Posted by: graemebird | April 2, 2013

An Example Of How Jews Work Together To Betray Their Benefactors.

Look at this. Jews at work:

In theory Sinclair is supposed to be loyal to the rest of us, in favour of small government and against all this red ink that Nick Gruen and Andrew Leigh, have pissed up against the wall. But its all crap. Sinclair as a tabernacle-nigger, just puts one foot in front of the other …. in his assigned role of loyal opposition to the agressive destroying-Jew side of the economic argument.

“In all seriousness though Andrew is a good guy and has a bright future ahead of him in politics. So if you’re looking to get into that sort of thing working for him would be a good way to get started. But it will be a short-term thing.”

Andrew is a good guy is he? He’s part of the coterie who has thrown thousands of people out of work, ended the Federal financial soundness …… that was so hard-won-by Costello ….. and Andrew has spread ridiculous fucking lies about what it takes to have financial health.

Andrew is a fucking parasitical Jew, and so Sinclair is promoting him as a good bloke who ought to be Prime Minister or a minister of cabinet. So he’s on the way up? And you want to help him along do you Sinclair? Even though you ought to know he’s been a disaster already for this country. He’s been a pestilence for the economic health of your fellow Australians. But you are NOT an Australian. Not in your own mind are you? Are you Sinclair?  You are Jew. A man cannot serve two masters and you show what your North Star is all the time.

What can we say about this? This ignorant malign fuckhead Andrew Leigh …. is already an MP. So if he’s on the way up where is he going Sinclair? Well he’s a Jew isn’t he Sinclair? So you reckon he’s destined, as a chosen one to be where? Well he’s already an MP. So you are saying he’s just destined to wind up in cabinet, or as Prime Minister BECAUSE HE’S A JEW.

Well you’ve shown your hand Sinclair buddy. You and Andrew. And you are both traitors.



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  2. umm yeah right, Graeme, ‘Leigh’ sounds like the sort of name you’d find in a yeshiva NOT

  3. So you are saying Leigh is NOT a Jew? Look it goes through the Mothers line fella. That is how the Rabbis and bankers maintain control. Since its the mother who brings up the kids.

    This is a criminal gang posing as a religion.

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