Posted by: graemebird | August 27, 2012

Neil Armstrong Will Not Be Missed.

Armstrong is not to be mourned or honoured.  He was simply a soldier. One who obeyed orders. But unlike soldiers that we might actually admire he was never really at risk, he was undoubtedly the cause of many civilian deaths, he came home, and died of natural causes, having never been allowed to tell anyone that the entire Apollo program was an unbelievable racket.

Did Armstrong ever go to the moon? No of course not.  I guess there is just a scintilla of doubt. Supposing that NASA has a vigorous shadow space program, instead of the scab of under-achievement and waste that we are allowed to see? Well its conceivable that they are 50 years ahead of anything they’ve revealed and it may be that going to the moon is childs play now.  So the scintilla of doubt would be that if the real space program has gone ahead in leaps and bounds, the gangsters running things, may have taken Armstrong to the moon many years later, just to keep their intimidated (yet restless) slave “happy.”

What we do know for an absolute fact is that Armstrong did not go to the moon in 1969.  And since the scenario where he did go to the moon (that I have just outlined) ….. seems pretty unlikely we have near-certainty that he never went there at all.

Whereas Armstrong is not to be mourned or admired, its not the case that he ought to be blamed too much for living a lie for so many decades. These are not nice people calling the shots. He would have been dead as John Lennon if he was so much as suspected of wanting to spill the beans.

These are serious gangsters we are talking about. Much more ruthless then the Cosa Nostra.  You get a sense of how evil and dirty the shadow government bigshots are in the case studies of Mafia types who cross them.  A President from a bootlegging dynasty, had his brains shot out, in public and sitting next to his wife,  getting on the wrong side of this gang.  Handsome Johnny admitted being one of the shooters and was dead within two days. Johnny was big-time Cosa Nostra. Not small potatoes. Yet he was just a babe in the woods compared to the people who took him down.

The President was killed. Then his brother when he became front-runner. Then Jackie married someone who could protect her kids. But when Aristotle died, all her kids were murdered one then the other.

So Armstrong could never come clean. A private detective and his wife were wiped out simply for finding out that the moon-rocks that “Armstrong and the others brought back” were fakes. They even fucking killed his wife? These people are pigs.  Anyone who is known to be with this crowd and culpable ought to be killed right away since we have no chance of getting them to Guantanamo alive. (That is to say there would be no way for the guilty party or his captors to make it that far. All would be killed well before the incarceration in Cuba.  Therefore culpable people ought merely be taken out in ones spare time.)

So Armstrong was never going to talk. And that fellow who goes around entrapping these alleged moon-walkers and showing them to be fakes is never going to get any one of them to admit that they never went to the moon. Because even a back-handed admission would be instant death for the ex-fake-moon-man. Instant death for him, and probably for family members as well, as a warning to the others.

None but a few insiders are in any position to know for sure the extent of the real space program. The REAL space program, as opposed to the uselessness, fakery, misinformation-spreading, science-fraud, and evasiveness that is NASA.

But we do know something. We know that the shadow government started out with a parallel fake program. That parallel fake program was Apollo. We know nothing about the real program. But the fake programs name was “Apollo.”



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  2. Interesting:

    “Following his death, Kennedy and her children remained in their quarters in the White House for two weeks, preparing to vacate. They spent the winter of 1964 in Averell Harriman’s home in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C., before purchasing her own home on the same street.”

    Harriman was a big-shot. And likely had fore-knowledge of her husbands murder, even if he wasn’t an integral part of it, which he may have been. Harriman’s family, like the Roosevelts, were another family who became part of the power structure after becoming bigshots in drug-dealing to the Chinese (FDR’s grandfather Delano being the biggest opium racketeer on the American side of things.) The Harrimans were able to import all these Chinese workers to build their railroads, extra to immigration norms. So they got the subsidy of having cheaper labour then anyone else.

  3. Those dirty Jew bastards.

  4. Well they aren’t all Jews Ron. But they are all parasites. Yes its very troubling that the Jewish people are so over-represented in the enemy camp. I’m troubled by this fact. But it is indeed a fact. And we just have to live with it, not be intimidated by the Jew and anti-Jew baters, and find a non-racially-based way to take all these bastards down, kill them all, and humiliate their memory.

    I don’t ever think I remember even one Orthodox Jew being a problem. Rather when it comes to Orthodox Jews I think the standard view of matters is reasonably sound for a change. I think we persecuted them, and no two-way matter, and not the other way around. Actually the Orthodox Jew is particularly lovable in my view. Because he seems to go out of his way to make himself unattractive to our “Goyim” bitches bless-his-heart.

    As a Jew-bater and anti-Jew accuser of mystified people such as myself, do you find that cunt Carl Levin to be an acceptable human being? Is this what you are trying to tell me? With your ironic anti-Hebrew attitude attempting to hide your real anti-semitism, and project it off onto me, are you going to tell me that Jamie Dimon is a master of wealth-creation? Rather then the bastard-child of Abba-Dabba Berman?

  5. Graeme Bird

    August 27, 11:39 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Great writing Claire, and you sound like a nice person. But Armstrong is neither to be admired nor mourned. We know for a fact that he didn’t go to the moon. Leastways not in 1969. There appears to have been two parallel space programs right from the start. The visible fake program. The invisible real program.

    I’m only speculating about the invisible program. The visible fake space program was called “Apollo” and there is simply no speculation involved in saying that it was fakery.

  6. GraemeBird in reply to jouris1 min ago

    The problem is that Armstrong never went to the moon. There were two parallel programs from the start. The visible fake program and the invisible real program.

    We know that Armstrong didn’t get close to the moon in 1969. This is a scientific fact. Some soldiers are heroes. Some heroes are soldiers. Armstrong was a soldier. He was no hero. And the bigshots who made him their slave would have killed anyone to keep him spilling the beans. Armstrong as soldier was not some sort of hand-to-hand combat fellow. Rather he was a bomber pilot in a war where the bigshots thought it appropriate NOT to win quickly …. and instead forged a strategy that would murder millions of civilians. The Korean war was an easy war for the Americans to win, had it been the intention of the ruling elite to win it. Armstrong was part of an evil war strategy, that wasn’t about winning. He was a bomber. Therefore we have to assume that he bombed innocent civilians on the orders of others.

    This is the pattern of his life. His life was a lie. He was a slave. He could do nothing about it. And even if it looked like there was a hint of rebelling he would have seen someone he loved die, and then himself, as a warning to the other stooges in this disgraceful affair.

  7. GraemeBird
    28 August 2012 8:44AM
    Armstrong was NOT a real hero. He was just a soldier. He is not to be honoured, missed, mourned, or blamed. His position was that of house-slave.

    As a LITERAL soldier he was a bomber, in those days where there was no precision bombing …. and in a fight against dirt-poor third-worlders. Though not his fault, this means he was (under orders) a participant in war crimes, and violations against just-war-theory. Now bear in mind I”m not laying blame against Armstrong. I’m not adding anything to this tawdry story of house-slavery. Its important to take away the stuff that is simply make-believe.

    Armstrong never went to the moon in 69. This is a scientific fact. Right from the start the ruling elite had two parallel space programs. A visible fake one. An invisibile real one. Other then a few insiders, no-one really knows the extent of the REAL space program. This is a covert operations matter. But we know quite a lot about the fake space program. We even know the fake space programs NAME!!!!!!

    The name of the fake space program was “Apollo.”



  9. Its a scientific fact that he never made it to the moon in 69. This is a prosaic fact. To think otherwise is about the same level of error as to mistake your wife for a hat. We have far more evidence that Armstrong never made it to the moon in 69 then you can display for your wife not being a hat.

    The evidence is out there and its very very clear. He was just a house-slave. Nothing more.

  10. How’s this for laughable?

    “Friend of mine (now deceased) worked on reflecting a laser of the reflectors on the part of the Lunar module that stayed behinds so they could measure the distance to the moon within a couple centimetres. He had no uncertainty that the bloody thing landed. Either that or some alien left a makeup mirror on the surface.”

    Fucking anonymous cunt. Has no friends therefore has no “friend”. Friend didn’t go there in 69. No cunt did?

    What is the story this cunt is spilling and where did he get it from? There were no mirrors sent there by Armstrong in 69. Who is this lying cunt? Who is this friend? No use asking. You’ll just get more bullshit. And why didn’t we have footage of the house-nigger laying out some mirrors?

    For fucksakes. They try so much on don’t they?

  11. ““Friend of mine (now deceased) …….)


    Anonymous cunt. Has no friends. But his special friend “friend” is conveniently DEAD.

    Get a live fucking witness you fucking lying cunt.

    No-one FROM APOLLO went to the moon in 69. No mirrors were laid. No footage of mirrors laid. No mirrors, no friend, no witness, no landing, no evidence.

    Go fuck yourself you lying cunt.



  12. “I understand about 12 or more astronauts have walked on the moon so it’s all a lie the whole shooting match?”

    Yes but not quite

    “Yep. According to the birdmeister.”

    We don’t know what the REAL space program achieved. We only know what the fake one achieved. We don’t even know the name of the REAL space program. The fake space program was called “Apollo”

    Apollo being Swahili for “lying cunt.”

  13. Here’s a song about Whale-Hunt-Cunt’s understanding of what constitutes EVIDENCE

    “… Never thought I’d let a rumour-ruin my moonlight …..”

    “Somebody told me
    that he had a butcher
    who had a cousin
    who laid some mirrors
    on lunar surface
    In April just-last-year”

    Bring it back down, bring it back down to earth motherfucker.

  14. Come one guys. Its at least probable that the people on the spot could have been more patient with Rachel. We don’t know. They could have acted very dangerously with her and we would not know.

    We have to be kinder with people. But if you see Silverstein, kill him on the spot, and in your spare time.

  15. Look at this beastly, tribal, primitive.

    “Oh her. Yea well don’t stand in front of a fucking bulldozer while it’s operational in a fucking warzone. You’re asking for trouble. I guess she was flat out for the palis, huh?”

    Well I would have been flat out for the Palis back then as well you dumb wop. Back then it was Arafatia. All these people were oppressed by this horrid dictatorship and probably by sins of omission at the least, by the threatened Israelis. Have a heart you dumb wop. It was only the leadership of the Palestinians and the people recruited by the surrounding dictatorships that a lasting grudge ought to be held against.

    Why do you always make everything so fucking tribal you stupid goth?

    • Shut up Bird. The moron was standing in front of the dozer . What do you expect in a war zone?


  16. Magic Mushrooms. Reindeer. Shamanism. Santa in the background. The song is not what it appears to be. Probably the most clever song I’ve heard in at least ten years.

  17. “JC, there was a poster called ‘Rachel Corries Flatmate’ who used to celebrate every 16 mar as a day for pizza, flounder and pancakes. He used to come up with some doozies IIRC”

    From the pen of MK 50
    Contemplating the moon and stars and a single rock
    while mounting a frog
    The frog fixed in place by barbed wire
    (for its own protection)
    Somewhere near Brisbane.
    Amen and with thanks to Wordsworth.

  18. “Good to know that people believe that peaceful protestors should be summarily executed and then made fun of because she was ‘flattened’ by a bulldozer.”

    28 Aug 12 at 8:23 pm

    Fucking ay-right. And thanks for that Julius. I was wondering when a human was going to show up. Its not about blaming the Israeli people. But clearly its a very sad incident. Its very upsetting for any human being.

    And I went to Catallaxy to support the free society? What the fuck was I thinking. Still Jason was running things then and it was at least an open mini-society of sorts … and looked like it had potential. I ought not be so hard on myself on this particular score.

  19. “Bad things happen when one joins a cult.”

    Yeah and bad things happen to assholes too. Start running now nigger.

  20. “Piss off julius.”

    28 Aug 12 at 8:30 pm”

    Seriously. You’d have to surmise that the boot-nigger Cambria has shown up under a dozen different disguises.

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  22. Graeme
    what do you make of the assassination attempt on Obama?

    • What happened? I haven’t been reading the papers. Did someone get killed trying to do it. That is very sad if so. I feel for his family. Tell me what happened.

      • Graeme
        Your blog sends any comment with links into the spam filter.

        Google ‘Isaac Aguigui’

        Here’s some text from a news article

        “A group of American soldiers formed an anarchist militia and spent $US87,000 ($83,922) on weapons in an elaborate plot to overthrow the government and ultimately assassinate the president, a court heard.

        The soldiers allegedly made themselves into a group called FEAR, standing for Forever Enduring Always Ready, and bought land in Washington state from which to launch attacks.

        They were said to have planned to blow up a dam and poison apple crops in Washington state, bomb a park in Savannah, Georgia, attack vehicles belonging to Department of Homeland Security employees, and take over an ammunition control point at the sprawling Fort Stewart army base in Georgia.

        Prosecutors said its long-term goal was revolution; bringing down the US government and killing President Barack Obama. It is not known over what period of time this alleged plot would have taken place.

        Details of the militia emerged during civilian court proceedings in Georgia in which three soldiers have been charged with murder.

        Pte Isaac Aguigui, who was identified as the founder and leader of FEAR, Sgt Anthony Peden, and Pte Christopher Salmon, are charged over the deaths of a former soldier, Michael Roark, 19, and his girlfriend Tiffany York, 17.

        The victims were allegedly killed in woodland in Georgia last December, to keep the militia’s existence secret.

        Read more:

      • Yeah I don’t really mean it to do that. I’ve got no new blocks on it. When someone isn’t just a vandal, I tend to prefer letting them say something and then moderate after the fact, so as to not let them water down the thread.

        Some fellow from the central coast is claiming to have met me in person. A real dummy. Fell for Apollo, but then we all did. He can’t tell a reasonable argument from idiocy. Idiocy seems to follow good movements around. The brilliant skeptics movement of the 70’s digressed into the worst and most lick-spittle movement there is. The libertarian movement gone silly, rigid, and mean-spirited.

        About the alleged attempted assassination. I haven’t read your link or heard anything about it yet, but what must be realised is that the shadow government has a real sense of urgency on their hands now. They will be thinking “them or us” since now such a substantial number of people have can see through their bullshitartistry. So for example I never would have thought to doubt Apollo, until I found out that big Conspiracies were possible by way of the JFK hit. And I never would have thought that the JFK hit was an American based affair until I had seen that 9/11 was American-based.

        And I never could have thought that 9/11 was American-based until 2008 happened and Paulson started the stealing spree. A stealing spree that has never taken time out since.

        So these guys are desperate. If the whole shadow government were unravelled they would be humiliated and executed. So we will see them with all sorts of plots to enslave, weaken and distract the population at large. They will try many things on and only a few will be successful. The American people are going to be put through the ringer. Poisoned, infected, subject to assassination and mass arrests.

        We must be prepared for false flag operations thick on the ground. Whether this is one of them I have no idea. It could be an authentic patriot and humanitarian at work. But the Batman killings looked like a pretty obvious shadow government affair.

  23. Here is the last comment I tried to make before I was banned:

    [QUOTE=SloopJonB;915542]OOOOOOHHHH, I’m so wounded. :p

    Also, how did the ruling Cabal get their hands on the Martian death rays (“directed energy”) to bring down the towers when they never even landed on the Moon?

    Well they may have landed on the moon. Thats not what is being claimed here. What is being claimed is that Apollo was fakery. Not that they haven’t reached a very high tech stage now. They have huge covert operations budgets. Huge research budgets. Just before 9/11 Rumsfeld was talking about all these missing tens of billions of dollars they cannot account for.

    Now its true that directed energy was used on 9/11. But there was a lot of overkill in that operation. They weren’t relying on directed energy. They had enough on the fly to bring the buildings down many times over.

    But directed energy is easier then a manned moonshot. Much easier. A manned moonshot would have to involve a great deal of construction in near earth orbits. There is an intermediate step involved, and unless you have post-rocket technology that is not going to be easy. You are going to have to be firing contained ice up their with hydrogen cannons. All sorts of metals for shielding. You are going to have to have maintenance people working for a very long time. You are going to have to get an electrical generation station going to turn the ice into rocket fuel and for general construction purposes.

    This all can be done but it would take a lot of time and a lot of infrastructure build-up. So the directed energy is easy. The moon-shot, without other secret post-rocket technology is a very hard nut to crack. Impossible without massive infrastructure in near earth orbit first.

    They probably have done this sort of thing but they aren’t telling me about it.

  24. BTW Graeme
    Clint Eastwood has endorsed Romney. Speaking at the Republican Convention.

  25. Everyone gets old. Maybe Clint angling to restart his political career and begin shooting the bad guys, starting with Silverstein.

    Look how ridiculous this story is:

    “The soldiers allegedly made themselves into a group called FEAR, standing for Forever Enduring Always Ready, and bought land in Washington state from which to launch attacks.
    They were said to have planned to blow up a dam and poison apple crops in Washington state, bomb a park in Savannah, Georgia, attack vehicles belonging to Department of Homeland Security employees, and take over an ammunition control point at the sprawling Fort Stewart army base in Georgia.”

    Ridiculous. It makes no sense in terms of the sub-group who would want at least someone else to shoot Obama. Its just silly. You want to shoot Obama, David Rockefeller et al, because the network is poisoning the economy, stealing everything, assassinating people, and trying to poison much of the population. You don’t want to do it just so you can bugger the apples your neighbour is eating. This is a very silly story. Its a win for the false flag paradigm so far.

  26. Bird

    You don’t like Romney? Okay I know, Ron Paul.. But out of the Kenyan and Romney you’re going for the Kenyan?

    What a dummy you are.

  27. Its just pointless Barracking for either of these assholes unless Romney has secret rebellion in his heart.

    Reagan rebelled but they put CIA-lifer George Bush in the V.P job and shot Reagan. Do you remember their cover distraction? They put on this dog and pony show where Alexander Haig claimed that he was in charge. This was cover for their man George Bush, when every cunt in the world knows that VP is next in line.

  28. Evidence?

    • Sorry about my mal-treatment of you before Lizzy. The main evidence comes from the fact that the brother of the shooter was to spend time with one of the Bush brothers the very next night. And that the shooter did no jail time.

  29. Have you ever considered writing an e-book or guest authoring on other sites?
    I have a blog based on the same ideas you discuss and would really like to have you
    share some stories/information. I know my viewers would value your work.

    If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e-mail.

  30. Heya.
    I was contemplating adding a link back to your site
    since both of our sites are based around the same topic.
    Would you prefer I link to you using your site address: http:
    // or website title: Neil Armstrong Will Not Be Missed.
    | A Better World: Graeme Bird For High Office. Please let me know!

  31. You can link it but I should say I was being a little harsh to Armstrong. Its the fuss that everyone was making that was giving me the drizzling shits so I was possibly a bit harsh on him.

  32. Nick De Cusa on March 6, 2013 at 3:44 pm said:

    “So we are making ‘scientific progress’. We are just being very very slow about it, learning more from huge catastrophes than from mountains of statistical data. Can’t we make progress quicker?”

    What is this “we” business. You might wish to progress beyond Keynesian goose-stepping 101 and learn economic science.

    Reply ↓

    Paul frijters
    on March 7, 2013 at 4:46 am said:
    We economists. I am one too. Are you?

    Reply ↓

    Nick De Cusa
    on March 7, 2013 at 2:37 pm said:
    Who the hell are you? Do you understand science? And take it seriously? Do you understand epistemology?

    You are no-one mate. A public service subsidy means LESS THEN NOTHING. You are no-one in this debate mate.

    Your view NEEDS a subsidy to survive.

  33. Nick De Cusa
    on March 7, 2013 at 2:44 pm said:

    You are so less then nothing. I mean you are an idiot mate. You use your own personal ignorance as a baseball bat. When I studied eco 101 …. ie Keynesian propaganda. I already knew it was rubbish. You are less then a road-kill or some-one observing from the side of the road. Because you were too stupid to understand the fallacious nonsense that they were teaching you and you still don’t.

    Mate, I got awarded my economics degree when I was sitll 19. But I understood the wrongness of Keynesian idiocy when I was 14.

    Where are YOU in this debate? You are outside this debate because absolutely no capacity to grasp what is going on around you.

    Reply ↓

  34. Nick De Cusa on March 7, 2013 at 2:53 pm said:
    Economics is science. Modern physics is not science. Its Jew fantasies. You’ve got these absolutely ludicrous disproven Einsteinian ideas …. They are internally contradictory, and they are only held up by relentless lying. This is Jew Science. This is Jew fairy tales. This isn’t real science.

    Now as it happens. the greatest economists in the last 100 years, have been of Jewish extraction. And the ultimate example is George Reisman.

    But he identifies very much with the Athenian tradition.

  35. Nick De Cusa on March 7, 2013 at 5:16 pm said:
    Can even one of you Jews or anyone else prove that such a thing as space-time exists? This is a Jew fantasy.

    Can even one of you Jews, or anyone else prove the Keynesian multiplier exists?

    Another Jew fantasy.

    Cam even one of you Jews or anyone else prove that space, a thing without shape, can be bent, warped, curved, compressed, stressed ….. when all these things mean to change the shape of something ….. when we know that only objects have shape?

    Who the hell is Paul?

    Paul is just no-one.

    He’s just no-one with no idea.

    Reply ↓
    Nick De Cusa on March 7, 2013 at 5:21 pm said:
    We’ve have too progress from Jew-Science to REAL-SCIENCE ……

    …. aka ….. “science.”

    You know what I mean. Because on this one thread we have a ” physicist ” who I can guarantee isn’t interested in physics. But rather is a fall-guy for Jew-physics which is no-physics at all.

    And we have Paul. Who the fuck is he? I got my degree when he was a toddler. And I’ve learned more then him in the interim. Who is this unscientist, to attempt to call me out, and exclude me?

    When he knows shit-all, and I know all the important stuff?

    Reply ↓
    Nick De Cusa on March 7, 2013 at 5:24 pm said:
    The joke is over people. We have to understand that special relativity is an attack on science. As is the Keynesian multiplier. And the connecting thread is that its Synagogue buddies locking in these lies and these rebellions against reason.

    Reply ↓

  36. Nick De Cusa on March 7, 2013 at 5:26 pm said:
    “Phil on March 7, 2013 at 4:32 pm said:
    I am not sure what Nick De Cusa is on, but I think that he needs to up the dose”

    Oh baby. You can count on that.

    I’m sick of these Jews and sundry incompetents, trashing our country, and destroying science.

    Reply ↓

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