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Raw Milk + Various Other Health Revision Matters/Introduction To Oxygen Anions.

Excellent questions and answers on raw milk. This fact-sheet has convinced me that I can start drinking raw milk again. It was prohibitively expensive because of the 20 dollars of organic fruit and vegetables that they attached to every order. But this fact-sheet tells me that none of the live agents are destroyed in freezing. Animal cells and most foods are damaged by the freezing process because the ice crystals bugger every cell like some sort of series of materialising pick-axes. But if the microbial cells are small enough then almost all of them may escape being degraded by this crystalisation. I’d really like to get hold of raw butter as well.

So this factiod means I can start drinking raw milk again. Because I can buy a motherload, just once a month, freeze all but three of them, and take one out of the freezer every other day.

Once you get over the psycho-somatic training that tells you you must puke at getting in the proximity of raw milk, raw milk becomes one of the foods you can deal with when you are really really sick. My Dad would make us vegemite soup when we could barely down anything else. This is actually inspired, because while you think “yuk” when you are not sick, when you are really really ill it turns out to be one of those things you can cope with easily and is chock full of vitamins and minerals. I actually cannot imagine using vegemite in any other way then vegemite-soup since I think its pretty horrible gear for sandwiches, sacred Aussie institution that vegemite sandwiches are.

Of course chicken soup is almost a proverb for sickness. If you have someone looking after you and you are bedridden, its traditional for them to make you chicken soup. Even if you throw up half of these foods, still you may retain the other half. My point is that raw milk ought to be added to this list of foods for the very ill. At least once a fellow is used to raw milk. I have tested this myself. When I’m hungover I want to drink milk but it tends to make one even sicker. Raw milk is entirely different. And for me its a bad thing to get caught hungover and no raw milk in the house.

When you are sick is no time to be trying to get used to strongly alkaline water. Since it will burn your stomach and only make things worse. But if you are already used to the strong stuff, drinking it slightly milder is going to help you get up and going again. Being sick in the first place is probably a sign that you’ve fallen out of the habit of drinking a lot of the strong stuff. Its not bleach, despite what ignorant Jews are claiming on the net. The alkalinity doesn’t come on the chemical level. It comes on the MOLECULE-CLUSTER level. It comes on the level wherein a mineral molecule is surrounded by a cluster of water molecules. Not by where salt is allegedly turned into bleach, as the traditional agents of lies and misinformation have tried to put about on the net.

The Jew-dominated shadow government has a medical subsector maffia. These guys are going to abuse anything that threatens to undermine their idiotic drug-dealing business. Just about the only drugs that have any lasting good use are the better sleeping pills. And the middle-men for the bastards will not prescribe me them.

Water-science, oxidation therapy, natural nutrition (including things like desiccated thyroid hormone) and targeted electrical stimulation would be a far more rational basis for health then the drug dealers can come up with.

Oxidation treatments can virtually wipe the body clean of pathogens. After a few days tiredness clearing the dead pathogens you will tend to find yourself energetic for the next month. My own experience of nearly wiping the body clean of pathogens comes with MMS. I was left with the impression that the only pathogen left in my body were those generated out of two bad teeth I had at the time.

But I don’t like the idea of using this Sodium Chlorite (which converts to Chlorine-dioxide when encountering anything low in pH) all the time except as a mouth-soak, since I don’t like the idea of Chlorine molecules getting around the body. Nonetheless this is the strongest low-tech pathogen killer known. When I say low-tech I mean here its the strongest pathogen killer that you can have without advanced medical equipment. One should always keep a stash around for the day the Jews start spraying pathogens out the back of those Chemtrail jets that they have going. This is clearly what they are desensitising us up for. As far as I know this isn’t going on in Australia YET. But its an established fact in the US.

Oxidation therapy is the sudden explosive thieving of electrons. Usually in these therapies it involves the foisting of oxygen molecules onto the pathogen as the electron-stealing mechanism.  High levels of O2 will itself have this electron-stealing effect.  But there is another way to go which could potentially bring the dead back to life.  This is high-pressure Oxygen anion therapy.  More research needs to be done here.  An oxygen anion is a single molecule with a negative electric charge. O- …. Now consider the effects if you’ve died already but you’ve only been dead a few minutes. You get put in an oxygen chamber cooled to about 3 degrees Celsius so the pathogens cannot multiply. The oxygen chamber is massively pressurised so when you come out you are going to need slow depressurisation to stop you getting the bends.  The gas has some O2, some nitrogen, but as many O- (oxygen anions) as can be produced.  Because of the pressure, if you were alive, you wouldn’t even need to inhale or exhale to keep living.  So the O- molecules can penetrate into every cell in this story.  Perhaps you have other life support equipment on the fly as well, and intravenous feeding once the process is under way.

The O- anions will give up their electrons to the dead cells giving them the electronic energy to bring the cells back to life.  If an O- oxygen encounters a pathogen it will probably kill it.  When the O- anions give up their electrons they will form O2 molecules and you want this oxygenation level to be utterly toxic to pathogens, but not quite toxic to human cells.  So you get a three-way effect that could bring you back to life. If I was prime minister the use of these chambers would eventually become so cheap that most people would be using them twice a week to stay energetic and healthy the entire time.  For most people few other health measures, outside of nutrition, would likely ever be needed.


Pateurisation hurts the proteins in the milk and is an outdated quality control measure. “Outdated” is too small a word for what I’m trying to say here. Its a method for when the streets of Paris were covered in horseshit and flies, and the milk carts came into the city at the back of a horses.

Taking that pasteurised milk and subjecting it to Homogenization makes matters far far worse. Since it destroys the quality of the milk fat. Now we wind up with a substance that lacks the live agents, so lacks raw milks healing power ….. And it is stuff that has proteins and fats unfit to be the basis for the building of human cells. While one may just put up with pasteurised milk, milk both pasteurised and homogenised ought to be deemed unfit for human consumption.

When we milked cows the milk was pumped into a shed where there was a vat and the milk was constantly being stirred. I remember the milk to have been very warm of course. Here would be a much better quality control. That the farmer had a refrigerated room, rather then a shed with a vat, so that the milk was being cooled down to about two degrees right at the beginning of the milking process. Then the tanker-truck that takes the milk could also be refrigerated. Another thing would be to have a mandatory stall for those cows that the farmer is not too sure about. Because the farmer has to milk the cow anyway, to prevent mastitis and discomfort for the cow. And if he doesn’t have a mandatory separate stall the temptation to say “she’ll probably be alright” when 99% of the time she probably WILL be alright …… well this temptation to be less vigilante then necessary,  would simply be too great. The milk obtained separately would not be wasted because you’ve almost always got calves around that need feeding. First via something similar to a babies bottle, but later you teach the calf to feed straight out of a stainless steel bucket.

Fast-cooling of the milk during the milking and transporting process makes a lot more sense then this idiotic pasteurisation. Its simply criminal that we go in for a quality control system that destroys the quality of the product.  Raw milk is a super-food whereas our milk is pretty dubious stuff. What I’ve been doing, since having thought that the raw milk was too expensive …. what I’ve been doing is recombining skim milk with pure cream.  This way I avoid the devastating damage to the fat, and this is important since the most critical part of the human cell, the brain of the human cell, is actually the cells membrane.  It is made from fat and if this membrane is not made from the fat of the highest quality you will have an inferior version of yourself. Yet it cannot be a good thing to be building most of the rest of the cell out of inferior proteins.  So its back to raw milk I will return.

Here’s the question and answer sheet for raw milk.



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  2. Evolution is a pretty good theory. One day some form of it will no doubt be proven, if we can ever wrest science back from the curse that Jewish emancipation brought us. But currently mainstream evolution doesn’t explain all the data. Its not really that great a theory in its current form.

    Here is a good show that shows us just how much of the data has to be trashed in order to maintain the current version of evolution:

  3. Look at this. Jews at work:

    In theory Sinclair is supposed to be loyal to the rest of us, in favour of small government and against all this red ink that Nick Gruen and Andrew Leigh, have pissed up against the wall. But its all crap. Sinclair as a tabernacle-nigger, just puts one foot in front of the other …. in his assigned role of loyal opposition to the agressive destroying-Jew side of the economic argument.

    “In all seriousness though Andrew is a good guy and has a bright future ahead of him in politics. So if you’re looking to get into that sort of thing working for him would be a good way to get started. But it will be a short-term thing.”

    Andrew is a good guy is he? He’s part of the coterie who has thrown thousands of people out of work, ended the Federal financial soundness …… that was so hard-won-by Costello ….. and Andrew has spread ridiculous fucking lies about what it takes to have financial health.

    Andrew is a fucking parasitical Jew, and so Sinclair is promoting him as a good bloke who ought to be Prime Minister or a minister of cabinet. So he’s on the way up? And you want to help him along do you Sinclair? Even though you ought to know he’s been a disaster already for this country. He’s been a pestilence for the economic health of your fellow Australians. But you are NOT an Australia. Are you Sinclair? You are Jew. A man cannot serve two masters and you show what your North Star is all the time.

    What can we say about this? This ignorant malign fuckhead Andrew Leigh …. is already an MP. So if he’s on the way up where is he going Sinclair? Well he’s a Jew isn’t he Sinclair? So you reckon he’s destined, as a chosen one to be where? Well he’s already an MP. So you are saying he’s just destined to wind up in cabinet, or as Prime Minister BECAUSE HE’S A JEW.

    Well you’ve shown your hand mate. You and Andrew. And you are both traitors.

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