Posted by: graemebird | July 25, 2012

Punch-Shy Burnt-Out Battle-Fatigue: Throwing In The Towel On Market Socialism

From Elsewhere:

“He was part of something called the 1st Workingman’s International. Not only “Marx|sts” but anarchists and Lassalleans and Proudhonists participated………”

Well one can have some sympathy for the Proudhon. But by your testimony we would have to be suspect of these Proudhonists:

” ………….. There was a consensus on what the term meant — it was about the power of working people realised in common ownership of the means of production and the abolition of the wages system. ”

You see this is ridiculous. Since Mises showed later that common ownership meant the end of the price system, and since prices bring 1. information 2. the capacity to act on that information and 3. The motivation to act on that information …… Then the abolishment of the prices system, (and wages system for good measure) means instant breakdown and famine. No question of that at all.

The structure of production must become two-step. Must (MUST) break down to two-step. Farmers and direct farmer-suppliers. The entire structure of production will break down to two-steps. Which is why the second time pure-communism was tried the attempt was made to murder the peasant-farmers up front. Since the first time it was the kulaks who wound up with all the snap, to the disfavour of the communist true-believers.

What we need to do is realise the bankster, monetary, and real estate dysfunction, that lead to intellectually honest people falling for this sort of jive. We all need to come clean about that. Not be diverted by these various ideologies promoted to distract from the main scandal.

Marx is far more valuable if you realise that his contribution is really SOCIOLOGICAL. His economics, blaming economic liberty, is really an expose of how elites will operate if they are allowed to. His sociological analysis has been working a dream since 2008, and was probably valid as an insipid background deal all the time. But his technical economics is all wrong, though admittedly it has to SEEM right when we are living through this cess-pit of economic dysfunction that we see before us. We live in a sewer of resource misallocation and injustice masquerading as “free enterprise.”

Nothing about the price system stops us from having “market socialism” in infrastructure and money-production. Market socialism cannot be the whole system. But it can be part of the system without ill effect. That is not my preference, but from a technical economics point of view one has to concede to ones more intelligent opponents that this could very much work as long as it didn’t get too large as a proportion of the economy.

So if Professor Quiggin wanted to design a proposal for market-socialism in banking and infrastructure, though it wouldn’t be my first option, I’d have to concede that it would most likely work far better then what we have now, and that it wouldn’t destroy the entirety of the capitalism system, so long as that capitalism system, was based around sole traders as the core of its being.



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  2. Marx has a lot more to say of relevance today than a third rate hack and corporate serf like Mises.

  3. But Mises has to be learned from a technical economics point of view. When he was young and forming his ideas, the society probably wasn’t facing this hateful corporatisation of everything that we have now. So he ought to be given a bit of a break. And Marxes economics is pretty dismal from a technical point of view. Only exceeded by Keynes in wrongheadedness.

    There is nothing in Keynes that is any good. Its really rotten stuff. Misean ideas would be sound if the economy was still dominated by sole traders.

    Talking about Marxists, Sinclair Davidson is over at Catallaxy making a total fool of himself by defending communist nationalisation of our stuff, by our most serious strategic threat ….. he’s defending this as if it was all free enterprise. What an intellectual midgit that fellow is.

  4. Lefties rule ok.

    Neoliberal zombies humiliated by Olympic Opening Ceremony.


  5. Bird

    WTF has happened to your blog?

    • Bird’s last activity on his youtube account was 7th August. Maybe he’s being detained somewhere without internet access.

  6. No you are the dumb cunt you Dopey Wog

  7. The shadow government is poisoning the Americans soil and water with Aluminium, Beryllium and Strontium. The most disturbing of these three is the Aluminium. Since once you get this in your brain its hard to get out. The ultimate result is Alzheimers. But the combination is a bad thing too. They are raising the pH of soil so as to make it useless for growing. Its not the case that high pH is good in all contexts. The soil must have a lower pH then the plants you want to grow in it.

    This is such a massive crime its going to be hard to get people to believe that these people could be so evil. But they are this evil. There is no question about it.

    The evidence for this crime is very clear. There is no problem with distinguishing between a contrail and a chemtrail. And all you need to do is test the air after a chemtrail crime has been committed. Simple and undeniable. Too easy. So its not a disputable crime, just a huge one.


  8. By the way this isn’t an Australian phenomenon. This isn’t happening in Australia. Its definitely a Nato-country phenomenon. In Australia all the jets have the same sort of exhaust.

  9. Imagine being such a dumb cunt that you don’t think this is happening ON NO BASIS WHATSOEVER. So something is happening, and yet this cunt is so dumb he doesn’t think its happening….. on no basis. Its happening but he thinks it isn’t. Why? No basis at all.

  10. Note also that this was the position at Catallaxy … It isn’t happening, say the Catallaxians. On what basis? On no basis at all. Witness evidence, measured results, video evidence …. nothing matters to these mental deficients.

  11. The fucking outrageous unscience of chemotherapy. A mass-murder scandal:

  12. Speaking of Einstein, Geoffrey Blainey wrote:

    “….. Whether he will stand so a century later remains uncertain, because each century re-arranges its heroes.”

    He cannot last. Since everything he is famous for is entirely full of shit. Either he goes down or science continues to stagnate. This is one cult of personality that really must end.

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