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Finally The Clouds Part And The “Light” Of Judaism Shines Through.

Any good Muslim, Christian, Chinese Man, African, Or Secular Arab, Secular Persian ….. Anyone older then the age where one is flushed with women as sex objects …. any such person feels a protective urge towards females generally. Perhaps this is not true where the women are both older and very powerful or very rich.  But the general feeling towards females of men (who are beyond trying to sleep with every girl they meet) is protective.  But if this woman is pregnant,  that general feeling is multiplied 100-fold.  We don’t want to spend all our money and time looking after other mens pregnant wives. Yet the protective feeling is strong.

 Consider the Gentile sense of protectiveness to the young pregnant woman OF ANY RACE, and compare and contrast THAT with what we see here:




I shot two kills. Isn’t that a side-splitter? Isn’t that hilarious?  When does the laughing stop?   Even if you don’t believe the killing of women and children in Palestine tends to be blood sacrifice …. Its no laughing matter is it? Even if it was all valid retaliation, and if it was the case that all care was taken, and that this was “collateral damage” surely things have gone so far by now as to be beyond a joke.  For this reason we ought understand that this is not JEWISH HUMOUR. Nay this is JEWISH INTENTION.

You see I used to be confident that Netanyahu was a straight shooter and tried to minimize civilian casualties.  Maybe that was true for a few short years when he was laying down phony Jew rules of engagement after the Jew crime of 9/11. But its all broken down now hasn’t it? The clouds part and the Jewish darkness blazes through like gamma rays from a dark rift.

Jews are the only people who are trained from birth to be genocidalist and to hate with a most powerful loathing:

1. Christian notions of Just war and

2. Islamic notions of keeping civilians out off the kill zone. Of not targeting civilians. Before Jews were emancipated, Islamic teachings to do with not hurting civilians were to the fore and taken seriously.

I’ve contributed to a Jew-dominated site called Catallaxy for years. I could never get these people to renounce the carpet-bombing of civilians in World War II. I tried for years to get them to distance themselves from this hateful war crime. It was a hopeless cause.  I could not understand what I was dealing with.  I still cannot grasp it yet to this day. 

 Jews are the only modern peoples still wedded to primitive blood sacrifice.  They are not always first to fight.  But they are always first to bring harm to civilians.  Some Muslims misunderstand their own main text I think. Its true that Islam was born on a war footing.  The Persian and Roman Empires were in a state of collapse when Islam was born. So what was needed in the era was a coherent war philosophy to bring stability to certain regions. Their warring may have been excessive. Yet there was a need in that chaos, for someone to bring a codification of religion as it had to be on a war footing. 

But that Islam was born on a war footing hasn’t always been a problem for the rest of us.  The Jewish media has gone out of its way to hide for us the reality,  that before Israel was formed there were tens of millions of Christians living in the Middle East. After all that is where Christianity got going. And when the Muslims started to dominate the region, once they had won the territory and without having to keep fighting for it, the Muslims fundamentally treated Christians with care and fairness. Not always with TOTAL equality.  But often with complete fairness, and often with a reliable and small discrimination sometimes, known as Dhimmitude.

Dhimmitude is actually one of the great answers to the problems of this planet.  Because if we here in Australia were able to set up 3-Year-On   3-Year-Off guest worker programs under the principle of Dhimmitude. We could massively relieve the suffering of humanity, enrich Australians, and develop the inland of the continent.  Dhimmitude isn’t that bad.   Under the Ottomons, towards the last days of that Empire, the incredibly clever and industrious Armenians were on average the richest people in the Empire……  And they were Christians.   I rely here on Christopher Bjerknes.  But this is testimony to the relatively benign way non-Muslims get treated on Muslim territory before we were idiotic enough to emancipate the Jews.

After  the Jews were finished with the Armenians, their population was damaged in a way that it took three centuries of over-fishing to damage the Cod population. That ought to have told us that Jewish emancipation was a tragic miscalculation.

Dhimmitude might be annoying. But its got overall practical value, and as an “emergent condition,” its on balance a very good thing.  When I describe this “emergent condition” business, I am saying that though Dhimmitude appears a bit nasty and unfair on the micro level, on the macro level, it emerges as a thing that brings great benefits, unlike slavery which is damaging at every level.

If you are a Dhimmi and you get before a righteous court, not influenced by the cult of Judaism …. you are on the same footing as a rich Islamic man.  Absolutely the same.   You just have one extra little tax to pay and that is it. This is the total extent of the discrimination that you face. Just one extra tax.

So we have a weakness of Islam that the Jews and the Jew-dominated shadow government has exploited ruthlessly.  Its war footing made it easy for the Jews to conjure violence where there had been order and peace.  Christianity and Islam are good religions.  New Testament Christianity ought to be a little bit more Islam-like to be more practical. Islam ought to be a little bit more Christian-like to reflect the fact that we ought not always be on a war-footing.

So the two religions are natural allies, who must band together to wipe out Judaism. Not wipe out JEWS. But wipe out Judaism.

Judaism is an unacceptable hate-cult that gets multiple orgasmic satisfaction from pulling off deceptions.  Its a cult of darkness and not of light. Its a cult of death and not of life.  Its a cult of obscurantism and not of understanding. Its a cult of superstition and not of reason.

Christians and Muslims MUST be friends.  We CANNOT be enemies or even neutral strangers. We have to learn what is good about eachother.  Because our common enemy has become so incredibly powerful, so for our own survival,  we need to be akin to blood brothers.  Jews have injected their own millenarian emphasis into both religions. Having said that consider this:

If a Christian converts to mainstream non-radicalised Islam he doesn’t have to stop loving Jesus Christ.  Not at all.  Jesus is regarded with enormous respect under Islam.  Your average Muslim girl has to be modest before men not part of her family. But she doesn’t have to go the whole Sharia.  Thats a modern radicalisation.  Partly shadow government induced.  And if you want to go to the end of days;  Islam doesn’t say that THE PROPHET is going to return. Quite the contrary,  Islam says that JESUS is going to return.  They don’t see Jesus as the son of God.  But Islam DOES say that its Jesus that will come back, and not the Prophet.

So the modern version of Islam …. at the point where Islamic girls were expected to be modest, but not smothered in clothing, is fully consonant with good dealings with the Christian world.  Whereas the Jews have corrupted Christianity (while they were murdering tens of millions of Christians) and tried to turn all our women into whores and all our television into porn.  So that now it is WE in the Christian, or at least Western world,  who have become something of a MENACE to Muslim populations.  But they might yet forgive us of our incidentally subversive influence,  if it is recognised that this was the result of deliberate planning on the part of Jewish uber-subversives.

We have more then a 1000 years of history telling us that on the sub-political level Christians and Muslims can be friends.  So we MUST  be friends.  In the past it may have been better to be neutral strangers.  But the enemy of humanity has become too strong now.  So we cannot be neutral and respectful strangers any more.   We must be tight like brothers We must be tight like brothers until Judaism (not Jews but JUDAISM) is wiped from the face of this earth.



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