Posted by: graemebird | March 3, 2013

Open Challenge To Sinclair Davidson Or Any Other Jew Economist.

When will these evil Quislings allow open debate to do with our current banking and trade system?  I’ve never managed to get an open debate on these matters.  So I’ve had to come to the conclusion that these people are Quislings.  Why could I never debate this matter openly even when Catallaxy was run under Jason Soon?

These Jews,  and their subordinates in thief-economics,  refuse point blank to answer simple questions about where their treasonous economic settings are taking us.

You bunch of traitors. If you believe what you are saying, then show up and debate it.  If you don’t believe we ought to run (as a country with great debts) peace-time trade surpluses PROVE IT. If you don’t think we ought to be a high-wage manufacturing powerhouse SAY WHY?

That no Jewish economist in Australia has ever been willing to explain or defend his case proves that this is malicious damage to Australians.  This campaign to lose our absolute advantage in manufacturing and to sell off the farm is a campaign of Jewish treason pure and simple. I cannot keep going with the belief that these people are merely stupid and ignorant.  Yes they are stupid.  Yes they are ignorant of economics.  But they cannot be THAT stupid.  They cannot be THAT ignorant.  They are traitors.

And sometime I’ll get around to explaining the team-tag treason of Jewish economists when it came to our resources policy and the super-profits tax on mining. Not one side of this argument went to the favour of the Australian people in this dog and pony show masquerading as a two-sided debate. Not one side of this debate stuck to sound principles of economic science.  Just see this travesty of idiocy from Sinclair Davidson and from the two other economists mentioned in his piece?

Note that there are Jews on all sides of this argument. None of them following sound economic science. None of them following the interests of the Australian people and their posterity.

Now here’s an interesting comment on this thread that I must confess to knowing nothing about:

I go back to the secretive and ideological partisan behaviour of Treasury in this whole exercise.

Without reference to their colleagues in AGSO or industry, they came up with ridiculous assumptions (my favorite was their estimate of coal and iron reserves) that were so detached from the reality of industry practice, and then deliberately tried to find a way of evading the complication of state royalties.

This was not impartial advice. It was a tacitly supported and intellectually compromised position from senior bureaucrats such as Gruen

Shame on them and those of us who spend months in remote isolated environments with bad food and rough accomodation will not forget these traitors. There needs to be blood so people understand the consequences of their actions.

First a Royal Commission into Treasury
Second a Royal Commission into CSIRO”

Gruen’s part in malicious damage to Australians and his refusal to debate issues is proven elsewhere.  But certainly it would be interesting to see what influence he had in the mining super-tax disaster.  A disaster wherein you have a controlled opposition.  Where all sides were deliberately wrong and idiotic.


  1. Bigshot central and multi-millionaire bankers have their rights. They have the right to put their hands in the air, and stand there at gunpoint while local authorities grab all their files and their computers. Bigshot central and multi-millonaire bankers have other rights too. They have the right to remain silent.

    What they don’t have is the right to any ponzi-debts to be paid back. The entire debt, fractional reserve, and usury system must be unwound in a civilised programmatic fashion, and with banker multi-millionaire property confiscated to help pay out normal peoples deposits up to a fair and humane level.

    I’m quite happy for the orderly unwinding to be carried out as fulfilment of the prophecy that the first will be last and the last will be first. The banking clans need to be put in the short pants jobs for the next seven generations.

    • Bird, I’m being semi-serious here. Imagine it’s after the righteous uprising and the Jews have been frogmarched out of the banks and into more humble professions like carpentry and tailoring. So, we take control of the banks and declare universal debt forgiveness like you say. What happens to our deposits now that the asset they were based on has been abolished? You’ll be up for a lot more than all the waterfront properties and kosher butchers could ever cover.

      • Ending fractional reserve would collapse the money supply, were it not for the ability to increase the amount of cash in the system. A lot of the deposits would be replaced with new cash. Here is why the situation must be changed in an orderly and programmatic way.

  2. Before we can solve our problems, or even any serious problem at all, 7 billion of us must say that we refuse to live under a Kosher-Nostra tyranny now and for all time. The 99.8% must be united in order to end the influence of the evil 0.2%

  3. […] uncensored on “Open Challenge To Sinclair Davidson Or Any Other Jew Economist.“ @ A Better World: Graeme Bird For High […]

  4. “Kosher nostra”

    Magic. Mind if I use it?

  5. Its not original to me. Actually the “Cosa Nostra” itself is really a Jew spinoff. Since the original Sicilian Maffia came out of Masonry, and Masonry is like Jew outreach or Judaism for Gentiles. That we heard so much about wops in organized crime is merely cover for the fact that it was Jews running it all along.

  6. Mr B

    What do you think of this

    • What an evil little Jew he is. Good lord he is an abomination. He ought to be sent to Israel and never be let back in our country on character grounds. What could be more evil then this baby-killer wannabe.

    • Sure enough. He cannot help himself and starts promoting a break-out in Doctor murdering. And note his utter incompetence or treason when it comes to scientific matters. What filth he is. I think its time for a late abortion where he is concerned. Next time he is not conscious, haven taken a nap, that will be the time to declare his personhood not to be there.

  7. Or perhaps you’d like some of this

  8. Ron.

    Is Clive Hamilton A Jew?

    • Does the Pope shit in the woods?

      • To resume that practice was the very core of his early retirement. He’s a jew-lover anyway. And therefore an anti-Pope.

        If I had to choose a religion I’d be a schismatic Catholic like Mel Gibson.

  9. I want to know the answer, but if you don’t know it, don’t stress out.

    I’m getting sick of this. And I’m going to go ask him myself.

  10. Fuck these Jews to Nigger-Hell.
    I just asked Clive Hamilton if he were a Jew???????
    And you know what?
    The cunts still have me on moderation to this very minute.


  11. Its time to MAKE ISRAEL pay reparations. The bill is very large. They owe Germany billions for extorting reparations on the basis of lies. They set up the holocaust-hoax, aka the hollow-hoax and extorted money from the country they had so atrociously damaged. Reparations must come from the banking family networks who hired the Nazis as well as from Israel proper.

    The Israelis also owe the United States people billions and billions of dollars. For extorting aid money on the basis of a lie. The lie is that Israel is an ally of the US. Israel has never been a friend or ally of the US. Israel has always been in the top two of the most virulent US enemies. Certainly Israel has always been the most despicable and slimy of US enemies.

    Some of us haven’t forgotten about 9/11. We have not forgotten and we have not forgiven.

    • I’d like to see the Jews cut a check to the Cossacks for Operation Keelhaul.

      We should charge them $100 for every Hebrew Bris as a reminder of the Debt Owed. I’m sure we could find some old Cossacks, or maybe some Cossack Girls now superannuated, still kicking around. Wouldn’t it be nice to let them know that we remember Keelhaul.

    • Here here. More like 10,000 dollars. Disgusting child abuse that this practice represents.

  12. Suppose you had an hypothesis that Judaism was NOT a despicable and evil religion. Suppose you thought at the leadership level of Judaism, that its practices DIDN’T amount to a satanic cult obsessed with the ritual murder of innocents?

    How do you explain the holocaust lie then? How can you explain how this slimy infestation on the face of humanity could have pulled off such a massive and hateful hoax …. were this a normal religion emphasising human virtues of honesty and decency?

  13. Well said, Mr Ron Hanson! Either a bris tax or a circumcisions trading scheme with a floating price, whichever is the more efficient. I conservatively estimate that the fund will raise enough money in two years not only to pay back the Germans and Kossacks for everything the Jews did to them over the last century, but also to compensate all living descendants of the Midianites!

    But even my flawless scheme will never be enough to repair the devastation brought on by fractional reserve, I’m sorry to say.

  14. Check out how these Jews always want to make a derivative market out of every damn thing. Its like an honest price system never occurs to them.

  15. See you cannot reason with someone like Singer. Singer is a Jew. He simply cannot be reasoned with. Being a Jew he is evil and human reason is not what he’s about.

    These Jews just sit around thinking of how to lie to people about global warming, how to get more babies killed, and how to get doctors to become homicidal.

  16. How is this. We have a talk on global warming, and its introduced by an incompetent Jew. Then we get Clive Hamilton and Andrew Glikson. Is Glikson a Jew? How much is this just synagogue buddies lying to the Gentiles? I think its pretty total. Plus he brings up the holocaust. Another Jew fairy tail.

    You cannot ignore the Jewish question and deal with these lies one at a time. Because we have the lying Jew Robert Manne, telling the lie about the holocaust, as baseball bat to lie about the climate.

  17. Is global warming a Jewish thing too, Birdy?

  18. Yes I would think so. Since Jews are the most coherent group within the central banking rackets if the Jews didn’t want the global warming fraud to continue then that would be the end of it. Plus Jews seem to have a unique hatred for science and knowledge.

  19. Seriously this time, Birdy, that David de Rothschild is the dumbest moron I’ve seen on Youtube. A complete zero, he is.

  20. It took me all of 0.36 seconds to take a disliking to that man. His presentation was a remorseless assault on reason.

  21. Right. But he may be as powerful as the Pharaohs. Now for some good news. Arlen Specter is dead. I did not know that. The bad news is he wasn’t tortured to death.

    “Arlen J. Specter (February 12, 1930 – October 14, 2012) was a United States Senator from Pennsylvania. Specter was a Democrat from 1951 to 1965, then a Republican from 1965 until 2009, when he switched back to the Democratic Party. First elected in 1980, he represented his state for 30 years in the Senate. Specter was a moderate who usually stayed in the political center.[4]

    Specter was born in Wichita, Kansas, to emigrant Russian Jewish parents.”

  22. We have to find a way to remove these people from our country. Look at the menace they have been in the US? Can we not learn our lesson from this? Or from the 2000 years of prior experience?

  23. People talk about the ending of the Israeli zionist entity. I’ve been sympathetic to the idea for two months or so. But there is a downside to this. Imagine having to take them in as refugees? Knowing for sure that sooner or later the offspring of these refugees would participate in the destruction of their benefactors.

    I don’t really know why I am talking future tense, but you get my meaning.

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