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“I’ve never liked Eastwood”

Not even the outlaw Josey Wales? Or “For a Few Dollars More.” I think it was kind of trendy not to like Eastwood in the old days. There was that movie critic Pauline Kael who used to give him a hard time and the left generally just went along with her dictates.

This is before all of us got ourselves video recorders and could get out from under the rock of critical tyranny.

Nuancealot  15 Mar 13 at 10:18 pm

“You can do a lot of aaah, ‘appeasing’ with enough cans of instant sunshine.”

“Instant Sunshine?” What are you referring too


“Instant Sunshine?” What are you referring too?

Atomic bomb.

I am willing to bet that even a maniacal mahdiviat like Ahmadinejad will be a very, very well behaved little vegemite after he’s been vapourised….

And you can burrow into and destroy the Iranian nuclear weapon facilities with sequential groundbursts

Mk50 of Brisbane
15 Mar 13 at 11:18 pm
Sounds wonderful. So clearly we need to destroy Israel lest they follow your genocidal program right?

Nuancealot 15 Mar 13 at 11:20 pm

I’m supposing that those of us who are not chosen people would have to think of this attitude as pretty threatening? Right Rabbi Nuancealot 15 Mar 13 at 11:21 pm

So.. some sort of GDP corrected for inflation? How is it targeted? Driftforge 15 Mar 13 at 11:21 pm

Nominal GDP is GDP UNCORRECTED for inflation. The idea is to target it through monetary policy. Making monetary policy more loose if you think you will undershoot your target and tighter if you think you are over-shooting.

This is the thinking behind it. Scott Sumner is obsessing about this at the moment. Which is where people have picked the idea up. Its a bad idea, since GDP is not a particularly good metric to be using.

Nuancealot 15 Mar 13 at 11:30 pm

What other metric would you suggest, N?

JC 15 Mar 13 at 11:33 pm

Well for starters we have to recognise that we don’t want to be so simpleminded as to imagine we ought to fixate on a single metric. Investors use, or used to use, a number of ratios and formulas in their analysis. Whereas the economists, in acts of great anal retentiveness, seem to want to fixate on one.

You want to stabilise aggregate demand. Well GDP is a net demand figure. Yet we see people all the time equating GDP with aggregate demand. We see GDP used in formulas to calculate productivity. Yet why would we use this one metric in productivity? Its more a figure of consumption rather then production.

We have to at least know what we are doing. When we get these so-called high-productivity low employment recoveries, the economists make these ignorant calls merely on the basis of being too stupid to figure out that they are anomaly created by their use of GDP in this way.

Nuancealot 15 Mar 13 at 11:40 pm

NoNuance, WTF are you on about?

The Iranian preseident has repeatedly said that Iran ‘will test it’s first nuclear device over Tel Aviv’. national leders don’t joke like that – but he’s a mahdiviat. Their Ayatollahs constantly screech about exterminating all Jews. For thirty years, we’ve known that they were developing nuclear weapons (latterly in concert with North Korea and Libya) and that development has been delayed by repeated Israeli, US and German action.

They have never stopped, and are now very close to building nuclear weapons they have said they intend to use to obliterate Israel.

Seriously, what the hell do you expect to happen? How else can the Israeli’s respond to an existential threat?

I keep hoping that the preshizzle (Paco™) will extend US nuclear protection to Israel – that might just have deterred iran if done 3 years back. But he’s far too stupid to do that, nor would anyone believe such a worthless incompetent buffoon if he said it.

So we may be close to the first nuclear exchange of the second nuclear age. Mostly due to political stupidity and an unwillingness by western leaders to make hard decisions. it’s either be flippant about it or despair at the political stupidity which had led to this.

Mk50 of Brisbane  15 Mar 13 at 11:46 pm

I thought he was talking about phosphorous. That is why I took a disliking to what he was saying. Because I thought “instant sunshine” referred to area bombing with phosphorous. When the Israelis do this to the kids, even after they have finally died and are in the mortuary, they pull this kids up and the dead children are still burning. This is no a defence measure. Its simply a matter of the sacred murder of innocents which is part of their religion.
15 Mar 13 at 11:46 pm

“Their Ayatollahs constantly screech about exterminating all Jews. ”So we are told. I’d like to see careful translations of their statements. Jews are always talking about exterminating all Gentiles and Jews have murdered tens of millions of gentiles in the modern era. Whereas in Iran there are perfectly sound Jewish communities surviving to this day. I suspect that not everything the Iranians tell us is true. But either way it is Judaism that is the genocidal religion and not Islam.

15 Mar 13 at 11:51 pm

Burning kids aye? Would that be from the rockets they shoot at themselves like the other day? Too far back from the front line, the manly chappies and the rockets just dont make the distance.

Helen Armstrong
15 Mar 13 at 11:55 pm

I’m supposing that those of us who are not chosen people would have to think of this attitude as pretty threatening? Right Rabbi?
No I was talking about the Israelis burning children with white phosphorous. These outbreaks of human blood sacrifice have slim connection to defence measures properly considered. But they are central to Judaism.

The other thing is that if peace breaks out, the Israelis are like fresh water fish in the ocean. So they always act to subvert the situation thereafter.

We must understand how central is the murder of gentile kids to Judaism. For example, Ariel Sharon was witnessed murdering two arab toddlers with his own side-arm. Murdering two kids like rabbits.
15 Mar 13 at 11:59 pm

“Two months ago, on 28 September 2012, the US Secretary of State formally removed the Iranian group, the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MeK), from the US Government’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations…”

Iran is the victim of Israeli terrorism. The above organisation has murdered around 17000 Iranian civilians. So how did these guys become legal in the US? Well its the immense reach of the Jews. This is the history of Israeli behaviour. They sponsor terrorism against themselves and others and pass the blame off onto Islam.
16 Mar 13 at 12:04 am

“No, Bird, they aren’t saying that.”

Yes they are. Its in their religious documents. The whole religion is focused on exterminating gentiles. There is no getting around this. Incidentally their claim is that Jesus is boiling in hot excrement as we speak.
16 Mar 13 at 12:06 am

The national socialists were Jews. Think of the prominent Nazis. All Jews. Even the leader of the SS. A Jew.

So don’t talk to me about national socialists chosen boy. Nazism, Communism and reform Judaism are all identical. They are merely manifestations of Judaism.

Russian communism was Jewish. And as soon as they got in power the extermination of the gentiles began. But earlier when the Dohme crypto-Jews took power in Turkey the Armenian genocide began immediately. So its important to understand what Israel is up to when they start sacrificing kids.
16 Mar 13 at 12:09 amYes, 1941-45 is irrefutable proof of that li’l known factlet…

16 Mar 13 at 12:11 am
“So.. its a balancing act trying to keep GDP growth and monetary growth aligned.”

Because economists ignorantly conflate GDP with aggregate demand, Scott Sumner has decided that they should push and pull monetary policy around in order to keep nominal GDP on a even growth path.

But Gross Business Revenues is a far better approximation to aggregate demand. But then you cannot point this out to Scott because he isn’t that bright.
16 Mar 13 at 12:12 am

“Yes, 1941-45 is irrefutable proof of that li’l known factlet…”

Absolutely it is. You could not get better proof. Tens of millions of gentiles murdered. And notice the Jew reversalism, concocting the story that it was the other way around. That period and the two years prior were acts of mass-extermination of Christians, purporting to be a war.
16 Mar 13 at 12:13 am

The Mormons are always researching peoples ancestry so that they can retrospectively baptize people. Using their research they can only find about 140 000 people who died in that time period who could even possibly be characterised as holocaust victims. But all that really means is that they were a Jew and they died somewhere in Europe during that time. There were no gas chambers. This is just another Jewish lie.

16 Mar 13 at 12:19 am

The Jews have profited mightily from their holocaust lie. Even though tens of millions of Germans were incinerated and otherwise murdered and the holocaust is purely fictional, still Israel has extorted many tens of billions out of the innocent Germans on the basis of this Jewish fairy tale.

The reality is that the Germans were the victims of the Jews and not the other way around. And this is their operating procedure. I thought that this reversalism was a purely leftist trait. But it tends to be the object of the most careful planning. The Nazi takeover of Germany was akin to a re-run of the Jewish takeover of Russia and the Crypto-Jewish takeover of Turkey. They were financed by Jewish bankers. They came in to build up Germany only to set her up for the takedown.
16 Mar 13 at 12:24 am

Bird, is it true that Gaddafi was a Jew?
16 Mar 13 at 12:25 am

No no. Lets go over it again. THERE WERE NO GAS CHAMBERS. Got it this time? There were never any gas chambers. Its just another Jew fairy tale like special relativity. There were no gas chambers. Nor any evidence for one. Nor any idea of how such a thing would operate.
16 Mar 13 at 12:26 am



Ethnically speaking I think so Fisky. He had Israeli relatives. But then I have Maoris relatives and no Maori ancestry.
16 Mar 13 at 12:27 am

The Nazi takeover of Germany was akin to a re-run of the Jewish takeover of Russia and the Crypto-Jewish takeover of Turkey. They were financed by Jewish bankers. They came in to build up Germany only to set her up for the takedown.



Those Jew bastards will pay for this Bird. And I think you are just the guy we need to collect the debts they owe us all.
16 Mar 13 at 12:28 am

SDFC. There were no gas chambers. Can you get that through your thick head? Nor ever any evidence for a gas chamber?

Got it now? So the pictures you’ve seen of starving people at Belsin right? Thats not evidence for a gas chamber? Or is that too hard for your Keynesian brain to understand?
16 Mar 13 at 12:29 am



It has to take all of us Fisky. We must align with the Islamic people and everyone else. They may be only a fraction of 1 percent of world population. But they are in the winning position and not the rest of us.

They can do anything. Nuke our cities. Assassinate anyone. Pull off 9/11 and blame it on some people living in caves. There is nothing they cannot get away with. So it has to be everyone in the interests of their own survival.
16 Mar 13 at 12:32 am



What about the paperwork and receits for the Zygon B gas capsules?

Was it all for cockroach extermination Graeme?
16 Mar 13 at 12:35 am

Its a picture of a railway and a building. Its not a gas chamber. Nor is there any evidence for a gas chamber ever.



“A friend of mine visited Auschwitz-Birkenau. It’s where his grandparents were murdered. So he’s lying or his grandparents “lied”. or others lied about them (as they couldn’t say or do a thing if they’re dead).”

Listen to the Jew argument here. JC says these people are dead and then asks me if they are lying. They did not die in a gas chamber. There were no gas chambers. I just think you are lying. Plenty of people of all sorts died in Europe at that time. Or did this fact escape you?

When people claim that their relatives died in the holocaust all they mean is that they were Jews who died in Europe at the time.
16 Mar 13 at 12:37 am


Yeah right. You could call it the “big roundup” and a lot of people did die of Typhus. A lot of people died of malnutrition related diseases particularly right at the end when allied carpet bombing cut off all food supplies.

But a lot of these people were actually safer in the work camps (not death camps. Work camps) then the German proletariat who had to face massive carpet bombing while oligarch-owned facilities were left untouched. And while wealthy mansions were not to be messed about with. So here we have the aspect of world war II being a genocide posing as a war.
16 Mar 13 at 12:43 am

Birdie, what should be our policy with Iran? Do we support them for defying the Jews or denounce the Jew Ahmadinejad?
16 Mar 13 at 12:43 am

Listen JC. Do you understand. There were no gas chambers. This is a Jewish fairy tale. Do you understand that?
16 Mar 13 at 12:43 am



sdfc, stop promoting Jew ponzi economics, please, we are having a serious discussion with Bird about how to deal with people like you.
16 Mar 13 at 12:46 am


Fisky we have to make friends with everyone. We are backed against the wall. Most of what Ahmadinejad says seems sensible enough if you actually listen to him and not others quoting him. But its his timing that I’m worried about. But in any case we have to be friends with all people. Since it is Judaism and the banking-covert ops nexus that threatens the human race and nothing else is really significant.

So yes we must be friends with Iran. Even if we suspect that Mr A may be playing some sort of dance-act with the Israelis we have no choice but to be friendly with all people.
16 Mar 13 at 12:47 am

Luckily it’s past Sinclair’s bed time already so we have at least another 7 hours of Jew-baiting to look forward to!
16 Mar 13 at 12:47 am


I think Mr Ahmadinejad is part of the Jewish false opposition myself, Birdie. Don’t you?
16 Mar 13 at 12:48 am


Lets go over it again JC. Its nothing to do with me. But the fact is there were no gas chambers, this is just another Jewish fairy tale. Like the Keynesian multiplier, special relativity, and so forth. Its a lie. And no evidence has been found for German gas chambers ever. Not even once.

16 Mar 13 at 12:49 am




“I think Mr Ahmadinejad is part of the Jewish false opposition myself, Birdie. Don’t you?”

Probably. But what can you do? And he’s a pretty loveable fellow anyway right? Getting around with his working class clobber. Everyone knows he’s not the boss. Its the clerical inner council that are calling the shots. The whole way they are set up is suspiciously like Jewish communism where the party is more important then the front man.
16 Mar 13 at 12:51 am


Yeah on that score it was more promotion where the Jews came in. Keynes was no Jew, he was merely ignorant of economics, and when his ridiculous book came out, suddenly it was promoted with such alacrity it had crowded out all prior knowledge in what must have been just a few years. But what seemed to be a matter of months.

Kind of like the Einstein business. They never had any evidence. And when they launched that 1919 mission to see an eclipse they found nothing that could show that there was such a thing as space warping. But then you have this media-blitz and all contrary views are ruthlessly suppressed.

Same thing all the way around. Another one is the idea that comets are snowballs. The public will get mighty suspicious about that call later this year. Because we are expecting a big one, so that lie may not hold.

Nuancealot  16 Mar 13 at 12:59 am

“What about the paperwork and receits for the Zygon B gas capsules?

Was it all for cockroach extermination …


All of it was for insects. Indeed. Mostly lice because of rampant Typhus. It was an attempt to save and not end life. This is absolutely proven to the nth degree. Where they say that clothes were being sterilised of lice infection the Zyclon B is still thickly imbedded in the walls, after all these years. Where they claim there was a gas chamber the Zyclon B is absent. 

Nuancealot   16 Mar 13 at 5:02 am

They are not clever. They are just liars. Special Relativity and lying about Zyclon B are not clever lies. Its just a lie backed up with the money power and control of the media.

The Jews were rounded up because they didn’t want to go to Israel. If you want to set up your own country and you want people to go there, but they are living a good life in Germany, you’ve got to do something about this. So you get all these Jews to take over the country, and round the other Jews up.

Nuancealot  16 Mar 13 at 8:13 am




We are not talking about Hitler being a good fellow and providing holiday accommodation. We are talking about Hitler being a bad Jew, under the employ of Jew bankers, and making the Jews want to go to Israel. You are hardly going to make people want to leave for Israel if you put them up in luxury in Germany.

Hitler started his Jew persecution and immediately the Jew Roosevelt cut off Jewish access to the US. This was a deliberate effort to get recruits to go to Israel. An internationally co-ordinated effort.

Hitler closed down all the Jewish papers EXCEPT the zionist paper. Hitler worked hand in glove with the zionists. If the zionist paper is the only paper you can now read, then this is a recruiting effort for Palestine.

Nuancealot   16 Mar 13 at 8:19 am

Dalin’s agenda was to put down the Arabs. His book is not really about the Pope. Its an attempt at that time to get Christians fighting Muslims. He cannot get us murdering each-other without ingratiating himself to the Catholics.

Dalin is making out that Hitler’s spiritual adviser was Haj Amin al-Husseini. The Grand Mufti of Palestine.

The Dalin book is part of the pitting of Christians and Muslims against each-other. The way these things work, you have a massive campaign of incitement of Islamic radicals, you have the undermining of the Catholics. Then in conservative circles you have someone like Dalin showing up and saying no its not the Catholics that are the bad guy, its the Arabs.

These guys wind up running all sides of the argument, and you cannot quite single out Dalin as being insincere. And yet its this teamwork that is the way these people roll.

The net effect is to get everyone arguing against eachother. To get all our kids going through a meat-grinder across the other side of the world.


  1. That is what I want to emphasise to James K. Rabbi Dalins agenda was to get us killing Arabs. So the praise of the Pope is only a small part of what he was about. His whole story is trying to get Catholics and Islamic people fighting each-other. So he tells the truth about the Pope, but lies about the holocaust. Or at least inadvertently passes on other peoples lies. His real target is the Grand Mufti and the Arabs. Meanwhile the mainstream Jewish approach is ongoing abuse of the Catholics.

  2. […] uncensored on “Nuancelot“ @ A Better World: Graeme Bird For High […]

  3. The Catholic Church is a deeply perverted institution. We know their faults. But as a philosopher, I see them as the only people who have the inbuilt virtues an ancient wisdom, that can help us now.

    When these guys make their mind up they can sort anything out. They are a serious intellectual resource. Oftentimes they have to reach BACK a long way. But I want them to reach back.

    We need the schismatic Catholics now to save us from the Jews. And we cannot tolerate any unnecessary abuse of our good good Muslim brothers. Our good Muslim brothers. Who have a long history of having healthy Christian and Jewish communities under their dominion. They after all had the Armenians who flourished in an exceptional way under their Islamic dominion. Until the Crypto-Jews took over and started doing what Jews do. Jews specialise in genocide.

    Its really the Mel Gibson position that I’m pushing here.

  4. I really like this fellow.

  5. Oh Mammy Mammy Blue
    Oh Mammy Blue

  6. An estimate out there is that only 2% of the people murdered by the drone program are terrorists. And this leads to an estimate that 4700 or thereabouts … people have been murdered under this program and only maybe 90 or so of them with a reasonable excuse.

    If this is somewhat indicative its just unconscionable. But its to be expected because the real target isn’t the terrorists. The real target is the US citizen first and the rest of us second.

    Homeland Security and FEMA have started accumulating the means to start the mass murder of US citizens in the same sense that the Jews murdered Soviet peoples under Jewish-Communism in Russia.

  7. I’ve simply never heard a coherent argument against the just war theory tradition. Except perhaps the idea about “an imminent threat.” I’ve heard valid argumentation that we need to look again at this matter of “imminence” given the destructive power of a first strike. But apart from that the entirety of Catallaxy has never put forth a valid argument against just war theory.

    Just war theory, is also far more sound when it comes to military strategy. The military strategy of the allies in World War II was almost as great a lunacy as their ethical stance. But you see good ethics and good war strategy walk hand in hand. The harsh thing about it is that just war theory demands that if we get into a full-blown war we wind up murdering people that you see on the television. This is hard for people to take. But instead what we are doing is filling up truckloads and truckloads of what can fairly be described as “goat-herders” in Afghanistan.

    The “goat-herders” are there because the other side of the rumble, which is really the same side of the fight, on the financial upper levels ….. these goat-herders are there because someone will pay them (lets say) 50 dollars a day when otherwise they struggle to make (lets say) 5 dollars a day. They cannot possibly turn this “bonanza” down given their level of information. And once they get in with the team their information and ideological input are fully controlled.

    Now supposing these people come up against our Aussie boys and girls in the course of us getting mixed up in this nonsense? Our kill rate is probably something like 100-to-1. Its likely that for any Aussie that is killed we are filling a truck full of blameless dead bodies. Jews are implicated in this disgusting pantomime, because Judaism is the only religion absolutely dedicated to deception and malicious damage.

    Am I blaming our boys and girls? Well no. I mean I’m sure there is barbarity there in our forces. But they don’t have the training to be ethical philosophers, and if they did it would only change things on the margin. Their main role is to follow orders and look after their mates. Think about a soldier, who is a friend of another soldier, and each of these boys has met each-others parents and family? Think of that just for examples sakes? Our boys are there to make sure that they and their mates get home safe to Mum.

    No matter how high their morale is they ought not be there in the first place. This is not JUST WAR. This is NOT just war. When our guys stopped taking out bigshot regime leadership it was time to go home.

    Now there is exception here. There was this idea that the treatment of non-Pashtun girls by Pashtun Afghanis was just too much of an offense against all women to allow us Australians to go home early.


    The ultimate sin in warfare is to not match ENDS to MEANS. I personally am always sympathetic to such arguments BUT they need to be made explicitly. We Australians lack the capacity to effect the good treatment of non-Pashtun girls. If this is our reason for being there we need a couple of towns where we have temporary sovereignty, where we can set up a sanctuary, and have well-armoured trucks of girls who really want to go there to get away from this alleged abuse.

    I don’t think this is practical. I think we need to get out and actually I’m not so over-blown with interest in what the soldiers themselves have to say about it. The citizen must take a paternalistic attitude to his soldiers. We must support the idea that they should get home safe to Mum as soon as possible.

  8. Mr B

    What are you doing this weekend to honour the murder of our Saviour by the Jew?

  9. I’m not honouring the torture and murder of the one who was without sin Ron. I’m only here to honour his rebirth and levitation above his Jew persecutors.

    Its funny you should say this Ron. Because within seconds of you posing the question I posted a thread to honour the Prince of Peace. The one “who stayed innocent when all others were not (there will be peace for those who love God Alot)”

    The good thing about it is its an okay thread. For weeks now I’ve been in the doldrums. Writing threads I don’t fully myself condone. Having to eliminate them or take them off air. Poor Candy copped a boat-load of my worst drunken comments before I could wipe or moderate them. She probably cannot make sense of my wonderful female semi-defenders on Catallaxy.

    But I like the last thread I’ve written. And I don’t think I’ll need to take it off air.

  10. I can’t imagine why you would be in the doldrums, Mr B.

    Perhaps the Jews are poisoning your water supply.

    Trying to keep you down so you can’t do Great Work for the White Man.

  11. I’m not talking about a subject I’ve dwelled on for many years. So my writing is not very good and not very original. Completely different from other topics. Like monetary matters I’ve been dwelling on these things for decades. And science I’ve been looking into for a long time quite seriously. But this Jew thing is new to me. I’ve got nothing original to say about it, and when I wake up I don’t like what I’ve written.

    There is an example of Jew science I’ve just heard about. In October there will be a spectacular close encounter between Mars and a really large comet. This will lead to all sorts of spectacular electrical interactions between the comet and Mars.

    NASA is in a panic because they know that they’ll be busted for lying to us about comets. So they’ve formed this committee. They’ve got a load of sycophants in the team, and no amateur input. But this is not the worst of it. They don’t start the observations until NOVEMBER. Just Jew assholery. Unbelievable these people. If we could get rid of every last one of the Jew scientists, bankers and billionaires and make them small-time grocers instead, then finally we could move on.

    • Do the Jews persist with their lie that Comets are just big Snowballs?

      I look forward to seeing that come undone with this new Comet that you mention. Imagine those Dirty Jew Bastards trying to explain a Snowball streaking across the sky with the Light of 1,000 Suns?

      • Perhaps it will take another Dinosaur-Level Extinction Event
        for the Sheeple to realise the enormity of Jew Lies about Comets, Gravity, Fractional Reserve Banking, Global Warming, etc etc etc.

      • Every Jew who says that a Comet is a Snowball should be given a one-way ticket to the Van Allen Belt to collect some evidence.

  12. We have to get used to putting Jews down, deflating their ego’s and just generally standing up to them. Here is an example:

    “There is no ban appeal. I’m just asking you to think about your health. I”ve got no interest in your poxy blog just as you have no interest in the scientific method. The emphasis on citations is just transplanted rabbi behaviour, wherein Jewry is this debating society in terms of arguments about arguments about arguments.
    If you want to get healthy you need science. There was never a ban appeal. Get over yourself chosen one.”

    • Sounds like you tore that Tabernacle Nigger a new one.

  13. Ha ha ha ha. Actually I don’t know or care if these people are Jews or not. I’m trying to desensitize people to the J-word and to being wrong-footed in the presence of these delusional “chosen ones.” Because it becomes a psychological barrier to the ending of destructive behaviour whether or not we can trace a specific problem to Jews.

    So here is another example:

    DialecticKaos 43 minutes ago

    Hey Graeme, I know I am disobeying my own advice about arguing with you, but can you please give us an explanation of how Nasa dealt with the problem of how dust clouds form when driving a buggy in moondust? Was the studio made in a giant vacuum chamber, such that dust trails formed parabolas, then they somehow manipulated the film to compensate for earth’s much higher gravity? How was this done?

    Reply ·

    GMBCATASTROPHE 1 second ago

    I’d like to see an example of what you are talking about. You cannot show me an example of these dust parabolas can you? See if you are a Jew you are talking about arguments based on arguments based on still other arguments and you get further and further away from the raw data. So you are imagining this parabola bullshit, because you are imagining that they were on the moon. Then you heard someone make that parabola excuse. So instead of going on the raw data you extrapolated like a Jew.

    Reply · in reply to DialecticKaos (Show the comment)

  14. GMBCATASTROPHE 1 second ago

    I trust science. But Jews don’t practice science. They practice rabbinical style arguments which are based on arguments based on arguments and most of these arguments are thinly veiled argument-from-authority. The global warming fraud is argument from authority combined with lying about the data. There is no science behind it at all. In fact its very clear science fraud. Just like Piltdown man but with money and Jew media behind it.

    Reply · in reply to IonianGarden (Show the comment)

  15. Ron here is a few posts describing how this lattice-work of Jew fairy-tales, posing as science, gets right in the way of our understanding of almost anything at all.

    Take the dinosaur phenomenon just for example:

    Graeme Bird

    People don’t realise the importance of this dinosaur business. Supposing you have low blood pressure and you jump up from lying down on the couch and nearly black out. Well the “brontosaurus” (the name has been reclassified and this name is now outdated) would face 100 times the problem whenever he lifted up his neck to get at the leaves of the giant trees that were around back then. They simply cannot explain the size of the bigger long-necked bastards. They cannot understand how they kept cool, got enough food down their throat and managed to be mobile enough to fend off predators, so they come up with the most feeble excuses.

    5 minutes ago · Like

    Graeme Bird

    Like these bastards hung around in water all the time eating continuously. They had these long necks but they kept them strictly horizontal. And they hung around in groups so their size and number kept the predators away who if they weren’t stooged by this bluff, they ought to have been able to theoretically sidle up to these big lugs and tear off hunks of meat from them largely at will.

    2 minutes ago · Like

    Graeme Bird

    The real answer is simply that the earth was much smaller then and gravity was a great deal less. Not only does this make sense out of the dinosaur phenomenon. But it solves whole strings of other problems as well. The barrier to understanding this is just to do with Jew fairy tales posing as science.

    a few seconds ago · Like

  16. I guess you don’t realize the strength of some parts of the Gospels, until you get a live reading of it. It appears a little light-weight in the text, but when you hear the oral rendering its really pretty powerful stuff:

    This is the story about the deceptive way with which the Jews set up Jesus for the slaughter. Its true to their culture to this day. Their culture is the most ossified and unchanging of all. Its high-tech tribalism, power-lust, legalism and deception. Just as it was back then. High-technology primitivism. The primitivism stays but the actors in this tribe maintain their competitive edge.

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