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Beware Rabbis With Lists/ The Line Must Stop With Syria And Not Iran

The 1500’s brought Europeans in a trickle, but enough for the diseases to wreak genocidal horror on the North American populations. So that when the English side of colonisation began with any strength much of what had been grasslands and even somewhat sophisticated agriculture (in parts) was covered with forests. The English colonists and those who came to the English and Dutch dominated territories had the experience of streams and coast-lines filled with fish, and endless bushland to be cleared so as to allow one to buy cheaply farmland of ones own.  There were few artificial persons in those days, seemingly endless land, and so always a shortage of labour, and soon these were amongst the wealthiest people in the world.  The wealthiest people in the world who had left from the poor end of their domestic populations. Something else the colonies had was debt-free money.

How did Washington come to lead the armies in the war of secession? Partly it was gravitas. Whereas Jackson later on was outrageously brave, and willing to execute shirkers and deserters to maintain discipline and morale, the things you hear about Washington was that his persona gave him the sort of authority which meant that though he could (and probably may have) done this sort of thing once in awhile,  it may not have been all that necessary.  Some people just can command authority it seems.  But another reason he may have risen to the top was that he was one of the richest people in the colonies. Having married into wealth.

When the revolution rolled around and the revolutionaries signed their declaration of independence we had this combination of soldiers, farmers and dreamers used to great practical and personal liberty. Not just liberty in principle.  But in practice as well. Many of them were young men and ready to fight.  They had French assistance and one can sort of understand their readiness to take personal risks. They perhaps had the capacity in the end to flee and take their chances on the land that was not yet part of the Europeans safe territory.  Most of all the English bankers had tried to take away their debt-free money.  The small amount of extra taxes the British parliament was asking for was a sideshow.  The colonists knew the crown was in debt. Britain had just been through a world war. The colonists knew all about it. After all it was a younger Washington that had accidentally sparked that World War off. England had come through as the victor.  But in grave debt. She ought have just have reneged on these debts. The money creators had extorted the value off the public.  But few individuals were in the position to initiate such a move.

Any reasonable colonist would have understood that being a British subject they needed to stump up a few extra taxes to pay off these debts. But what they couldn’t stomach was the loss of their continental script. That is to say their debt-free money. They had the memories of the legends of the English civil war. And they had all this age of enlightenment philosophy.  They got to it with thinking about the best way a society ought to run. There were many sources and reasons for their willingness to fight.

Now think about the alleged movers and shakers of the Iranian revolution. Old men.  OLD MEN. Now come on.  Old men?  In a population wherein there is no frontier to run too? Nowhere to “live off the land” if things went wrong?  Old men who had spent a life-time in the clerisy?  The right profile for risk-takers? The right profile for willing executioners? Is this all credible?


The day the Reign of terror broke out in France,  Maximillion De Robespierre was only 35 years old.  It is young men who are ready to take risks and kill others. But even in the French revolution,  outside funding is what revolutions are all about.  Outside planning and funding. When a situation of fear breaks out and disruption to commerce is all about, law and order has broken down, starvation is just around the corner…….  when these conditions are in play,  those of us who lack outside funding cannot plan anything political. We need to spend every waking moment thinking about the safety of our girls and about food security. So whereas we can devote almost no moment in any day thinking about the future shape of the nation, those with the outside funding and planning can work, manipulate, and organize around the clock. Further to that the funds go very far in this situation of emergency. People are totally dependent on the scarce dollars coming in from the outside. And they will do what they are told, when asked to by people with a pipeline to this ready loot.

This is how just a handful of people can take over many millions. Since the many millions are thinking nothing further then maybe two weeks ahead securing food and looking after the girls whereas the well-paid revolutionaries are young men drunk on power and having a ball, inventing the future, and killing people,  24 hours a day.

I want to lay out a couple of quotes from around the internet. I’m not implying here that these are matters of massively historical importance though I surmise that they are. The point I will be making will come later.  Keep an open mind.

1776:  Adam Weishaupt officially completes his organisation of the Illuminati on May 1 of this year.  The purpose of the Illuminati is to divide the goyim (all non-Jews) through political, economic, social, and religious means.  The opposing sides were to be armed and incidents were to be provided in order for them to:  fight amongst themselves; destroy national governments; destroy religious institutions; and eventually destroy each other.”

“1784:  Adam Weishaupt issues his order for the French Revolution to be started by by Maximilien Robespierre in book form.  This book was written by one of Weishaupt’s associates, Xavier Zwack, and sent by courier from Frankfurt to Paris.  However en route there, the courier is struck by lightning, the book detailing this plan discovered by the police, and handed over to the Bavarian authorities.”

I believe these two quotes to be historically accurate. But how important are they with regards to specifically the French Revolution? Certainly many third parties were involved.  English, Venetian, Jewish and Masonic intriguers all played a part. Or at least that is what one reads and the people making these claims are able to be very specific with their facts. But to what extent did these parties overlap?  Am I going to blame “the Jews” for the French Revolution when the British secret service may have been more important?   How important were the Venetians or even the Dutch?  My point is that I cannot rightly put forward a valid estimate for readers of this blog at this time.  Perhaps some people more studied in the topic can do a good job of explaining the importance of the overlapping parties. I cannot do this for the moment. My point is something a little bit different:

My point is that mainstream historians writing in the post-1913 world have massively played down the importance of third-party conspirators when it comes to civil war, war,  and revolution.  Also if Jews didn’t dominate the fomenting of war and revolution in the age of the French Revolution (I’m not saying they DIDN’T dominate, I’m saying that I don’t know. I cannot estimate their relative importance at that time and it would take me months and months full time to put together an informed position)….. if Jews didn’t dominate during the 1790’s its reasonable to assume that their relative importance in the fomenting of these blood-stained events grew with their emancipation, and also from the time that Napoleon double-crossed some of his sponsors, and turned his cannons on the Venetian Empire. Napoleon mercifully ended this particular den of fractional reserve thieves and intriguers once and for all.

This was 1797 that Napoleon brought down the Venetian Republic.  Over the next 20 years the five Rothschild boys became ensconced in five different European financial centres and its reasonable to assume that the Jewish influence in war and revolution grew steadily more important from then on, and probably has never stopped growing.  The real balance of power tipped massively further in the Jewish banking networks direction, with the founding of  the Federal Reserve, hence the tens of millions slaughtered at a great rate of knots from that year onward.

So how important were Jews to the American revolution? I don’t know ask someone else. To the French revolution?  They were clearly a big part of it but were they dominant? I’m not sure.  What I do know is that taken together with the American wing of oligarchical families, from 1913 the Jew dominated shadow government has been so powerful that wars and revolutions have really been all about show-time.  Everything planned in advance.  A set of poses to fool the public. Frontmen and actors pretending to be politicians and statesmen.  Genocide and stage-acting pretending to be war ……..and in addition still more mass-slaughter,  smuggled in under the cover of carefully planned revolution.

Now its time to start talking about a Rabbi with lists? Lists of what? What was on these lists?  Mossad asked a Rabbi to smuggle lists into Iran during the revolution.  Lists of odd colours? Could have been lists of colours ……. right? Maybe these clerics were sitting around with colours to design new uniforms and new regalia for the Islamic republic? Could be? Could be that these guys are colour-blind, and they had to order the material from suppliers in English,  and they needed the help of this Rabbi.

Aero Blue, Alabama Crimson,  Alloy Orange, Amber, Amethyst … and on and on.

The Rabbi smuggled in under top secrecy,  lists of colours for the Mullahs.

Or did he……….?

“Rumors surrounding Rabbi Shlomo Aviner‘s ties to Mossad have been circulating for years, and on Thursday he admitted for the first time that he was sent by the Israeli intelligence agency to Iran, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

In an interview with religious website “Kippah,” the rabbi from Beit-El recounted the recruitment process: “Following the (Islamic) revolution of 1979, I received a phone call. ‘Shlomo, we need you.'”   The following day Aviner was sent to Iran with a French passport.

“I was terrified and prayed that I wouldn’t be checked too much at the passport desk, but they let me pass without asking too many questions,”      Aviner told the website.”

This was only last Thursday …. Six or so days ago, that the old man opened his mouth and spoke too much.    Because WE KNOW what was on those lists.

They were lists of obscure herbs for the revolutionary celebrations. A special request was put in by the Ayatollah for Herbs that were used in Paul Simon songs; Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme spring to mind but the Rabbi was tasked under fearful above top secret conditions, and with a French passport,  to smuggle through these lists.  Hundreds and hundred of herbs and spices.  They had to be lists in English and European languages since they needed to source most of the hard to get herbs from Europe.

It is a feature of Israel and the Jews that they pass their overt crimes onto others and render themselves with an Alibi. The Crypto-Jews from Salonica were having a hard time getting Turkish Muslims to murder Armenians according to Christopher Bjerknes, so they got the poorer Kurds to help out. Today Mossad is training Kurds to carry out terrorist attacks. And when Menachem Begin no longer wanted to be blamed for terrorism they started all these Arabs groups up with it. It is a feature of the Jew dominated shadow government that it likes to have a controlled opposition.

Now lets be honest here. No need to mince words. The elite Jews are millenarian filth.  Through communism they have spread their hateful millenarian eschatology into non-Jew atheists. Through tele-evangelism and the sponsoring of the Judaizing of Christianity,  they have spread this disease to American Christians.

But what we are concerned with here is the Israelis trying to shift their own millenarian nastiness onto Persions.  So now they can say ….. “Nay it is not us ( “psssst …. the Sampson Option is right here buddy… right here…”) look yonder it be the revolutionary Shi-ite. See their crazy yeller eyes.  Watch them Jabber on about the 12th Iman… Those old men run everything and they are as mad as cut snakes”

It was one thing to get rid of the Shah. But for the shadow government to replace him with crypto-Jews and known millenarians is quite another matter. And for Mossad to shape the course of the future nation with lists and lists and endless lists of Iranians to be executed by the cash-flushed hand-picked clergy is quite another level of hatefulness. THIS is what the stupid old man who talks too much was smuggling through. And its not up to me to back this supposition up.  This must be the object of study by secret service historians in Moscow and Beijing.

No-one can afford to let a tip-off like this go to waste. We can thank the real universal god, if he does exist, and not this horrible Hebrew tribal God … We can thank the real God for loosening the old man’s tongue while we still have time (if only weeks or months) left.


So what is the point of all this? Why am I typing when I ought to be doing almost anything else? The point of this story is we have no idea of how strong Israels hooks are still into Iran.  So if the Chinese and Russians are sitting back confident thinking that they can afford to lose Syria, because we still have Iran THEY ARE WRONG. You’ve got to knuckle down RIGHT NOW. You cannot possibly know the capacity for Israeli-Iranian collusion. You must expect it to be strong.  So the Iranians have all these ultra-fast Sunburn missiles.  Well thats fine. Thats encouraging.  But someone controls those missiles.  And those people who control them may well be influenced to a grave degree by THE REAL MILLENARIAN nation. Not this dog and pony show coming out of Iran but the REAL DEAL in Jew-town central.  Its the top Israelites and their trillionaire bankers who are the real millenarians.  Its the Jews not the Persians. We are talking about Satan’s chosen people.

These Nato fascists running amok all over the Middle East must be stopped at Damascus.  We cannot fully rely on Iran. The Nato Fascists must be stopped and turned back at Syria.  This is no time to spare any expense.




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  2. Hey Graeme, looks like you were right about Phobos mate!

  3. Yes. Interesting. These guys are jumping the gun a bit. You need to start by paying off the capital costs of a massive buildup in near earth orbit. Which can be done but it will take time. The problem is that NASA has lied to everyone, so they now think space radiation is no biggie.

  4. I know I’m right about Phobos since there is no geological or natural process for a rock to form in space or to be blasted into space, that could make that rock either hollow or porous. So I just imagine this means we had a space program prior to the Quarternary extinction event. But of course there are several other possibilities. Just no possibilities for a hollow or porous rock to get into space naturally.

  5. Jews do secrecy really well. So I have to guess that Rabz is a recent convert. Because he’s really let the cat out of the bag:

    “Jews are the scum of the human race, the rats of the world, the violators of pacts and agreements, the murderers of the prophets, and the offspring of apes and pigs…

    Read history and you will understand that the Jews of yesterday are the evil fathers of the Jews of today, who are evil offspring, infidels, distorters of [others’] words, calf-worshippers, prophet-murderers, prophecy-deniers… the scum of the human race ‘whom Allah cursed and turned into apes and pigs…’ These are the Jews, an ongoing continuum of deceit, obstinacy, licentiousness, evil, and corruption…”

    Mossad will not be happy and Rabz should take care. We all know what happened to the last Australian Jew to let fly with Israeli state secrets.

    What is done is done. No use crying over spilt milk. So we move forward and look on the bright side;

    If this business about pig-fucking apes cannot be verified, then Rabz will be able to make the case that not everything the anti-semites say is true.

  6. Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA. Feminism was largely a Jewish/Rockefeller operation. The move to promote abortion was an almost totally Jewish operation. Abortion is an holy ritual for the Jews. Its a transmuted form of the blood sacrifice of infants.

    Now just as the 2nd Gulf War, on the surface of things, had an excellent Casus Belli, so too all these subversive movements (Gay rights, Feminism, free speech with regards to pornography, the sexual revolution, feminism, abortion, and so forth) have very many points in their favour.

    I hated it that someone so inhuman as Saddam was running a country like Iraq. On a war footing, due to being taken in by the Jews over 9/11, all I wanted was to see Uday and Qusay cold and stiff. Cold and stiff. I had no idea that a seemingly valid case for war would be turned into an excuse for horrendous malicious damage. Malicious damage against the American armed forces. Malicious damage against Australian armed forces (in the Afghanistan wing of the overall operation.) Malicious damage against the Iraqi people (which constitutes a massive war crime.)

    We must oppose all Jewish plots to damage Gentile populations and to get Gentiles fighting against eachother. So when we see a Jew or Shadow government operation to hurt Gentile populations we have to quickly clean our act up on the sly. And sometimes we have to meet the movement 70% of the way. Because they are more powerful then us. But NEVER 100% of the way. These movements are always a bait and switch. A way of us nodding our heads in agreement for one thing, and the Jews hidden plans then run amok in a frenzy of activity that has been planned decades in advance.

    If you are single and my age and you sign up to a dating site you will find yourself with hundreds of women in their 40’s willing to show you in great detail, how they’ve managed to preserve their bodies in such a way as to look (below the neck) like girls half their age. This before you’ve ever heard their voice or met them in person. You would think that this was a very positive development on one level. If sexual exploitation was the most important thing in the world you would think this would be wonderful.

    The reality is that its hard for a male to form a lasting bond with a female, unless he meets her from about the age of 18 to 28 with everyone around him adding a bit of social pressure such that he will try and make the relationship stick. Unless he’s willing to risk dying for her in a fight or carrying her through the desert to an oasis, its not a proper relationship. Also a womens motivations to stay with an hopelessly imperfect male and work hard for his family will be tragically undone if she has been promiscuous.

    The upshot of this war against the gentiles, is that though so many of these feminist arguments were logical and valid, they have left us with a lot of broken hearts and wasted lives and most of them female. In some cases these attempts to maliciously hurt the gentiles may well have lead to soul-searching and positive change. But surely we could have had this positive change without this relentless push to put us all in misery.

    In this country most of us are pretty miserable really. Most of us in the non-parasitical workforce. You may say “speak for yourself” But its pretty hard to make the case that the non-parasites in this country are a happy lot. Qualified tradesmen would form a sizeable exception.

    If Jews set up a scenario where people are hired for top jobs on the basis of perceived (Jewish) tribal advantage, then people of superior capacities will languish in jobs that they cannot be good at because they cannot sustain interest in them. The entire Jewish agenda is to manipulate Gentile society into a state of demoralisation and I’m sure it doesn’t end at psychological harm.

    Something has happened to the Muslim world since 1948 hasn’t it? They were ahead of development of Asia and Africa and now they have been subject to stagnation. Now that we see how Jews act it ought not surprise us, though I don’t presume to be an expert in this area.

    Anyway my new hero is E Michael Jones. People may suspect me to be a closet Christian or Catholic. Actually I’m deeply suspect of people under 40 who have been subject to Catholic childhood education. But there are still some intellectuals in the Catholic orbit that haven’t been corrupted by the menace that the Jews have laid on our culture in the last century. Catholocism of maybe a century ago was the least Judaized of the churches and there are a few intellectuals who still reflect this immensely positive outlook. So to me these guys can seem like a breath of cleansing air.

    Some people like to approach a problem with an iconic figure in mind. The solution. What Would Will Rogers do? How would Jesus react? How would Howard Roark have behaved? But you probably cannot ever do better then “What would Gilbert Keith Chesterton think about this situation?”

  7. From Elsewhere;

    ‘The response to the Ebola epidemic….’ Stop right there. Its not an epidemic. And repeating the world ‘epidemic’ is cover for the eugenicists who will eventually make it an epidemic if they enough access to the African people.

    An epidemic is what happened with North American peoples in response to various European diseases. What happened in this case is that grasslands became covered with trees, and the rivers filled with fish, since the massive North American population had been wiped out, and this is what our oligarchs want with Africa.

    We have seen this goal in action, with the centralisation of malaria control, and we see the underlying motive with the chemical warfare which was part of the HIV hoax. We have seen it with the supply of weapons of wars coming out of the world wildlife territories which have been set aside in borderlands. We’ve seen it with various sterilisation attempts using vaccines and other measures.

    Its got to be emphasised that its not the lack of education in Africa that is the problem here. The Africans know very well to fear the UN types who show up with trickery, poison, bribes and lies. Its the lack of education in the West that is the problem We are not educated in the understanding of the nature of our elites. And specifically its the lack of education on the nature of our medical mafia. Which advocates the use of poisons and drugs which have no capacity to leave human beings healthy. Where is the iodine for these people. Where is the liposomal vitamin C. Where is the Laetrile for cancer. Where is the resonant frequency therapy for the targeted pathogen cell.

    You see our medical mafia heaps abuse on measures that are cheap and actually work. Our bigshots working in Africa labours to CREATE epidemics and not to end them.

  8. There was no AIDS epidemic in Africa. Rather there was a white plague of Western poisoners who showed up to make people as sick as they possibly could with cell-destroying poisons deemed to dangerous even for use in poisoning people with cancer.

    We want to get these little things right for starters. Botulinum toxin is the most powerful toxin known and it takes sophisticated and genetically rich bacteria to make this poison. The making of powerful toxins is a sophisticated operation, and requires some sophisticated genetic make-up. But the HIV retro-virus, which makes no toxin at all, barely has enough genetic material to reproduce. Hence the entire AIDS con has been an exercise by the elite in population control.

    THIS is the people who run the Western societies. THIS is what these vermin are like. THIS is why the Africans fear the white plague. Its because they are intelligent. Not because they are uneducated. Its because they are smart. Not because they are stupid.

  9. Right. Good comment. But we don’t want to put everything down to state-supported usury and economic dysfunction, as deadly as these things are. Because this leads people bent on genocidal murder off the hook. There is real intention here. Its not just stupidity, its not blowback, its not one blunder after another, its a real motivation to thin peoples numbers out.

  10. At least two of the last three of those beheadings were fake-ups. Attempt to be accurate. And Muslim extremists FAKING beheadings, is not evidence of an exogenous extremist Islamic movement. Its evidence against that proposition. Its not Muslims that is your problem here. Any Muslim in this generation who ever had an aggressive impulse on that territory is already dead. This is not a Muslim movement so stop fantasising that it might be.

  11. Has he gone loopy or is this what he was educated for. I never liked the Catholic-baiting or the name-calling. I thought that was all in bad taste and that he was a good person. But now with his foreign policy, its getting a bit spooky that he was a Rhodes Scholar and a wannabe Jesuit. I thought he was more a protege of the wonderful Bob Santamaria. Turns out he may be more of an heir to Cecil Rhodes. I sure hope not. But this crazy and anti-patriotic foreign policy is not a good sign.

  12. Which Arab states are you talking about. The UAE and Qatar are holdovers from the British Empire. Their oligarchs enjoy life and do what MI6 tells them. Iran is subject to continual terrorist attacks by Israeli/US front groups and is the victim of a global propaganda campaign and hourly threats. Saddam is gone, Assad is backed against the wall. The Jordanians are bought off and cowed. The Egyptians are bought off and thrown into chaos. The Sauds do the bidding of the CIA and sometimes make Arab nationalist noises as part of the pantomime …. The Turks are powerful, and everyone in the region fears them. But their government is infiltrated at the top, and so they are part of anti-Muslim alliance. Gadaffi is gone, and Libya has been sent into chaos and bondage. Who can stand up to the Western front group terror machine.

    No-one in the Middle East. Maybe its up to you. I’m out. I’m not going to do much.

  13. 30. Graeme Bird
    Ha ha. The obligatory loony lefty talk of the sort that helps MI6-Hundal and MI6 Monbiot fit in with the Guardian lefty-space. Baiting other people as a racist. Well an MI6 gimp has to work hard to fit in one supposes.

    ‘It seems the death cult in Iraq and Syria are confused about the proper interpretation of the text – a bit like Islam in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and one or two others.’

    Hey dummy. Its a Jew front group slowpoke. Thats why they conduct fake beheadings and they kill only Christians and Muslims. Like all Jew front groups. They talk up a storm but if Jews get killed its only by accident or pure window-dressing.

  14. 3. Graeme Bird
    ‘well, a time machine so a UN/int’l effort to stop Bashar before things spiraled out of control would be nice. ????????’

    Stop Bashar. Stop Bashar doing what. This sounds like one MI6 traitor, in Muslim dress-up, talking to another MI6 traitor in a fake dialogue. Take these two out the back and shoot them for consorting with Jews.

    12:20 am, September 17, 20144. Graeme Bird
    ‘6) If a terrorist attack is committed in the name of ISIS in mainland Europe (most likely France) or the United States, then this will all change.’

    Makes one wonder if MI6-Sunny is foreshadowing another false flag attack on Londoners.

  15. Ahura Mazda these Jews are so evil. I’ve just been watching footage of Jews coming out in their apache helicopters. Its 9.00 pm, just while the kids are settling down to sleep. So out these Jews come with their apache helicopters. And these evil Jews blow up a Baptist church and murder all these people by blowing up all these apartment buildings. They aren’t even responding to missiles shot from these buildings. They aren’t even going with that excuse-making ruse.

  16. We need to keep our Australian soldiers here at home just to make sure that this sort of behaviour isn’t going to go on here. If we want to attack people in the Middle East obviously it ought to be the evil Jews.

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