Posted by: graemebird | May 28, 2012

Shadow Government Psych-Ops/Paul McCartney One And Two

  1. We’ll pick this topic up in the middle. Below is from a post on this forum. There were two Paul McCartneys in the one Beatles band. The first Paul we had up until near the end of 1966. The new Paul took his place during 1967. This isn’t speculation. Its scientifically provable.


    “Billy Shears” is actually a joke name. It may be that British MI6 still has the institutional memory to know that William Shakespeare was an imperial covert team effort. Much as the two Paul McCartney’s now seem to have been. William Shakespeare …… Billy Shakespeare …… Billy Shakespeares, Billy Shears. Then there is the blowing smoke in peoples face that comes from setting up a Paul McCartney lookalike contest, and actually running that contest, and then putting about the Billy Shears story. Saying he was an ex-cop from Ontario or some such other jive. Probably a great deal of phoney stories put about and vigorously promoted.

    More likely the reality was that William Shepherd was part of the Paul McCartney shadow songwriting team right from the start. And both the collected McCartney ideas-machine and the switcheroo were planned from the start. Which could mean the original Paul McCartney may still be alive …. or otherwise.

    See how The Monkees also had a songwriting team but explicitly so. The way I’d do it if I was the shadow government would be to have a shadow Paul McCartney team, that came up with a great many incomplete song ideas, to be completed via the Fab Four, giving it a more naturally creative sound. So you’ve got a very intelligent and creative John Lennon, whose there as the best ideas-man, but he’s out of the loop. If you didn’t do it this way the resultant sound ……. well what you’d wind up with …. the outcome would be too much like what the Monkees produced. Beautiful songs, very polished, each one a hit, but rather lame and shallow and very easy to spot that its a team effort and the kids are being handed their breaks. Totally different from the idea of the Beatles as this magnificent four-way magically creative machine. It wouldn’t wind up sounding like the creative efforts of four idiosyncratic yet superior artists, unless you used a shadow Paul McCartney team to produce a lot of ideas, then those ideas worked out to completion with the known four Beatles.

    Here we have also the reason for the sudden appearance of grunginess, facial hair, and the retreat from performing to purely studio work. We also have a reason why Paul McCartney (Mark II) became somewhat paralysed as an artist, and could only write bland and inoffensive material, once he’d cut loose on his own.

    The new seemingly creative-genius, to the three band members out of the loop, shows up and immediately takes charge. But clearly he is known to the other three. Known from the obscure band “Billy Pepper And The Pepperpots.” So the new band emerges calling itself “Sargent Peppers” band. The death of Paul (at least to the three remaining Beatles) becomes a creative driving force for the bands next three albums. In the course of writing the title track, the faux-bands name is expanded to “Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

    By: graemebird on May 28, 2012
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  2. Looking at the now dead Prodeo blog lead me to flick back to Catallaxy. Jason pointed out that I ran against Craig Thompson in the 2007 election.

    So you represent the truth, you place yourself, with all due humility before the public. You tell people how things are, you give them your best advice, and wish them well no matter what choices they take.

    But now and again, one ought to permit oneself to look backwards, and think about the past and say “I told you so.”

    Who was the more valid candidate? Me or Craig Thompson? Who would have served the constituents of Dobell with greater motivation? Me or Craig Thompson? Who would have been more beneficial for the crucial factor of honesty in public life? Me or Craig Thompson? Who would have spent his constituents money more responsibly? Me or Craig Thompson?

    Its quite clear that the people of Dobell voted for the wrong candidate, “rationally-ignorant” that they were.

  3. Keith Richards also had a shadow songwriting team. This was a one-man affair, and it consisted of Bill Wyman picking up a pen and paper and jotting down all the musical ideas that Keith, Mick and the others had been working on before Keith and Mick fell unconscious on the floor.

  4. Some of the Catallaxians getting excited about a TV bit where Sunnunu runs away from the reality that Obama is a usurper and must be taken away in shackles. That he is a serious criminal, murdering people, with Presidential cover. Its held to be a triumph that this alleged Republican spokesman is running away from this reality, and the alleged lefty reporter is trying to bring the topic up.

    Witness the powerful success of Psych-Ops warfare conducted on the public. Here are both sides hosing down the biggest legal scandal in the history of the Republic and Currency Lad and Cambria look at the situation and see one side, the side trying more desperately to hose the crime down …. they look at this and they think that this is a triumph for that side.

    Not at all. Its a massive loss for the public, a great triumph for the shadow government, a betrayal of Republicans particularly, who morons like Sunnunu and Romney are supposed to be representing.

  5. Extraordinary and mostly true report on Western propaganda, coming out of North Korea.

  6. There was a time when the Beatle lie, ie replacing Paul …. well once there was a time to reverse course (had the shadow government not been involved). Once there was a way to get back home (as it were) and to come clean and not have to live with that lie.

    But by 1969 an alternative idea may have surfaced amongst them. They were in too deep now. And the conclusion had to be that they would have to carry that weight of guilt a very long time. I’m not coming down on Paul II and I suspect he was a major or the major musical force from the start. Or at least right up there.

    But here is a song that came out of these sentiments. He’s telling himself and the other lads that they are going to have to carry that weight a long time. Its 46 years now. Let us give Paul II all due credit. But lets set him free from this decades-long lie.

  7. There is something about having the French horns as part of a mix. For some reason the sound of the French horn has always been appealing to me. Here is Paul II again. Other then the French horn I like this video because I like any video which demonstrates what a silly rumour it was that Ringo wasn’t a good drummer. Ringo was an excellent drummer. I think that bullshit comes from a single throwaway line that Lennon made in an interview. Just making some sort of point, because McCartney two had some drumming skills that perhaps Ringo wasn’t so good at. But Ringo’s drumming is really sound and to my ear has always been so.

  8. This is a grieving for Paul song here. Brilliant song. But in terms of the shadow government psych-ops program, and the McCartney shadow song-writing team, its the two most fascinating parts of the song that need concern us.

    “I don’t know why nobody told you
    how to unfold your love
    I don’t know how someone controlled you
    they bought and sold you ”

    They were controlling Paul behind the scenes before they murdered him.

    George somehow perceives after the fact that whoever Paul was bundled up with, these were no crowd of people to be getting into Faustian bargains with:

    “I don’t know how you were diverted
    you were perverted too
    I don’t know how you were inverted
    no one alerted you ”

    The songs become a lot richer all over again when you know what they are about:

    • Actually I really admire Paul II for choosing that song for the recent Grammies. He’s not running away from the death of Paul I. Rather he’s remembering Paul I and remembering the untenable position he was put in.

      Another thing is we ought not estimate Paul II’s age as 69 as the birthday of Paul one in 1942 would imply. My guess is that Paul II was in the shadow songwriting team from the start, and was probably a few years older. So I think here we are seeing “Sir Paul” already somewhat into his 70’s. And we need to cut him some slack.

      I’ve not yet been able to verify the birthdate of Billy-Pepper aka Billy Shepherd. But my view is that he was probably an all-around and classically trained musician even before the rock craze made in north of the Mersey.

  9. Lets have the song “Carry That Weight” when Paul II was somewhat younger and able to really pull it off with some dynamism. I must say that in reviewing the material I’m beginning to admire Paul II more and more, and don’t begrudge him at all. But it kills me that the first Paul is being systematically obliterated.

  10. This part of the song seems to me like Paul II involving Paul I in some way:

    “I never give you my pillow
    I only send you my invitations
    And in the middle of the celebrations
    I break down”

    Its like you can come to the Paul II awards ceremony. But you won’t get to hear my real secrets (pillow-talk). But its a heart-break me getting the awards which in most part belong to the murdered Beatle.

  11. Did I play this one already? My goal is to highlight the excellence of Paul II in the hope that he will be set free from this curse before he dies, unlike the others. And also so that people won’t have that resistance to circling back and remembering Paul I and no longer denying his death and probably murder.

    Back later.

  12. Like I said, the more I try to appraise Paul II the more good vibes I’m building up for him. Actually its as if he’s trying to undo the damage that the shadow government was trying to do with their Beatles project. Why I say this is that I’m in a hyper-paternal mood, and if I had kids I’d want them to be schooled up on Paul II’s work. Whereas as loveable and innocent-seeming as the Beatles were I suspect the shadow government was using them for subversive purposes.

    Now in my appraisal I start thinking about other great songwriters of the modern era. Andrew Lloyd Webber comes to mind.

    With Andrew his early works, like Jason and his technicolour dreamcoat …. and Jesus Christ Superstar … Well every song was notable but he got the other blokes to write the lyrics. But later on you could really only expect two or three notable songs from Andrew in an album. Or like with Starlight Express you had two really good songs, with the song ideas from them spinning off into a few of the other numbers.

    But I remember I took a fancy to this song from CATS. It was a song called Callico Cat or something similar. And I found it notable for its TIME SIGNATURES.

    It was a meaningless song. It was a simple song. Yet it was a very original number. Simple as it was it had these sophisticated time signatures.

    This is comparable to the song from Paul II that I”m just about to post. Its easy to be original and complicated. Its hard to be original and simple. But Paul II achieves this in my view in this song. Its simple and original as Callico Cat is simple and original.

    The difference is that its not meaningless. It is a song full of meaning. Its a beautiful song. And because this song is so simple, so beautiful and so meaningful, what else can I do but post it?

  13. If ones expertise is held to be in aesthetics and if the idea is to identify beauty, I would have to say that the above composition-performance-video integration of Paul II is a thing of simplicity and immense beauty.

  14. I”ve tried to bring up the Webber stuff and I from my unreliable memory thought it was all about Callico Cats. But it turns out its about Jellicle cats. Interesting for song composition students no doubt. But not on the same level of what Sir Paul was driving at.

  15. Paul II talking about the object of this blog. A better world.

    “But it won’t be soon enough ……”

    Very much like the Stevie Wonder lyric “Maybe not in time enough for you or for me ….. but one day at Christmastime.”

  16. Paul II sings “In Another World….” I hear “In A Better World..”

    The song-video above, “Tug Of War”, also makes me think of how much we have to stop this hanging shit on their girls. All the rubbish Linda had to cop. And all that nonsense Yoko had to put up with. This idea that Yoko broke up the band. This sounds like utter utter bullshit to me. Its not hard to see what broke up the band; The inherent grief, guilt, sadness etc. of the murder of Paul(which to the others would have been an accident that they would be suspicious of, rather then a murder as such) the pressure of keeping a lid on this, the anger projected onto Paul II as a result, and that sort of thing. What a lot of bullshit blaming Yoko. Clearly the blame is on the murderers, standover assholes, professional liars, and assassins, of the shadow government.

    The girls were alright. There was nothing wrong with them. Well. You know. Yoko had some funny ideas about art, but that was a 20th century thing. Look at Paul II and Linda in that vid. Marvellous stuff.

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