Posted by: graemebird | February 26, 2013

We Must Try And Make Libya The Jew Swan-Song

The takedown of Libya must be the Jew international swan-song. To have disgraced the Anglosphere like that. After we had a deal with that man.  WE HAD A DEAL WITH THAT MAN.  And it was a good deal, and a fair deal, and we ought to have honoured that deal and because we didn’t the Jews have dishonoured us.

On the strength of our prestige Gaddafi handed over his WMD. Do you know what that means? That means THE ENTIRE FUTURE OF THE SPECIES IS UNDER THREAT? If the Anglosphere could have handled themselves with honour, then the threat of everyone pointing nukes at eachother and no-one knowing who set the nuke off …. that problem could have been put off 50 years.  But the Jewish elite does not care about us. They want us damaged as a population and they want a massive gentile body count as part of their religion.  This is why abortion is such a primal matter for Jews.  Abortion is tied into their being and with the young Jewish males its almost a part of their orgasm during masturbation. They just must have gentile girls aborting their babies as a religious sacrement.

Libya was the most successful society in Africa. Gaddafi had reformed (enough for international work) and though he didn’t stop us (ie the Jews) from murdering people in Africa (A lot of the weapons for Jew genocidalism in Africa was going through Libya) did he really have the power to stop us (ie the Jews) from performing all these murders?

But where Gaddafi DID have control of things he was (in the last couple of decades) a marvellous success. Your chances of becoming a small businessman who really was productive,  and who really could have a good life … without being minute in minute out in wrenching debt ……. Your chances of doing this in Libya in 2010 …… was probably nearly as good as it was in New Zealand in the 1950′s. In other words, pretty much better then anywhere, at almost anytime.

There was NO HOMELESSNESS. There was low unemployment. He had a pretty sound and independent financial system. WHICH IS WHY THE JEWS HAD TO MURDER AND SODOMISE HIM ON LIVE TV…. He was the most influential person in Africa.

Yes he was a bad bastard three decades ago. And this is what puts the blood on the Jews. Because the Westerner loves a prodigal son. No matter how evil he was, the fact that he started doing good, and the fact that WE HAD A DEAL with him …. these are things that endear him to the Christian mind. But to Judaism nothing like this matters. That is why the Jew Hillary Clinton SNEERED AFTER HE’D BEEN SODOMISED AND MURDERED LIVE ON CAMERA. The Jew Hillary Clinton sneered. What sort of females does elite Judaism turn out? Only women that are a disgrace to femininity.

Judaism celebrates the murder of all those who oppose them, throwing in massive blood sacrifice of innocents for good measure. Do you DOUBT IT? What is passover all about? What is Purim all about? What is everything that Judaism celebrates all about? The only good Jew is an ex-Jew. Because the religion is an absolute fucking disgrace. A menace.

Anyone who identifies as a Jew is outside of civilised society. This we must lock in as the ruling ethos of any decent society.

But if the Jew, acknowledges and does not try to hide his background, and at the same time he repudiates Judaism, then we ought to welcome him back into civilised society ((((but not back into key positions of societal power. Not for a little while.))))

A Jew has to admit to the fundamental wrongness of the religion of his grandparents. Simple as that.

Now I have somewhat indirectly heard George Reisman imply this. I’ve heard him identify with Athens and not with Jerusalem. And he is our greatest living economist. A sort of UBER-ATHENIAN.  To me George is like an Uber-Anglo-Celt with 50 IQ points added. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he had learnt to box like the Irishmen of his school-hood days (like my grandfathers family of “ulster-Irishmen” who were all skilled boxers.)

I feel no need at all to think poorly of George Reisman,  though right about now he may be wanting to bury me under the floorboards with my heart still beating. Decades later he was still willing to defend the greatest whistleblower of all time. Decades later when he faced yet more rejection at the Mises institute, he dug his heels in and all but took a massive stand in favour of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

George had nothing to gain from that particular presentation,  and everything to lose,  having only just been accepted back into that side of the small-government family,  via his childhood friend and wonderful historian Ralph Raico.

Poor George had some overly fraternal-war statements about Murray Rothbard, in the greatest treatise of economics yet written …… so he’s offended the very people who can appreciate the brilliance of his work. I hope he comes out with a new edition to play the bitter fratricide down, and to be more generous to Rothbard. Its only a change in emphasis that is needed.

George was taken out of commission at the time where he really should have been ruling the roost in economics … and why?:

Loyalty to his wife. She has some sort of extended sickness and he is taking care of her himself PERSONALLY. Or at least that was the case the last time I contacted him.

He’s not shifting her off to a nurse who may not care for her with love. So George is, and will likely always be,  the man I admire most … anytime soon. And yes he is out of a Jewish background.
Reagan really did try to murder Gaddafi in the 80′s, and sadly accidentally murdered a step-daughter of Gaddafi’s. I’m sure Gaddafi was a good father,  and no evidence exists that he acted with evil terrorism against the West since that day. Yes thats right. Nothing connects him with Lockerby; that is all lies.

If a victim of Gaddafi’s former bad days,  had popped a cap in Gaddafi’s ass,  then I would shake that man’s hand. But there is no chance at all that Reagan would have allowed Gaddafi to be murdered for no reason at all in 2012. No chance.

Libya was the best run African country after the turn of the century, since the early years of Botswana. (Another exemplary country and without the police-state or excessive socialist overhang.)

Yes overly socialist.  But reasonable socialism.  Lifting people up to small business. Helping a married couple get a house without overblowing land prices with bullshit cheap ponzi credit.   You know ……. sensible socialism that isn’t as offensive as thousands of bureaucracies and the implied infinite subsidy of bankers jacking up our land prices and screwing our capital markets and price system.

Given that Libya was menaced on all sides, Gaddafi’s effort was a pretty good effort.Its clear that once Gaddafi had been humiliated,  and had his wings clipped,  he attempted to do good within the domain of his country, and as well be a good neighbour.   And it seems he was smart enough to have made a fist of this.

But the Jews murdered him on live camera, raping him with a bottle up his ass, just to remind everyone what will  happen to you,  if you try and run away from the Jew thieving,  that is their control of fractional reserve money creation.

Could this not be their swansong?  Could this not be the swan-song of Jewish total control? This is no prophecy, nor any sort of estimate, but rather its a PLEA. Could the nihilism of this intended public murder by the Jews  ….. This Jewish murder of Gaddafi …… .. Might this not be the last time that the Jews are confident enough to send messages of this sort across the globe?

Get smart people. Zero tolerance for Judaism and for mega-banking.  Zero tolerance for fractional reserve and government debt.  Zero tolerance.

Our planet doesn’t have enough time left to tarry with these evil cunts, or with practices that inspire so much evil.



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