Posted by: graemebird | March 5, 2013

Arresting Jewish Liars

If a Jewish lecturer starts lying to his students and implying that there is something called “space-time” ought we not arrest them?

“Space-time” is a Jewish lie. There is no such thing.  Not only is there no evidence that space (a thing without shape) can be stretched, compressed, bent, curved, or warped ….. the very idea is ridiculous.  So when a Jewish Professor lies to his student and makes these claims, ought he not be arrested?

If these lies are responded to by the law,  then it will be a signal to say that lying is not okay in science.  At the moment lying is a sacred sacrement of this make-believe that we call “science.”  Lying about science is as sacred to the Jew as is the abortion of Gentile babies.

Should we suffer these liars when it comes to the global warming scam? I don’t think so.


  1. […] uncensored on “Arresting Jewish Liars.“ @ A Better World: Graeme Bird For High […]

  2. Gravity also.

    Any Professor of Hebrew Science who starts bleating about Gravity should be taken to the top of a very high building and dropped off. Let’s see what they say about Gravity after that.

    Mr B, I am so proud you have come out as a fully rational Jew Hater. A few months ago i would not have dared speak the truth about the Hebrew Science Mafia, the NASA-Hebes, those other Jew Bastards, and all their immoral lies about Gravity.

    But you have given me courage.

    • Right. I like your example. Should we scrape the Jew off the pavement would he STILL deny that gravity is a force? Rather then a warping of space-time?

      If the force is against his slimy ass when he is propagating his lies over the computer, well there is nothing for the Jew to answer to. There is no space to warp but he’s a liar so it does not matter.

      But once the force has been made manifest to him, as we scrape his lying ass off the footpath? …….. is the Jew really going to claim that the gravity was a stretching of space?

  3. That there is the lie of “space-time” in science, and that this lie is accepted refutes your anti-scientific claim that science is a popularity contest based on taking polls of people on the public tit who claim to be scientists.
    Your notion is wrong. And you should admit it openly.

    Science is a practice involving reason and evidence. You claim to be a retired scientist. But if you don’t agree with me you were not a scientist at any time in your live.

  4. But Mr B

    Couldn’t your post be read as implying that we will cut a break to Richard Dawkins when he starts talking about Space-Time. Because he isn’t Jewish. Or maybe he is Jewish. Yes he must be now that I think about it.

    Actually talking about Space Time is probably prima facie proof that someone is Jewish. Or has dangerous inclinations.

  5. Right. This was a big sticking point between me and Jason Soon. I could not reason with him on the lie of warped space. If you cannot reason with people on the simple stuff then a beast is loose on the continent that you cannot stop.

  6. Richard Dawkins is a clever fellow. But that he buys into the big bang really shows him up to be mediocre in the end.

  7. Mr Bird
    Would you care to confirm or deny the rumours online that your great-great-great grandfather Moshe Birdstein came from Vienna?

  8. Bird, all righteous gentiles agree that we need to keep an eye on these desert dwellers, but this is going way overboard. Who freaking cares if the Hebrews have invented ‘space time’??? Does that add another 2% monthly compound to your mortgage? No. Does it help spread communist revolution? No. Is it the driving force behind fractional reserve? Obviously no.

    Stay focused on the main game Birdie. And only drink bottled water.

    • I think its pretty important to turn the page on science fraud. We have to send a message that substituting science for synagogue-buddy dogma or outright Jewish fairy tales is not okay. I don’t know anyone who the herding of scientists has not affected. Just for one example, everyone who knows someone who has died of cancer, has been a victim of these attempts to dominate and distort science.

  9. I nearly forgot, Mr Bird. Why aren’t you calling for the arrest of Jewish Keynesian economists? Surely anyone who espouses this obvious Jew ponzi scam should be brought to justice, yes?

    • They’d all be sacked when the money was withdrawn. Every loanable dollar would be going to wealth creation and what was used for government spending would be going into lifting the tax free threshold. No room for the employment of Jewish Keynesian economists in that scenario. But early on you could have a lot of show-trial sackings. That would send a message. Suppose you got Nick Gruen to answer for his betrayal of the nation and the damaging of our fiscal position. He couldn’t run away from questioning like he does at Club sissy. He’d need to justify his behaviour. He’d need to prove the existence of the Keynesian multiplier and why, if it exists, is it any use to policy. As soon as he tried to bullshit his way out of it, well you could order some of his salary be refunded and make him leave his job.

  10. Birdie

    What the hell is going on here since I last visited? You were doing serious science work on Explodian, reverse speech and now this. Antisemitism?

    Have you lost your mind, or is that a redundant question?

    Are you going to join AQ?

  11. No its just that you Jews are such hateful people with a terrible culture. Jews have the guilt of murdering tens of millions of Christians last century, and building a reversalist lie about it.

    Here’s the sort of thing that Jews do in Art:

    • I agree with you on nearly everything Graeme – but don’t believe for one minute that global warming is a “Jewish scam’ – the science has been around for ages and has been peer reviewed by more than just Jews. Ignoring global warming is the work of the Jews – they see a movement for their removal from power through the changing of an illegal conomic system though climate change neccesity – that’s why they are 100% behind denial. That’s why they are trying to destroy western gov’ts while they ‘OWN”so much of what is ours…don’t waste your time trying to convince our people that GW is fake – it isn’t.

      But we do have a massive Jew problem – and it’s not going to ‘fix’ itself…

      Having said that if there’s anything I go do for you, please let me know. (Just don’t ask me for money right now – the Jews stole it.)….

      • Global warming is one of the most transparent scams ever to be put about. There is no science behind it. The data is rigged. And if the data wasn’t rigged we would assume that the warming was of a benevolent level.

      • I started thinking about Jews who are behind some of the big institutions, such as the godfather of carbon trading, Richard Sandor, an Ashkenazi Jew, who made 100 million form the now defunct Chicago Climate Exchange. I was also thinkng about Al Gore’s $5 billion green hedgefund Generation Investment, because he was co-director with David Blood (formerly of Goldman Sachs). But I found all that info and more, with great photos, is on another blog:

        One thing, though. Just because some Jewish people have gotten positions of power and involved with money-making opportunities and are even rubbing shoulders as they wheel and deal does not necessarily prove for sure there is a worldwide conspiracy by one ethnic minority to scam the rest of us.

        I am thinking in particular about those Jews who are critics of the scam, such as Lord Nigel Lawson (Nigella’s dad). He is obviously cast in the Benjamin Disraeli mold, who would brook no disadvantage to other ethnic groupings. And there are plenty of pissed-off Jews like him who are calling foul on the whole AGW con. But it still does not prove a global Jewish conspiracy. Even if there is a conspiracy to rip us all off with sky is falling climate catastrophism. There are heaps of goyim involved in the AGW industry, working together to make money, even scamming, and it transcends ethnic boundaries. So, still unproven.

      • Right. Its hard to see whose behind the curtain. It used to be that there were crime syndicate families like the Rockefellers and the Harriman’s who on the surface appeared every bit as powerful as their Jew counterparts.

        I think that there are some indications of the Jew domination of the shadow government. For one thing the advent of the Albert Einstein cult would not seem to have been possible without a Jew flavour to the shadow government.

  12. “……. All this is closely related to another aspect of Judaism, namely, the persecution myth. Since first appearing in history we find the Jews propagating the idea that they are an abused and persecuted people, and this idea is, and has always been, central in Jewish thinking. The myth of persecution is the adhesive and cement of Judaism; without it Jews would have long since ceased to exist, their racial-religious nationality notwithstanding……”

  13. This comes from the book “Behind Communism…” Which shows communism and the tens of millions of people murdered under it ….. the entire phenomenon is just Jews killing gentiles.

    • Gee, Mr Bird, looks like everyone except the Jews is too gutless to respond. Scared of getting sued by by a compliant government and suckholing politicians trying to earn brownie points with a minority of their electorate, maybe? It has happened before, although the sharp humour of some of your (Jewish) respondents has had me in stitches.

      Actually, there is a book by Slezkine, Yuri: The Jewish Century. – Princeton University Press (2004) which tells of the role of Jewish people in the administration of Russian Communist State. This book is universally accepted by Jews and White Supremacists alike as shedding rare light on the role of Jewish people within the Soviet structure.

      Alternatively, there is Kevin McDonald’s notorious book review, Stalin’s Willing Executioners. This was responded to by Eugene Girin in VDare:

      I note that recent Western media discussion of anti-semitism in today’s Hungary is marked by a total absence of mention of the role of the Jewish commissars who ruled Communist Hungary and enforced a reign of terror in the 20th Century, such as Bela Kun (Cohen), Matyas Rakosi (Rosenfeld), Erno Gero (Singer), who were of Jewish background. Of course, this does not mean that ordinary Jewish people did not suffer under the Communist yoke with the rest of the Hungarians, they did. But that key and elite role within the Soviet system is where the prejudice, the anti-semitism comes from.

      And Slezkine’s The Jewish Century is the first book by a Jewish historian to attempt to frankly deal with Communism’s minority elite.

  14. Something a little bit wrong with Steve Kates.

    Take this for example:

    “…..All very well, but as I pointed out, if you are Keynesian such as Krugman, once you agree that demand deficiency is a problem and people actually do hoard then it also licenses the government to come to the rescue with a stimulus package that will short-circuit the time period between income earned and income spent. Here is not the place to explain what’s wrong with the argument, but that there is something wrong with the theory is a conclusion that ought to have become more evident with each passing day as we bear witness to the immense damage the stimulus has caused. My conclusion:

    If you want to get to the essence of Say’s Law you must never think in terms of aggregate demand and aggregate supply. Just drop it from all conceptual discussions of the economy…….”

    Completely wrong. Fractional reserve can and does cause massive contractions in aggregate demand. And these really ARE a problem. The main point is that fiscal policy cannot fix these problems. Kates seems to be advocating denialism of the problems that the bankers cause us. No good can come out of this.

  15. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with Kates.

    He’s a dirty Jew bastard, that’s what.

    • Is Kates really a Jew? He gets a lot of things right for a Jew. But he gets some big things wrong. Seriously? Is he a Jew?

  16. Yes he is, Graeme.
    Are you prepared to come to your sense and apologise to him for libelling his people now?

    • I know your people Soon. They just tell the new emperor what he wants to hear. I had no nose for who the new emperor was, but you did and became Judaized.

      Since our system is the state-sponsored extortion of value by way of the financial sector ….. since our version of Capitalism is the state-sponsorship of PONZI-USARAY…….. then even the CHINESE immigrants could become a problem.

      Chinese immigration in moderation is the best immigration we can have. Because these people are thrifty, hard-working, and small-business savvy. And so their initial efforts are to CREATE wealth. And not extort wealth. And the “Chinese man come here to prosper, and not to change things” (year of the dragon) and this is true also so though it may seem that the Jews and the Chinese are LIKE migrants this is simply not the case.

      The Chinese TOO will become parasitical in a nation simply because they will be successful. Our system of state-sponsored ponzi-usury will ensure that the Chinese, after some generations, will be on the workers back INDIRECTLY.

      But this has never been any of their doing. Which does not make it alright but we simply note this in passing.

      The Jew is an different story entire. He seeks to infiltrate and destroy our Jurisprudence, our Physics, our business ethics, our economics, our familial values.

      Chinese man comes to prosper and not to change things. The Jew shows up to dominate and destroy. This is why all of us must be brothers. Because the Jews are now so dominant that we cannot ever expect to get out from under their tyranny but that we all become brothers and sisters under one roof of anti-semitism.


  18. Murder Christians, Blame Muslims, Hold A Pity-Party For Jews.

    “On 17 March 1992, at 2:42 pm (UTC-3), a pickup truck driven by a suicide bomber and loaded with explosives smashed into the front of the Israeli Embassy located on the corner of Arroyo and Suipacha, and detonated. The embassy, a Catholic church, and a nearby school building were destroyed. Four Israelis died, but most of the victims were Argentine civilians, many of them children.[2] The blast killed 29 and wounded 242.[1] It was Argentina’s deadliest terror attack until the AMIA Bombing of 1994, and as of 2008 it remains the deadliest attack on an Israeli diplomatic mission.”

    This may be the backdrop to the resignation of the last Pope and the election of the new one. The Jews are a bit hyped up on this matter since Argentina and Iran are going to re-open the investigation into the bombing. Being as Israel is the home of the false flag terrorist operation, this is an uncomfortable idea for these Jews. Because they are filth right? Who murder children just to blame it on someone else and as we see the nature of the attack was to kill Christians. So it has all the hallmarks of an Israeli operation. Murder Christians, blame Muslims, and hold a pity-party for the Jews.

  19. Check out these dirty lying Jews lying about six million Jewish victims, all the way from 1915 to 1938. What a bunch of scumbags. Lying about six million victims, shaking down people for money on the basis of their lies.

    • Those Dirty Jew bastards.

      When will Poor Old Adolf get the apology he deserves?

      • You see I don’t THINK-so. I perceived that Jew (THAT-Jew) got really frustrated when the tactic of assuming I hated Jews and the back-handed accusations back-fired. It think the Jew behind the Jew behind the fictional anti-semite character got really frustrated at that point.

        And I think I have the quote to prove it.

  20. Now now Ron. Don’t bait me on the Hitler question. I think he’s a bad Jew. I think Churchill (loveable in some ways) is a bad Jew also. And I think Roosevelt is a very evil Jew and I think Stalin also was the worst of this bad bunch. So don’t try this pretence on that I would think of Hitler as an okay fellow.

    Let us never forget that German Fascism, Leninism, and Reform Judaism, are fundamentally the same ideology. This really isn’t all that debatable. Ron. The Jew behind your online persona? I speak to that Jew? Are you playing for the RIGHT (ie morally righteous) team mate? We both know you are playing for the winning team. But are you a righteous white Kharzar male?

  21. Non-Jew music. Good music. But not Jew-inspired nor inspired by Jew-pets at the time. So it was inevitably characterised as “A RIPOFF.”

    THE GREATEST RIPOFF IN ROCK AND ROLL by one Jews statement. Which was why they were driving around in Rolls-Royces in this fucked-up opinion.

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