Posted by: graemebird | March 21, 2013

Parasitism: Accidental (Chinese) And Contrived (Jew).

I know your people Soon. They just tell the new emperor what he wants to hear. I had no nose for who the new emperor was, but you DID!!!!!!! and ipso facto became Judaized, as the result of that emperor-sniffing nose of yours.

Since our system is the state-sponsored extortion of value by way of the financial sector ….. since our version of Capitalism is the state-sponsorship of PONZI-USURY…….. then even the CHINESE immigrants could become a problem.

Chinese immigration in moderation is the best immigration we can have. Because these people are thrifty, hard-working, and small-business savvy. And so their initial efforts are to CREATE wealth. And not extort wealth.


Further to that we may quote from a magnificent movie:

“Chinese man come here to prosper. Not to change things”


Well this is so true. And you would think that this was true also for the Jews.  You would think that the Jews and the Chinese are LIKE migrants and to be judged as if in the same group!!!!!


This is simply not the case. Not by a fucking LONG-SHOT.

The Chinese TOO will become parasitical in a nation …. for the reason that they will be successful. Our system of state-sponsored ponzi-usury will ensure that the Chinese, after some generations, will be leaching from the workers veins INDIRECTLY.

But this has never been any of their (THE CHINESE)  doing. They have worked hard and accidentally gotten to a position where some of them take more then the give. Which does not make the current situation ALRIGHT …….  but we simply note this in passing. We simply note this in passing.  We simply note that the Chinese people in general, and as a community, are somewhat blameless in the outcome of grave iniquity in our social life.

The Jew is a different story entire.

The Jew is a different story entire. He seeks to infiltrate and destroy our Jurisprudence, our Physics, our business ethics, our economics, our familial values.

Chinese man comes to prosper and not to change things. The Jew shows up to dominate and destroy. To dominate first.  Then to destroy.  They are completely dismantling the American experiment in front of our eyes for the love of the saviour.

This is why, except for the Jews, we all of us must be brothers. Because the Jews are now so dominant that we cannot ever expect to get out from under their tyranny but that we all become brothers and sisters under one roof of anti-semitism.



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  2. Think of the meaninglessness of this song in the error of long-term JEW-emancipation???????

    The poor impoverished girl is in a bind. She is pregnant and now abandoned. But she is young. And an elder more wealthy man may find her and show her more love then any young man could have hoped to have dreamed to have even had a chance to try it on.

    But this is all meaningless now. The Jew doctors were always the abortionists. The Jews were always the sacrificers of children. The Jews pumped abortion like no other ethnic group. Abortion is a sacred religious rite (not “right” but “rite”) to the Jews.

    So what is the girl weeping about? She’s got to buck up. Get a right attitude. She’s got to get a Jew attitude about her. She’s got to murder that child, and rip the child out of her womb. And then spend the whole time letting Jews feed her excuses for this outrageous human-blood-sacrifice.

    When really she ought to be the lucky one. The one who gets true sustained love from an older man, and an early inheritance.
    My wife taught me an old Thai saying…..

    Quik to ole
    SLO …. to dye

    The young girl can be luckier then this. She gets to love a little child at an earlier age. She gets real love from an older man in a more sustained way, all things being equal.

    But No ……. lets go the Jew way? Rip it out. Murder the gentile child. Teach the confused and abandoned little girl the memes she needs to know to deal with this behaviour. Teach her to DOUBLE-DOWN after the fact and call this doubling-down “FEMINISM” … and just basically ruin the lives of all the gentiles in this picture whom you cannot yet slaughter.

    This is Jew business going forward.

    And this is the song looking backward to a better time:

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