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Phobos And The Off-Shore Islanders.

There is no way for rocks to be in space and be hollow by any natural process. There is also no way for rocks to be in space, and to be porous and fluffy, like a gigantic piece of pumice, by any natural process.

So the fact that Phobos is hollow, and that NASA is continuously bullshitting us that Phobos is POROUS really shows us that there is nothing natural about Phobos. Imagine if Phobos was a big hollow piece of rock blown out of an exploded planet. Clearly it would not survive in one piece. There is also no way for gigantic sized pumice rocks to wind up in space naturally. Think of pumice. It comes out of a volcano in such a way that it solidifies with air all the way through it. How can such a thing wind up in space? We are not talking about Phobos here because Phobos isn’t porous. Phobos is hollow. But one has to account for its lightness some way.

Natural orbits increase by a tiny amount each year. Artificial orbits are orbits that just as often as not tend to reduce. An exception is with large comets, since with comets, because of tail drag, these orbits tend to normalize, get more circular, and reduce, each time they go around the sun. But the orbit of moons around planets tend to enlarge, even if only by tiny amounts. Even if some of these orbits had a tendency to reduce, then these would be orbits that were no longer with us, given enough time. So the fact that the orbit of Phobos is reducing is also another marker that Phobos is artificial. We don’t know whether Phobos has been subject to artificial control 15,000 years ago, or 15 million years ago (my vote goes with 15000.) But what we know is that the chances of Phobos being an wholly natural satellite is no chance at all.

Phobos represents the smart way to have a space program. The clever way to deal with the problem of having commerce between one planet and another. Space radiation is a massive problem and not something that the lie that is Apollo can overcome. You want a big fat hollowed out rock, as a way station between planets. Because the real barrier is not planet to planet. The real barrier is planet to near planet orbit. You also want something of substantial length to take advantage of electricity generation in space. So Phobos ought not really surprise us. Why spend trillions of dollars putting up all your infrastructure into a space station when you can spend less than a billion bringing a rock over from elsewhere and hollowing it out?

How about dragging Phobos from the asteroid belt, all the way to the orbit of Mars? Childs play. The hard part is getting enough assets into near earth orbit to have a viable economic colony. But little tasks like dragging big rocks around in space are early 20th Century technology. A mere extension of the electro-gravitics, that Tesla, and then Townsend Brown, were dealing with early century, yet anti-gravity went out of the public domain in 1954. Thank you shadow government.

I don’t know how far the covert people have taken electro-gravitics. But flying saucers would tend to imply that the covert ops people have taken this technology a very long way indeed. However even aside from such speculations, electro-gravitics of this sort would have been available to people in another age, who in other respects, had perhaps only reached 19th century levels of technology but didn’t have our age of unreason, cult of the state, and a global shadow-government, to screw everything up.

Its very easy to see how an off-shore islander global-society, not quite as high-tech as ourselves in many ways (lacking Einstein cults, covert ops, a banking cartel and other impediments perhaps) could have sorted out how to pull this exercise off. Since I’m assuming the population of the earth in those days couldn’t have been anything like it is today (it would have to be a fundamentally off-shore islander civilisation, or it would have left more evidence inland) then the industries needed for it to achieve such feats would have been industries that had a shorter structure of production then what we have today. But in the old days it was possible for metallurgy to have a short structure of production because of abundant ore grades close to the surface. There are substitutes for glass in electronics. But none at all with glasses potentially very short structure of production. The only other key industry needed for what we are talking about here is an electrical industry. …. the difficulties of getting enough gear into near earth orbit aside ….. the rest of what we see would not have been difficult.

The way James McCanney talks about it, even the earth to near earth orbit side of things would be pretty easy. But I don’t have the technical understanding to be able to confirm this last part of the story.

How could an off-shore islander global-society, be less advanced then even the 19th century in some ways, more advanced in others, and leave so little inland trace? One reason is that we were on the menu inland before the quaternary extinction event. So coastal and particularly small island living was really the way to go. Perhaps the game was plentiful inland,  and perhaps you would choose to live there had you no education, couldn’t swim, or didn’t have the capacity to make good boats,  because inland,  humans were as much lunch as anything else back then.

We are used to thinking of ourselves as exclusively an apex predator. Try telling that to the short-faced bear of North America. Its a bit like the civilised Roman gentlemen,  being forced into the shallow islets of what became Venice, in the face of all those appalling woppy-Goths sacking the mainland. Goths cannot swim, are afraid of the water, and are too stupid to figure out how to deal with it, so are as helpless as a bear with rabies, when you put some water between you and them. I’m talking about Cambria’s ancestors here.

The more clever humans,  being forced to the off-shore islands,  would create pressure to be civilised, or not to survive at all. The clans ruled and were eaten inland. The offshore islanders became civilised.  Then once ocean-based trading took off the magic of true capitalism could have lead to an explosion of progress and without the sort of population that modern considerations would lead one to think were needed. The ocean would be the natural infrastructure; canal, highway, railway, all rolled into one. The predominance of outrageously large rocks in construction, was perhaps an artefact, of the need for strong levees in the unstable ice age seas.



  1. Brilliant radio performance by “The Wet Male.” My ultimate interpretor:

  2. “…….The Venetian billionaires were directly affected by the Roman Emperors’ incompetence. Originally they lived in Italy, but in the fifth century Italy was overrun by Gothic tribes. The plight of Romans was very similar to the situation for whites in Southern Africa today. The Goths would steal peoples’ belongings, occupy their houses and farms, and extort money from people. Many Romans moved to the eastern parts of the Roman Empire, just as many Southern African whites are moving east to Australia.

    Some Romans noticed how the Goths had an aversion to water. The Goths couldn’t swim or sail boats, and being uneducated low-lifes, had no inclination to learn how to. The Romans realised that anyone who lived in the Venetian Islands would be safe from attack. Consequently many of them moved to the islands….”

  3. come on mate

  4. It wasn’t a rhetorical question. What is concerning you dummy? Get specific.?

  5. Extreme food stress coming to the US in only about one year. Even already there is 22% unemployment there. 50 million people in that country are on food stamps.

  6. Stage hands near the lunar module. Not enough room in the rocket for them, and surprise surprise, they aren’t wearing their space-suit.

  7. Explaining why Kennedy and Lincoln were taken down in public:

  8. Dr Stephan Barrett. Quack. Mass-Murderer. Someone put this filth out of his misery.


      • Will you please stop editing my comments?

      • Not if you talk bullshit. You’ve got to make an effort here. The mainstream is not right just because it “must be right”. This sort of thinking is not sufficiently scientific for this blog. For example they put fluoride in the water without scientific justification. They put mercury and aluminium in vaccines without any sort of evidence that this is a good thing to do. Cancer treatments tend to start with potions so poisonous that the victims hair falls out with such assurance that expeditions to buy wigs run ahead of the medieval treatment.

  9. It ought to be no longer acceptable to be pretending we believe in this lie of 9/11. This is shadow government mass murder and we ought not be letting these criminals off the hook.

  10. The shadow government is the enemy of the human race and right now they are extremely active disrupting new energy technologies. Hurting those people who are close to giving us cheaper energy.

    The gave Bob Boyce cancer. They put two chips in his shoulder, and one which created a tumour. They put the inventor of the Geet engine in a mental hospital. they destroyed the reputation of those who discovered cold fusion, they put John Searle in jail. These people are a greater threat to us then the Soviets ever were.


    • Yeah same old story. We already know what works but the gangsters undermine anything that works to keep the carnage going and the money coming in.

  12. The priesthood hates knowledge. They are naturals at retarding scientific progress. And here we see this at work again with Sinclair Davidson. Fair enough he blocked me again. But he has to go that extra measure and wipe out all the comments.

    Still we have one thinking man amongst them:

    “oh who excised GMB’s comments? spoilsports!! His contributions are masterpiesces of whacky, erudite, polymathic auto-didactism – and it’s not as if he is a real troll: I believe his heart is in the right place….”

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