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“Blood Libel” A Misnomer.

Lets analyse what the Wiki has to say about this idiocy.  Immediately you will see bias and unscience.

  • 1823-1835 Velizh blood libel: After a Christian child was found murdered outside of this small Russian town in 1823, accusations by a drunk prostitute led to the imprisonment of many local Jews. Some were not released until 1835.

Accusations by a drunk prostitute? So a witness saw the Jews killing this kid.  A drunk prostitute? Say what? Did they not wait for her to sober up. They are lying. Jews were busted murdering a kids and there was a witness.

  • 1840 Damascus affair: In February, at Damascus, a Catholic monk named Father Thomas and his servant disappeared. The accusation of ritual murder was brought against members of the Jewish community of Damascus.

Why? No answer? Why assume that this is not true? On what basis were the accusations made. There is no systematic tendency in Christianity to bear false witness for no reason at all.

  • 1840 Rhodes blood libel: The Jews of Rhodes, under the Ottoman Empire, were accused of murdering a Greek Christian boy. The libel was supported by the local governor and the European consuls posted to Rhodes. Several Jews were arrested and tortured, and the entire Jewish quarter was blockaded for twelve days. An investigation carried out by the central Ottoman government found the Jews to be innocent.

The LIBEL? WHAT LIBEL? The accusation was made, and we have to assume there was some basis for it.  So why is the wiki lying and claiming it was a libel?

  • In March 1879, ten Jewish men from a mountain village were brought to KutaisiGeorgia to stand trial for the alleged kidnapping and murder of a Christian girl. The case attracted a great deal of attention in Russia (of which Georgia was then a part): “While periodicals as diverse in tendency as Herald of Europe and Saint Petersburg Notices expressed their amazement that medieval prejudice should have found a place in the modern judiciary of a civilized state, New Times hinted darkly of strange Jewish sects with unknown practices.”[32] The trial ended in acquittal, and the orientalist Daniel Chwolson published a refutation of the blood libel.

Its no blood libel. The Jews weren’t rounded up for no reason. They must have thought they had evidence.

  • 1882 Tiszaeszlár blood libel: The Jews of the village TiszaeszlárHungary were accused of the ritual murder of a fourteen-year-old Christian girl, Eszter Solymosi. The case was one of the main causes of the rise of antisemitism in the country. The accused persons were eventually acquitted.

Why is this a libel. Someone was accused. They got off.  Its not a libel. Its a court case.

  • In 1899 Hilsner Affair: Leopold Hilsner, a Jewish vagabond, was accused of murdering a nineteen-year-old Christian woman, Anežka Hrůzová, with a slash to the throat. Despite the absurdity of the charge and the relatively progressive nature of society in Austria-Hungary, Hilsner was convicted and sentenced to death. He was later convicted of an additional unsolved murder, also involving a Christian woman. In 1901, the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. Tomáš Masaryk, a prominent Austro-Czech philosophy professor and future president ofCzechoslovakia, spearheaded Hilsner’s defense. He was later blamed by Czech media because of this. In March 1918, Hilsner was pardoned by Austrian emperor Charles I. He was never exonerated, and the true guilty parties were never found.

Why was the charge absurd? How do they know he wasn’t guilty?

Judaism is a satanic cult.  So we can readily assume that Talmudic elitist Jews engage in all sorts of evil. Not excluding child rape, murder and sick rituals.  We see the accusations all over the world and throughout all history? Coincidence?

Why? Eventually if you kill enough Christian kids over the centuries people will accuse you of this.  But if you never do this, there is nothing in Christianity that would have you accused of doing this, every century, for 2000 years.

“The only child-saint in the Russian Orthodox Church is the six-year-old boy Gavriil Belostoksky from the village Zverki. According to the legend supported by the church, the boy was kidnapped from his home during the holiday of Passover while his parents were away. Shutko, who was a Jew from Białystok, was accused of bringing the boy to Białystok, poking him with sharp objects and draining his blood for nine days, then bringing the body back to Zverki and dumping it at a local field.”

So we have the Jewish passover.  A Christian child is kidnapped. His body drained of blood. The evidence is all over his body, which by the writers own admission was dumped back near his community.  How can you not blame the Jews for this? Was it Muslims that fucking drained this kids blood during Jewish Passover?  So obviously you will blame the Jews until they can be cleared somehow. This isn’t a libel. This is a big problem.

Talmudic Jews are mass-murderers obsessed with blood sacrifice. We know this. Because we had Jewish communism in Russia.  We had Jewish Naziism in Germany. We have the testimony of centuries.  We had the Crypto-Jewish murder of the Armenians.  Where is the libel here? This is a big problem when Jews are murdering Christian kids.

Twenty-Three Centuries of Jewish Ritual Murder:

Expose of Jewish Ritual Murder.  A practice which continues unabated. 



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  2. Whenever Jews issue the blood libel lie they are accessories after the fact. Which proves that Judaism is so loathesome it must be abolished.

  3. “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy”

    So said Chris Hedges.

    I could have added scientists who destroy data. Philosophers who destroy epistemology. But is this not the inevitable outcome of letting Jews get all the levers of power? And is this not a prelude to yet another expulsion? How can we let them stay here? When they wreck everything whereever they go and so they always need to be kicked out?

    Why not short-circuit everything and kick them out BEFORE they ruin all things? Why not? Surely it is less painful for everyone to kick them out earlier rather then later?

  4. Here are the Jews trying to set up a group of Manchurian candidates in Australia, having already managed to do so in the USA. The people who are pulling for its delisting as a terrorist group are Australian quislings. If they get away with this then we will have Jewish-controlled (TOTALLY CONTROLLED LIKE ROBOTS) hitmen working on Australian soil.

  5. From Elsewhere:

    Graeme Bird
    posted February 12, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    As bad as the crypto-Jews that took over Germany under Nazism were ….. These were really bad people. But as bad as they were the official story of the holocaust is all lies. We’ve just got to stop lying about this. The holocaust is what happened to everyone else. What happened to Europes Jews was basically a roundup. They weren’t being rounded up and victimised by Germans. But rather by other Jews financed by Jews.
    The rest of us lost tens of millions of Christians by way of a genocide masquerading as a war. The financiers for this effort were Jewish bankers and the frontmen politicians were all Jews. Churchill was a Jew. Roosevelt a Jew. Stalin was a Jew. As was Hitler.
    So the roundup of Jews, and the real Holocaust of World War II was simply Jewish blood sacrifice in action. This is what these people do. The problem of Jews pre-dates Christianity. It is a satanic genocidal cult.

  6. “”The evidence for evolution is at least as strong as the evidence for the Holocaust, even allowing for eye witnesses to the Holocaust.”

    Dawkins is a fool. Look how he undermines his own case for evolution comparing his theory with a known lie. He also believes all the rubbish science the Jews have locked in. He’s never said anything against the Talmudic idiocy of Special Relativity. He actually believes in the Big Bang. The big bang is a feeble young universe creation myth with nothing going for it save its attempt to parrot the Torah.

    Note also that Dawkins doesn’t discriminate between the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Talmud or the Koran. The old testament is a catalogue of despicably racist and malignant behaviour of Jewish heroes. The Talmud is much much worse. More disgusting and hard to get through then the Jew Hitler’s Mein Kampf. The Koran was written on a war footing and isn’t really appropriate for peacetime instruction.

    The new testament is the cure for the virus of Judaism that came before it. Dawkins and his other radical atheist fools look at the illogic of the New Testament as if its there on a stand-alone basis. Its not food its an antidote for disease. Its medicine.

    Read more:

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