off the grid” and are sharing information, ideas and strategies about that.

    Many of these people are highly skilled and/or educated professionals who have now decided to turn their attention and their day-to-day efforts towards providing the means of existence for themselves and their families and the communities they connect with and live in, outside of the mainstream economy.

  35. Now now Philomena. Its not capitalism. If we had capitalism we wouldn’t be in this mess. What we have here is a bankocracy. “Been spending most our life, living in a bankster paradise”

    The idea of being able to live “off the grid” as a backup, is not due to some sort of superstition, but its a reflection of the conditions on the ground, and the reality that they are taking almost all investment resources and pissing them away on deficit spending, and banker enrichment schemes. So its not just some interesting quirk that the American culture has thrown up for complex reasons to do with their history. Its about the fact that this policy of pissing away all investment resources on deficit spending and banker enrichment schemes, will kill everyone if its not reversed. There is no getting around this. Except to the extent that it will be reversed prior to these policies killing everyone.

    The mistake to make is to think that there is something mysterious about economics. That Keynesianism might be half right, and its all a matter of opinion. That diverting resources to numbers rackets may actually do some good.

    No its all very scientific. If they continue to act this way they will continue to destroy the economy and they will kill everyone, or rather policy will be reversed but we don’t yet know the body count.

    There is just no mystery to this.

  36. I don’t think there is any mystery to it either.

    I’d agree that the term “capitalism” is necessarily taxonomic and unavoidably reductive. But then all words are. I’d agree that as a social and economic descriptor it’s often not very useful, except when it is, for all the extensive reasons that the Marxist method outlines. But I don’t want to go over that.

    I agree that the use of single words to describe reality has its limitations and drawbacks. But then that is an inherent feature of all language. And I do think the best political approach is to delineate as far as one can, the mechanisms and features of actual existing reality and critique that. But then that too is the materialist method.

    I’m not at all criticising the movement to “live off the grid”. For many people in the southern states of the US, and elsewhere, who do not want to work in what is on offer, assuming that anything is on offer, it makes a lot of sense and can even be admired. It’s a deliberate philosophical choice by many and that too I understand. I do, though, know the problems of trying to do this, but then so do they. It’s the attempt to do this which is interesting, it’s apparent growing popularity and that it is being adopted by people who want to opt out of the system by choice not just necessity.

  37. “For many people in the southern states of the US, and elsewhere, who do not want to work in what is on offer, assuming that anything is on offer…”

    But the point is that they cannot assume that, and they must assume that if policy doesn’t change they will die. Because you cannot, and this is as much basic physics, as sound economics, take almost all investment resources and piss these resources off into deficit spending, and bankers numbers rackets, and hope that there can be a way for the population to survive. Of course they CAN survive for an indeterminate number of years on that basis. But there are nor signs that the problem will be corrected.

    Its spending, within business, to make a profit, that creates the jobs. Because wages and salaries are a business expense. So if those resources are being pissed away, and this continues long enough, all these people will die. So that therefore these people who are off-grid, with water filters, generators, rifles, four-wheel drives, storage space, freeze-dried food, silver coins …… if the policy goes on long enough, such people will have a greater than average chance of staying alive prior to the policy reversal.

  38. Well, yes, I’m sure that is what they are counting on. But more than that, these people would agree with your analysis, they may support oppositional movements like OWS or local manifestations of that, but they don’t see any other way to fight what is coming down for all of us, and have made their choice to do live their lives another way, and fight and live on a micro level.

    I guess my point is that this cohort is growing. It’s always been there in America and Australia too, but we can expect to to see it grow, its influence and ideas grow. Which adds to the mix.

  39. JC is a tragic figure, eh. Brags about his wealth but is confined to an electronic treadmill 24/7 and exudes personal misery and dysfunction.

    But then, he is a welfare queen.

  40. Graeme wrote:


    Most would say, tough but fair.

    Moreover, it’s one of the most succinct and apt comments you have ever written, Graeme. Bravo.

  41. I am really happy tonight. Over the moon. I kicked corporate arse big time, outmanouevered them all. Today. And yesterday. The game is still in play.

    To celebrate the latest chess move.

  42. Here’s something pretty close to what I’ve been trying to explain to Cambria for a long time. But its a bit like trying to teach an elephant how to walk the tightrope.

  43. The best show on TV. The show with the most surpassing relevance. And its better that he isn’t right about all things. Its better that he canvasses a wide range of anti-cronyist views from both the left and the right:


  45. After seven years Joseph Cambria still fails basic monetary economics:


    I have one issue with your post. You say:

    “If people are willing to voluntarily accept your financial asset as money (for example, when you use EFTPOS or B-Pay) then there is now effectively $100 in the economy — $50 base money held by the bank (which they can then use), and $50 credit held by you (which you can use).”

    I don’t really agree with that. The moment the charge hits the account.. you press code into the machine and the trasncation is approved… your account falls by that sum while the shop’s account rises. So there isn’t an extra 50 buckS floating around in the economy and therefore no new money created out of thin air.

    I honestly don’t see how banks are supposed to create money. They can’t lend more than what is possible from their balance sheets and a debit in one account immediately is credited to another account.

    Only the central bank can create money, base money. Banks can leverage, but they can’t leverage deposits. They can only leverage their capital.”

  46. Face it cunt. You’re nothimg more than a fat, dumb, bald kiwi fuckwit wiyh the intellecyual prowess of mouseshit.

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