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Safe To Momma/ The Key Goal Of War Strategy

This is a time of course to remember the Prince of Peace.  His persecution by the Jews,  but his trumping of these same Jews by coming back from the dead after three days.  But we ought to also remember the powerful thinking in the tradition of his better followers.  Like Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas.  Also let us not forget Grotius and other non-Catholic theorists when it comes to  JUST WAR THEORY. Not that I’ve read Grotius in the original but I’m given to believe he has importance in the tradition.

I’ve simply never heard a coherent argument against the just war theory tradition. Except perhaps the idea about “an imminent threat.” I’ve heard valid argumentation that we need to look again at this matter of “imminence” given the destructive power of a first strike. But apart from that Catallaxy in particular, and the entire web as such …  none of them have ever put forth a valid argument against just war theory.

Just war theory, is also far more sound when it comes to military strategy. The military strategy of the allies in World War II was almost as great a lunacy as their ethical stance. But you see good ethics and good war strategy walk hand in hand.     The harsh thing about good war strategy/just war theory …. in the modern era ……  is that just war theory would demand,  that if we get into a full-blown war, that we might wind up murdering people that you see on the television. Some of which a lot of us may have developed some sort of sympathy for.

This is hard for people to take. But look at the alternative? Look at the alternative to Just war? To targeting the powerful, the guilty, and major targetable weapons systems?

Instead what we are doing,  is we are filling up truckloads and truckloads of dead bodies, of what can fairly be described as “goat-herders” in Afghanistan. If we aren’t doing that right now, clearly we would have been doing that earlier.  Jesus, who taught his followers to be sympathetic to the good Samaritan, would weep at this infinite outrage against justice.

The “goat-herders” are there because the other side of the rumble, which is really the same side of the fight, on the financial upper levels ….. these goat-herders are there because someone will pay them (lets say) 50 dollars a day when otherwise they struggle to make (lets say) 5 dollars a day. They cannot possibly turn this “bonanza” down given their level of information. And once they get in with the team their information and ideological input are fully controlled.

Now supposing these people come up against our Aussie boys and girls in the course of us getting mixed up in this nonsense? Our kill rate is probably something like 100-to-1. Its likely that for any Aussie that is killed we are filling a truck full of blameless dead bodies. Or rather taking an whole network of motivated familial providers and turning them into rotting flesh.

Jews are implicated in this disgusting pantomime, because Judaism is the only religion absolutely dedicated to deception and malicious damage.

Am I blaming our boys and girls? Well no. I mean I’m sure there is barbarity there in our forces. But they don’t have the training to be ethical philosophers, and if they did it would only change things on the margin. Their main role is to follow orders and look after their mates. Think about a soldier, who is a friend of another soldier, and each of these boys has met each-others parents and family? Think of that just for examples sakes? Our boys are there to make sure that they and their mates get home safe to Mum.

No matter how high their morale is they ought not be there in the first place. This is not JUST WAR. This is NOT just war. When our guys stopped taking out bigshot regime leadership it was time to go home.

Now there is exception here. There was this idea that the treatment of non-Pashtun girls by Pashtun Afghanis (aka “Taliban”) was just too much of an offense against all women to allow us Australians to go home early.


The ultimate sin in warfare is to not match ENDS to MEANS. I personally am always sympathetic to such arguments BUT they need to be made explicitly. We Australians lack the capacity to effect the good treatment of non-Pashtun girls. If this is our reason for being there we need a couple of towns where we have temporary sovereignty, where we can set up a sanctuary, and have well-armoured trucks of girls who really want to go there to get away from this alleged abuse.

I don’t think this is practical.  Maybe if it was 2004 I would be enthusiastic for such a scheme.  But I believe the time for such a scheme has passed and I mention it only as an example of how you think through these problems.

I think we need to get out and actually I’m not so over-blown with interest in what the soldiers themselves have to say about it. The citizen must take a paternalistic attitude to his soldiers. We must support the idea that they should get home safe to Mum as soon as possible.  Our job is to 1. help them be well equipped and trained and ready for whoop-ass ….. and 2. Get them home to Momma as soon as possible.

If just war theory needs more amendment then has already been suggested it would be in terms of numbers 1 and especially 2.

Get them home to Mum.   Think of how impotent a husband must feel when he cannot effect his boy or girl getting home safe to his wife? And one or both of these people are taxpayers.  So how can it be that our job is not to bring the boys and girls home safe to mum?

No philosopher can gainsay me on this matter.  Try it! You will fail.



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  2. How long has it been since I wrote a thread that I didn’t have to put on moderation or wipe entirely?

    Maybe it is the saviour guiding me, or the girls (Alice, Tal and Lizzie-Freckle-Face) at Catallaxy who said good words about me when they may have been worried that I was self-destructing.

    I’m not saying that the threads I’ve put on hold don’t have a point. I simply haven’t been able to make fair-minded comments lately.

    But the fact is that after some decades of resistance, I’ve turned anti-Judaic. And this isn’t about to change. Not many people understand just how poxy this philosophy is in its upper levels.

    In the end I couldn’t sustain my criticism of Steve Cates and Henry Ergas. But controlled opposition is a serious matter. They should take care. Its not a small crime. Its not usually a provable crime. But its not a small crime just the same.

  3. Steve and Henry have to look at themselves, look at their Jewish community at large, and make damn sure they aren’t becoming controlled opposition. How can Steve ignore the shame of usury-ponzi banking screwing up aggregate demand? How can Henry pretend that there isn’t economic rent when despite the corporate tax there is these huge auction prices and lease fees around. The entirety of the scam is just outrageous. These two boys are gaining a reputation for honesty and brains and they seem to be spending the reputation to the disadvantage of the rest of us in matters strategic to usury-ponzi-town.

    I’ll wish them well for now. But the evil eye is upon them. And it won’t be them that will be victimised if my efforts to make them more careful are not adhered to.

    It will be some Jewish girl in the playground who gets her pigtails pulled by a kid three years older and it hurts her for a very long time in her heart.

    But it will be worse then that.

    Ultimately how can Sinclair deny economic rent in the face of massive auction prices, lease fees and corporate tax? The three are not helping. None of this makes any sense. I’ll not forgive strategic betrayal of my adopted country on the basis of assorted good commentary.

    You are all on notice.

  4. Israel, the enemy of the entire species. This is how they roll:

    “Spymaster Rafi Eitan’s statement that Israel is the enemy of the United States is proven by the conduct of Israel toward the United States. Jack Bernstein stated that the 23 October 1983 suicide bombing attack on the U.S. Marine barracks in Lebanon where 241 Marine personnel were killed was planned by the Israeli military intelligence (the Mossad). Bernstein stated that the purpose for the attack on the marine base was to turn the American people against the Arabs in order to draw the United States into the war to help Israel.449 [2012 Book] 9/11–Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Edward Hendrie….”

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