Posted by: graemebird | April 17, 2012

Obama Birth Certificate Controversy/Concentric Circles Of Scandal.

From comments on this blog:

  • The African birth certificate isn’t available, since the spooks managed to get into the records offices where he was and abscond with all certificates in and around the date of his birth. People born near the same day as him are therefore without their certificates as well.

    He’s got a problem. And that was totally evident PRIOR to the last election. And there simply wasn’t any reason for Catallaxians to deny reality on this matter. Because you have to go further than the idiocy of IT ISN’T TRUE BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE TRUE.

    The evidence is that he is not eligible and that he has been passing off fake documentation. He has not once ever EVER produced authentic documents. Never. And they are bad fakes. If he’s CIA and he is, why would they not pass off GOOD FAKES???????

    Why not?

    You see if Catallaxy decides to be idiots on this matter, they can never take the analysis any step further. The only reason why the shadow government would pass off BAD FAKES when they can pass off magnificent fakes, is that they are creating a series of scandals, that are meant to cover for the biggest scandal. The scandal that could get them taken down.

    So the reality is that when they were busted with a smoking gun in 2006, as having murdered their own citizens on 9/11, that is when a plan was hatched to get a conman President, who they could control 100%, and who would be a cascading and walking scandal, to cover them for 9/11.

    This is actually as clear as the sound of the midnight bell, just so long as in the  years-long process of thinking the matter through, you never deny reality. Its three and a half years ago. The Catallaxians haven’t got that far because at every step, the Catallaxians were willing to deny evidence.



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    A wise oligarch who sits behind the throne does not expect to buy an intellectual of surpassing ability and force him to argue his case for him.

    Jim it was not allowable or possible that Hayek, or more particularly MISES, could draw a salary from any serious university. If these two people, intellectuals of the highest calibre, could be running amok with tenure, who knows what could piss them off and get them onto the wrong peoples “case”? (as it were).

    So the idea was to co-opt them. Not to change their mind. Not to try and corrupt them. Rather to simply nudge them maybe 3% in the strategic direction of the exploiters.

    Mises is clearly the greatest economist of the last two centuries, and I would say the best scientist in recent times. So the idea was to exclude him and Hayek from any chance of a university salary. And make them beholden to the in-crowd. The Volker Fund.

    “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies CLOSER” said the old man on the Godfather.

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