Posted by: graemebird | February 17, 2013

What This Picture Tells Us About The Way The Universe Works.

A few days ago I posed the questions below.  I’m bringing this to the front to give you the answers.  Its doubtful that the answers I’m giving you below will ever need to be updated.  There seems no other possible explanations.

Someone has posted a picture over at Catallaxy and just left the topic hanging. I have my own suggestions on what the picture means but of course I can only get through to Catallaxy maybe once a month.  Here is the picture:

Rumblefish Contends That This Picture Negates Make-Believe (ie Standard) Science.

I’d be happy to collect your suggestions as to what this means for science.  I mean REAL science and not JEW science.  If you make some good suggestions on the thread at catallaxy you will be blocked by the Jew Sinclair.  You can believe that.  Now this tells us much more then the surface of Mars even.  And as you saw from a previous post, the surface of Mars told us a great deal about the history of Mars.

A people who are not curious are not capable of science. A blog full of people that lack curiosity lack the capacity to discuss science, religion, economics, or current affairs,  in a productive way.

More Later.  But I’d like to get some input.  Because I’m pretty disappointed in the lot of you guys at Catallaxy really. You pretend to be so smart and so well-educated.  But when it comes down to it you really aren’t that bright. At least Fisk showed a modicum of curiosity yesterday. The rest of you are pretty damned dead between the ears.



The picture above is a BIG HINT.  Note that Jupiter as well is an oblate spheroid, and the earth is as well but only to the tiniest extent.  Now a smart 12 year old ought to be able to take all my hints and run with them.  But this can never be the case if you take JEW SCIENCE seriously.


Okay you’ve had three days to think about it.  Here is the answer from elsewhere:

“We can make short work of this. The gamma gets out because its the highest energy light. Note.  The conception of the black hole in mainstream Jew science is refuted totally by this empirical evidence. That gamma ray gets out in this way implies that there is immense energy stored inside the dark rift, which further implies that we ought to expect pulsating explosions from the dark rift. The Gamma from the north and south poles are akin to a steam release valve.

The only reason that the steam comes from the North and South poles is that the gravity must be less there. In such a large body this implies that the mass is spinning at an incredible rate and so it must take on an oblate spheroid shape. As much a disc as a sphere. Or between a disc and a sphere.

No settling of dust could lead to that sort of angular momentum. Jew/Nasa fantasy creation stories need not apply for consideration here.

Except in the case of new matter creation angular momentum is conserved. Hence the angular momentum of the dark rift must be a feature that grows with its development. There is no traction in space and so no way for anyone to reach in and send the thing spinning. So the growth of the mass of the object and the growth of its angular momentum conclusively has to be part of its evolutionary story.   Just as is the case with Jupiter.

Here we see that the only model that fits this story is the model where moons grow to rocky planets, then to gas giants and then onto stars, then stars continue to grow until they become akin to the dark rift in the middle of our galaxy.

So why is the universe not full of only dark rifts?

Because the evidential record tells us that when the dark rift erupts, moons, planets and stars explode,  as the shock-wave moves out through the galaxy.

So moons grow to planets, grow to gas giants grow to stars grow to dark rifts. But only those that survive.

The growth in spin is easily explained but not in the one post.”

Isn’t that diagonal line amazing and intriguing? What could be causing this? NASA fakery? Or a real line.  The only thing that comes to mind is some sort of electrical difference between North and South Poles but why such a straight line in a dramatically rotating body?  If I could verify the veracity of this side of the photo I would next wish to know what the plasma physicists had to say about it.  In another photo I did not see this so I don’t quite know what to think.  Is that line rotating too? And at what light frequencies are we seeing it if it is not part of the photography process?



  1. […] uncensored on “What This Picture Tells Us About The Way The Universe Works.“ @ A Better World: Graeme Bird For High […]

  2. Hey Graeme

    We were all wondering what you thought of the leadership challenge that Kevin Rudd might make to Julia Gillard? What’s your view of the ruddmentum?

    • By the way Scott. I’m really happy that you guys have brought the facebook tribute site into compliance with fairness ethics. Good show. I really mean that. I was a little bit angry but now I’m fine with the site so far.

  3. Well they are both useless right? But the woman is entrenched useless, so we ought to all hope for a challenge. With the additional benefit that it will be one in the eye for anti-democratic back-room bastards and globalists more generally.

    I always hated Rudd. But the woman is a more malign figure still because she had communists spruiking for her years in advance. Like for example she had Mark Bahnisch using all the bullshitartistry that he’d picked up in all those years on the way to having nearly completed a phD in sociology ….. Mark would take every utterance of Mszzzzzzz Duck-ass, and try and enrich it with his education. Like he wanted to write everything she said down, and produce a Darby and Schofield reader to the New Testament with it. When the fact is she is a know-nothing, who doesn’t read books and never had a sensible idea of her own in her life. She has to be part of someone’s network or you wouldn’t have these tip-offs running years in advance. Does anyone know if she is some sort of member of some Masonic communist cult or something? Some sort of mistress-of-the-toilet cult or something?

    I say this because hard core commies from Louisianna State University tipped me off to Obama years in advance by their inexplicable spruiking of this “man.” Whereas in the case of Rudd, he did it all off his own back. Getting on the morning show. Running about speaking mandarin. Jacking off in the mirror each morning as he re-read his medium-term goals. So Rudd is actually less malign then Mszzzzzz Duck-ass, since he doesn’t appear to have the same sort of networks pushing him.

    Rudd should challenge. My prayers, my hopes, and all my best wishes go with him.

  4. Even more my hopes are riding with the Syrian government. They must resist the Jew-Inspired take-down attempt by Israel and the shadow government using their long-term “Al Quaeda” allies. The reality is that Jew-town never stopped terrorism with Begin. They simply outsourced it to Muslims. And since 1993, once the Soviet Union had been taken down, they pinned their ears back in an all-out attempt to radicalise Islam. So it wasn’t Islam that was the problem. It was Judaism outsourcing their penchant for mindless blood sacrifice to these Islamic radicals and arabic and Persion crypto-Jews.

  5. Anything a Chinese official says to an Iranian will quickly be relayed to Jew central for analysis. Also very many things a Chinese official might say to a Syrian will also find its way back to Jewtown. Such idle statements will be gathered together and poured over and lists will be drawn up of Chinese people, who will suddenly find that their luck has changed for the worse.

    The Russians have grown used to recognizing the works of this den of vipers. That is why its critical that all the Russian expertise and every last dollar of Chinese funds must go to beating back the Jew-town inspired Nato attempted take-down of the Syrians. But the important point is this:

    China must work THROUGH the Russians. Never or at least seldom work directly with the Iranians or Syrians or these Jews will start targeting individual Chinese families and then they’ll take China as an whole to the cleaners.

  6. Right now Israel is cuddling up to China and pretending to be their friends. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jewtown murdered at least 60 million Chinese last century. You see Mao was Stalin’s protege, Stalin was a Jew who a decade earlier had been surrounded by Jews, but mercifully he had murdered most of his inner circle, such that after he was gone the sort of industrial scale murders that Jews go in for were not attempted again within the Soviet Union itself.

    But still Stalin was a Jew. And yes he had killed off so many of his own that the Jewish grip on the Soviet Union was now overstretched. But he brought up Mao from obscurity, with the help of Jew-Banker-Central, and this peasant-boy was surrounded by Jews from the start. So quite naturally enough Mao and his Jew entourage started planning the mass human blood sacrifice that Jews go in for.

    Now the Jews are cuddling up to China a second time and for the same reasons. The elite banker Jews want to ruin China. The Chinese are now the only population in the world left that can lay claim to being more talented and prone to success then the Jews. This is because the Jews have decimated the Armenians, destroyed the Germans, and made ridiculous the idea that anyone can go from rags to riches in the US. Now only the hyper-achieving Chinese are left to bring the lie to the idea that the ugly Jew is Gods chosen creature. So as I say the Jews are cuddling up to the Chinese now in order to move them into a position to hurt them AS A POPULATION.

    The Jews have much leverage. As we speak they are destroying the strategic threat to the Chinese …. ie the USA. They are systematically destroying that society at an incredible rate of knots. And one feature of this has given the Jews a lot of leverage over China. China can now buy oil paying only $2 per barrels of royalty to the Iraqis. But they have to go through Israel to do it. Is there any greater proof that Jews control the USA? All those American soldiers and Iraqi civilians dying, the smell of rotting bodies fills the air, and depleted uranium is in the very soil …….. and yet a deal is struck that rips off the US and its allies, and rewards only China and Israel.

    So China pays only two dollars royalties, presumably Israel itself gets to punch a ticket (as if a Jew would miss out?) and these two gain while the people who you think would gain ….. ARE MASSIVELY STIFFED. We know Jews can arrange such sweetheart deals for themselves? But why give away almost all the loot to the Chinese? Well we know why if we study the Christopher Bjerknes version of history.

    China gets the El Dorado oil deal of the century, BUT ONLY IF IT CONTINUES TO PLEASE ISRAEL. China gets most of the economic value. Israel gets almost all of the political capital. Fucking amazing. Let not thy squinty eyes be deceived. I warn you that these Jews are lusting to send your people the way of the Armenians and the Germans. And you must not fall for that for two reasons. We need your Chinese people to carry on and expand upon the great achievements of your forbears, and also those achievements that the West picked up when you Chinese dropped the ball. We need you Chinese to be our over-achievers, because we dropped the ball, once we emancipated the Jews, and from the day that the Jews established the American Federal Reserve.

    It was the Chinese that really carried the hopes of the species up to around 1400. And then the West up until that horrible day when the Federal Reserve was started up, and all the power went to Jew town. So we need you Chinese now. We need you to re-adopt many things from your past. Like Confusionism. Even more a philosophy of peace and forbearance then Christianity. We need you to look at some of your other domestic philosophers in your pre-Buddhist past. And all of us need to clan together as one to beat the Jews and their banking trillionaire leadership.

    So let thy slitty eyes not be deceived. For whilst thine own cities be crowded “HELL AINT HALF FULL” There be plenty more room in hell for a billion Chinamen who have let the Jew deceive thee. Put your faith in anglo-saxon and celtic non-politicians over 40. Such people you can afford to trust.

    So its up to the Chinese government to bankroll the saintly Putin to give the Syrian government every last bit of technical expertise and every last dollar that can be given, to draw a line in the sand at the outskirts of Damascus. But don’t even fool yourselves that you ought work with the Syrians and Iranians direct. Have your observers and translaters with their recording machines in every relevant meeting. But speak little. Your people should only be there to check things. To take in information. Your people are good at everything. In this case become good checkers.

  7. You’ve never really been hateful and bigoted (notwithstanding your rough language) about a particular race until now. Now you want my ex-boss (Henry Ergas), and even writers you used to admire (Mises, Friedman) banished from public life because they’re Jewish??

    • Graeme has always been a Jew hater.

      • No you are lying and you would know the truth better then anyone.

        You know full well that I’ve only been a Jew Hater for the last two months or so.

      • Mr B

        Understood. Coming out as a Jew Hater is a big step and I applaud you for joining us as a Loud and Proud Anti-Semite.

        But I know there was always a bit of latent Jew Hate in you. Like the Athenian youth who discovers the Pleasures of the Phallus. But was in reality always gagging for it.

    • Now come off it. Firstly I’m not a Jew “hater”. I oppose Judaism. This is not the same thing. Secondly I’ve only been an anti-semite a couple of months. Not only is it wrong to call me a Jew Hater. Its an inversion of the reality. Judaism hates gentiles to the nth degree. Judaism is a religion of hate. Satan’s own synagogue. The star of David symbolically represents the number 666.

  8. Well the way to make this fair of course is to have very few government jobs in the first place. So if there isn’t many public servants its not much of a penalty to miss out on a public service job. I am not eligible for a public service job, so I don’t see why other people have that automatic privilege.

    In the case of Judaism it must be stamped out. Not the people but the religion. Its not a valid religion its a hate-crime. You don’t want to turn this hate-crime around and put it on my head. I’m not a practitioner of a hate-cult like Judaism.

  9. Have you backed away from your support of operation keelhaul yet? I don’t think you are in any position to be characterising me in the above terms.

    • The Rothschilds loaned Churchill 100 million pounds to finance Operation Keelhaul.

      • Well I doubt that you have full verification. But one has to say that this is in not way a ridiculous claim. Even if you meant it that way.

  10. Judaism contends that Jesus is boiling in hot excrement as we speak. Coming up in just a few days is the holiday of Purim where Jews will eat pastries and sweets designed to be in the image of the body organs of Haman. Another of their victims. The passover is a time when they celebrate the murder of all the eldest-born kids in Egypt as a sign that there God was stronger and as a trumping up of mindless malicious damage after their god continued to ‘harden Pharaoh’s heart.”

    There have been small murderous cults at one time or another. Like the Thugee cult in India. But Judaism is a cult of this sort in an whole new weight division. It has a plan for mass-murder known as “The Sampson Option.”


    Looks like conclusive proof of Alien Tech to me.

  12. We can never know what these dummies at NASA are up to. It wouldn’t surprise me if the rover never got further then Arizona, and the project money is being split up 50 50 between the enrichment of Jews and the baby sacrificing account.

  13. If the moon landings, Mars Rover etc are fake, does that mean NASA photos of the face on Mars are also? The ultimate Red Herring to divert all searchers of truth.

    This type of false flag operation seems right out of NASA’s book of tricks.

    • No these guys have got no problem sending something out to orbit somewhere and take pictures. But yes they do DEFINITELY fake a lot of pictures. Because you get the first pictures from the first satellite to photograph gear on Mars. You get the pictures back in black and white. Then when they photograph the same area again the features that were interesting aren’t there anymore. Sometimes they forget to wipe out their shadows. They are complete criminals on a far deeper level then merely stealing.

      The probes where they actually land a rover. There is nothing to say that they don’t make a local fake and pocket the difference. They are proven criminals and psychopathic liars and the US is the ultimate banana republic.

    • Think of what liars they are … in terms of you yourself can prove 100% that they’ve always put a red filter in front of the camera when laying out the photos of Mars. What a fucking disgrace!!!! And we don’t know the motive except as a way of hiding anything.

    • They could never look at that face honestly. It doesn’t matter whether its a slightly altered hill or a freaky-looking shield volcano. NASA lied about it and manipulated photos right from the start. This is something I had a really hard time talking to Jews about at Catallaxy, and others. They just could not accept the idea that you go about things in an honest way. You don’t rig the photos. If at first it looks like a face YOU FUCKING SAY SO.

      This is Jew analysis, and Jew-influenced analysis for you. Take fucking Andrew. I could never get him to admit that the initial photos of the so-called D&M pyramid looked like a pyramid? Later photos don’t but the lying cunt wouldn’t admit that the first photos did.

      Later photos still look like two sides have artificial contours to them. Very clear. Like a diagonal launching pad or something.

      Its just so terrible what the Jews have done to analysis everywhere. Imagine coming up with shiite like a wormhole but never being able to say that this or that initial photos looks like a pyramid when its a fact that it did.

      • Yes it certainly did look like a pyramid and a face. I’m just not sure now whether the whole thing has just been NASA screwing with my mind. Do you think that NASA was once a true organization when they had Wernher von Braun and good germans working for them?

  14. Since when was Stalin Jewish? I thought he went to an Orthodox seminary?

  15. Stalin was a Jew. That’s why he liked White Women.

    NASA is a pack of Jews.

    You sound like a Jew too.

    Dirty Jew Bastard.

  16. They bullshit about everything including their history. Like Hitler and Obama, Stalin did a great deal to destroy his own family history. But in Georgian a direct translation of his birth name would be Joseph Jews-Son. There is no possibility of him being anything else. All his wives were Jewish, everyone surrounding him was Jewish, they all lived in what amounted to a Jewish ghetto in the early 30’s, and Stalin got rid of his family records and changed his name a couple of times. So there is just no possibility he is anything else. The non-Jews only made headway AFTER Stalin because Stalin started killing off anyone who could possibly threaten him in show-trials. And Jews are always a threat, even to other Jews.

    In the end it seems it was the Jew-Dwarf Beria who got to Stalin with rat poison. But its pretty clear that his show-trial murders were necessary supposing he wanted to have himself a fair chance of survival.

    • This Georgian translation story turns out to be wrong. He still looks to be of Jewish background, but Stalin has so successfully buried his family history that this cannot be determined. He will have to be considered to be a demi-Jew until proven otherwise.

  17. Just as Orwell said history is constantly altered by such regimes. Sad that we have come to this in the west also.

    Do you think Bush planned 911, or just had them plant the thermite to make sure of the demolition?

  18. I think that generation of the Bush family are pretty brain damaged and not really up to public office. He did have two management degrees. But being part of a crime family (his Dad was an international hitman) he could be trusted not to spill the beans. I found him down to earth and quite likeable. But his down to earth nature was probably a side affect of a lot of mental problems he had. As part of a subservient crime family he had no delusion as to his rank. I hate his family. But in a way I quite like him. In that he seemed to concentrate on his own physical, mental and family health while he went through with strategic plans that would damage entire populations. Like anyone who is not really well, but is motivated to be well, he brought himself to an extremely powerful state of good health. Exercising maybe six times a week.

    Another man who is not part of a crime gang or who breaks free after becoming President can tell himself that he is a big cheese and tell himself that he can do things contrary to what the money power wants. JFK and Reagan come to mind. And of course they were both shot. But the old man lived miraculously and so the powers that be backed off and let him be a real President for awhile. Jimmy Carter was almost a President for awhile. He was chosen for his Psychiatric problems. GWB was never a real President. But I didn’t despise him as an individual.

  19. Mr B

    Please be careful. The Gravity Mafia don’t like people poking holes in their Jew Science.

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