Posted by: graemebird | February 18, 2013

Let Thine Squinty Eyes Not Be Deceived.

Even more my hopes are riding with the Syrian government. They must resist the Jew-Inspired take-down attempt by Israel and the shadow government using their long-term “Al Quaeda” allies. The reality is that Jew-town never stopped terrorism with Begin. They simply outsourced it to Muslims (and pretend Muslims). And since 1993, once the Soviet Union had been taken down, they pinned their ears back in an all-out attempt to radicalise Islam. So it wasn’t Islam that was the problem. It was Judaism outsourcing their penchant for mindless blood sacrifice to these Islamic radicals as well as arabic and Persion crypto-Jews.

You can fool Mao


Anything a Chinese official says to an Iranian will quickly be relayed to Jew central for analysis. Also very many things a Chinese official might say to a Syrian will also find its way back to Jewtown. Such idle statements will be gathered together and poured over and lists will be drawn up of Chinese people, who will suddenly find that their luck has changed for the worse.

Knock yourself out


The Russians have grown used to recognizing the works of this den of vipers. That is why its critical that all the Russian expertise and every last dollar of Chinese funds must go to beating back the Jew-town inspired Nato attempted take-down of the Syrians. But the important point is this:

China must work THROUGH the Russians. Never or at least seldom work directly with the Iranians or Syrians or these Jews will start targeting individual Chinese families and then they’ll take China as an whole to the cleaners.

You can jump and jive


Right now Israel is cuddling up to China and pretending to be their friends. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jewtown murdered at least 60 million Chinese last century. You see Mao was Stalin’s protege, Stalin was a Jew who a decade earlier had been surrounded by Jews, but mercifully he had murdered most of his inner circle, such that after he was gone the sort of industrial scale murders that Jews go in for were not attempted again within the Soviet Union itself.

But still Stalin was a Jew. And yes he had killed off so many of his own that the Jewish grip on the Soviet Union was now overstretched. But he brought up Mao from obscurity, with the help of Jew-Banker-Central, and this peasant-boy was surrounded by Jews from the start. So quite naturally enough Mao and his Jew entourage started planning the mass human blood sacrifice that Jews go in for.

Have a good time


Now the Jews are cuddling up to China a second time and for the same reasons. The elite banker Jews want to ruin China. The Chinese are now the only population in the world left that can lay claim to being more talented and prone to success then the Jews. This is because the Jews have decimated the Armenians, destroyed the Germans, and made ridiculous the idea that anyone can go from rags to riches in the US. Now only the hyper-achieving Chinese are left to bring the lie to the idea that the ugly Jew is Gods chosen creature. So as I say the Jews are cuddling up to the Chinese now in order to move them into a position to hurt them AS A POPULATION.


The Jews have much leverage. As we speak they are destroying the strategic threat to the Chinese …. ie the USA. They are systematically destroying that society at an incredible rate of knots. And one feature of this has given the Jews a lot of leverage over China. China can now buy oil paying only $2 per barrels of royalty to the Iraqis. But they have to go through Israel to do it. Is there any greater proof that Jews control the USA? All those American soldiers and Iraqi civilians dying, the smell of rotting bodies fills the air, and depleted uranium is in the very soil …….. and yet a deal is struck that rips off the Iraqi people, the US and its allies, and rewards only China and Israel.

So China pays only two dollars royalties, presumably Israel itself gets to punch a ticket (as if a Jew would miss out?) and these two gain while the people who you think would gain ….. ARE MASSIVELY STIFFED.   We know Jews can arrange such sweetheart deals for themselves? But why give away almost all the loot to the Chinese? Well we know why if we study the Christopher Bjerknes version of history.

China gets the El Dorado oil deal of the century, BUT ONLY IF IT CONTINUES TO PLEASE ISRAEL. China gets most of the economic value. Israel gets almost all of the political capital. Just amazing. Let not thy squinty eyes be deceived. I warn you that “hell aint half full” and that these Jews are lusting to send your people the way of the Armenians and the Germans. You CANNOT you MUST NOT fall for the cuddling Jews for two reasons:

1. We need you Chinese people to carry on and expand upon the great achievements of your forbears, and also those achievements that the West picked up when you Chinese dropped the ball. We need you Chinese to be our over-achievers, because we dropped the ball, once we emancipated the Jews, and from the day that the Jews established the American Federal Reserve. We need you to dig deep into your domestic philosophers …… Confucious and others … and spread their teaching, and help us to pick up the pieces of Athenian and Christian thought, so we can move forward together.

It was the Chinese that really carried the hopes of the species up to around 1400.  But from about 1400 the West were the great achievers,  until that horrible day when the Federal Reserve was started up, and all the power went to Jew-town. A group that are neither Western nor Eastern but rather are a philosophy for below the soil.

So we need you Chinese now. We need you to re-adopt many things from your past. Like Confusionism. Even more a philosophy of peace and forbearance then Christianity. We need you to look at some of your other domestic philosophers in your pre-Buddhist past.

And  the second reason is ……..

2. All of us need to clan together as one to beat the Jews and their banking trillionaire leadership. It will take an alliance between all non-Jews to do this.  We need to band together also with our Muslim brothers.

So let thy SQUINTY eyes not be deceived. For whilst thine own cities be crowded  …………… yet “HELL AINT HALF FULL”

There be plenty room yonder for a billion more Chinamen in hell.  Or in some such facsimile of hell right here on earth.  A billion more Chinese men, women, boys and girls,  who trusted the Jew and let the Jew deceive them.  To trust one Jew is acceptable. To trust an elite Jew, or the Jews as a group, is to be deceived.  There are many faithful Jews, none of them mainstream elite.

Put your faith in anglo-saxon and celtic non-politicians over 40. And in Muslims.  Such people you can afford to trust. Where you can start hiring , start hiring Armenians first and Germans second. Then the rest of us victimised Westerners and Muslims thereafter.  Make real the prophecy of the saviour-of-Christianity, “that the first will be last and the last will be first ”

and lay the Jew and the family Saud low ……. IE IN THE SHORT PANTS JOBS ……

so that you may make THE GENTILE the overseer of such villains.


In conclusion its up to the Chinese government to bankroll the MOST RIGHTEOUS  Putin ….. for the purpose of giving the Syrian government every last bit of technical expertise and every last dollar that can be given, to draw a line in the sand at the outskirts of Damascus. But don’t even fool yourselves that you ought work with the Syrians and Iranians direct. Have your observers and translaters with their recording machines in every relevant meeting. But speak little. Your people should only be there to check things. To take in information. Your people are good at doing everything  important in the world today. You are good at project management, small business, building a family, science, technology, classical music and the higher arts.

In this case become good checkers.


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  2. An even better version. I’m hoping the Jews will not fool the children of the revolution in China. These Chinese are smart guys. It would be very sad to see them being taken in by Jew-Town-Banker-Central.

  3. Good people everywhere are pinning our hopes on rising stars in Beijing and in the Chinese provinces. It would be a shame if the Jews took us all down. Your country still isn’t free enough. But despite this, free men everywhere are relying on you whether they know it or not.

  4. A third version.
    Lest the message be lost:

  5. How can small, emaciated English-Men develop such MUSICAL-POWER??????

    Well there is talent and freedom. But some of them may have had the Tavistock Institute secretly backing their case.

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