Posted by: graemebird | February 15, 2013


I think right now its time for  the big Jew PITY-PARTY.  This is a Mark Glenn line as far as I know.  The Jews are the greatest persecutors in all history but their modus operandi is to shift their shadow the blame, turn the situation inside-out, and pretend that they are the victims THE VICTIMS.

So I really think its time for a Jew-Town Pity-Party.   A Pity-Party for the Jews of Catallaxy after I managed to get through the Catallaxy shield to type for a little while. Let me dedicate this Pity-Party to Yobbo. Black-belt Yobbo.  A fellow that really has things sorted because he can earn Australian money while living in idyllic Thailand.  There is much to envy with Yobbo. But not his little mind.  So let us throw a Pity Party for the Jews of Catallaxy generally, and for Yobbo specifically.  That black belt bitch who cannot deal with my freedom of speech.


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