Posted by: graemebird | February 18, 2013

Why Kevin Rudd MUST!!!!! Challenge!

From the comments section on this region of the internet super-highway:


Hey Graeme

We were all wondering what you thought of the leadership challenge that Kevin Rudd might make to Julia Gillard? What’s your view of the ruddmentum?

Kevin Rudd Denies Imminent Challenge But ……….

rudd.jpg 1133×1301 pixels

The Denial Itself Is PART OF The Challenge.


Well they are both useless right? But the woman is entrenched useless, so we ought to all hope for a challenge. With the additional benefit that it will be one in the eye for anti-democratic back-room bastards and globalists more generally.

I always hated Rudd. But the woman is a more malign figure still because she had communists spruiking for her years in advance. Like for example she had Mark Bahnisch using every bit of multi-layered bullshitartistry that he’d picked up in all those years on the way to having nearly completed a phD in sociology …..

…….. Mark would take every utterance of Mszzzzzzz Duck-ass, and try and enrich it with his education.  As if there was so much to read between the lines of the saintly mistresses pronouncements.  Like he wanted to write everything she said down, and produce the equivalent of a Darby or Schofield reader to the New and Old  Testament with it. When the sober fact is that she is a know-nothing, who doesn’t even read books,  and never had a sensible idea of her own in her life.

She has to be part of someone’s network or you wouldn’t have these tip-offs running years in advance. Does anyone know if she is some sort of member of some Masonic communist cult or something? Some sort of mistress-of-the-toilet cult or something?

I say this because hard core commies from Louisianna State University tipped me off to Obama years in advance by their inexplicable spruiking of this “man.” Whereas in the case of Rudd, he did it all off his own back. Getting on the morning show. Running about speaking mandarin. Jacking off in the mirror each morning as he re-read his medium-term goals. So Rudd is actually less malign then Mszzzzzz Duck-ass, since he doesn’t appear to have the same sort of networks pushing him.

Rudd should challenge.

My prayers,

My hopes,

And all my best wishes ………..

Are with Kevin Rudd.


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