Posted by: graemebird | August 17, 2012

Mr Majestic

One of the most under-rated movies of all time.

More later.



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  2. Hello Graham, how do you feel about Top Gun?

  3. Not such a good movie. It kind of grabbed one at the time because it represented resurgent American propaganda in the Reagan era.

  4. “….I should simply note, before it rushes off in a million directions with claims about what this school of thought represents, that its core aim is to bring Say’s Law back into economic discourse as the central element in the theory of the cycle….”

    I think I’m right in representing Says Law as a series of arguments which lead to a variety of conclusions. One of which is that the demand for consumer goods (“commodities” in the language of the day) is not to be equated with the demand for business inputs. Another being that redirecting spending from demand for interim and producer goods …. to government and consumer goods … will not increase demand in total. And therefore fiscal policy is useless as a tool in dealing with inadequate total demand.

    A third conclusion would be that the damage revealed in the recession requires spending and real resources to correct. Buildings being half-finished. Some investors being too debt-strapped to bring poor investments to a state of cash-flow-positivity ….. and so forth. Hence while redirecting spending to consumer spending may well boost profits (as indeed it will). But it will actually detract from repairing the economy in real terms.

    Certainly if this is the thrust of the activities and research projects of the new school, its a socially worthy undertaking. Can we never have government borrowing ever again? Is that too much to ask? I don’t think that this is too much to ask.

    But we need to take the same analysis and we need to turn it on the last two generations of incompetent banking practices. Because bankers also take resources that could enhance the economy (or repair it during a recession) …. and they send it to all sorts of non-wealth creating spending. Fully as harmful as all these worthless government departments we keep alive. I can give you and example of where this was NOT taking place where economic growth was absolutely stunning. Where every dollar was being forced into wealth production.

    We need to look closer at how “private” debt is being used. We don’t want to break the economics profession up into those who love public debt and those who love private debt. When it comes to savings, more is always better. But when it comes to loanable funds, less can be more.

  5. “The US is a declining empire and on the road to a failed state.

    I think the announcement of the imminent death is highly premature, no matter how badly you want it. It will be unwise to underestimate the US capacity to recover. When I see americans emigrate in droves to China Brazil and Iran, I will believe you. At the momment it is the other way round.”

    Boris is fucking tripping. The US is finished. Or at least its on the path to doom. Will they suddenly all become fans of this website, and go in for radical partial jubilee, growth deflation, the end of fractional reserve ……. multi-metals…. all this sort of gear? No I don’t think so. So Boris is working off pure auto-pilot, whereas his challenger is seeing matters for what they are.

    Now then again there could be a radical turnaround in policy. But I don’t think so. I don’t think there is anything to save the Republic this time.

  6. Look at this. Daddy Dave. Full of shit. What year is he living in? Its like he’s living in a free state in the 1840’s. The guy has just fucking lost it. Like when he wanted the debt ceiling increased like the know-nothing maniac he is:

    “Alice, you have basically bought into the myth that the rich got rich by exploiting the poor. That isn’t true.
    You also seem to believe that credit agencies and corprations run government policy. That isn’t true either; but Greece is a good example of what happens if spending gets too out of sync with revenue.”

  7. Under excellence in policy its true that the rich get rich only by way of wealth production! But how can you apply that to now? Since the 70’s most of the wealth has been made by way of the fractional reserve subsidy, in the acquisition of existing assets. Not by the improvement of operations leading to the creation of new assets via retained earnings. So of course the greater proportion of wealth in the hands of the very rich will have come from a source which exploits the rest of us. We can look at rich slobs on a case by case basis. We are no longer able to make the generalization that Daddy Dave is making.

  8. Mr B

    What happened to the new policy?

  9. New policy always becomes old policy sooner or later. This is in the way of things. Something intrinsic to the nature of the passage of time.

  10. There’s a soldier who expressed on Facebook that the American government is peopled by criminals who ought to be arrested. This is an objective fact and yet he’s been put in a mental institution as a result. The US has become an airbrushed Soviet Union. Its a disgrace and Rupert Murdoch (and his alleged competitors) are a big part of it.

  11. Here’s CL on the Mars situation:

    “The Mars conspiracists get to work:

    “Mars animal”…

    “Possible ancient finger” spotted in Curiosity photos.”

    CL is being sarcastic here and trying to put the anti-NASA crowd down. As smart as he is, as a practicing Catholic partisan he’s hard-wired to turn away from institutional rot within what he perceives to be his side of the fence. Others have seen a long-standing pattern with NASA. As a front group whose goal is largely to 1. Restrain space exploration 2. Monopolize on space exploration 3. Raise funds for cronytown 4. Hoard scientific knowledge and restrain scientific development and 5. Spread lies for the shadow government …….. As a front group devoted to these goals NASA has an established pattern of behaviour. It goes out there and if it sees anything remotely interesting it turns the cameras off.

    Here is CL in a post not long after the last one:

    “Mars Express observations temporarily suspended.

    Anomalies in the operation of the solid-state mass memory system on board Mars Express have caused science observations to be temporarily halted. A technical work-around is being investigated that will enable the resumption of a number of observations and should evolve into a long-term solution.”

    All data is valid. They suspended observations. No outfit dedicated to science would EVER suspend observations. We know the story now. Even CL ought to be able to learn new stuff. NASA saw something of interest and therefore turned the cameras off.

    Billions of dollars ride on NASA’s habit for doing this. Everyone knows there is water on Mars below the surface. We know this because we can see that there used to be water on Mars above the surface very recently. And we therefore know that there was a thick atmosphere on Mars. We know that Mars then lost its atmosphere, thus losing its surface water. We know therefore that Mars will have much sub-surface water in its lowlands and poles. But by failing ever to find anything interesting, NASA can turn the search for water on Mars into a multi-billion dollar pork machine. These are evil bastards these people.

    CL has to learn about the city of God and pootown. Augustine feels protestant to me. He knew we were living in the “city of man” aka Pootown. You look at NASA’s behaviour long enough and you’ll realise that you never realised just how bad our institutions have become.

  12. NASA lies all the time. NASA lies for reasons known only to NASA. NASA lies even when NASA doesn’t have to lie. In this regard NASA is like a politician. Here is an example of the compulsively lying NASA in action:

    “………. What a sight: a bright nucleus shedding a misty dust field behind it. I can’t say how I knew this right away, but I straightaway noticed a spot of light in the tail that seemed distinctly unnatural, and pointed it out to Ron.

    Over the next few nights we continued to follow the comet as it coursed past the star background, the object in the tail as obvious as a clingy puppy. I’m no astronomer, but I knew that something was excitingly “wrong” about the light following Hale-Bopp. Night after night we watched the two lights riding side-by-side through space. (Note, this was BEFORE the late Chuck Shramek released his photo of Hale-Bopp and the companion object. Ron and I were, we later found out, among many other, lucky discoverers of the “hitchhiker.”)

    The official explanation for the anomaly is critical evidence of a coverup, although it worked fabulously by the next spring when Hale-Bopp fever took over the US. According to NASA, which, as I’ve noted before, is surely the acronym for Not A Safe Assumption (i.e., that we’re getting the truth), initial reports of the companion object were explained away by a magnitude 8 star in the background which was missed by flawed computer star-plotting software.

    That explanation may have been plausible if the “star” had only been seen on one night. But stars don’t change position. And the companion stayed with the comet night after night as it traversed the star background. The comet’s tag-along was noticeable from Earth. It wasn’t a star hitched to Hale-Bopp.

    During the winter months, the comet disappeared from view as its orbit took it around the far side of the sun. When the comet came out from behind the sun, surely whatever was in the tail would be even more noticeable. What would happen then?!

    Time would tell. Only when Hale-Bopp was ready to emerge did popular reports about the upcoming great comet hit major media – convenient, since whatever was in the tail the fall previous had detached or otherwise become invisible during transit behind the Sun!

    Meanwhile, the Heaven’s Gate “UFO Cult” suffered a perfectly-orchestrated and well-publicised demise, effectively detracting the media (and thus, public attention) away from the real story – not only for the moment, but for all of time. Official photographs of Hale-Bopp accidentally posted months earlier at the JPL website were suddenly wiped clean of the inexplicable “star.” And under threat of ridicule, many witnesses to the companion object retreated, noting with silent incredulity the covers of major science and astronomy magazines, which showed the blazing comet as it approached its closest pass by our planet in Spring of 2007, unencumbered by any supernatural hitchhikers…….”

    So for some reason, known only to NASA, NASA did not want people to know that Hale-Bopp was very large and had another body revolving around it. But its only natural that a comet with a large nucleus would attract another smaller nucleus. There is nothing unnatural about this. And as a matter of fact its pretty fucking interesting. Its interesting that a big object would hurtle into the solar system, and with a smaller object orbiting it. Thats pretty interesting don’t you think? But the gangsters behind NASA would have none of this. A trail of dead bodies was to follow this particular lie.

  13. Its not possible to mistake an orbiting body with a phantom star that is not supposed to be there. You see you have computer programs that tell you the stars that are supposed to be there. So if you see an object next to Hale Bopp and its not any star thats supposed to be there this cannot be as a result of a problem with your software, if it is the case that the object is revolving around the Hale-Bopp.

    What I’m saying is that NASA’s lie wasn’t even a credible lie. They don’t have any sort of excuse. Its not any sort of matter of difference of opinion. Either Hale-Bopp had a companion or it did not. Since many dozens of people witnessed Hale-Bopp with an orbiting companion, then Hale-Bopp had a companion. NASA was so determined to lie about this that they claimed not to have taken any pictures of Hale-Bopp on its way inward!!!!!!!!!??????

    So they just lie and lie and lie and they don’t even care if their lies are not the least bit credible.

  14. Check out how “captured” wikipedia is. Just incredible. Dig the following statement. Not of word of which has any evidence behind it whatsoever:


    Main article: Thiomersal controversy

    Based on the discredited[23] hypothesis that mercury poisoning may trigger the symptoms of autism,[24] chelation therapy is widely used by alternative therapists to treat autism, with some surveys suggesting 2–8% of children with autism have had the therapy.[25]

    Parents either have a doctor use a treatment for lead poisoning, or buy unregulated supplements.[25] Aspies For Freedom, an autistic rights organization, considers this use of chelation therapy unethical and potentially dangerous.[26]

    There is strong epidemiological evidence that refutes links between environmental triggers, in particular thiomersal-containing vaccines, and the onset of autistic symptoms.[23][27][28][29] There is no scientific support for chelation therapy as a treatment for autism.[14][30]”

    So we have this nerve poison Mercury. And it does to kids precisely what you expect a nerve poison to do to kids ….. that is to say it damages their nervous system and their brains. This is what Mercury does, because it is a nerve poison. A nerve poison poisons nerves and brain. That is what it means to be a nerve poison.

    So we have cases of autism more frequent close to coal electricity-generation plants then anywhere else due directly to the Mercury. Its those kids who cannot get rid of the Mercury for some reason that get the autism. Mercury being a nerve poison. Nerve poisons damaging the nervous system and the brain.

    So always we see autism associated with Mercury. Mercury in electricity generation. Mercury in vaccines. Mercury in the teeth fillings of the Mother. Of course Mercury is not the ONLY nerve poison. One wonders what the effects of formaldehyde and foreign proteins might be having on the kids systems. All this horrible junk, known poisons, and proteins dead and alive.

    Terrible terrible terrible stuff. A big crime. Which is not to say that the CONCEPT of vaccination is not a valid thing. Its just that this greatest of all medical money-spinners is run by people competent only at making money. Hence while vaccination may be POTENTIALLY a good thing vaccines are merely a part of an organized crime racket.

    Lets have that wiki quote again. And one has to realise that not one word of it is true:


    Main article: Thiomersal controversy

    Based on the discredited[23] hypothesis that mercury poisoning may trigger the symptoms of autism,[24] chelation therapy is widely used by alternative therapists to treat autism, with some surveys suggesting 2–8% of children with autism have had the therapy.

    [25] Parents either have a doctor use a treatment for lead poisoning, or buy unregulated supplements.[25] Aspies For Freedom, an autistic rights organization, considers this use of chelation therapy unethical and potentially dangerous.[26] There is strong epidemiological evidence that refutes links between environmental triggers, in particular thiomersal-containing vaccines, and the onset of autistic symptoms.[23][27][28][29] There is no scientific support for chelation therapy as a treatment for autism.[14][30]”

    The incompetent production of vaccines is the cause of sudden infant death syndrome and the red-nosed fund-raisers are basically cover for this incompetence. You have the pretence that the cause is unknown. Its not only known its proven. Proven a long time ago by an Australian researcher. No mystery at all. Not even a question mark.

    The incompetent production of vaccines is clearly the cause of most autism, and probably isn’t real helpful in ADD and Aspergers as well. It may be the cause of many cancers. And of the modern explosion in Asthma cases.

    Its very important to state “the incompetent production of vaccines” because as a concept clearly vaccination could work. But poisoning kids with Mercury, Formaldehyde, and dead matter not germaine to the problem in question, has some ways to go as a form of responsible care of babies and toddlers.

  15. You can never get a picture of how things are with organised crime (of the shadow government) until some decades afterwards. But take the case of the criminal organisation “Eli Lilly.” Who has been its prominent directors? Well if we are talking about organised crime of the shadow government sort you have to expect interlocking directorships with international bankers and big-time politicians.

    Well directors come and go don’t they. So I don’t know if that interlocking business is there or is significant. But what about a short list of notables from Wikipedia?

    “Prominent Lilly board members have included:
    George H. W. Bush, former President and Vice President of the United States of America.
    Martin Feldstein, economist, Harvard University.
    Kenneth Lay, former CEO, Enron.
    William Verity Jr., former U.S. Secretary of Commerce.”

    A pretty suspect bunch. If you look at the list either the person or his organisation is suspect. The current list of directors includes someone from Lloyds of London. We are talking a US company and a British finance house. So its all par for the course really. Though no smoking gun. I’d probably find a smoking gun if I really had a good look.

  16. Every day confirms anew the reality that wikipedia is a gangster captured website. Andrew Hall Cutler is a scientist who has developed a chelation protocol to get Mercury out of ones system. Mercury that the criminals have conspired to put in as many people as possible.

    Guess what?

    Cutler has no wiki page. Everyone and his Momma has a wiki page but not someone whose trying to clean up after the shadow government criminal freaks.

  17. Detoxifying from Mercury poisoning. Some of the Mercury poisoning is unintentional. Much related to industrialisation. But the hand of the neo-Malthusian fascists that run the shadow government, is behind a full-blown attempt to poison as many people as possible with Mercury. The main goal is to reduce world population. The Mercury poisoning affects a lot of people differently. But the hidden disease is something you may have noticed:

    Now it may be the case that not many of your friends have tried to get pregnant. And it may be the case that not many of your friends who have tried and failed have characterised matters this way and shared this problem with you. But their is a dirty secret going on and that secret is that people simply are not falling pregnant as readily as they used to. And all these vaccines are implicated in this problem. Whereas the more visible effects of Mercury poisoning will stop people having kids for social reasons. Not many autistic kids will wind up being parents unless they are cured. In todays current labour market, untreated ADD sufferers will likely find themselves without children mostly for socio-economic reasons. It will take them too long to adapt to the sheeple society and to the 9.00 -to-5.00 routine and so they will be at best elderly parents.

    This seems to be the main driving force behind the fluoride-Mercury-Aluminium criminal poisoning of as many people as the shadow government can get their hands on. It perhaps isn’t so much that they wish to laugh at autistic kids and get enjoyment out of the suffering of their parents. Its more the case that they simply want less of you, me, and all those darkies and Asians. They probably just want enough people around to have a modern economy and lots of servants. They characterise us as useless eaters when it is them. That is to say that like the Nazis they push their faults off onto others. All these scrawny little men identifying with big muscled blonde nordic types and hating on Jews. Hitler himself was a Jew or part-Jew.

    Well we get the same sort of thing. The left more closely mimics their overlords then conservatives. So you get all these public servant parasites who want to say that the poor African man or the teeming Asian multitudes are the useless eaters. When of course its the public servants who are the parasites. Who feed off the rest of us and bring their kids up on our sweat. This attitude mimics what can be hazily viewed of the attitude of the shadow government bigshots. They are the parasites, and they tell themselves that it is us. Its them but they say its us. And they don’t want us having kids. Except to the extent of having enough servants for their own parasitical offspring.

  18. Token quotes someone and then asks a question:

    “Yeah, but … yeah, but… yeah, but … AbbottAbbottAbbott … News Ltd’s new anti-business business unit admits the Libs cut government debt … yeah, but Howard oversaw a big increase in private debt.”

    Token asks:

    “Seeing we are on an economics blog, I’d love to understand (except for the possible FOREX risks & government policy created bubbles), WHY is this a bad thing?”

    Token. You are on a website that will BAN ANYONE who gives you a straight answer to that question. Go elsewhere for fucksakes. And find someone who understands economics.

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