Posted by: graemebird | February 14, 2013

The Satanic Netanyahu (Fool Me Twice….)

Okay so I’m a bit slow on the uptake.  I was a big supporter of Israel but now I’m through with that.  Two things have happened.  A Jew modus operandi has surfaced, and it now looks like the scam I was played for by the multi-talented evil bastard Netanyahu is a second-natural trait of Jews more generally.   I”ve been an anti-semite for maybe two months. And I can here all you people and people I’ve known for two decades back laughing at me.   I was right about a lot of things at the undergraduate level and I used to complain that when I was proved right, no-one wrote me apology letters for jeering at me about all the things I was right about. Now the shoe is on the other foot. And now one has to appreciate the left a little on the intuitive level.  The left are still the disingenuous and lacking-in-logic crowd as ever. But often they have far more intuition then a plodder like myself. They could basically smell the evil that was Israel.  They didn’t plod along like me, falling for every alibi that the leadership always managed to come up with.





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  2. The Americans are getting onto the reality that Mossad was behind 9/11. Many Americans are becoming super-pissed about this reality. Clearly many of the organs of American power were involved in the coverup. But a powerfully disproportionate amount of the hard yards of the actual event came straight out of Mossad.

  3. Barney Fwank. Once he had a boyfriend running a males only brothel out of his Washington pad. Now he is mawwied. He’s mawwied another “man.”

    This is what these Jews are doing to us. Here this pervert, with a serious disorder, pumped up far above his capacities, to where he’s got a lot of sayso in the way banking is going to be regulated. I’ve a serious disorder also. Attention deficit disorder. I probably had the highest inherent IQ of pretty much anyone I know. And if anything this IQ would have been wholly underrated due to this disorder. And it may be that this disorder was due to Jews putting fluoride in the water and mercury in our vaccines or to a combination of things that made the Jewish malice come down on my head.

    But even given that I would have been one of the best of all possible people for a network to hoist me up to the banking regulation job. Instead they hoist up this pervert. This idiot. This fellow who can barely speak properly. And why do they do it? Because he is a Jew, and because they are Jews, and because all of them are stealing off the Gentiles.

    “Resistance Is Gentile..”

  4. Proof that Yobbo is a Jew:

    “When does a human acquire rights, honesty? Give me a rationale that is scientific and precludes infanticide.”

    In my opinion, when it’s able to survive without the aid of the mother’s anatomy.

    With current medical technology, that’s about 21 weeks.

    At that point, the mother has no right to claim that it’s just about her body any more, because the baby could very realistically survive without her help.”

    Is that baby going to go out there and get a job you fucking moron?

    You are not that bright Yobbo. No really you aren’t that bright brother.

  5. Probably the better way to look at it is to bring the legal authority for life and death into line with eachother. Thats heartbeat and brainwaves. And yes this is only about 19 days. And yes a lot of life-changing options will be denied from a lot of young women until we adapt to going back to some sort of fucking Christian decency.

  6. The terrible crime of murdering Huey Long is another crime we must foist on the Jews until proven otherwise.

  7. Jacob Rubenstein (Jack Ruby) was a gunrunner for Menachim Begin in the 1940’s. Did you know that? He who murdered, or affected to murder, someone we now know that he was a close friend of ……. that is to say Lee Harvey Oswald. Did you know that? Well if not why not? Because the Jews control all the information.

  8. From a philosophical point of view; that something can eventually form out of nothing (or next to nothing) is not so impossible as it seems. The reason being that for an object to have substance, it need only have substance, with regards to itself, and objects fashioned from like substances. And these objects which have substance can have next to no substance at all, objectively speaking. But they need only be substantial with regards to the other flimsy entities, made themselves from nothing or next to nothing.

    This may seem a bit confusing but it is best explained by a Gedanken experiment.

    There is something very odd about the tone and content of some of these posts. The Prince Of Peace came not to humour the blood-lust of demonic racists. But rather to bring hope to the entirety of mankind. Nor was he there to walk lock-step with the street-rantings of primitives.

    If some self-appointed misfit, calling himself a prophet, makes prophecies that don’t come true, this does not let us logically conclude that we have a bad messiah. It means we have a prophet in name only.

    But you see the saviour ALSO made some predictions. How do you think he went with them?

    “And Jesus went out from the temple, and was going on his way; and his disciples came to him to show him the buildings of the temple. But he answered and said unto them, ‘You see all of these things, do you not? Truly I say unto you, there shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down’” (Matthew 24:1-2).”

    He says this shortly before his murder. Sure enough. Forty years later Vespasian rocks into town on a white horse and the prediction is mercifully made manifest (and to the letter.)

    Its no biggie that the rantings of the Kosher-Nostra didn’t work out well for them. Because they are not the words of any universal God. Anyone with crypto-financing and a well-organised coterie can fullfil lock-step any prediction that any street shouter might come up with…..

    But ought not the preacher of love and sympathy consider rigging such a contrivance beneath his dignity? And the true messiah’s didn’t have the money-lenders resources behind him. So (as has already been pointed out ) the only prophecy of the primitives that he deigned to make come true, was one he could go along with, by merely borrowing a mule off someone under the promise that he would return it directly.

    So lets get this straight for starters. Producing prophecy that turns out to be true for uncanny reasons is far more indicative of the backing of a universal god, then making prophecies (under the shadow of a tribal god) that FAIL.

    “The writers of the Gospel, with knowledge of the Temple’s destruction, were able to insert the event in the Gospel narrative.”

    That’s fine Quentin. Anything you want to believe is fine with me. But the hope the point is well made, that the messiah is not to be judged on the predictions that are made for him, but rather on what he does and the predictions that he himself makes. He came to save the world from Judaism. Not to fulfil the predictions of this schismatic cult.

    But there were other predictions he made whose main force came after AD 80 or so. What about the following:

    “And I say also unto you, That you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it.”

    Sure enough. The institution that this statement was said to have founded is the longest-living institution in history. Now this is pretty good going.

    Now compare your own messiah. What prophecy did he fullfil?

    “He was given the surname Bar Kokhba (Aramaic for “Son of a Star”, referring to the Star Prophecy of Numbers 24:17, “there shall step forth a star out of Jacob, and a scepter shall rise out of Israel, and shall smite through the corners of Moab”)”

    Thats a prophecy? In your view? Its a pep-talk for unspeakably vicious killers.

    “(note Jesus can predict the destruction of the temple, but not the destruction of Jerusalem, the near annihilation of Jewish culture, and the beginning of the diaspora, which happened decades after.)”

    He didn’t. Doesn’t mean he couldn’t. One doesn’t need to tip these lunatics off.

    ” ……. you’re gonna have to explain how Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner and Jerry Seinfeld are “blood lusting daemonic racists”…”

    Mel is from the generation that still has humility after their latest eviction. An eviction that has happened 109 times and that is no co-incidence. Seinfelds attitude to Christianity is sickening.

    But lets forget about Carl, Mel and Jerry. How about Adolph (A crypto-Jew) Lenin (A Jew) and Stalin (A Jew) or Trotsky (A Jew). Or the Crypto-Jews from Salonica who carried out the genocide of the Armenians? Or the rest of the Crypto-Jew Nazis who ruined Germany using the financing of Max Warburg?

    The Soviet Union was simply a format for Jews to murder Christians. All the communist leadership were Jews. The first law they brought in was against anti-semitism. Then they proceeded to kill Christians. Not for tactical reasons. Nor for ideological reasons. But because this is what Jews do.

    No Orthodox Christian killed millions you dropkick. Hitlers older sister was head of the local Jewish chapter of Mensa. Genetic tests have shown Hitler to be a Jew by way of his relatives. All the top Nazi leadership were Jews, and Max Warburg would hardly have given Hitler (not the Nazi party but Hitler himself) 100 million dollars in todays money if he didn’t trust him to do the crypto-Jew thing.

    World War II was a Jewish genocide posing as a war. Roosevelts family is Jewish. Churchill’s mother. The financiers of all four of these murderers were Jewish. And the war was waged on all sides to ensure the most killings of Christians at the expense of military effectiveness.

    Mr Jew-son, could you explain to me how it was profitable for the aforementioned bankers to get the Jews to fight the Arabs? What was the rate of return on their investment?

    15 Feb 13 at 8:16 pm
    The strategy of the elite-Jews involves inspiring persecution against Jews in general. This leads to Jews in general being a tightly-knit group that can be controlled to lay down strategic markers. They can be controlled from the top. So by controlling this group from the top (by continually subjecting them to persecution) they can then control the rest of us. This is a strategy going back a very long time.

    The Jewish elite are persecutors of their own people first and then us later. When they get kicked out of one country, they go to the next and people really like them. So that within three generations they will be assimilating. Thats when the trouble starts. The Jewish elite bankers and rabbis must then bring on the persecution to keep their group from assimilating, thus losing control of them, thus losing control of us.

    15 Feb 13 at 8:17 pm
    Mr Jew-son, could you please give me more detail about what ‘strategic markers’ are being laid down by the chief rabbi bankers and how this earns them their shekels?

    15 Feb 13 at 8:18 pm
    There were no gas chambers. The six million is an egregious lie. The Jew Hitler and his three Jewish compradres got tens of millions of people killed. But probably less then two million of these were Jews. Then suddenly the Jewish bankers had a lot of people who felt compelled to go to Israel to fight Arabs for a 100 years. Something which they’d never taken a hankering to before the Jewish bankers brought the Crypto-Jewish Nazis into power.

    Yep, full on retarded.

    15 Feb 13 at 8:19 pm
    “Mr Jew-son, could you explain to me how it was profitable for the aforementioned bankers to get the Jews to fight the Arabs? What was the rate of return on their investment?”

    If they can distract people long enough to take over their banking system they can get a cut of all the new money creation in that country, and therefore they can pull value from the asset inflation that they create. So if the land values quadruple in Libya they could reasonably expect to pull maybe a quarter of that value. Which may be as much as what the country was worth when they got the gentiles to smash it up. The whole strategy simply cannot be explained without a sturdy grasp of monetary economics.

    15 Feb 13 at 8:19 pm
    The crazy, it burns.

    Quentin George
    15 Feb 13 at 8:23 pm
    They are religions Jupes you dope.

    Yes I am. For responding to you. You are bat shit crazy.

    15 Feb 13 at 8:23 pm
    If they can distract people long enough to take over their banking system they can get a cut of all the new money creation in that country, and therefore they can pull value from the asset inflation that they create. So if the land values quadruple in Libya they could reasonably expect to pull maybe a quarter of that value. Which may be as much as what the country was worth when they got the gentiles to smash it up. The whole strategy simply cannot be explained without a sturdy grasp of monetary economics.

    Or how exchange rates are determined, apparently.

    15 Feb 13 at 8:24 pm
    Mr J, do we know what happened to Herr Hitlerstein after he ‘lost’ the war? I have never really understood why he would sacrifice himself in a bunker like that.

    15 Feb 13 at 8:25 pm
    If they were as closed-minded as some … many wouldn’t notice because they’d be too busy finding reasons to believe he wasn’t God in the form of a man.

    The point is no one noticed. Not one person out of hundreds thought that Jesus was interesting enough to record his presence.

    Maybe he just wasn’t there.

    15 Feb 13 at 8:26 pm
    “Mr Jew-son, could you explain to me how it was profitable for the aforementioned bankers to get the Jews to fight the Arabs? What was the rate of return on their investment?”

    In the case of the country you speak thereof, they get their own fully-owned country. Its a totally-owned Rothschild-network entity. Here the network now pulls the second most patents ) after the US and locks down that technology. Of course they’ll have people they can rely on in the patents offices everywhere favouring Israeli patents. But they also get their own fully-controlled intelligence agency. Whereas they are merely the strongest faction in MI6, CIA and the rest of spooktown, in the case of the Mossad its totally there’s. So they have their own nuclear bomb owning country and they can destroy any city in the world, planting bombs everywhere, without a single Israeli citizen knowing about it.

    To fully control a small country is a real force-multiplier as compared to the situation wherein you are the strongest faction in the strongest NATO countries. This is why they relied so heavily on Mossad to pull off 9/11. They had to do their best with their diluted agencies in the coverup. But the hard yards in the actual event were laid down by Mossad itself. Which is crazy if you think that Mossad works for the Israeli people.

    15 Feb 13 at 8:26 pm
    Mr J, a very thorough and convincing answer. Now what are you planning to do about it? It seems to me that they are rather entrenched, according to your theory, no?

    15 Feb 13 at 8:31 pm
    In the roundup, bizarrely named Holocaust (burnt offering. Burnt sacrificial victim to a primitive and jealous tribal god) …. In the roundup there was a lot of natural selection through allied induced starvation and over-crowding leading to selection via disease. There was also a lot of non-natural selection that fell against poorer older Jews, in that they do seem to have been euthanised in a lot of cases.

    This was Jew on Jew persecution. And a way of having accelerated Darwinian and pseudo-Darwinian selection. They went into the roundup as Jews. But some of them came out as Israelis. Thats something of a transformation.

    15 Feb 13 at 8:32 pm
    “Mr J, a very thorough and convincing answer. Now what are you planning to do about it? It seems to me that they are rather entrenched, according to your theory, no?”

    Thank you for asking. Now the important stuff. It has to be 7 billion gentiles against 20 million Jews. “Resistance Is Gentile.” This is the only way we can even so much as hope to get out of this thing with civilisation intact. Their round of killing will be much greater then what they pulled off from 1914 onwards. Because they will push to kill Gentiles this time with far greater mass-destruction technology at their disposal. Its the elite that are the enemy of all of humankind including most of their herded co-religionists.

    So it has to be all of us against elite Jewry. Even given all of us against them they have the advantage.

    “Holocaust denial is one thing; fearing the uprising of 20 million Jews who plan to kill several billion Gentiles is another level of insanity altogether.”

    Dude. The top TEN THOUSAND guys have the power to cover up 9/11 (basically a Mossad operation) and plant a nuclear bomb in any city in the world. The rest of us are at a serious disadvantage.

    They have a percentage of the value of all new money creation in most of the world. The power base towards elite Jewry was shifted massively once the federal reserve was founded. From that moment on the genocide kicked in and did not slow down until after the great leap forward. You are tripping if you think you stand a good chance against these mega-billionaire savages. We don’t stand a ghost of a chance really. They can have any of us killed, they have their own dedicated spook operation in Mossad. They are the strongest force in the other spooktown operations as well, in the NATO countries. They control virtually all the media and Rupert is one of them and beholden to them.

    Only the saviour can help us now.

  9. “That is such a massive amount of bullshit Graeme. I’m speechless. The Allies filmed their entry into at least one camp. Are you saying those scenes were faked?”

    They didn’t find a single Jew gassed. They found people dying of starvation typhus and other diseases associated with malnutrition and overcrowding …. Malnutrition and overcrowding thanks to the horrendous Jew-lead allied bombing campaign and blockading of food.

    Something that is militarily idiotic, as well as being against (faithful servant of the saviour) Saint Augustines notions of just war. No Jew has ever followed Just war theory and the Jews Churchill and Roosevelt were not about to start.

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