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Ezra Pound; One Man Can Make A Difference.



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  2. why cite nutty anti semite ezra pound?

  3. Why do you think he’s an anti-semite? Rockefeller may have been the worst traitor in US history. But just going on standard history, the worst traitor would have to be Alger Hiss. It was Alger Hiss that put Pound in a mental asylum, as communists tend to do, when there wasn’t anything wrong with his mind. Throwing in that he’s an anti-semite for good measure, is just par for the course.

    You’ve got to stop believing everything these captured sites and communists tell you. It was Alger Hisses man Stalin who was murdering Jews, and trying to finish what Hitler had started. I mean to say it was the communists who were murdering Jews at the time that Pound was put in the mental hospital unlawfully and in Stalinist fashion. Accusing your enemies of being anti-semitic when you are murdering Jews by the bakers dozen is standard communistic behaviour.

    Also when it comes to Ezra’s protege? Eustace Mullins showed up at the constitutional party meeting to give a talk back before 2002. These guys were spooked and wanted to cancel his talk. They ask him if he was an anti-semite, and he said no. Then they dragged out some anti-semitic prose, and asked him if he had written it, and he said he had not had anything to do with it. So you have to be careful with people who take on the Rockefellers or the Rothschilds. No amount of dirty tricks is too much for these guys. And since it was these people who put the Nazis and the Soviets in power, it is they who are the quintessential mass murderers. Moreso even then Hitler or Stalin. The banksters are more essentially the genocidalists then the dictators that they hire.

  4. 11,000 fuel rods in Fukushima reactor number 4 may be in trouble. If it lets out a lot of radiation, getting to the US, then consider the exposure of many Americans to radiation;

    The shadow government is forcing air travellers to get X-rays as a matter of course. The medical monopoly is arm-twisting women to get breast X-rays. They get paid for performing the X-ray from the government, the X-ray itself is carcinogenic, meaning they are creating much subsidised business for themselves by this “screening” caper.

    McCanney is looking at three other radiation sources. The dentist. The sun under some conditions. And the accumulation of radiation through the food-chain.

    The thing is normal nuclear power gives off less radiation then coal-to-electricity generation. And a little bit of radiation above normal is a good thing. It actually confers health benefits to have radiation a little bit higher than normal background. But the exposure of X-rays that the shadow government has set up will almost definitely amount to mass-human eradication right there.

    • “And a little bit of radiation above normal is a good thing. It actually confers health benefits to have radiation a little bit higher than normal background.”

      So nuclear radiation is a-ok, but a tiny amount of fluoride is mass murder? Consistency of argument is a concept you don’t seem to be familiar with.

      “But the exposure of X-rays that the shadow government has set up will almost definitely amount to mass-human eradication right there.”

      Err what? This is even dumber than your fluoride hysteria. All those bottled water guzzling centenarians in Sydney have never had x-rays?

      • A small amount of radiation above background is actively good. Whereas the level that the shadow government is setting up for Californians could cause mass-death. This is quite distinct from the fluoride mass-murder.

  5. They are murdering people out of the sheer satisfaction that doing evil confers. Like someone devoid of sexual lust, loading up on viagra, only for the pleasure of making the girls cry.

  6. “Candy

    He killed 67 people. He doesn’t deserve to live nor even talk other than strictly supervised statements to defend himself, not talk about the right of the court to try him.

    He has nothing to say that people would want to listen to.”

    What a crock of shit. As if he killed all those people on his own. No-one ought to be silly enough to believe such a thing. We need him alive so we can shake him down for bigshots to execute. We ought never execute politically-powerless little-people no matter how vicious their crimes. We can always send them for slave labour at an Antarctic base and make them wish they were dead. We need to mine this fellow for information. Find out which powerful guys put him up to it, and its the people with influence that need to feel the fear, the lash, and the hangman’s noose. No little people for the death penalty ever. For our own protection.

  7. When I think of Zionism today, I think of an Israeli, who wants to stay on his side of the fence, and look after his family. I think of him not interested in what the Palestinians are doing, but wanting swift retaliation for violence coming from the other side, to his side, of the fence. As well I think of the idea that the borders must be made on the grounds of Israeli security. Since a secure Israel means the Israelis don’t have the need, and perhaps as importantly THE EXCUSE to go to the other side of that fence and start pushing people around.

    That is my understanding of Zionism in 2012 and I could not be more fervently in support of it, and that isn’t likely to change.

    But the reality is that in 1926, German Fascism, and Zionism, were the exact same philosophy. And this is the year that the Nazi party allied with the Zionists on a formal basis. Now let me not be accused of saddling Jews with some sort of original sin. That is not what we are saying here. But the essential elements in Hitlers thinking in 1926 were pretty much the same as Zionist thinking in 1926 and they were both financed by the same scum, and therefore it was quite natural that they would enter into an alliance.

  8. The house nigger concordance up and blocked me.

  9. Bird
    your thoughts?

    • Don’t misunderstand me here. But suppose you are ranking paradigms in parallel. The advent of this lad is a boost to the Lloyd Pye paradigm. Or you might say the Zachariah Sitchen paradigm. That part of the paradigm being that the human race were deliberately engineered to be slaves. To be smart enough to do work for their alien overlords, but not so smart they’d rebel. So the thinking is that the aliens gave us their intellectual gifts and then purposefully stymied them. Occasionally mild brain damage can release a small part of what (under this paradigm) humans are capable of.

      Before you go saying stupid stuff, just try and remember what the scientific method consists of. Ranking an re-ranking three or more hypotheses in parallel. So saying that something is evidence for one of them, in no way implies endorsement or belief. Science is a method that goes beyond such petty personal inner-lives.

  10. Hey Bird

    Are you aware there are a dozen state challeges to the Kenyan’s candidacy over the birth certificate issue?

    Your thinking please.

    • The African birth certificate isn’t available, since the spooks managed to get into the records offices where he was and abscond with all certificates in and around the date of his birth. People born near the same day as him are therefore without their certificates as well.

      He’s got a problem. And that was totally evident PRIOR to the last election. And there simply wasn’t any reason for Catallaxians to deny reality on this matter. Because you have to go further than the idiocy of IT ISN’T TRUE BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE TRUE.

      The evidence is that he is not eligible and that he has been passing off fake documentation. He has not once ever EVER produced authentic documents. Never. And they are bad fakes. If he’s CIA and he is, why would they not pass off GOOD FAKES???????

      Why not?

      You see if Catallaxy decides to be idiots on this matter, they can never take the analysis any step further. The only reason why the shadow government would pass off BAD FAKES when they can pass off magnificent fakes, is that they are creating a series of scandals, that are meant to cover for the biggest scandal. The scandal that could get them taken down.

      So the reality is that when they were busted with a smoking gun in 2006, as having murdered their own citizens on 9/11, that is when a plan was hatched to get a conman President, who they could control 100%, and who would be a cascading and walking scandal, to cover them for 9/11.

      This actually clear as the sound of a midnight bell tolling, just so long as in the process of thought you never deny reality. Its three and a half years ago. You haven’t got that far because at every step, the Catallaxians were willing to deny evidence.

  11. Hey Bird, another thing. A practicing doct is calling your x-ray theory bullshit for the msot part.

    Thoughts please.

  12. The doctor is full of shit. But you are lying anyway. And what is a doctor an authority on? Not health. Doctors are known for their poor health. Which part of the radiation are you (or the doctor) getting so completely fucking wrong like the moron (morons) you are.

    Doctors are not authorities on health. They are authorities on finding which drugs to prescribe, and then going Ca-ching Ca-ching, and getting the government subsidy. If they were authorities on health they would all be stunningly healthy like me, rather than chronically sick like me two years ago.

  13. I see what is going on. The Chinaman is back to his old tricks. He contracts a quote, to mislead James K, and then the fucking moron wop cunt, runs with the deception and builds on it.

    What do you dumb cunts think that you achieve with this? Do you even know what you are doing?

    But the reality is that breast screening is carcinogenic and biopsies spread cancer cells all around the body. James K has been mislead into thinking that the claim was that breast screening was setting up this huge mass-murder. But I was talking about the airport screening, breast screening, and a meltdown of a Japanese reactor, all kicking in at the same time.

    James K is likely clueless anyway. But he’s responding strictly to a claim that the Chinaman concocted, and not to anything I actually said. And then the primitive fucking wop, goes right ahead building on this stupidity like the fuckwit that he is. Remember its your money that this guy is looking after. Maybe you are right to let him look after it. He seems to have an inside track. But no inside brain. Or no brain inside.

  14. “A standard jet airflight exposes passengers to roughly the same radiation as a chest x-ray if that helps.”

    It doesn’t really help does it. Because thats doubling up. They get the scan, then the jet airflight, and the scan again. So whereas the jet airflight would be a single dosage, now we are talking triple. And the analogy doesn’t work in the first place. The X-ray is all at once, whereas the jet airflight is a lot lower radiation, for a lot longer. Ergo, the scan is going to be much the more harmful exposure, if the total X-rays are the same. So no its just not even an intelligent reply from James, but he was hoodwinked right from the start.

    And how did that stupid fucking boot-nigger add value on this occasion? He didn’t did he? No he didn’t.

    Breast screening is an incredible racket. A huge money-spinner and life-shortener at once.

  15. If I had of known who the doctor was, rather than assuming the wop was making it up, then I wouldn’t have paid out on James. Actually Cambria at least quoted me accurately and thats a good thing. But there were three excellent comments, which is a nice change ….

    1. A good GP is invaluable. think of all the germs they get sprayed with all day and looking at people’s bits and some none too clean!

    2. This is pretty uncontroversial. Your average suburban GP isn’t much more than a referral agent for specialists and a friendly ear

    3. The real skill of the family GP apart from diagnosing and treating all the common ailments is to be able to smell a rat among all the dross.

    All excellent comments and I agree with them 100%. I’ve had two really superb doctors that I can think of right now. Neither of them young white guys brought up under progressive modern education.

    The point was that the wop was misusing the other fellows bona fide’s in a very feeble attempt at (what in 2012 is) a logical fallacy. Argument from authority is now a full-blown logical fallacy. Whereas at one time it was merely a misused argument.

  16. “Argument from authority is now a full-blown logical fallacy. Whereas at one time it was merely a misused argument.”

    So I should listen equally to you and my regular doc if I had cancer, hey bird?

    • No you should not so much as discuss cancer with a doctor. Simply talking to a doctor about cancer is hazardous. “Hazardous”. Sometimes I use understatement for effect. You ought not have anything to do with your doctor if you get cancer. But you ought to start preparing now.

      If you even went to see your doctor, suspecting you had cancer, you would be putting yourself under grave risk. Think of the very short time it took for the Quacks to knock out Joe Frazier? Something Ali was never able to do.

      They killed my Mother for goodness sakes. If they can kill Frazier and my own Mum, you’d need your head read to have anything to do with them. Is it a trick question you are asking me? We are talking about people who will demand to poison you as their opening salvo against your health. The very first thing they will do is poison your bodies capacity to be healthy. And you will know this in advance. You will go out and buy a wig in advance of them poisoning you. Are you incapable of understanding what you read?

      Even before they poison you, they will break open the tumor in order to spread cancer throughout your body. They call this a biopsy. You are a crazy man if you even talk to your doctor about cancer.

      • Graeme
        A good friend of mine recently passed from cancer, Way before her time. She was on chemo, it seemed to be working well but one day there was a relapse and that was it. Ironically a friend of hers who had it years ago is still around.

      • Did she pass from cancer? Or from Chemo? No cancer specialist worth her salt will fail to kill the patient, rather then let the cancer do the job.

    • from the cancer.

      • How do you know? Did she lose her hair? Did she have all the symptoms that poisoning displays?

      • Nope, no hair falling out. The cancer just got bigger faster

      • Right. But then again the drugs they use in chemo-therapy are themselves carcinogenic. So once they fail they fail big-time. If it was me I’d take near toxic levels of vitamin C until such time as I could get hold of some Laetrile.

  17. “Companies should be able to promote all uses of their drugs that are reliably shown to be effective.”

    Cancer is not a drug deficiency, and so the drugs are likely to be next to useless in the first place. They’ve been playing this drugs-and-cancer scam for decades. Wake up to it.

    “Statins have made a huge impact on stroke, cardiac and peripheral vascular disease morbidity and death.


    Statins are a massive con and ripoff. They don’t decrease morbidity even a little bit. They decrease morbidity for strokes and vascular disease, only to make it up through death by other causes. They ruin your wallet and your health at the same time.

  18. “I’ve checked with my Doc. These statins are very good drugs. ”

    No they are rubbish. They are poison.

    “You just need a liver test every six months to ensure it’s functioning okay without adverse effects from the statins.”

    See you I and your Quack all know that statins are a liver poison.

    “That’s what I do as I have a family history of high cholesterol and knew about since I was in my 30′s.”

    Cholesterol isn’t a problem. Its a symptom. Statins don’t even attempt to address the problem that cholesterol is a symptom for. The anti-cholesterol beat-up is pure anti-scientific quackery.

  19. Tom is onto it:

    “Daddy, In my opinion, Lipitor is a dumb drug designed by lawyers to avoid litigation. It can be excrutiatingly painful and lowers cholesterol by introducing very big side-effects in the musculature. It is prescribed to lower cholesterol even in healthy people. I would like to hear what James and other GPs think about it.”

    Who cares? The whole project to lower cholesterol is an anti-science scam. The idea is to find out why the cholesterol has gone up, and resolve the underlying problem. Why ask James about this? What can he possibly add to what you know already?

  20. Drug-induced lobotomy. People will not accept the scope of this scandal. But they know themselves what the Rockefeller medical cartel is doing to people they know:

    “I believe I followed a series of links after someone posted a TED lecture by Dr Terry Wahls… I took a lot of what she said with a grain of salt, but the stuff about mitochondria piqued my interest, and I followed on from there. The CoQ10 stuff seems quite valid, and though the connection between statins and reduced CoQ10 has been established, nobody seems to have made the link between the all-too-common reported side-effect of “vagueness”. Even I dismissed it as old age – that people on these drugs were just getting old… but reading up, it’s like a light-switch went off, and so I wanted to hear if John knew anything.”

    Why did you take what he said with a grain of salt? Is that by way of the same method you decided that Tesla was a nut?

  21. Your brain is made of cholesterol to a very great extent. Why would you be mad enough to take a drug whose function is to lower cholesterol, for the sake of people that are already too stupid, why would you do this?

    Cholesterol is life. These loony-toons are steering people away from eggs and butter. Eggs are the single-most nutritious food substance there is. Mammals evolved and survived by virtue of their egg-eating.

  22. Incredible. One after another Catallaxian is bearing witness to the Statin rip-off, yet none of them ever considers trying to rescue the victims. We see by their own admission that Statins attack the brain and the liver. You all may have given up on your brains a long time ago, but the liver is not evil and does not need to be punished.

  23. MK50 is probably one of the stupidest cunts on Catallaxy:

    “Hey, Sturmabteilung, was 9/11 an inside job? C’mon, you know you want to tell us all about it.”

    Its a fact that it was an inside job you dead-head. Its only physics MK50 shit-for-brains. You know this guy is retarded even prior to making a fool of himself about 9/11. He would always sign his name



    He only stopped after a safe period had elapsed after me ridiculing this retard for doing this. But he’s really jumped the shark with this 9/11 bizzo. Surely 11 years is enough to be able to sort this matter out when the culprits were caught red-handed from the time that youtube was launched.

  24. This is about a Swedish coterie of politicians, but it shows an attitude which seems to be typical of globalists and environmentalists. They really seem to hate black people. They would want the black people to die, to leave Africa as a nature reserve. Every black baby aborted gives these people a sense of relief:

    “STOCKHOLM (FRIA TIDER). A macabre scene with racist undertones took place on Saturday when Swedish minister of culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth attended a tax funded party for the Stockholm cultural elite. The self-proclaimed “anti-racist” Liljeroth declared the party officially started by slicing a piece of a cake depicting a stereotypical African woman.”

    The pictures will make you sick. They would shame any good Nazi.

  25. Hi Graeme
    have you managed to repair your family issues?


  26. No. But the boy thinks they will come around. It may be an odd feature of Thai culture that I’m not familiar with.

    • bird

      Promise her that you will stop drinking and won’t go searching for conspiracy theories on the web ever again.

      You don’t have a lot to trade on here. Could work.

  27. Christ you are an idiot. A fellow who cannot prove that he’s even a citizen of the US, is made President, and then murders a lot of Americans as a gun-runner. And you say:

    “Promise her that you will stop drinking and won’t go searching for conspiracy theories on the web ever again.”

    You are brainless is what you are. Brainless. And we may have found the reason. The brain is made out of cholesterol, and here you are taking drugs that lower cholesterol. Instant brain damage for the already stupid.

  28. “Chemo is getting much better……”

    Better than what? It still poisons you so badly it makes your hair fall out right away. Its carcinogenic.

    “Radiation treatment is being targeted.”

    You bet it is. Its being targeted at innocent human beings. Radiation is carcinogenic. It makes people sick. The businessman-Quack who forced the hospital to use radium for cancer (as a condition of his grant) died from the use of it..

    “They are working on individualized drugs that conform to a person’s DNA.”

    Individualized drugs. No such thing. They are working on one quack remedy after another just to make money. This goes on decade after decade after decade. Nothing changes. The medical monopoly sends millions of people out onto the street every year to collect money for them, and they pretend its for research into cancer. They aren’t interested in a cure for cancer. They are simply running it as a money-making scam. So they send these poor people out to collect money for the super-rich.

    “There is serious shit being worked on at the time moment.”

    Yeah yeah. Decade after decade. Its always the same story.

  29. She hunted the dark D deep into the night. It was intense, thrilling and overwhelming, at no point was she lost. Then the moment of reckoning, a reflective pause and finally the realisation that she was the inevitable.

  30. Guess where that came from.

  31. I’m guessing that its from one of Ezra’s poems. I once got pretty interested in going back and reading a couple of Rudyard Kiplings poems on the grounds that he had fallen from favour and wasn’t a lefty. I’ve sort of turned around my thinking a little bit on the Empire, and am more against it on first principles than I was prior. But I mention Kipling in passing because now that I’m seeing Pound as a massively historic heroic twentieth century figure, I’m a little bit motivated to read some of his work.

  32. No. It’s not a poem or by Ezra. I only know a couple of his poems which iike the one below are perfect gems. He certainly was culturally significant but he embraced the regimes of Franco, Mussolini and Hitler, so is hardly a sypathethic character for me though that’s no reflection on his creative output and influence. Apparently he pretty much made T.S. Eliot’s poetry publishable. Did you know Eliot worked in a bank for his day job?
    In a Station of the Metro

    The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
    Petals on a wet, black bough.

  33. You never would’ve guessed where the quote I posted originated. From a bottle of S.A. wine, a Durif. Winemakers are being very creative with their labels. The front label of this excellent drop I was drinking last night has a painting of a lipsticked gorilla with a carnation behind it’s left ear standing in the foreground of a bedroom. The inscription reads “Cats, Bats & Dawn”. And the squib I quoted (D standing for Durif) was on the back label. I thought it was very droll, less so in the sober light of day but I’m working on that now.

  34. Right. South Australian Wine.

    “He certainly was culturally significant but he embraced the regimes of Franco, Mussolini and Hitler….”

    You see I”m not sure about that. He seems to have taken on the shadow government oligarchy. So it could be that his record has been horribly polluted. He was imprisoned by the traitor Alger Hiss as a traitor. Which may imply that he was a patriot right there.

  35. Traitor vs patriot. A very pedestrian binary.

    I go with the traitor always. Loyalty is the most over-rated of the virtues.

  36. Ha ha ha. Well now that we know that it was Rockefeller and his ilk that brought about the Soviet revolution, maybe doing the wrong thing was the right thing to do.

    The oligarchs controlled both sides of every argument. So they controlled Hiss as well as Churchill. During the cold war there was but two Americans allowed to land their private plane at Moscow airport. That was Armand Hammer and David Rockefeller. Rockefeller was basically a courier delivering orders to the Soviets.

    The bankers controlled the Soviets from the start. The whole thing was a set of poses.

  37. Ha ha ha. What a simplistic world view you have. Rightwing politics will do that to you.

    Read John Reed’s “10 Days That Shook the World” and get back to me on the mastermind view of history.

  38. Yeah its simple. Its unoriginal. I never thought I’d take such a cartoonish point of view. But it appears to be the reality. The “10 days that shook the world” business appears to be the censored version. After all its the banking-covert nexus that has their influence on the Western media.

  39. The cartoonish world view I’m moving towards, not unlike one which I’d rejected more than 30 years ago ….. Its all part of the fallout from what developed in 2008, when I finally admitted to myself that 9/11 had to be a false flag. Four years on and the implications are still working themselves out.

  40. John Reed’s book was an uncensored eyewitness account of the Russian Revolution from February to October and a few months thereafter written by an American journalist.

    If you haven’t read it then you’re data deficient.

  41. I’ll get it on kindle immediately. Nothing beats first-hand data.

  42. Holy Crap. Its a FREE ONE. Isn’t Kindle just the cats pajamas?

  43. I find most of Pound incomprehensible with one exception – his translations of classical Chinese poetry and his own attempts at writing imitiations of English translation of Chinese poetry. The most well known is this

  44. The River-Merchant’s Wife: A Letter
    by Ezra Pound

    While my hair was still cut straight across my forehead
    I played about the front gate, pulling flowers.
    You came by on bamboo stilts, playing horse,
    You walked about my seat, playing with blue plums.
    And we went on living in the village of Chokan:
    Two small people, without dislike or suspicion.

    At fourteen I married My Lord you.
    I never laughed, being bashful.
    Lowering my head, I looked at the wall.
    Called to, a thousand times, I never looked back.

    At fifteen I stopped scowling,
    I desired my dust to be mingled with yours
    Forever and forever and forever.
    Why should I climb the look out?

    At sixteen you departed,
    You went into far Ku-to-yen, by the river of swirling eddies,
    And you have been gone five months.
    The monkeys make sorrowful noise overhead.

    You dragged your feet when you went out.
    By the gate now, the moss is grown, the different mosses,
    Too deep to clear them away!
    The leaves fall early this autumn, in wind.
    The paired butterflies are already yellow with August
    Over the grass in the West garden;
    They hurt me. I grow older.
    If you are coming down through the narrows of the river Kiang,
    Please let me know beforehand,
    And I will come out to meet you
    As far as Cho-fu-Sa.

    By Rihaku

  45. So he could translate from Chinese? Is there anything he couldn’t do? I didn’t mind the old Chinese poetry. Philomena often came up with good examples. When I looked into independently, the real old stuff, seemed to be talking about reeds in the river. Well no not really, but that is what I remember. Reeds. Rivers. And the feeling that China once had a lot of land and not that many people.

  46. Graeme
    I don’t know the credibility of this source but it says

    “s Sieburth reminds us in his introduction to The Pisan Cantos, when, on May 3, 1945, Pound was arrested at his home in the hills above Rapallo, he immediately put a small Chinese dictionary and a copy of the Confucian classics in his pocket. Working as he then was on his Confucian translations, he knew that, wherever the military police were taking him, he would need these books. “

  47. “And the feeling that China once had a lot of land and not that many people.”

    Classical Chinese poetry was reflective of and influenced by its specific geography in the same way Japanese poetry of equivalent eras was in quite different ways, .ie. Chinese poetry invoked vast open rolling landscapes and mega natural events whereas Japanese poetry (though both influenced in part by pre-Buddhist, Buddhist and other religious/philosophical thought) focussed more on the particular and the small-scale. You can see this expressed in haiku and other forms.

    I love both forms. And the Buddhist influence in both cases is key because it encompasses common spiritual, philosophical priorities and values,such as nature worship and the needs of the individual self against society.

  48. Central Banks are not even government departments as a rule. Thats how seriously corrupt they are. They are set up by bankers under intrigue, owned by bankers in secrecy, and their establishment often goes hand in hand with the development of a secret service.

    Now you may think I’m hedging my language here. And it may even be the case that there are some Southern Hemisphere central banks that are government departments, or that at least are run in accordance with old-fashioned government department norms, not occasioning the untoward enrichment of private parties.

    But its not safe to simply assume that this or that central bank is above board, when we can be pretty sure that all of us are ignorant of the history of most central banks.

    I know a bit about the history of the Bank Of England (and a shabby history it is too). I know a lot about the even more corrupt history of the Federal Reserve System in the US. And then there were the other attempts at setting up central banks in the US (starting with the quisling Alexander Hamilton) that I’ve read a great deal about. Always when we look into this period we run into the iconic Andrew Jackson.

    But I already know what is going to happen here. People are going to assume that our bank is alright, transparent, and founded in proprietary. People will simply assume that if our central bank is not technically a government department, then certainly it is a blameless entity, with conscientiousness as its byword.

    I must say in passing, that within the corrupt framework given him, Stevens has usually operated in the national interest and one time uncannily so. But Greenspan was good early on as well, and this hardly made the cess-pit that is the Federal Reserve an okay thing.

    Maybe our bank is just working in an innocently misguided fashion, having inherited certain dysfunctional norms from their corrupt Northern Hemisphere cousins. I’m willing to believe that. But lets have no-one pretend that they know this is the case unless they are expert on the specifics of its history and operations.

    Here is a truncated quotation to do with the Bank Of England to give you a flavour as to what these institutions are about. Or at least what they TEND to be about, in “Old Europe” and the US.

    “… How the Amsterdam bankers first financed Oliver Cromwell to overthrow the monarchy of England………… He died without an heir. The Stuarts came back briefly. So then the bankers financed William Of Orange. And he came over, and became King William The Third ………… One of the first things he did was charter the Bank Of England. Soon after the Bank Of England set up the secret intelligence service which has persisted to the present day.

    The aristocrats WHO BOUGHT THE ORIGINAL STOCK IN THE BANK OF ENGLAND made their fortune out of the slave trade …….”

    And so forth. Forget about the slave trade. The Bank Of England has people who own its stock. And we are not allowed to know about it. If this is not the case, then we ought to know, when it was, that the government bought up, or confiscated, all the stock. We would need a date. I don’t believe we have one, but we definitely do not have one for its American cousin.

    This is what we are dealing with here. We are dealing with entities that in every way, are not what they purport to be, or at least not what the public assumes them to be.

  49. Isn’t it funny. I’m so used to putting down a lot of what Cambria says, I didn’t get the full meaning of a statement he made. I’ve decided he was right. I got an indication yesterday that one of my girls may come around, and the other one truly isn’t bluffing this time. Essentially I will do what Cambria says. Lets transmute his statement about looking for conspiracy theories, into the idea that I spend too much time on the internet. That may be half of what he meant anyway. And the fact is I drink too much, and both of my girls get disrespectful to me when I do this.

    So I’ll take up the Cambria suggestion. If people leave a message here I’ll eventually get back to you. If you see me party-crashing at Catallaxy it won’t be often and it will only be for a short time and a few posts when I do.

    I can really change the way I do things now and I’ve only just realised that I have the capacity to do this. I’ve found out everything I wanted to know when this blog started. I’ve found it out and I’ve proved it all to myself. Not only that I’m not tired all the time anymore. There is no reason why I cannot get a lot of stuff done afterwork now. In the past getting through the work week was massively difficult and I was exhausted when I got home and the only thing I was capable of doing was running with anger-charged argumentation and philosophising. I was too tired and shattered for any other undertakings. It was a health and concentration thing, but once I had beaten these problems, still the old habits persist, and the lack of confidence to get many other things done persisted with it.

    Only expect me to drop into my own blog now and then between now and about October. But I will respond to posts eventually.

  50. It will mean a less interesting and entertaining blogosphere but good for you, Graeme. Get your priorities in order.

  51. Good Luck to you Graeme, Your comments are indicative of how much poor health can impair our performance without us being really aware of it. You seem to have turned some corner so keep goingt.

  52. “Zoltaen :
    23 Apr 2012 8:37:51pm
    How is Andrew Leigh, one of the best-published macro-economists in the country, “one of the ignorant people”. Or are you one of the 33 people in Australia with a better Economics record?”

    For fucksakes. Of course I’ve got a better macro-economic record than that ignorant cunt Andrew Leigh.

  53. Interesting legal argument by one of the usurpers flock of lawyers:

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